Pregame Wednesday

Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 3:31 pm

White Sox Lineup

Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … AJ, C … PK, 1B … Dye, RF … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … Ozuna, 3B … Uribe, SS … Contreras, RHP.

I apologize to any readers for the amateur nature of this blog (but I think blogs are probably, by definition, non-professional efforts to express opinions and provide information).

Let’s Go White Sox.


Why are you apologizing for this?? We all love this blog! Keep it up, cause we love hearing the latest news. Speaking of the latest news, I assume that Crede not being back means that things are not going well at home. If that is the case, I would love to know what is going on if you have any information. I hope that Joe, his wife, and his children are all ok. Please let him know that we are worried for him and hope that everything turns out well for them.

Im sure Scott’s comments have something to do with the ******** Mariotti’s article in the Sun Times today. Keep up the good work Scott.


Crede is back with the team, but will not be starting tonight.

When is J. Dye going to come through in the clutch. He must have missed a ton of opportunities lately. He is batting .091 in pressure situations!!

When is J. Dye going to come through in the clutch? He must have missed a ton of opportunities lately. He is batting .091 in pressure situations!!

OMG, I just read Jay MORONotti’s article. That guy must have been beaten and abused by everyone he knows as a little kid. Then he wnet to high school and was beaten some more. He has no clue about the White Sox or the fans. This blog is wonderful and I am glad we have it. Jay seems to think it is a bad idea, gosh, isn’t he wrong. If this blog is so “amateur like”, then why is a “professional” like him reading it? What an idi0t he is.

Why is A.J. still batting third? I dont think he is a number 3 hitter. I would like to see Ozzie try Dye there, and have Everett bat fifth and A.J. sixth.






Don’t apologize. We like the “amateur nature” of the blog. It is a breath of fresh air. Don’t pay any attention to Mariotti. He’s just bitter about being in Chicago. When I e-mailed him and asked him why he stays in Chicago when he obviously hates it so much, he replied, “Ten year contract. Deal with it, buddy.” He’s a joke. This blog is great. Keep it up!

He is a joke!

Ha!…..I read Mariotti’s “column” as well and it disgusts me that a major newspaper like the Sun Times would allow a person to spew such personal venom on a regular basis and call it a sports column! Where have the real “professional” columnists gone? Oh well, I can’t blame the guy for being so angry since his career fell in the crapper after The Munsters was cancelled…..Scott, this blog kicks @$$!!…It provides more insight and useful information than Mariotti ever has. Keep it up, as we all appreciate it.

This game is getting rained out. Double-header tomorrow… not good.

How do you know that Joe is back with the team?? Is everything ok with his family? Why isn’t he going to play? Any info you might have will be appreciated. Go Sox!

Why does it seem that if the White Sox do not score withn the first couple innings (mainly the first) the seem to panic and play home-run baseball. They need to relax and realize that they are still the best team in the American league regardless of the last two months. They need to get back to the small ball attitude. Instead of sac-flies, why not sac-bunts? If they do not aggressive in the next 5 games I don’t think they’ll have a chance in the play-offs. But I still have faith that they will because they have taken me on a ride through the best specatator Sox season in franchise history.

Go Jose

Go Sox

Go Sox

Thank God that everything is ok with the Crede family…that is good to hear.

Scott- there are no other words to say this- screw him! This blog is eveyrthing we could ask for as White Sox fans, and appreciate it so much!

Hopefully we can get through all this rain…

Lets go SOX!

I stopped reading JM’s (Just Miserable?) column long ago. The man spews negativity like no one else. JM: If you happen to be reading this, you might want to consider medication. Seriously, life’s too short to **** on everything around you.


I adore this blog. I think you are providing a wonderful service to Sox fans, to see the team from the inside. It is refreshing to read someone with a positive, and calming, take on the Sox, as opposed to the frequently hysterical rantings of some ‘fans’ and media.

As far as the person who mysteriously has job as a ‘journalist,’ he is just a bitter, hateful little man (and I am sure that is true in every meaning of the word). He has never said anything positive on any subject, so why should the blog be any different.

