Final Monday

Monday, September 19, 2005, 10:50 pm

Some of Ozzie Guillen’s Postgame comments:Ozzie_3

"Tonight we battled and played hard.  If we keep battling and playing that way, we’re going to be all right."

"Freddy really struggled early.  His command wasn’t there.  He was behind the hitters too much.  When you are behind in the count, I don’t care how good you are, you’re going to get hit."

"We were one pitch from getting out of that inning." (eighth)

"I don’t like to lose games.  If you play like we did tonight, we didn’t lose the game.  They beat us."

"I told my guys to keep their heads up and come back tomorrow ready to play."

Great Crowd

We drew a very vocal 35,748 fans to tonight’s game.  When Carl Everett homered in the seventh inning, many thought it was the loudest the ballpark has been this season.  Thanks, Sox fans.

Tomorrow’s pre-sale is smaller, so we need a really great walk-up tomorrow night.  Wednesday’s crowd is very strong for the finale of the series.




Two points…one, this is the 19th time this season the Sox lost a game where they scored five runs or more and more ominously the 5th time since SEPTEMBER 9th!

Two…what the Sox ‘need’ is for Ozzie to stop bringing that head case Marte. How many times will it take before he understands, Damaso doesn’t have it right now. It’s MENTAL with him, not physical. Meanwhile Cotts keeps getting guys out but keeps getting yanked.

I guess Ozzie thinks he’s getting ‘tired’ like Iguchi. LOL


argh! Definitely, like Ozzie said, we got beat today. That fifth inning was just awesome, and the crowds at the park did the job to let the players know how much it was appreciated. I was sitting by the bullpen and boy did it get loud when Bobby Jenks went in to relieve in the 8th. Too bad we couldn’t cheer for a victory at the very end, though.

Does anyone know why they keep playing “Hot for Teacher” when Tadahito comes to bat?

Disheartenign loss tonight. I was hoping to see marte finish off the 8th himself. Was disappointed to see ozzie take him out after he got halfway there with that big strikeout.

I like Marte. And i have almost no clue what everyone else is watching. Granted, he’s not having a *dominating* season like last year, but aaron rowand isn’t either, and i’ve yet to hear people calling for us do something about him. Nope, not a word.

I have no problem with aaron, either, just so i dont hear it from his amigos. He’s great.

I just think Marte’s numbers on the year are respectable, while not great… And if you think he’s struggling mentally, maybe you shouldnt say he ***** every time he gives up a hit. Not that anyone so far has said that, but ive seen it here and heard it for weeks. And now it’s become like a headline every time Ozzie brings him in. Even Hawk and DJ were aghast when he came in and got two outs in minnesota last week.

And I’m sure a big factor in why Ozzie pulled him is that if Marte were to give up a hit and lose the lead, the city would just go nuts. The trib would have their headline for tomorrow. As if every other member of the bullpen would have nailed it down without issue(like Dustin did in the 9th???).

Apologies for the rant, but it just bothers me. I’ll be at the game tomorrow night hoping buerhle can get the job done.

Got a chance to see part of the game tonight. WOW what a game! Hate it for you Sox fans that they didn’t come out on top. I thought the fans were great at the game(what I got to see of it). Me personally, I’m a Cards fan, but keeping an eye on the Sox. For you guys against Marte, we have similar fans against Ray King. Keep supporting ALL the guys, they all have their bad moments (and for some reason they all seem to come in bunches don’t they?). Besides you guys got Buehrle and Garland up next. What more could you ask for? This is a great series for any baseball fan. Hope you guys come out on top.

what more could i ask for? why is everyone all excited buerhle is going. besides el duque he’s been the WORST pitcher we have since the break…and thats tough to do since they all have stunk. id rather see contreras or mccarthy to be quite honest. marte has pitched better against righties this year- i woulda left him in and not brought jenks in to the 9th. the whole team choked you cant just blame marte. what about jenks? hermanson? uribe? rowand? konerko? iguchi? they all had a chance to do something and didnt do it. hopefully we win the garland game because tonight i have a feeling is going to be a tough one.

