Postgame Thursday

Thursday, September 22, 2005, 10:27 pm

No excuses.  We had opportunities to win this game and did not.  Looking at the pitching matchups before the game, no one expected us to beat Santana, but you are still frustrated because we should have won this game.

Comments from Ozzie GuillenMccarthy

On McCarthy:

"The kid threw the ball real well.  He battled and did a tremendous job.  That might have been the only good thing about tonight.  He had command, threw strikes, was attacking the zone and made the big pitch when he needed."

On Failing to Score:

"We had opportunities to score.  Bases loaded, one out, you should win the game right there.

"Those little things … we need to do those things.  If not, we’re going to have trouble.  Our hitters need to be better down the stretch.

"So many things happened today where we should have won the game, and we didn’t.  You need to win those games."


If I knew that Santana tipped his Changeup, would that spark any interest from you? Nevermind you guys have everything you need.
I gave you a chance but you didn’t want to know!

best of luck.


I’m surprised that it has come to this. I really didn’t think this team would fall apart the way it has. Ozzie tried to rest guys a lot during the year, and they still seem like they are out of gas. The fresher guys are the only ones doing the job (like Crede and McCarthy).
On the positive side, if they can pull it together before it’s too late, they will be a battle-tested team in the playoffs. I’m afraid they may not get the chance, though. I don’t expect Cleveland to lose a single game until the Sox come to town next Friday. By then, the Indians may well have a 1 or 2 game lead in the division. This is truly painful. The Sox need to win every game until then, and then they’ll need to win at least 1 in Cleveland to clinch. This looks like a tall order. There is a glimmer of hope though because the Twins can’t hit (kind of like our Sox) and besides Santana, none of their starters are that scary. Detroit is mailing it in, so they are ripe for a four game sweep. It’s possible for the the Sox to win the next seven games. It’s just disappointing that it looks like that’s what they will have to do to win the division. I want to be in my seats October 4 for Game 1 of the ALDS. I’ll be there tomorrow night, cheering and crossing my fingers that it’s the start of the seven game winning streak the Sox need to take the division.

The fat lady is singing on the South Side of Chicago. It’s over. Have a good off season guys. Vacation begins for you,as usual,in early October. Thanks for a great first half of the season.

Give it up you fantasizing idiot! These losers aren’t even going to the playoffs. If you are really concerned you might want to be near the dugout to give each and every one of them the Heimlich maneuver as they come off the field. The BIGGEST CHOKE in MLB history. Proud to be an EX fan.


ROBERT I LOVE WHAT YOU SAID, AND BLUE I HATE WHAT YOU SAID AND HOPE NOT TO HEAR IT AGAIN. WE NEED SOME FAITH IN HERE OR NOTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED. guys believe me i have a feeling that the sox are coming back, just like ROBERT said, if they start a 7 games winning streak tommorow they will have a very big chance. And hey i think that McCarthy should start all of hernandez’s games for now at least, he did a great great job, his teammates couldn’t do. he is a great young man. and jenks as i said earlier should have some rest for the rest of the season now. and hey where are the new guys , why isn’t ozzie trusting them like he trusted the loser of the game jenks, where is borchard, maybe he can give us some power because our only hot guy right now is Joe Crede and that is all , where is all the power that konerko has and the others have? well i hope to see winning streak starting tommorow and lets see what is about to happen…GO SOX…

The camel toe was displayed quite nicely from the crew tonight. Nice job!

Manausa 1,
Faith doesn’t win ballgames…Pitching,hitting,fielding,execution,and scoring runners in who are in scoring position with fewer than 2 outs….Pop-ups,and double plays just don’t get the job done….and they don’t win games. Scoring a total of 1 run in the last 18 innings is unexcusable for a team fighting for the division title. Something is very wrong here.

Dude give it up! You gotta realize that these A-holes you’ve invested so much of your time in don’t care if they win or lose. They get paid regardless……and waaaaay to much at that. Where else could you go out and hike up your skirt and wave at little round balls as if they were butterflies?

Guess what ??? I’m just here to “F” with you, ’til they ban me of course.

Come on over to the dark side!


