Pregame Monday

Monday, September 26, 2005, 4:47 pm

White Sox Lineup

Pods, LF … Tad, 2B … AJ, C … PK, 1B … Dye, RF … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Gar, RHP.


With Cleveland off today to pick up a half game on our lead.


“We will miss his voice on Sox games”

If you really mean that, then how about offering him a TV job. The TV booth could use an actual play-by-play guy instead of just having two analysts.

Jon’s on the bump tonight…he pitched well through 6 innings last week. JD is strapping the team on his back – he looks like a man on a mission. That’s what I like to see – pick up that 1/2 game. GO SOX.

Joe Crede Joe Crede Joe Crede JOE CREDE!

Hear! hear! with the TV comment. Listening to the Sox tv broadcast team is like listening to college or minor league ball. Rooney would make a HUGE difference in that booth. The way this team is just letting Rooney go, there must be something we don’t know. Like he’s already got another job. It better not be with the Cubs.

The REAL magic nos.:

Entering play Monday, the

magic nos. are 5 & 5. But in

fact, 4-3 will win the Division, and just 3-4 will

clinch the Wild Card. Why ?

Division: 4 wins clinch tie

with Cleveland at 98-64. But

at 64 losses, they BOTH qualify for post-season, and

Sox win Division on tiebreaker

More intriguing is Wild Card

clinch: 3 wins gets Sox to

only 97-65; but Red Sox -Yanks

on weekend guarantees Eastern

Div. Wild Card contender will

have AT LEAST 66 losses, ergo

65 losses wins Wild Card.

So magic nos. are NOT 5 & 5,

they’re 4 & 3.

Leaving AJ in to face a lefty with runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out in the 8th has to be the dumbest move in the history of managing. Especially with AJ slumping, was there any chance he was going to drive in that run. I still can’t believe that just happened.

i think that the white sox r going 2 make it 2 the wild card but not win it maybe next year but the might so lets go sox!

It hurts me to type this, but lets go Orioles! What a shame. We’re being relegated to cheering against the wild card contenders to ensure a playoff berth.

lets go Orioles, lets go Toronto, and lets go Tampa tomorrow for good measure.
Granderson is a menace, hes going to hurt the Sox for a long time. Plucked from our own backyard too.

They need the next 5 games.

You’ve got to go with what brung ya’…AJ or JD shoulda, woulda, coulda driven in those runs after Gooch did his job and put them into scoring position! And in the ninth…if we can’t count on ALL the arms in the pen for L/L and R/R matchups, then we won’t go far in the playoffs…so I wish Marte had gotten a chance to prove himself there.
I still think we’ll take 3 of the four games in Detroit…but, letting this one slip away hurts…a split with the Tigers is NOT what we need.

But, man oh man, I was at the series in Detroit when we had the Big Hurt hitting third…what a difference HE makes in our line-up! If only…

tell the starters 1 more win a piece and we’re golden.
I’d be happy to see both Farmer and Rooney replace both Hawk and DJ, lets those two yo-yos do the radio. Nobody listening in thier cars on the Dan Ryan would know what the **** was going on though.

I know logically I will be using my playoff tickets, and I adore the team, but I have to say, the second that inning ended with the bases loaded and we didn’t score, I knew we would end up losing. We have got to get those runs in. We have a horrible habit of leaving runners on base.

Also, I know people aren’t thrilled when they see Marte come in the games, but I can tell you, I get that feeling with Politte. He does nothing to make me feel comfortable with the outcome.

But that said, I am sure we will win tomorrow, but we could have made life a lot easier on ourselves if we would have pulled tonight out.

Where is Jamie Burke?

Garland…3.4 mil. (sell out to the mob and total A-Hole)
Everett…4 mil. (worthless, lazy Afro-American… ummm… politically correct term, I think?)


Does anyone see a discrepancy there?

Unless this organization figures out what’s up, they’ll never be a winner.

How can Everett still be in the starting line up? 4 million for doing WHAT?

As for Garland…..I would have him cleaning the shitters! What a total LOSER!


Ozzie is the most mentally challenged manager in ALL of baseball. He got smoked at least twice tonight. HIT AND RUN with no hitters at the plate. That’s like trying a threesome with two HOT chicks (that you paid for) and no Viagra. What an IDIOT.

What are you talking about? Hawk is the best at calling Sox games. I’ve never heard an announcer, except maybe Harry Caray (who used to be a Falstaff man, and maybe a little to old school for you), get just as disgusted as the rest of the us. I’d rather listen to Hawk on XM as the other tools.

