Wednesday In-Game

Wednesday, September 22, 2005, 9:26 pm

Telecast Troubles

Technical problems with the telecast that occurred away from the ballpark tonight caused the game to not air on Comcast Sports Net Chicago until 8:32 pm.  Obviously, this was frustrating to our fans (who were looking forward to this key game), the White Sox and Comcast, who worked on multiple levels to find and fix the problem.

As I sit and write this in the eighth inning, Comcast is still trying to determine exactly what the problem was.

Eventually, they were able to route the HD feed, which worked all evening, to the regular Comcast channel to get fans video of the contest.

The White Sox were in contact with Comcast from 7 pm onward, and we tried to communicate with fans who called our switchboard to ask about the telecast.  We also passed the information along to the media, as well as John and Ed on ESPN radio.  This is the first chance I have had to get to the computer and explain what happened.  Tonight was not a "blackout," but a problem away from the ballpark with the Comcast feed.  Everyone is frustrated, and all parties are sorry to disappoint any fans.


I never got the feed, I get CSN through a directv feed at WIU… probably better I didn’t watch this one though.


I think the league should look into Garland’s bank account…..someone is obviously encouraginging his second half antics. This guy is a total idiot. He is really good at masking the obvious. I have honestly never seen someone totally tank like him. If I were Charlie O. back in the day, I would fire him. Times have changed. Does 1919 ring a bell? Come on guys don’t make it so obvious!!! Have a good time living with yourselves in the off-season. Oh, I forgot with all the cash you guys are getting it won’t be hard.

Mana, could you please not use your cap locks when posting. It makes it hard to read, and is considered ‘yelling’.

As far as Garland, or anyone else on the team not performing to fans expectations, do you honestly believe they don’t want to win? That you are more upset than they are when they don’t do well? Please, they are competitors, and saying all they care about is the money is a joke.

i am sorry about my caps, but i actully was yelling at people like rehmers, u know.

.i like what drty said, i mean the guys are like us, they like to win , and i don’t think money is a factor. i mean they get money and lots of money from our sox so why would they sell us for money. no no no i don’t think so , those guys are good and they want to win, but what can the pitcher do if there is no offense help? well i hope that my friends, sox fans throw their negitivety away and plz just say to ur self , we will win we will win. . and as i said ozzie should try some new guys and maybe give the old guys some rest. i am very excited about tommorow’s game because our rookie McCarthy, the great, is going to pitch against Santana, and hopefully he will do something. GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX!!!!!!!!!,,,,COME ON GO TO THE PARK AND YELL WITH US,,,GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!1

I try to never take joy in someone else’s misery, but I must say that I am enjoying seeing the Sox, most Sox fans, and especially those two bozos in the TV booth suffer through this humiliating stretch the Sox are going through. My mother use to tell me what goes around comes around and this is your karma for all the taunting/teasing/tormenting of Cubs fans some Sox fans did after the 03 playoff debacle.
From an avowed Sox hater

I almost feel like missing close to 90 minutes of the telecast kept me from being even more miserable tonight. I only had to watch the last few innings of this fiasco. The thing that really bugs me is all the popups. Reminds me of the 2000 playoffs.

“Everyone is frustrated, and all parties are sorry to disappoint any fans.”

Hey Scott, does this statement apply to the players, too? I’m sick of watching this team. I’m sick of caring about them. I’m sick of watching them try to hit home runs instead of doing what worked all season. There was an Indians fan behind me at the game tonight and she said “Paul Konerko *****. Travis Hafner is much better.”

And you know what? She’s right. Screw it. I give up. Go Cardinals! You’re the best team in the *(#&@*@ middle-west.