OK, another glass half-full thought (or more grasping at straws, depending on how much of a mope you are)… the Sox need 6 wins to clinch a playoff spot. They are 2.5 up in the Wild Card race. I can’t imagine them not winning 5, or maybe even six of the next seven. Boston and NY play each other the last weekend, so one of them has to lose 2. The Sox magic number for the Wild Card is 8. The Sox may choke away the division, but the consolation prize is a date with the sorry champ from the AL East, while the Tribe gets Anaheim. Ya know, the Wild Card doesn’t seem half bad. Just get to the post-season.

Robert, Robert, Robert,
You are drowning in that half empty glass. You have to have a team that is playing .500 ball in the last 3 weeks. Where does that leave you? You are obviously one of those poor fellows that never got off the Titanic.

hahaha ,, rehmers, u sound very funny, and i guess they will ban u soon,lol….blue, pitching is very good, hitting is ok, but scoring is the problem, we had 4 douple plays which i think is very good, but our guys didn’t know how to score…they had no exuse tonight,, but maybe they were suppose to put Borchard as a pinch hitter and try him at least once…. well i don’t know what ozzie is thinking about right now, i think his head is going way to far for him,, and , GO SOX GO SOX,,I DO NOT CARE TO WHAT EVER U GUYS SAY ,, I STILL LOVE THE SOX,, GO SOX


If the unthinkable really does happen, I think the White Sox organization will suffer greatly. Even the most ardent Sox fans (like myself) will not be able to think about the Sox and feel a lot of pain. I won’t even look forward to spring training. I hope for my sake, and for the Sox sake that thay manage to hold on then figure out some way to go deep in the playoffs. It may be the only way to save the fragile fan base. This could be worse than the strike of 94.

If Wedge brings in his lefty in the 7th to pitch to Everett Tuesday nite, you guys would be a half game out now. Better start now hoping you make the wildcard. I will be rooting for you so if the Tribe gets by the first round, the World Series will be automatic. Who thinks in Chi-town that you can win even one game in Cleveland next weekend?

I am actually suffering from clinical depression. I wish I weren’t so emotionally invested in this team.

All of you who are giving up with this much time left, not to mention WE still have the lead, sickens me. If you give up on them all now, then you are not a true White Sox fan. A true fan sticks with them, even when they seem to be utterly pathetic.****** it up and quit your complaints and back up your team. The one thing they need now is our support. Just remember we haven’t lost it yet.

right on bsundh! i agree with you, and others’ comments about not givig up. i’ve been a fan since ’59 when we last went to the series. this is still by far the most exciting year in my memory. what i don’t understand is the vile comments and annimosity comming from some of you? i ache when we lose too, but what are you thinking? we still own the best record in the a.l.i’m sure all the other teams in contention now would trade records with us and be content. is this moaning a chicago thing that i’m not familiar with or what? j.k. in tucson… out.

Just one question….who has the best record in the AL?…3 teams still have to pass us to get keep us out of the playoffs…Dan in Vegas..

Ouch! That one was painful. Listen, I love this team to death, but if we can’t get the job done in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and one out, then maybe we shouldn’t be going to the playoffs. I don’t need to inform any of you about our offensive struggles as of late, you all been watching the same games I have. Our approach at the plate, 1-9, is tentative at best, cowardly and pathetic at worst. And I don’t get why fans are piling on Ozzie, he retired, he doesn’t play any more. No amount of coaching is going to induce Jermaine to actually hit that ball deep enough to score Iguchi on third. It doesn’t matter if it’s Santana or Elarton, Lohse or Grienke, we’re wretched with a bat.

On a brighter note, anybody else see that story about Griffey Jr. having season-ending surgery the same night McCarthy pitched a gem? I’m so very grateful we didn’t make that trade. Same with Contreras for A.J. Burnett. Jose’s been a revelation the second half while A.J.’s been atrocious. Let’s get a win tonight fellas!