Opie and Anthony XM 202. Catch the Virus

hey rehmers,
if u don’t like our club, then just don’t care about them. don’t say stuff u don’t understand and if u like the CARDINALS then just get the **** outta here and go to St. Luis, i prefer not see u here,,,everett that u don’t like had more than 20 HRs this year, and Garland has 17 wins so far, i believe, so just don’t get messed up, and don’t get drunk…Crede been my besst guy lately, ,,,,..GO SOX

Man we had a good game with two homers, but it wasn’t enough, we had so many chances and especially when the bases were loaded, but what can we say. I do not blame Politt for the lose, because he is a great pitcher, but i do blame the hitters for not getting a single where we had a winner run on base. well i think it was an ok game for Garland, but he did a couple of mistakes that changed everything…..well great HRs for Paul and Crede, but they weren’t enough,,, well i hope to see another 3 games winning streak, or maybe 4 or 5 winning streak, why not?,,, GO SOX, and I am sure that McCarthy will make it easy for our hitters tommorow, ,,,,Go SOX……

If you see anyone in the bullpen warming up or getting ready to enter the game it means the game is over. The Sox are either up by ten or getting ready to LOSE. NO LEAD IS SAFE WITH THEM!!!!!!

They are awful and should be ashamed at accepting a paycheck.

I know I would.


Memo to,
You are partially right, partially not

If Sox & Tribe are tied at 97-64, Sox do NOT “win the tiebreaker”. There will be a tiebreaker game in Cleveland. The winner takes the AL Central title, loser gets the WC. Strangest part, possible for a team w/ 96 wins to go home!

Ooops, that should read “If Sox & Tribe are tied at 98-64” in the post above…

“You’ve got to go with what brung ya’…AJ ”

No, you don’t have to go with what ‘brung’ ya. You have to pinch hit when a struggling left-handed hitter faces a lefty pitcher in a clutch situation. Jack McKeon would have pinch hit there.

He manages the league’s WORST team with runners in scoring position. Yet, he consistently REFUESES to squeeze runners in.

Does Ozzie Guillen have ANY imagination?

good comments,cabiness and kotsens. with timo and anderson sitting on the bench, i would have pinch hit too. you’re right about what mckeon too, and ozzie should have learned something from him, but refuses to manage by the book. very frustrating. we still look ok, but our hitters have got to step it up tonight. how long can we expect a 21 year old call up to be our savior? he still needs to fit that bill tonight. go sox, j.k. in tucson…out

It was one game. We are stil in the lead. We are playing a cliub we have dominated this season and the Indians are playing a team that could take 2 out of 3 from them. We didn’t get the usual timely hit last night and our pen gave it up. I agree that Ozzie probably should have put someone else in for AJ. As a matter of fact, Ozzie shouldn’t have AJ batting 3rd anyway. I will repeat myself, we are still in the lead and the Indians don’t have a cake walk. We ARE going to the playoffs.

I’m glad rehmers is now rooting for the cards. Hey dawn, put him on the banned from the wagon list, he’s not allowed back on.

As a black man I gotta say that MasterCard parody offended me. What the **** does Carl’s skin color have to do with anything. Take your Klan show on the road and get the **** off this blog unless you have something intelligent to say. I think Carls been playing real bad, but is that because he’s black? Hey that guy who won the game for the Tigers last night was black too, how’s that for laziness? Look in the right field wall at #42 next time you go to the park. I can’t believe that man’s impact to this day still fails to resonate with some fans. Incredible!

why the **** was A.J. batting third anyways…u know ur team is ******* when someoen like A.J bats thrid in the lineup.

Hey Scott, I was looking through the old posts trying to find your very informational post regarding getting into the baseball business and internships, et al. I am a currently an undergraduate student studying communication (specifically public relations) and I am very interested in pursuing a career in baseball, in that aspect. Thus, I am looking into internships. I meant to print it out while it was still up, but never got around to doing so. Do you think that you could please send me the link to that post, or possibly e-mail it to me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Tough loss last night, but not too discouraged. Our undoing was the same lack of fundamental, situational hitting that usually accompanies losses. That’s our team, we dance with the one that brought us here. That said I hope Rowand’s back in the 3 slot, with Jermaine 5th, A.J. 6th, Juan 7th, and Borchard, Anderson or Gload DHing. Carl doesn’t got it right now and if given a couple days off to figure it out might return to his early season form. This is crunch time White Sox. Keep battling, the city’s proud of you.


I love your lineup suggestions, especially for DH. But I’m afraid that it’s beyond the scope of Ozzie’s imagination. I’d bet a sawbuck that we’ll see few, if any, changes tonight from the man who can’t think outside the box.