Tonight’s game was frustrating… almost better not to watch it. Nonetheless, I’ll still be cheering my butt off at the next 4 home games. And if it comes down to the wire, I’m piling the kids in the car, and going to Cleveland. C’mon Sox fans… don’t give up now!

hey! why can you say “screw” but not ******?”

a lot of people are more fiesty than i am tonight. you had to expect this let down from this goofy team. they will win thursday and friday and lose saturday and sunday (especially sunday since a guy liriano that i never heard of is pitching that day against us-we always lose to them). eh whatever im sick of worrying about it if they win they win if they dont i predicted that in july when williams failed to make a move. now guillen is failing to provide a spark. personally i think bajenru or whatever that bums name is should have drilled hafner right in the earhole in the 9th instead he gave up the expected gofer ball. oh well *** it.

hey this is to the negitive guys above. please please please if you are sick of watching our favorite team then DO NOT WATCH THEM. AND PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANY BLOGS TO MAKE US HATE THEM EITHER OK. WE ALL LOVE THE WHITE SOX, JUST LIKE MARIA ^. i will try to go to some of the games this week and weekend. i will cheer and yell like i always do. and hey (eyeh8) how dare u say that u r a SOX fan when u have cleaveland’s name on ur email address… stop playing around here, and do not try to say bad words because bad words describe who says them. so if u r a real sox fan u should go to games and say GO SOX GO SOX. AND DO NOT GIVE.😉 THX 8D

To borrow a quote from the pugnacious coach of the ’80s Blackhawks, Orval Tessier, Reinsdorf needs to take his team to the Mayo clinic for a Heart Transplant. Even if this pathetically mentally weak team makes the playoffs, they’re ONE AND DONE. I’m a fan who’s sick of Chicago’s mediocre, break your heart baseball. Peace.

the sox may not have been able to take the series last night against the indians, but they did try. it is hard to sit there and watch as they lose the game, but i know that the white sox can do this. they will prevail and take the division and then take the league and then the world series. i have said it forever and i will continue to say it. and as before, GO WHITE SOX!!!! they will win this series against the twins and all will be well. just have a little faith.🙂

the sox may not have been able to take the series last night against the indians, but they did try. it is hard to sit there and watch as they lose the game, but i know that the white sox can do this. they will prevail and take the division and then take the league and then the world series. i have said it forever and i will continue to say it. and as before, GO WHITE SOX!!!! they will win this series against the twins and all will be well. just have a little faith.🙂
and to the person ( i have this to say, how can you call yourself a fan in any sence of the word if you can’t even have faith with the sox? i can’t beleive that you would say “one and done”. that is not fair and you will be proven wrong. THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE CHICAGO WHITE SOX!!! and that is all i have to say.

Guys i was at the game and trust me your lucky you didn’t have to watch that worst game ive ever seen.

We needed our offense last night. I know Garland walked a few, but he had only given up 2 runs into the 8th inning. The batters really needed to step up and pick him up. Anyway, after seeing the score, I’m glad I couldn’t see the game yesterday.

Who is the jealous cub fan posting on this blog? Isn’t he supposed to be getting ready for next year??

I’d like to see the Sox stick it to Johan tonight. Go Go White Sox!!

What’s a cubs fan doing on a sox pride blog? Kinda sad he has nothing better to do than try and convince us the sox ****. We’re still in first place and it’s going to stay that way!

What’s with all this Garland bashing? The guy gave up 2 runs in 7+ innings before running out of steam. If it weren’t for the shakiness of the bullpen he probably wouldn’t have pitched the 8th. A little offense probably would’ve helped a bit too.

We need the old Scotty back! We’re relying too much on the big hits again like last year. Scotty used to be a guaranteed run if he was on base! Come on Scotty, we all know you’re fast as ****. It’s about time you believed it once again!

Go Sox! Kick Santana’s *** tonight!

How much longer are we gonna delude ourselves??!!

When our lead went from 15 to at 9.5 games up, the claim was, don’t worry.

At 6.5 – we have a great cushion.

At 5 games – what me worry?

Now we have squandered a once mountainous lead into a pathetic, easily surmountable anthole! Our pitching has fallen and can’t get up! Buehrle and Garland used to be names synonimous with W’s! Not anymore. Now I watch these guys pitch with my eyes closed. Unfortunately, we can’t depend on Joe Crede to lift us out of the depths every night and we can’t have Contreras pitch every day. We now are facing Johan who could pitch to us blindfolded and still own us. Oh, but you say, McCarthy is pitching. Great! Now I’m confident!!?