Can you give me the correct game time for Friday, September 23? I understand that Saturday’s game was going to be a Fireworks Night, but since Fox picked up the Saturday game, the Fireworks Night is moved to Friday. Those fireworks games usually start at 6:05, but the tickets for Friday’s game list the start time at 7:05. Can you help? I’ll be there very early anyway for some tailgating, but I just wanted to be sure of the time. Thanks for all your help and for having this blog.

Sox Fans (and I include myself) –

Is there an official ruling on when our season is over? I have already prepared topack up all of my White Sox gear and ship it off (I can’t bring myself to burn them). I can’t bear to see this demise. I don’t know about you, but I can’t go through this again. I am physically ill, having watched this team go from the heights to the depths in just 7 weeks!! How can I justify my continued interest in a team that breaks my heart, year after year after year, etc. Is there any consolation for this collapse? What can we point to to comfort us, and say, “well, at least this wasn’t like _____!! They really blew it!!” I’ve had it. Sorry, White Sox. You’ve lost a fan.

I wish it were that easy. Even if they do see this collapse to fruition, I’ll still be a fan (or ****** depending how you look at it). It’s like some kind of sickness. Common sense dictates running as far away from this team as I can. But at the end of the day, I know I’ll be front and center, watching the Indians violate all that I consider sacred. It’s like watching a train wreck from the inside, knowing good and **** well there’s nothing you can do. I have no expectations for tonight. This has been the most schizophrenic team I’ve ever seen and really don’t know what to expect anymore.

They could lose every game for the rest of the season and I’d still be behind them next year. It may hurt, but I’ll be there. And just in case you people don’t know, we will probably still make the playoffs even if the Indians win the division. For all those who are getting rid of their Sox gear, see you later, we don’t need your bad attitude.

This is exactly the reason why a typical sox game only draws 20,000. People like reifer that call themselves fans are only with the team during the good times. I have more respect for the millions of cubs fans that drink away the sorrows of a bad team. At least they show up and show their pride. I’ve got my sox hat and will wear it oct. 4th, even if I’m not rooting the sox onto a world series championship.

Hey Wash Dan and all the rest of you –

My blood runs silver and black! Don’t doubt that for a minute. I have been a Sox fan since I entered this world (1972), thanks to my Dad’s influence (a NORTH-SIDE SOX FAN)! I have lived and mostly died with this team for all of my life. My first memories were the Sox playing in shorts in 1976-1977 with Gamble and Zisk leadng the team (again, until they collapsed) and Harry Carry announcing the Play by Play!! I was there in ’83 when Lamar Hoyt blanked the O’s in their nest and watched with horror when Dybzinski overran 2nd base (go back Dibber!). In ’93, I was out of the country and still managed, through heroic efforts, to follow the team until Tim Raines popped out to crush our dreams in Game 6 vs. Toronto. I saw us tie the game against Seattle in 2000 (also a 4-4 game, soound familiar?) to watch them go down in flames. DON’T QUESTION MY LOYALTY TO THIS TEAM!! Currently, I live on the East Coast and still follow this team, pitch by agonizing pitch.

Hey Wash Dan, you go ahead and respect the Cubs “fans” for their drinking. I bet you 3/4 of them couldn’t even tell you their current line up! We all know that Cub “fans” go to the games for the scene, not the team.

My venting and frustration, and my dropping this team is typical of a frustarted fan. (Wash Dan – how far does your history go back??!!) Of course I’ll follow the team, even now. I am just hurt at how they have just collapsed in Cub fashion. Why the **** can’t we just pull something, anything out for a win? It is so **** frustrating!! As far as next year, I am still very worried about the Sox and their fan base. We have been down this road before. Reinsdorf will not go after talent, since he knows that the Sox fan base is shaky and won’t support this team after such a collapse, until we prove him otherwise (vicious downward cycle). Thus, we will be stuck in a rut and it won’t be easy to climb out.

