Pregame Tuesday

Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 4:08 pm

White Sox Lineup

Pods, LF … Guch, 2B … Rowand, CF … PK, 1B … Dye, RF … Carl, DH … Ozuna, 3B … Widger, C … Uribe, SS … McCarthy, RHP.

Missed Opportunity

We lost an opportunity last night to gain ground on the idle Indians.  Let’s win one tonight …


I really don’t understand why Carl Everett is in the lineup. Why not someone else??? ANYONE ELSE!!! At least for a few games. Carl is bringing the lineup down. This is such a bad move. I hope the Sox take the game despite his bat. Maybe he can prove me wrong.

Is Crede’s back hurting? Why bench you hottest bat NOW ??

He hasn’t hit well agains Robertson, but come on, there are only 6 more games to go and we need his bat AND glove….I just don’t understand.

Never thought I’d see people on this board clamoring for Crede.

Go Sox.

Crede’s wife is having a baby. I don’t mean to be selfish, but I hope she has him/her soon, so we can get Joe back in the lineup!

Anyways, we really need a win tonight. Go Sox!!

Has anyone visited the Indian’s Fan Forum? They are so cocky!! Let ’em know that they are in a 3-way race with the Yankees and Boston, and the Yankees are playing the worst team in baseball! Uh Oh!! Tampa should take 2 of 3 at the JOKE!

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Your favorite Indians fan is here once again. It’s about an hour from Chisox Choketime live on Comcast. Can they pull of the walkoff again? You would think that we are better off than you all. Yet, we have the contender killers. I dunno about that Tampa taking 2 of 3. You are out of you mind. The division is coming down to this weekend. Can the Chisox win on the road? In the packed JAKE. The only joke is going to be the lasts two months of the White Sox season. Homefield Advantage is going to be the key..

As always, I love you guys and goodluck tonight..

Your favorite Tribe Fan,



Heard Crede had to leave for back home- hope eveyrthing is OK with his wife…keepin’ them in my thoughts and prayers. Pass our support along to him.

Lets pick him up guys- we’ll miss him out there tonight.

Go Sox!


Of course, Everett is bringing the Sox down. But PLEASE stop talking about facts. Ozzie is worried about Carl’s “confidence” and his relationship with Carl, which is already hurt by Carl’s being dropped to 6th in the order. That’s much more important than any harm Carl will do to the team! Can you imagine what poor A.J. would’ve felt if Ozzie had pinch hit for him last night? Or if he had asked that muscleman to bunt?

Hey, can these guys start swinging the bat with authority! … Everett is the only guy to step up to the bat not looking like he is going to puke in hisw helmet. I don’t like him, but at least he will go down swinging SOMETHING!

Hey Scott:

How much is Ozzie getting paid off to throw this season? Failing to pinch hit for AJ last night and then putting in GEOFF BLUM???? tonight. He must be getting a truckload of cash from somebody to make these decisions.

kolsens, ozzie is worried about Carl’s confidence or their relationship?? or his feelings being hurt by his being dropped in the order? cry me a river!! that sounds like dr phil bs talk! *** we’re down to the home stretch and don’t have room to worry about which hen has her nose out of whack because of changes in the lineup or batting order.

GEOFF BLUM! GEOFF BLUM! ????? What is going on?

hey cabiness, probably not as much as carl is getting paid to hit under .250. and geoff blum, give me a break are we trying to lose??

Nice hustle by Aaron to keep things alive!

well, we definitely can’t take this offense into the post season. plain and simple. these guys are swinging the bats terribly. 12 men left on base, are you kidding me? 8 walks? cmon guys, even my high school baseball team could produce at lesat 3 runs given that circumstance. unreal! at least McCarthy looked good enough to get a win.

Thank you, Tampa.

Tell Joe that we hope everything is ok with his wife and child and please keep us updated. I know that I hope to see him back in action soon once everything is ok.


WAKE UP SOX FANS…This is baseball;there’s no michael jordan, there’s no magic switch for momentum…they are a team with 0 confidence, a centerfielder who’s praying for the ball to be hit to anyone but him, and a manager who is BAD. If they get to the playoffs, that 1st opponent will feast on this pile of stinking detritus–fed up chicago sports fan.

Joe is fine, but there were apparently some complications with his pregnant wife/she was having a baby. I don’t think that anyone has any details yet but he is hopefully supposed to return tomorrow.

Why wouldn’t Aaron want the ball to be hit to him?? He is one of the best center fielders out there. He can catch just about anything that comes anywhere near him.