I think that we have to mentally prepare ourselves for how to deal with this collapse when it comes. And I don’t want to hear from anyone that I can’t talk this way…You know what? Yes I can!! It is my right as a lifelong fan to be pissed at what I’m seeing, dammit! And the Sox should know it! If they wanted 35,000 cheerleaders, they are playing for the wrong group of fans. Move 9 miles to the North for that ****!

A part of me wishes this agony would be over with already, instead of having to witness this train wreck of a team go down in flames! I know your answers – SO DON’T WATCH REIFER!! I wish it were that easy! It just isn’t, what can I say – a part of me also wants to believe in the unbelievable and I’ll continue watching. But man, this is painful!!

Garland pitched fine. He only gave up 2 runs into the 8th. If the offense gave him any support, that game would have been close and maybe a W for Jon. Our pen has been iffy lately and maybe if they weren’t, Jon could have come out with only 2 earned runs.

Here’s my problem…I think Garland pitched well. He held the Indians to two runs through 7 with no run support. My problem lies with Ozzie who is in a major managing slump. His mismanagement of the pitchers/bullpen is costing us games. Garland barely got out of the 7th with a double play. Whew. So I was shocked to see him in the 8th. Garland has given up 88% of his HRs to left-handed batters and they hit .273 against him. Why leave Garland in the game to face one of the hottest LH batters in baseball? Ozzie is breaking my heart.

I disagree, RZAJAC. The problem is not with Ozzie, Williams or Reinsdorf. We have been fielding the same team throughout the season and they were getting it done. True, Garland should’ve been pulled, but is that any excuse for our hitting getting blanked by a has-been who was a home-run away from early retirement 16 months ago??!! I said in prior posts that our pitching has been abysmal, but we haven’t been hitting all that great as of late, either!

Please, someone, stop the pain! It hurts too much!!!

pitching ***** hitting ***** coaching *****. to be quite honest i think id rather see walker baines and raines playing instead of everett rowand and podsednik-than being on the coaching staff. guillen is a joke and it is finally getting out to the people who gave this loon a pass for the first year and a half of his terrible tenure as sox manager. i dont believe this goof was signed til 2009!!!!! he’s terrible. where is all the small ball? i havent seen a hit and run since june. if he was going to manage like this why dont we have carlos lee in left? he would provide more than the singles hitter who cant run that is currently out there. oh well at least that joker isnt going to break rudy law’s franchise record of 77 sb’s. hopefully they can weather this katrina like storm..but if not ozzie and most of the players need to go in the offseason. sox fans wont stand for this garbage (at least the real ones not most of you pansies that write on this blog….

They did a hit and run just last night… Uribe was batting after rowand walked and he lined to third for a double play.

And it kills me that people are calling for ozzie’s removal when we’re 30 over .500. I can’t imagine what people would be saying if we were where we were picked to finish.

This club’s got a better record than everyone else in the AL. Look at this club’s lineup and then at the Yankees’ lineup, knowing that we have a better record than them, and tell me we have a bad manager.

What a joke.

there was a hit and run on last night kenwo, rowand had 2nd stolen but Uribe lined into a 5-3 double play.

I dont even have to watch the games, i can just come on here and see what you all wrote to know if they won or lost. Well almost all of you, happy sunshine manausa is always there with the pom poms(“, I STILL BELIEVE IN THE SOX AND I WILL ALWAYS DO.”). It not life or death, its 2 of 3 to the hottest team in baseball. Im concerned, sure, moreso because of the 2 of 3 they droppped to KC, but theres still a lot of innings left, keep the faith. Still talkin Carlos Lee, unbelievable.