This team is hurting me! Its like an abusive relationship, they break my heart then lure me back in with a great win then leave the bases loaded with 1 out and not score! I am physically ill watching this! I’m bleeding black and white and the hemorrhage won’t stop. It’s been a great season but this hurts.

for the goof that has been a fan since 59 and says this is the most exciting year…dude youre a chump! in 1983 they won the division by 20 games! they had hitters that could put the ball over the roof! in 1993 they won the division and had GREAT ballplayers like frank in his prime, tim raines, one dogg johnson, bo jackson, robin ventura, and a pitching staff that was way stronger than these current bunch of lack luster fools we have now. id rather see black jack than buerhle, alex fernandez over freddy, jason bere that year was amazing, wilson alvarez was awesome. in the pen you didnt have bobby jenks coming in you had big roberto hernandez (who could actually get the job done). even though we took it in the brown those two years as well they were MUCH more exciting seasons. baines fisk kittle luzinski walker paciorek rudy law…now these were ballplayers. cmon now! scotty pods and aaron rowand wouldnt have made the team on either of those years.

now back to the present….i agree that the sox will make the wild card and will be better off in doing so (match up wise). do i think they will win a series? no. but they can give the bombers or the bo sox more of a game than they would give the angels. thats if guillen starts the right guys. if he goes with his countryman garcia we are in trouble. it has to be contreras. ESPECIALLY if its against the yankees. contreras has made them look like minor leaguers this year. i just wish the season was over and i knew whether or not to check myself in to a mental health clinic for the winter or to go sit at the cell on oct. 4. if they do choke the whole thing away and get shut out of the playoffs- i dont want to see anyone from this team next year except uribe contreras and mccarthy. other than them i want a total recall! i couldnt bear to watch a mark buerhle or paul konerko or aj i havent done **** in 3 months pierzinski or a jermaine i cant get a clutch sac fly dye ever again in my beloved black and white. and the one who should get the walking papers first- aaron rowand. what a choking bum this guy is. id rather see timo perez in center the rest of the year. gold glove my tushie he cant play center for anything.

Fans are piling on Ozzie because the manager with a big heart is also a manager who does not play percentages, something that’s vital when a team is struggling. Over the past few weeks, how many times have the White Sox failed to score because they didn’t bunt a runner along??(and I include last night’s 9th: as baseball’s WORST team with runners in scoring position, a squeeze with the bases loaded WAS the percentage play) How many times has Ozzie put in Vizcaino or Marte when the percentages said to go with Politte or Cotts? And how ridiculous is it to keep Everett or Posednik at the top of the lineup because–as Ozzie says–he doesn’t want to “hurt their confidence.” Yes, heart has its place in baseball. But you also need brains and imagination, especially when your team is struggling.

I have two questions for the group:

1) How can anyone expect us Sox fans to watch these games anymore, let alone, sit at the Cell??!! How many bleeding ulcers do I need to endure, before I just close my eyes and wish this season away. You must ask yourself this – Would Konerko, Rowand, Dye, AJ and this sorry excuse of a pitching staff (except Contreras) ever EVER sit through a game watching me choke like this? Exactly.

2) Can anyone tell me what they predict is going to happen to this team if this miserable choke actually comes to fruition (Scott, feel free to pipe in)? I have been out of Chicago for 8 years now and I am not up on the latest talk-show banter, but my dad tells me that Mike North claims that the Cell will be a desert next year if we don’t pull this through. Are we gonna start “rebuilding” – another word I can’t stand? Or, are we gonna be the South Side’s answer to the Cubbies – put out a team of losers at a minimum payroll and ride this wave of misery into the foreseeable future without any hope in sight? Are we looking at another post-1983 drought? Seriously, can someone give me an educated guess at what will happen to this team? Perhaps, Jerry should just sell it to someone else who will try to outmaneuver the Yankees (like the Red Sox of 2004). I for one truly feel sorry for Reinsdorf. I know I am probably alone, but I think he bleeds when this team loses. He is quoted saying “basketball is a sport, but baseball is a religion.” However, he obviously has no luck with any moves he makes. I fear the future.

The comments from everyone are more streaky than the way the team’s playing…
they lose and it’s doomsday.

they win and it’s a bunch of 12-year-old girls at a pop concert.