I was at the game last night and left just as frustrated as alot of other people. My opinion is there were 2 factors that lost the game. The first was the lack of consistent strong offense that was needed at key times during the game. Call it slumping or whatever, but there are some key hitters that just aren’t getting it done and especially when they need it. You won’t win ball games leaving the lead off batter stranded on the bags which happened twice. I think I heard that the Sox had a total of 7 base runners stranded….. ouch. Sound a little reminescent of Saturday’s game against the Twins when they left bases loaded in the 9th??? I would like to know how many batters took the first pitch as a strike and then fouled off the second pitch to quickly fall behind 0-2? I know it happened a number of times. Once again, my opinion is at this time of year, when the stakes are as high as they are, you have to come out aggressively and start swinging the bat. You can’t hit the ball if you don’t swing and when the pitcher is throwing strikes like Millwood was, you have to make things happen.

The second factor is the same arguement that everyone else has been pointing out… pitching. I agree with mliptak1 and what he said above. I don’t understand why Ozzie pulled Cotts. He came in, threw strikes and was out of the inning in 3 batters. He did great. I understand the lefty/righty pitcher vs. batter thing. But I don’t necessarily agree that it was the right strategy to be playing. After having a starter that struggled all night and fought from behind in the count, what does it hurt to come in with a relief pitcher and stick with him until he starts getting abused. I really think Ozzie created the situation and gave the Indians the chance to “beat” us. I know it’s easy to second guess decisions after the fact has happened, but let’s face it, we need a breath of fresh air right now. Guys like Cotts, and Politte and McCarthy have been getting the job done while the others who performed well in the early portion of the season are tired right now. “Tired” isn’t an excuse at this level of ball, but it has to be worked with in the strategy end. Go Sox! I’m still rooting for them and will till the last day. Hopefully we pull things together and get our second wind.

Nobody gave us a chance in Feb. and March. Now we control our own destiny and have the lead in the AL and everyone is jumping off the cliff. You may have a long history of beign a fan, but your attitude is not helpful. I understand your pain, but deal with it. If it hurts you too much, then find another team.
We still have a chance. If someone would have told me at Opening Day, and I was there, that we’d be battling this very team for the division and we would be up in Sept, I would h

ave taken that. Quit crying.

Hey kr-trepac –

If this DOESN’T hurt you too much, I question your loyalty to this team. A true fan isn’t the eternal optimist that convinces himself that everything is and will be alright. Because, usually, the optimists fall off the cliff when things go wrong. No, a true fan demands perfection (or I’ll takes W’s), from the team and when he doens’t get them, he vents and kicks and screams! A true fan hungers for victory and isn’t comfortable with a sinking team. But, alas, the lack of comfort and stomach pains persist – since he is a true fan and doesn’t desert the team. I am disappointed, hurt, shamed and disgusted by what I am witnessing, but here I am wacthing it all happen. To suggest that I leave because I am pained by all of this, could only be suggested by a Cubbie who doesn’t care about his team, or by someone who only likes to smell the roses. Well, buddy, welcome to Sox land!! The only way to make us happy is to WIN, all of it! You’re **** rihgt I am crying – I AM A FAN!


well good for you reifer. and you are and *** for calling me a cub fan. anyway, they are still in first and still in line to make the playoffs. until that changes, i will support the team. i do want “W’s” but i won’t call the season over until it is over and won’t send off my Sox gear.

ozzie has mismanaged the pen all year, for some reason he thinks he needs to get everyone some work every day. Cotts and Politte have been pulled way too early all year for Marte and Vizcaino. ugh. frustrating.

ok, so in my opinion this year will be the first year that the wild card comes out of the central. Whoever wins this series I believe wins the division. The Sox, as disappointing as they have been, are going to make the playoffs. The Sox have a 4 game lead on the Yankees for the wild card. We now have a 3.86% chance of missing the postseason all together, up about .5% from yesterday.