my 2 cents worth. i didn’t know there was a problem getting the tv feed of the game until i read all the complaints. interestingly, it came in great as usual on that’s the only way i can see it unless it’s on wgn. you guys are probably fortunate not to have seen it. garland pitched well, but not well enough to overcome a shut out.
to all the cryers out there. yes it is nerve racking, and i feel it too, but we still have the best record in the a.l. i’m sure that boston fans are nervous too after the yankees took over first in the east. what about that formally hot team the a’s? where are they now? fighting for their lives against the angels, that’s where. i’ve said for the last several months that we needed 96 or 97 wins to get in, and i think that still holds. will it be enough to hold off the indians? not if they continue to play like they are now, but i have a friend here who is as nervouse for his team as we are for ours. the only thing this proves is that white sox fans just don’t have the experience of past pennant races to draw upon. two from minn, three from detroit and only one from cleveland gets us our 97 wins. should be good enough for a wild card at least. if it shakes that way then we play n.y./ boston and cleveland plays anaheim. what’s wrong with that for the first round? then we play cleveland and win the pennant. whatever happens, i’ll see you all next year for spring training. j.k. in tucson… out.

The beer vendor the other night couldn’t have said it any better. He started yelling ‘PAINKILLER’ instead of ‘Beer’! *** is with the Cubs fan posting his bs on here. Get lost pal. You know, no matter what happens us Sox fans wont make excuses for this team. We’ll call em like we see em as you can read the various comments. We’ll get pissed and admit the f—ups when they happen. You’ll never see us blame something on fan interference (excuse me they were choking in that series well before that happened/ball would never have been caught/etc)or a silly goat! the 03 playoffs were no ‘debacle’ for the Cubs, they simply lost! face it, and move on. Now get the f–k off this blog! GO SOX – tonight is the turning point for this slump – McCarthy will lead the way followed by a waking of the bats – FINALLY!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ( GUSERIC ), I am happy that there still are fans that believe in our guys. Now lets see, to those guys who said that the hitting, pitching, etc *******-s, where were they when we were winning, i guess they were cheering for our SOX, but now that we’ve lost some games they show how real fans they r. they don’t care about the team , they just care about winning and that is the wrong idea of fans. where were u when we were scoring 10 or more a game, but no , u forget everything as long as u lose a game. I HOPE THAT THE PLAYERS DON’T READ THE BLOGS THAT ARE POSTED HERE BECAUSE IF THEY DO THEY MIGHT GET A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING, IT IS SHOCKING TO SEE YOUR FANS NOT BELIEVING IN YOU. and to those GREAT fans that have teh faith and the believe in our SOX, plz keep believing in them because they need u. i will always be out there in the park to cheere and yell for my SOX even if we lose. tonight’s game is tough on our great rookie but i think that he can do the tough stuff better than the easy stuff, so we’ll see. thx everyone for supporting and i am still believing in my great WHITE SOX TEAM..GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX…. MANAR (me)

Hey Klein…Who cares!! I look forward to the ultimate seasonal choke in history by the Sox. All you need to do is look at the sad attendance and commitment of your garbage team. The fans would rather be commiting crimes in senior homes than actually supporting their gang based team. The Cubs may not be there this year, but we can go down knowing the Sox didn’t take the season series from us and we own the best team in baseball at 10-6 (Cards). Maybe the Sox can apply for the reality series “The Biggest Loser”. After all baseball news with the Sox is just a step below Brittany’s baby in importance.

Keep telling yourself whatever you need to feel important. You cub fans are such idiots. Get a life.

okay, ityszka, i guess you’re right! oh wait, 74-78 vs. 91-60. who are the losers this year? j.k. in tucson…out

jtyszka – this blog is for SOX fans not bigoted Cubs fans like you. Comments like ‘fans would rather commit crimes in senior homes’ or ‘gang-based team’ really show a lot of class.