Ozzie has the worst job ever because he just can’t win.

When he changes up the lineup and they lose everyone says he should have stuck with what he had the first half… If he doesn’t change it, well, then he should have. By the way, everett was moved to 4th and paulie to 3rd, and that just had them both slumping… And scottys our team leader in average, and is even hitting well of late, so no way would any sane manager drop him down.

If he let’s jermaine hit and jd fails, he should have… squeezed??? Because dye proved how great of a clutch bunter he was the first game against the tribe when pablo got a leadoff double, right? so, jd could try to bunt, pop it up, double play, and ozzie would just be the worst manager again.

he can’t bring in marte because people are booing him before he throws his first pitch(that’s homefield advantage for you).

he brings in jenks, who gives it up, and so that must have been a mistake. He should have called the psychic hotline, i guess. he could have brought in vizcaino, because we’d all have loved that… or dustin with his bad back in a no-save situation, so we could get on him if that didn’t work.

THAT’S painful.

I saw this team on paper in march. I also saw what that young cleveland club could do with a terrible bullpen, what the tigers added to their club and what the twins had been doing the past few years with their team.

If you told me then ozzie would take our club to 90-some wins, id have been thrilled with the job he’d done. And i am.

Maybe i just cant see it… or maybe there’s just a few too many monday-morning-quarterback fans here bitter about what they might have to hear from some cub fan they know.


This is completely unrelated to the game, but I just checked out next year’s schedule and noticed that the Sox play 2 series in Oakland and only one at home for the third consecutive year. I would love to hear your comments on that Scott.

There’s a Video that is played before each Sox Home Game. It’s basically a montage of Sox Historical moments set to music. Does Anyone know if the White Sox sell this video and if so do the know how to get it?

Hey myp00 –

So, are you giving up, or…what? You are thrilled with us taking 2nd place with 91 wins? Well good for you. I’d rather be San Diego right now. At least they will have a chance to go to the dance.

“Looking at the pitching matchups before the game, no one expected us to beat Santana.”

No one?! What a joke. A championship team should expect to beat anyone it’s facing.

Jermaine Dye had the worst at-bat of the season last night when there were bases loaded and one out. He took first pitch fastball right…down…the…middle.

The game, and perhaps the division, was lost on that pitch. How in the world can a batter, much less a veteran, take that pitch when all we need is a fly ball? Mindboggling.

I keep watching these games and its like the movie Groundhog Day – more of the same **** every day with a teaser thrown in every week and a half or so. McCarthy pitched an awesome game last night. Too bad Marte brought his luck into the game and our offense couldn’t make it happen w the bases loaded and one out. That Dye at-bat was a missed opp. and Everett is more like a Designated Out rather than a DH. Cmon guys wake up and get pissed! I’d like to clone AJ’s and Rowand’s attitude and have more ummmppf to pump this team up right now. Lets get er done!

giving up??? ive watched or listened to very nearly every game… we’ve had the magic number posted at work since it was in the 60s. and we’re in still in first with a great shot at going to the postseason. and once you’re there, everyone’s 0-0 again.

and im not thrilled about how we’ve been running of late(though we did pull off a big 7 game win streak already this month), but more than content with where we are, and how the teams done on the year as a whole.

And San Diego isn’t going anywhwere. .500 in THAT division? they get 18 with all those teams. if houston takes the wild card, san diego gets st louis in the first round. if you like their chances of doing anything in october better than ours then you just dont know baseball.

so, no… even if i didnt like our chances at all, after all the time ive invested in this team this year, theres still no giving up. i watched us play all through the year and nothing tells me we simply cannot ever play good baseball again. i cant see how anyone could be much a fan and just give up… i understand nerves and anxiety. i was there last night and we were all standing when dye came up in the 9th. it was a huge let down. but there’s no giving up.

im sure people in cleveland were let down tuesday, doesnt look like theyre just shutting it down and getting ready for the spring after that, though.

win or lose. division, wild card, nothing… not until the last out of our season.


“if you like their chances of doing anything in october better than ours then you just dont know baseball.”

