Pregame Friday

Friday, September 23, 2005, 1:51 pm

White Sox LineupContreras_1

Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … AJ, C … PK, 1B … Dye, RF … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Contreras, RHP.


Check out today’s Chicago Tribune for a very good article by David Haugh on Jose Contreras.  It was great to see someone get past Jose’s language barrier to give people a sense of the man.


If this lineup works, and the bats can come out of slumber, I’m all for it…As to Ozzie’s meeting with the media the other day, if he was being misinterpreted, it was just par for the course with the men with the notepads, microphones and minicams…Whatever suits their agenda or fits into the two and a half minutes on-air that they get is what goes on, like it or not.

Glad to see Dye in the 5 slot. Sure he blew it last night but I think he’ll rise to the challenge and reinvigorate this offense. Go get ’em SouthSiders.

m not throwing the towel in yet. But my fighter is getting worked on the ropes with 10 seconds left in the 10th round. We won rounds 1-6 on points, but has gassed and been getting worked 7-10, even getting knocked down twice(once by the media, once by the Tribe)
Well theres the bell.

Two rounds to go. Time to dig deep. Gotta win a round and cant get knocked down again or its over. Win this and you have a title fight next!

Now kick some ***.

Moving Everett down in the order is WAY overdue, but I like that Ozzie is shaking things up a bit.

CMON SOX, dont believe the hype. LETS GET 8 WINS MINUMUM

finally ozzie chose to change stuff a little bit, hopefully it will do us some good. i can’t wait to see the game, it should be a win as long as CONTRERAS is pitching, he been my best pitcher for the past month. lets go sox and lets show them something they are not expecting, come on lets kick the twins *** ,,,LETS GO SOX, GO SOX….

One thing that people seem to forget…Santana is a world class pitcher who we always have trouble with…put in any other pitcher there last night, and we never would have had to go past the 9th…The kid (McCarthy) matched him pitch for pitch. Ask me 2 months ago, and I would have reasonable expected a tough game or loss in that one. Tonight’s a whole new ball game. The one is OURS!!! GO SOX! -Dawn’d think I wasn’t even literate after that…I’m sure you can determine what I MEANT to type…

YES jose is pitching!!!!!!! Guys check out my blog i talk about the sox often its I’d like to hear your guys thoughts.

checked out your blog, pdiddle, even though your email address was screaming, “NO, dont do it.”
You should really spell your headlines correctly. That might help your readership a little bit.

Oh, you gotta love a win!

The ballpark was hopping tonight, despite a 25K turnout. Does anyone else think it’s pathetic that our first place team doesn’t draw sellout crowds? Wait – don’t answer that. It doesn’t matter. The true Sox fans will be there through the end. Baseball is “supposed to be hard. That’s what makes it great.”

Hey, Scott, was that YOUR b-day posted up on the jumbotron tonight? If so – Happy Birthday!!!

Go Sox!!!

7 more wins til the playoffs.

Ole’ Jose! Nice to have a player attacking the opposition.
I think we’re playing not to lose instead of attacking and TAKING the win. Friday night’s loss still sticks in my mind.

Not because of the bases loaded with one out, but because nobody has questioned why Everett didn’t bunt Iguchi over. Konerko’s base hit would have won it in the 9th!

That’s not second guessing. A leadoff hit with one run to win it, and we USED to either steal or push the runner over. Instead, Everett remains in his funk and we don’t score!

Sorry – I meant Thursday night’s loss in the previous post. I’d just like to add, that I’d rather see Anderson or Perez in the line-up right now rather than Carl Everett. I appreciate loyalty and that Carl’s a vet, but he’s KILLING us right now.

WHAT A GREAT WIN TONIGHT, BUT IT IS SAD TO SEE THE ******* TRIBE WINNING. WELL I LOVE TO SEE US WIN AND START A WINNING STREAK..GARCIA WON’T TURN US DOWN TOMMOROW I HOPE. CONTRERAS WAS GREAT TONIGHT, UNBELIEVABLE, HE HAD HIS FIRST COMPLETE GAME WITH US.I LOVE THIS GUY, AND I LOVE ANY GUY WHO PLAYS FOR THE WIN. DYE did a good job in his new place, i think ozzie should keep playing with the starting line up till he finds the perfect one. Ozzie, plz do not show me Jenks’ face tommorow plz don’t,, we already lost 3 because of him.. let him rest for a while. Iguchi did a good job tonight, he had 2 hits,, and he is continuing on his streak i guess…. also, Iguchi and Uribe did a great job defensively and they saved some runs…..well our guys did a great job and hopefully they will keep up the great job, …even though i was mad at our fans because there were only like 28000, i mean what the **** is going on,, we have teh best team in the AL and the attendence is only 28000. what can i say, i only can say that those 28000 are the real fans, which i was there with them. those are the fans who like baseball and understand it, we have hard times and happy times. but what can we say….anyways, i should say that we are looking for something, so lets go guys..GO SOX, GO SOX, GO SOX,,,,,WE LOVE THE WHITE SOX…

Not sure what Ozzie’s love affair with Marte is but in my opinion he has ****** since he walked in the winning run at Wrigley to get swept by the Cubbies back in 04. Perhaps even earlier…anyway, yes Jose was solid tonight. If we are lucky enough to make it to the playoffs (I am surprised some people thought it was a lock when we beat Cleveland on Crede’s homer) I’d start Jose in game one and McCarthy in game 2. NO BS!!! They say that Freddy is a big game pitcher- well, big dog, let’s see it on Saturday night! I will be one of the 30,000 (?) rooting em on- 9 games to go with being 3 up on Boston in the wild card. That’s how I am looking at it. To me, if we get in as a wildcard instead, I like our matchups better. I know NY is hot, but wouldn’t you rather face them in a 5 game series than LA who has given us fits this year???

you r absolutly right matt, very good thinking my friend, i like the way u think about things man. GO SOX

I was at the game last night and let me say that it was awesome!!! Jose owned the twinkies. The crowd was great too. Although they struggle getting guys around when they get on base, I think they can still play against any of these teams in the playoffs. They get the hit at the right time. McCarthy and Jon and Jose are all throwing well and we’ll be fine. And for all those kenwos and rehmers out there, glad you guys are done. We won’t need you around and acting like you like the Sox when they make it to the post season. The Sox will take another game tonight. It’s good to be in the lead of the AL Central. Go GO White Sox!!

Have to share a good Jose story. My 8 y/o son went to game with his uncle last night and watched Jose warming in pen. All through the warm up, my son yelled for him to do well, not get wild and to have a good game. After Jose finished his warm up he pointed to my boy and threw him the ball he was warming up with. Made my son’t whole night and he’s still smiling about it today. Scott, if you can, please let Jose know how much that meant. That’s what makes baseball so great for these little guys. GO SOX!

OH thanks god, we are seeing all this good fans on the blog these days. and hey kr-trepac, i think kenwos and rehmers are not even SOX fans, maybe they just bs with us, thay are *** holes..and i am glad to hear that contreras did such a great thing for ur son obrnmac. contreras is a very nice guy but he just doesn’t speak the language and that is what is holding him from expressin himself. well all i can say is , GO SOX GO SOX, WE WANT TO SEE A GOOD WIN TONIGHT,, GO SOX..

It drives me nuts how nobody seems to get just what a great 2nd half Jose has had for the Sox. I’m a Tribe fan but I’ve been following Jose since he first pitched for Cuba against the O’s. The Sox got a steal from the Yanks when they gave up on him. Even as my beloved Tribe try and hunt the Sox down, I still can’t root against Jose. Please don’t resign him because I would love for the Tribe to pick him up.

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