WAKE UP LESSLULU…the centerfield play of late has been pathetic! He’s a long way off from the guy playing centerfield during the yankee series…Rowand is a whipped dog…hello johnny damon

i just got back from a visit to phoenix, and took a peek at the web page/ box score. 12 men left on base? 8 walks? i guess the dreaded lead off walk only hurts our team when we give them up, not when we are the recipients. sorry guys. we need a w tomorrow. thanks, T.B.
j.k in tucson… out

I LOVE THE WHITE SOX!!! GO TEAM!!! Manausa1 you are the best and palehoses…what’s up brutha? I got back on my medication today. Everything will be allllllrightttt now!!!

Somebody needs to explain to me the line-up that we have right now? Thanks Kenny Williams for all the help… Sox were flying high in July… Go out and get somebody and trade Borchardt or whoever… Try to win it… The Brewers have a better line-up offensively!

Hey , thanx Rehmers, hope u get better, …lesslulu, thanx for the information,,,,,ctavolacci6687, plz don’t talk about aaron just because YOU think that he is not doing well. I think he is doing a fine job ……and ewitczak, plz don’t talk about Borchard because he is a good but he haven’t been showen yet, because he haven’t played that many at bats… anyways now there is no way to trade anyone, we should focuse on us now and not just start crying from now…..and SCOTT CAN U PLEASE TELL OZZIE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THAT LINE UP, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD WITH IT…..THANK U ALL,,, AND GO SOX….GO SOX…

First of all, there is no way we would trade Borchard cause he’s amazing and second of all, none of the guys have been playing up to their standard except Crede who’s exceeding it, but Aaron is doing just fine and if you don’t like it, don’t watch the Sox anymore.

Eight inning, bases loaded, one out, and Geoff Blum?!!?? And I thought Ozzie had no imagination! Forgive me, Ozzie, for confusing lack of imagination with … lack of brains.

GMfish: I was being saracastic. But you were certainly justified in being outraged by Ozzie’s way of “thinking.”

It’s funny, we stunk last night and so did every other AL contender still fighting for a spot. I’ll bet they are wondering the same things that we are on this board. Schilling couldn’t hold a huge lead, Indians choked against the Rays, Yankees got owned because they have no pitching, and we choked yesterday as well. To be honest we all look like $h!+, so it shouldn’t be that hard to play any of those teams. The only team playing well now is LA. I still like our chances against anyone, our staff is just as good.

I hope everything is allright with the Crede’s. Best wishes to them. I was going to comment on last nights game but everybody already did a good job of that. Rehmers, if you got something you urgently need to say to me, be a man and say it! Send an e-mail to cause this border war’s getting rediculous and I don’t think real White Sox fans (who want to talk baseball) need to be subjected to any more of our thoughts on this matter. I’m not one to decipher cryptic, racially-charged messages, brutha! I’m sorry you hate who you are but that’s more a problem for Dr. Phil’s forum, not whitesoxpride. Best luck tonight Sox, and that goes out to all the colors of the rainbow.

I’d like to know what Ozzie has against Ross Gload and Brian Anderson. Ozzie’s turning into Dusty Baker, insisting on using veteran failures as opposed to younger players with promise. Gload’s absence from the lineup all year has puzzled me. He finished last year well over .300 with the Sox, and coming off the DL this year, he lit up AAA. But Ozzie has barely used him, as we trot out our lineup of .240 hitters, popping up and striking out with men on base.

If you’re lineup continues to ****, which it has for 8 weeks, try something different. At the very least, it’s hard to do worse than what we’ve been subjected to lately – when you get shut down by a guy who was 0-5 with an ERA over 8 his last 5 starts.


trinedcommandokilla, I’ll be getting back to you shortly to find out what is so great about the “mistake by the lake”…But, getting to the efforts of the boys the last two nights, if I was the manager of the club, there would not have been a post-game spread waiting for them in the clubhouse,beacuse it would have been all over the floors, walls, ceiling, etc.12 men left on base, five in scoring position in a ONE RUN game? come on, folks, even the optimists in the crowd like myself have to get a little p’od with the lack of offense these last two nights against a team starting two pitchers who are, to put it kindly,BRUTAL!Dawn, the old man here needs to here some optimism from you and your daughter and anybody else who is still holding onto a shread of hope that this will not become a “crash and burn” situation.

We are still in first place. Don’t lose hope. Everyone lost last night(Bos, NY, Clev, & CHW). So we are not the only ones struggling right now. They need to win the games more than we do, and they didn’t do that. We actually gained ground yesterday with everyone losing. We are closer to clinching the divison and/or the wild card.