Uh, yeah, I like their chances better than ours. It looks like they will play at least 3 more games than us in October. By the way Scott, haven’t heard our daily report on the odds of a playoff berth. HMMMM – wonder why??!!

I admit every fan has every right to be livid right now. I’m not gonna tell anyone when it’s appropiate to lash out, cause that’s not my place. My emotions change from inning to inning, and I’m sure alot of you been on the same roller coaster. That said, I believe this next week will prove to be the shot in the arm the Sox need. The players don’t want to go down as the biggest losers in MLB history anymore than the fans do. The onus falls squarely on their shoulders. Make this right White Sox, we know you can.

I too have barely missed a single game in one form or another all year. And what has transpired over the last 10 days has been absolutely deplorable. There is probably more heart in the morgue than has been displayed by these clowns during this stretch.

For starters, they made Elarton look as though he is a hands down cy young award winnner on Wednesday. How many pop-ups did they hit, 12, 13? Either way, it was digusting to watch, and even more disheartening because of the implications that came with the game. At the beginning of the year and for the first few months, when they were down a run or two late in a game, you you still had that warm fuzzy feeling that they would come back. In most cases, they would…


Now, when they are down, you get that empty sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing that they can’t muster up enough to get their **** together and put a charge into themselves.

I for one have not given up, but this lackluster display has made me realize that I should ask myself one thing…”Do they deserve to be there?” And if so, why? A great first-half does not grant you the RIGHT to anything, and I think mentally they began to think it did. Furthermore, even if they do make it, what will happen then? If they Play the Angels, Boston, Oakland or the Yanks, depending on how the rest shakes out. Do I really think they stand much of a chance? Not really. I think as a Sox fan I am preparing myself for that ceremonious kick in the junk, because this year it just happens to be coming a little later in the season.

In closing, kudos to B-Mac for his showing last night. That kid wow’ed me from every step of the way. He had the composure, control, and drive of a TRUE professional last night. He answered what was an almost forgone challenge with the class that few his age WILL ever demonstrate. Maybe its time the rest of the team take an example from him, and start ACTING like they should be in the position they are in. Enough of the rolling over and playing dead.

To those of you so-called “die-hard”fans who are ready to jump off the bus before the end of the ride, all I can say to you is:”Bye-bye, AND DON’T BOTHER COMING BACK IN ’06…THIS TEAM DIDN’T QUIT ON YOU,YOU QUIT ON THEM!!!” Even if the ride ends before the desired destination, let me just say this…Thank you for one h***uva ride, boys. I would much rather be with 25,000 people who know what they’re referring to on the field as opposed to 40,000 who are wondering what’s going to end first–the beerman’s run or Kerry Wood’s career. And rehmers, you can say or write whatever you want, but I still feel sorry for you for one reason and one reason only—you’re stuck in Wyoming (or Montana, or wherever the(bleep)you are).

I can’t be with you in thanking them for the ride thus far. I won’t be like those on the north-side who are willing to accept a .500 season as a good year because they finished 82-80. I demand more,I demand they win the division/AL championship/World Series and when you play the way they did, they should too. I don’t think its fair to indict those who would be so frustrated as to be angry with them. They have the right to, they are fans. Its also unfair to say anyone quit on the team, given what they have demonstrated on the field of late.

These are frustrating times for Sox fans, and emotions are at an all time high. I just think that if they get their act together, and understand that they are capable of SO much more, maybe then the lightbulb will go back on.

I’m in agreeance grzimmermann, well put. And props to gmfish for laying it out for jtsyka yesterday. That was golden, keep up the good post.

After being out of town for 2 days, I came back on to read…or tried to. I got so fed up with what I was reading, I was just going to scroll to the bottom and add this note…. Whatever anyone else has to say…I’m still here and not going anywhere…then lo and behold, out of the madness, steps tomquaid. You took the words out of my mouth. I don’t need to read or respond to the negativity that surrouds this place. Why anyone gives up on a team who still has the lead in their division is beyond me. We should have no problem getting playoff tickets since no one else cares……..

