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Monday, September 19, 2005, 6:23 pm

Clubhouse Mood

In response to a post, someone asked what the mood was like in the clubhouse?  Were our players as nervous as our fans seemed to be right now?

Absolutely not.  The mood is very good.  Guys got to the ballpark early today.  Music was playing.  There was early batting practice for quite a few guys.  Some lifted weights and worked out.  Some played video games or did a crossword puzzle to pass the time.

Closer to game time, different guys go into different routines.  Some watch video of the night’s opposing hitter.  Some grab a bite to eat.  Some listen to music on their walkmans/ipods and work on their bats or rub oil into their gloves preparing.  Some continue to work in the batting cages under the stands.

It is hard to describe, but players seem to approach the game differently than fans.  They are very day-to-day focused.  The have a self confidence that makes everyone in the clubhouse think they can win that day’s game.  I think if you have any self doubt, or negativity, years in the minor leagues quickly select you out from the system … or if you have it in the major leagues, you are not there for very long.  There may be opposing teams or pitchers who you know you will struggle with, but you never (or maybe rarely) think you don’t have a chance in a given game.  I think they see tonight’s game and this series as a challenge and as a chance to prove themselves.

I probably am not describing this very well, but players don’t tend to have the emotional ups and downs that fans, or I, might have.  It is a job that they have done for a very long time.  They show up each day, go through the routine to play, and then win or lose.  They do care a great deal.  That’s not the issue.  Everyone considers themselves "competitive."  I used to as well.  Having been around these guys for so many years, THEY are competitive.  It is a whole different level from what I think the average person experiences. (And I place no value judgement on that … personally, having seen the level of competitiveness up close, there are times I am very happy my wiring is not THAT competitive …)

What I am trying to describe isn’t about commitment or passion.  It’s more of their mindset, and I do think professional baseball players, the manager/coaches/players, succeed (or have succeeded in this sport) because they think in this way.  Just my opinion, and I am not doing it justice in trying to describe it to you …

Postseason Tickets

A few readers responded with personal complaints or stories about purchasing (or trying to) postseason tickets.

I again have checked with our ticket office, TicketMaster and MLBAM folks about Friday’s on-sale.  They said there were no technical issues with the sale, that any issues customers experienced were based on the high demand.

They asked me to solicit specific issues from anyone impacted so they can see if there is anything that can be tracked or learned.  If you can, take a few minutes and email me ("offline" away from this blog) your specific details/circumstances.  I will pass them along to the appropriate people.


Scott, this may seem like a dumb question, do the players ever look at the blog? Do they know about it? Some of the posts would seem to have a negative effect, but on occasion, it would be nice to know that they are aware of the positive feelings. If they don’t, and you get the chance, please let the guys know we’re behind them all the way to the playoffs!! -Dawn

I ech Dawn’s comment- let them know we are behind them 100%- and above all- thank them for showing up every day and giving us fans all the pride and joy we have in being White Sox fans!!

Isnt it fun watching starter by starter become *********? el duesh bag now freddy I hope are offenece does something soon or its all over

just what we needed the offence to do something.

omg come on , give me a break what happened to marte and jenks today,,,, and also hermanson, this is too much to handle man….

come on what happened to us tonight, they did a good job but they couldn’t finish it. when konerko went up in the ninth i said that is it , we r going to win, but the ******* ball went high. i hate when that happen… well we did very good, but i think the sox aren’t as good as the indians any more…..well we’ll see what is going to happen tommorow , if we lose tommorow then just say bye bye to the playoffs…well i beleive in Buhrle and i think we will win ,,, well all i can say now is GO SOX… , Manar Albaroudi

Why does Ozzie continue to have faith in Marte? As far as I’m concerned, he’s using him at the wrong times. Cotts is so much better of a reliever than Marte. Plus, he hasn’t blown as many games as Marte. Just a thought guys, what do you think? I’ve seen Dumb-asz-hole blow too many games for us to be put in that position. No more Dumb-asz-hole Marte!!! Sorry for the language, but come on! We had that game.

Even if the Indians take the division, we will still take the wild card. Great to see the guys fight back to take the lead. Unfortunately they didn’t keep the lead. At least they have some life in them.

JJRasta…I completely agree…seeing Marte take the mound makes my heart skip..haven’t felt like that since Billy Koch was here.
Kr-trepac…agreed..people are way ahead of themselves…WE still have the lead in the division..WE are the ones being chased..and who’s to say, that even if we lost the lead, we couldn’t battle back and re-gain the division…NO reason to give up anything!!

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