Now to you, trainedcommandokilla,as I just stated, what is so freakin great about Cleveland, if indeed you live there,or know anything about it…Not that we have anything to brag about here,but how many World Champion banners hang in the Jake? Did Indians voice Tom Hamilton bark out “BALLGAME”as he usually does at the end of Sunday’s contest when Grady Sizemore backed away from the parachute that landed at his feet in centerfield,then smiled as the winning run came in for KC? Was the same scenario acted out last night as the D-Rays turned the game ending double play? I don’t think so…If the Tribe is going to make it to post season,I’m not really sure how far they can go, realistically or not…And once the baseball season is put away, what do the good burghers of C-Town have to look forward to? The Browns
(pathetic) and the Cavs(Le Bron,Ilgauskas, Joe Tait and not much more…). So,say what you will about us,trainedcommandokilla,old boy…we have not only broad shoulders but tolerant attitudes here…(and our lake has never caught on fire, either)

Nice ^^^^^^

kr-trepac…everyone is struggling, I know…But don’t you feel that everyone would lighten up if the boys would just get back to where they were before August 1st, just for about, oh, say, the next six weeks or so—that would get us to the end of October and we then can look back and see what has transpired…Just remember, it could be worse…we could be watching the Quarter-Padres scuffle as one of potentially the worst teams to EVER make the post-season hunt(What do I mean, one of???, they ARE the worst…)

Don’t lose faith tomquaid, you and dbrusa are the only optimist left on this blog. Love the comments about Cleveland. I tend to side with kr-trepac on the notion that we still (despite our anemic offense) stand as good a chance as anyone if we get to the playoffs. There’s no dominating team in the AL. We’ve all got our flaws. It’s just a matter of decreasing our mistakes and capitalizing on theirs (12 LOB, 3BB in one inning) With the return of the cold weather comes a return to April-style ball. The Sox are a paradox. And Jermaine, it’s not as simple as “if we make it we make it, if we don’t we don’t”. We’ve come too far to surrender to that type of defeatist attitude. Close the deal fellas! Congrats to Joe and Lisa on the new baby girl.

i’m only worried about one thing right now. there is an ALARMING similarity to 1966 or ’67, i don’t remember when exactly. what i do remember is that thost sox only needed one win to reach the WS, with 3 against the indians. that year we didn’ make it as we were swept away, with either the yanks or o’s making the series. i think we have an inspired team this year, but i would feel much better when we clinch. let’s start on that road tonight! go sox. j.k. in tucson…out.

Tom, buddy, pal. Relax. You dont have to take your frusterations out on me. I didn’t schedule the Sox on the road for the last 7 games of the season. It’s also not my fault they aren’t getting the job done. Half of the year their pitching was hot. Now they are back to reality. In Cleveland we have the best balanced lineup in terms of speed, and power. We also have a solid starting rotation not to mention the best bullpen in the major leagues. The concern isn’t the Browns nor the Cavs. Who actually signed Hughes, Jones, Marshall, and Henderson this year and will probably be fighting it out with Detroit for the central next year. Need to keep up on your sports before you throw sportscasters names around with Lebron. There is plenty of things lookin up for the Indians. This is the first year they are making a run. But my friend. With a lineup and a young core of players. there’s only one way to go. That’s up the standings. We’ll be going on a tear just like we did in 95-99. How many division titles have you won in that time frame? many have you won ssince 95? Exactly only 1, in 2000 . Not to mention that choke last year. Believe it or not their are 2 championship banners hanging at the Jake. Same amount are hangin in Chicago. If we were talking basketball that might have been a valid point.I’m not here to argue. I’m just here for a little bit of heckling since this has been a historic race. It’s seems to be you are the only one whom has passed judgement. At least you could come with a few straight facts…

Your favorite tribe fan,


trainedcommando…I’m not going to waste time and carpal tunnel syndrome to sit here and pass anything with you…As for facts, I think I have them pretty well down,not only regarding sportscasters but the state of professional sports in Ohio.To Klein711, the year you’re thinking of is 1967, when the Sox wre in a four team race with the Red Sox,Twins and Tigers…the Chi Sox lost a doubleheader to the Athletics at KC on a Wednesday night, then 48 hours later were eliminated by Phil Ortega and the Washington Senators 1 to 0 on Friday night at the old Comiskey…The Red Sox took the pennant on the last Sunday of the season,beating the Twins while the Tigers split a doubleheader with the Angels…(How’s that for getting facts straight,Commando?)I hope that Wednesday brings a much happier face to White Sox nation…we could sure se it…I’ll be posting to all of you good folks again after tomorrow afternoon’s encounter,looking forward to the Indian Uprising to be squelched.

thanks tomquaid for the chilling memory. j.k. in tucson…..

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