Win or lose… I will always be a White Sox fan!!!

dbrusa: Thanx for letting me know that at least one person has the same feelings that I do. And to grzimmerman, why don’t you just demand that everyone else in the American and National Leagues just go home right now, and we can hold the victory parade for the by-default World Champions,your Chicago White Sox…It doesn’t work like that,and I hope to God that you have a least a little common sense to go along with your devotion to the cause.By the way,last night before my head hit the pillow, I had a brief discussion with a “higher authority” and asked that the White Sox win five in a row and the Indians lose five in a row so that everyone can relax and have fun again…If it happens,I’ll be very happy, if it doesn’t, it’s still not the end of the world,it’s just baseball–a GAME, not LIFE…Will I be disappointed if this scenario doesn’t take place? Yes. Will I be back and waiting for the start of the ’06 season? In the famous words of Groucho(and i don’t mean rehmers or zimmerman),”you bet your life”.

Well put, grzimmerman!! And tomquaid – this team didn’t QUIT ON US??!! What games are you watching, pal? Helluva ride you say? These past 7 weeks have been about as fun as route canal!! If I wanted this type of rollercoaster, I could’ve gone to Great America. This team is wasting away into the winter and taking us with them.

dbrusa i got a bunch of playoff tickets il sell you but when they dont make it i aint handing out no refunds🙂

to mreifer: You don’t have to watch, you know.. You can always put your hands over your eyes, like at a scary movie…Or you can put your hands over your ears if you don’t want to listen… I could tell you what else you could do with your hands, but this is a family website..I have been watching the same games you have, pally, and if not for a lack of clutch hitting and the absence of the “small ball” that this team has played much of the year,you wouldn’t have a thing to gripe about, would you?Have we all been disappointed with this?Yes.Can it be remedied?Let’s hope so.

Ozzie really can’t be blamed for the ulcer I have watching my son in little league play small ball better than this team. G-d D###, was it really so hard to fly out deep in the ninth, instead of a stupid short pop-out. I do have a problem the way Ozzie manages the bullpen though. Just because Marte had a good game after his punishment, isn’t a reason to punish the fans by having to watch him blow-up again.

I’ve not missed more than a few games this year, either by tv, radio, or going to the cell. What I can say is, w3e ARE still in the lead, and maybe Pauliee can be the true team leader and kick a few guys in the head to wake them up. Situational hitting, people! Paulie does it, why is Uribe still violently swing for the fence, when a bloop to right wins it?


Try watching with the sound off. It becomes more surreal and popups don’t seem as bad. I try to keep the faith, but they consistently fail in the clutch. I’ve played baseball and I always got psyched, batting when it really mattered…game on the line…late inning no hitter. These guys ALL look tentative. Somebody needs to tell them to just ENJOY! are probably right…can you blame them for being tentative? These guys are under the microscope, have fans bashing them and giving up, and have the media demoralizing them at every turn. I think they could do better by relaxing…I just know that in this environment, that can’t be easy.

Blaming the fans is a north-side trend, lets not get on that bus.

grzimmerman…I agree…but I can’t read all the posts here and think otherwise…. If I tried to do my job with that kind of criticism, I’m sure I couldn’t perform my best.

I don’t know that it comes down to criticism so much as it is utter frustration. We have watched what SHOULD have been a golden season go nearly right down the tubes, and there is NO reason any of us as SOX should be happy about it.

Bottom line is this, while we have all different perspectives as to why things are the way they are, we are ALL on the same side.

Some of us may be more angered/emotional about it than others, but that is no ones fault. As fans, we are given the right to be as angry/happy/sad/joyful as we want to be. Right now, this team has not given ANY of us much to rejoice about.

I am about to head down there for the game tonight, lets hope this is the start of a fantastic rally that leads us well into the post-season.

I am a Sox fan wearing my heart on my sleeve right now, much like all of the rest of you. Lets just hope they are with us in that…

To everyone who has given up-
If you are so fed up with the team and think that they aren’t going to make it to the playoffs, why even bother with this board?? This is for White Sox FANS!!!!! If you don’t support them, we don’t want to hear your comments. GO SOX!!!

I don’t think that they sell any copies of the video because they don’t sell copies of the games but you could always tape it.

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