Said it before, I will say it again, it’s baseball for crying out loud. With the makeup of this team if you had offered any of you a 2 game lead, the best record in the AL and 3 games against Det/Cle, would you take it? You better believe it! This is exciting so sit back and enjoy!! By this time each year 95% of us have converted to hoping the Bears still have a chance. Go Sox!!

Assuming Scott might not read that among the angry fan comments, I copied the first part of it out of the blog so here it is (sorry, I don’t have the rest, but I can look)…..

Working in Baseball

Some time ago, I promised to pass along to everyone the best way to begin a career in baseball. Sorry for the delay in doing so, but here it goes …

There are really two routes. The first is for the high school or college student who knows baseball is the career you want to pursue.

In that case, I recommend that you study in a field that you know you can use in baseball … PR, communications, marketing, business admin, etc … Graduate school is an option. When I went to school, sports management programs were rare (or just beginning). Now, many schools offer programs. Some focus on professional sports, some on college athletics. Choose one that works for you.

In the meantime, volunteer to work every sports event, function, etc. that you can. If you are in college, volunteer at the school’s athletic department, SID office, student newspaper, local media outlets. What are some events (5K runs, golf tourneys, triathalons, etc) that go on in your town? How can you be a part? How can you volunteer and gain the experience? Prove to us that you have experience selling, promoting or marketing sports on any level.

From this path, the best way to get your foot in the door is to find an internship with a major league team. Some pay, some do not. The White Sox do compensate our interns, and we hire many over the course of the year ranging from ticket sales, to guest relations, to purchasing, to baseball operations to media relations (and I probably omitted some).

An internship is your chance to impress the team and/or connect with others in the industry. If a job opens up while you are interning, hopefully you have proven your worth and will be first in line. Many of our former interns are working here or are spread around MLB or in sports.

Internships are probably the most common way to people to enter the industry. Obviously, it works best for entry level positions. I suggest sending your resumes out to teams (use the Human Resources person whenever possible) in November/December. We begin hiring in January and February.

i have a problem with not pinch hitting for a.j. if ozzie’s not going to be creative anymore, he should at least go by the numbers. BRING A FREAKING RIGHT HANDED HITTER IN! at that point it was tied so basically it was a 2 inning game. that is how you have to play it! everyone knows that a.j. is the guy behind the plate, but you HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO GET THE WIN! D*MMIT!

I know it was frustrating to see A.J. go down but Ozzie does have a lot going on. I know that I would have put in someone like Joe Borchard, who is 3 for 3, or Brian Anderson and then have Widger behind the plate. The point is, we can’t keep blaming the losing on one event because it was a mixture of a bunch of little things. Hopefully some of the guys can help out Crede and Konerko tonight so that they don’t always have to carry the team’s offense. Go Sox!

A good way to start would be givng Carl a day or two off. He is hurting our lineup right now and someone else should get a chance to see if they can give the team a spark.

Not to put everyone in a worse mood but, if you haven’t been watching, Boston eked out a win vs. the Jays today. So our W/C magic number still stands at 5.

Why can’t Detroit just lay down and die like the Orioles for NY and the Jays for Boston??!!

Oh well. The good news that comes out of this is that Cleveland is now in a 3-way tie with Boston and New York for the WC spot. So the pressure is REALLY on them!

Go Tampa! Go Orioles! Go Jays!


By the way – what happened to Frank? I thought that he would be in the clubhouse with the team? Get him in there to give this team some more MO!


Thank you so very much!!! I really appreciate it!

No problem, if you want me to find the rest of it, I will try but I don’t know if I can. Hope the info helped you out!

I am half black (not that I would admit it). My Mama was raped by one of your kind, obviously without permission (maybe). People ask me if I’m a mulatto, I say no, I am white, but I still get the … “dude there was somethin’ goin’ on there”. What’ya do? Maybe if I would play the game I could be like you! Believe me I know the downside….I’d rather be where I’m at than be on the government dole.

At least Carl hit tonight!

Hey now, please keep that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ junk off this site. This site is for talking baseball and the White Sox.

I’m sincerely sorry your mom was victimized by “one of my kind”. You’ve obviously got some issues to hash out that can’t be resolved on a baseball blog. Best of luck with that and from now on how about we just leave race out of the conversation.

the sox r the best every1 knows that 4 sure they even swift the champions!the old ones!hahahahah!there so good they will win the **** out of the world series thats 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go sox ur the best 4 eva

**** yeh

the sox r the best every1 knows that 4 sure they even swift the champions!the old ones!hahahahah!there so good they will win the **** out of the world series thats 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go sox ur the best 4 eva

h e l l yeh

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