Ive never hated the Tribe, mostly because I was on a little league championship team named after them, (chanting, ‘ooh ahh shoulda been an indian’ as we closed in on victories) but this is for all the marbles in the central. I’d like to see MB plunk Hafner in the melon again. Not just chin music, nail that guy, hes too dangerous, and a miss might tick him off too much. His numbers stand down here as the most productive offensive season ever for the low-A SandGnats when they were both still affiliated with Texas. Maybe I dont want to see him hit, but a lot of inside sliders in and breaking over the dish.


take the land out from under them.


ps- its hilarious that s-you-c-k by it self or with -ed or -ing gets censored ******) but you can write *******. lol.

Nice KR-Trepac – that’s the spirit. Keep hope alive.

So wait, in your last post you say that the sox have last you as a fan but you’re still calling yourself a fan. I don’t get it. Also, you said a true fan doesn’t desert the team. You’ve already called the season over and gotten rid of all your sox gear. Sounds like deserting. I go back to ’82. Sure, not as long as you, or most people, but I’ve been a sox fan since the day I was born and I’ll be one until the day I die. There’s no reason to stop rooting for them now.

That’s right wash.dan, mreifer is contradicting himself and has now resorted to getting rid of Sox apparel, calling an end to this season while we still lead, and questioning other Sox fans’ loyalties. Let’s just get something straight reifer, the length of time you have been a Sox fan is irrelevant.

kr-trepac…I think we were separated at birth. Everytime I see one of your posts, I’m in total agreement. If people are willing to count us out while we are still 2.5 games in the lead of the division, doesn’t say much for them… As I’ve said before, I’m here til the bitter end and I’m not going anywhere until the last pitch of the last game. I still proudly wear all my gear. Remember if you get off the bandwagon..not getting back on!! -Dawn

I feel the same way Dawn. And wether they win this series or not, I will be there on Friday. Although it doesn’t make me happy that they lose or play bad, I will still stand behind them because they are my team. Go Go White Sox!!

I am very happy that we have all those great fans out there.. as long as you’re worried then u r a great fan because u care… i know we r going to make it to the playoffs, but all i would like to see now is the sox beating the indians ***, and hopefully we will see it tonight!!!! GO SOX,,,,MANAR ALBAROUDI

OK – here it is. As a Sox fan, I live and die with this team. My frustation, including statements like I am lost to this team, are a Sox fan’s outlet to vent. C’mon guys! You never wanted to kick the TV, throw your hat down in disgust and\or yell at your steering wheel because you are so fed up??!! How about some passion?! Both when we win and we lose!

Sure mreifer..but not in public..not where anyone else can see and possibly start a trend. I’m just worried that osme of the guys might just pop in here and think we have given up on them. They need every ounce of our support right now. GO SOX!!!

dbrusa – you’re right. GO SOX!

I hear ya on that point reifer. I do get worried, and as a matter of fact I am quite worried now as well as frustrated. But we still have a chance so I am going to back them until the season is done.

See.. I knew we could all get along…well except for kenwo =) Again, Scott, thank you for all you’ve done for us. I know taking the time to set-up, post and reply to us on the blog isn’t an easy task, and we really appreciate it.

Yeah! What she ^^^^^^ said.

anastasia…not sure about that. They used to play it for AJ since his wife is a teacher…

Ok, you want to talk about being a fan. It’s our right to be frustrated but jumping ship… GO, we don’t want you around if you’re willing to give up your gear, you can send it to me, I’ll gladly take it! Venting is one thing, giving up and leaving is another! My father threw out a first pitch mere days before being dianosed with leukemia. One year later, he was gone, and now his ashes are behind home plate. I’ve seen my 15 year old son cry during the starting line up thinking of his grandfather and what it means to him to go to a game, a place his grandfather took him frequently, win or lose, I will be with them until the day I pass and I want to be right behind home plate with my father. I’m getting ready to relocate to the South (not by choice) and I’m already looking into packages to see my boys play and to try and figure out how far the nearest ball park is away from where I might move. We need to keep our spirit and our faith up so the guys do too. GO SOX!

p.s. thanks Scott, I’ve really enjoyed the blog!

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