You gotta be kidding me jerkszka! Let me get this straight, the highlight of your season was getting the best of a team you’re 21 games behind of? Awesome! And here I woulda thought your highlight woulda been Kerry Wood’s 12th trip to the DL, Patterson’s demotion to Triple A, or maybe Zambrano’s pornography-induced carpal tunnel. Personally, my favorite Cub highlight was when Prior got hit in the elbow by that live-drive and you could literally hear the rusty wheels fall off your little playoff-bound jalopy. It barely beat out Nomar’s groin popping off his femur. Keep tabs on the Cubs and stay drunk on your Old Style, continue to take your shirt off on frigid September nights to show off your shaved chest, continue to call everybody in your neighboorhood from your seats behind home plate, and continue to wait for us to choke if that lessens the embarassment of being a Cubs fan…You’re in for a long wait.

Oh my gmfish…political correctness from the white and black. Let’s all get together and listen to some music while we tear up a baseball field. Would that be classier?

Or maybe the Sox manager making public statements defines class such as:

(Published in the Sun Times)

“Ooh, ahh, the Cubs,” Ozzie says, waving his hands beside his head like a teenager taunting an ineffectual bully with a sarcastic “I’m SO scared.”

“You know, there’s no such thing as curses,” he says. “Only horse—- teams.”

Nice! Classy! Such a bitter man, because at the time with the best record in ball, you scrubs for fans couldn’t fill the seats. Not until the Cubs show up do people come. Why can’t you fans show up and support your team?

Klein – out? Some type of radio clone smack or are you announcing your sexual tendency. Does your family know you’ve been outed….they must be soooo proud.

KR- Thanks for life advise. It’s amazing that someone at a low level junior college like Western Illinois University whose mascot is named after a C horror movie feels his life can be better than anyone else’s. Oh sorry that would be leather face not neck…my bad!

Go Cubs!!!

Comcast has ALWAYS had outage problems that go back years. That seems to happen when things go to a Pay-To-View broadcast. I haven’t seen WGN or Ch. 26 ever go out.

Jeff Crowell

Hey PT, at least I have seats…beats watching games at Wal-Mart like you guys. Obviously can’t afford tickets to the actual game. Maybe after the Katrina efforts are finished we can get all the Sox greats to hold a benefit to get fans into the stadium. The panel will be limited though. I expect two or three a game would be an achievable goal.

In the end neither team will make the playoffs…but we didn’t own the best record half way through and CHOKE it like an amateur p**n star on Zambrano’s “arm”. Good one though.

At least we can afford to have cell phones…keep abusing the public phone and transportation system we bank on your dollars to keep our taxes low. We love seeing you guys there. It keeps us striving for success.

Thanks for the entertainment when you guys do show up. Hey, you wouldn’t be one of those guys that beat up that elderly coach? Sox fans…such brilliant elements of societal misfortune. God love ya!

Hey tyszka – you dont get it, do you?! you could turn the seats in Wrigley Field around backwards and still fill the place. Many of the folks there couldn’t even name 3 players on the team let alone know what the team did 2 yrs ago. Its just a good place to party but it never has been a place to watch a decent baseball team (unless the SOX are playing crosstown). Some of us Sox fans are brilliant elements of societal FORTUNE (dropped the mis you had there) but we never forgot our humble beginnings and we certainly don’t have to build ourselves up by putting down someone who has less money, went to state school, uses public trans, or god-forbid watches the game on a tv somewhere. I bet you voted for Bush too. Anyway, this is a baseball blog and I shouldn’t even waste the keystrokes on a ***** like you. GO SOX!!!!! I can see that magic number disappearing before my eyes!!

hi ityszka! i was offended after reading your comments about me, and then i realized that you probably didn’t have any friends and needed to make your rants for the attention that you can get. good luck in your future, and if you want to visit, i’ll be at spring training in tucson in ’06 if you can afford a greyhound ticket for the 1700 mile trip. i hope this infuriates you, little man.
j.k. in tucson…OUT

1.5 and counting to Chokesville! Maybe they aren’t losing, could be throwing games too. They are the only team in history to sell a World Series.

By Monday..Both 1st and the wildcard will be a memory.

Klein is the 711 In your E-mail address a reference to your work environment?

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