I hope you know how much we appreciate your insights and I hope you decide to do it again next season.

Yes! It seems like we are doing what we did so well for so long: Base hits, sacs, stolen bases, hit & run…let’s keep that up and we will put runs on the board! But, man…when you are slumping…hang a rope, drive one to the fence…and you still come up empty!
Our pitching IS back on track…so now if the offense keeps up the creativity…the pennant is there for us to take!

Tiger announcers were just talking about how people don’t realize how badly we miss the Big Hurt in the 3-slot…how it changes the Sox offense SO drastically…but, they feel Kenny was smart NOT to trade McCarthy, which is who EVERY team wanted to give us a #3 type hitter. If JD or Carl could only get hot again…we need more pop in front of Paulie!

DO NOT apologize. this blog is the best thing on the web, at least we can express our opinions, u know….and as my friend said, this MORONitti’s article was written just to make the sox worry about one more thing,, well that guy is really a joke….well EVERETT did a good job so far, he has 2 RBIs….well lets go guys, we still in the sixth inning, so we still have time to score some more….GO SOX…..GOSOX……GO SOX…

Can someone update me on how we got the last three runs? I was getting some food😦


Everett hit a two run triple right after Paulie and Jermaine both singled in the 5th. In the 6th, Uribe reached on a double, made it to third on Podesednik’s single and scored on Rowand’s groundout. Now, Uribe just hit a home run!!! Go Sox!


Been watching the Tribe on ESPN Alternate and keeping up with the Sox on a webcast. It kills me living all the way down here in Alabama and not being able to get the Sox on TV. The few times I have seen them on TV this year they have lost. Probably better for everyone involved that I cannot get them too much down here.

Go Sox! from Birmingham, Alabama

About time Aaron did something other than ground out to short!

Mariotti’s comments are outrageous. The Meida criticize people non-stop every day, Mariotti more than most, but turn the tables on them and they cry like babies. This blog probably has more readers than Mariotti. His columns are totally predictable. You just have to wake up in the morning thinking, “Let’s see, who in Chicago can I kick while they’re down?” Jerk.

Nice to Scotty Pods having a good night, and as always, as goes Scotty, so go the Sox.

Who are the starting pitchers for tomorrow’s game?

Does anyone have a link to the Mariotti article, cause I want to read it. Thanks in advance.

you can put it on the board, yesss! is this a grand congunction of the alignment of stars, or what? i said we needed two from minn. and three from det. and one in cleveland to get our 97 wins and a spot. now we are in a position to get two in det. and that’s o.k. i’m feeling better, now thanks, and go sox
j.k. in tucson….

lesslulu, check the sun times web page, sports and find the marriotti link. it worked for me in tucson. j.k….

You know, it’s ironic. I never would have read Mariotti today if he hadn’t been mentioned on this blog. Bwaa ha ha. He thinks he’s a professional and Scott’s an amateur. What a joke.

What a great win for us tonight, and what a great loss for the tribe,,,lol,,,,keep up the good hitting guys,,, as my friend up there said, as goes scotty, so go the SOX…. that is very true actully. tonight my scotty had 4 hits and he also had 2 SB. Everett did a good job tonight too, Uribe homered, and he best thing wa sthat Aaron had a great 3 run HR…good job , lets keep hitting the ball and lets clinch the division as soon as possible…GO SOX ,,,GO SOX….WHAT A GREAT NIGHT ,, NOW I CAN SLEEP WELL TONIGHT….VERY GOOD GAME,, KEEP UP,,,GO SOX …GO SOX….GO SOX/…….MANAR ,FROM THE CITY OF THE GREAT WHITE SOX….

I find myself in the unusual position of defending Mariotti. I know I’m alone on this as a Sox fan,but I don’t mind I’m used to being in the minority. Just because someone writes a column that doesn’t say hurray for us everyday isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Scott, I’m surprised you even acknowledged Mariotti’s reference to this blog. I am a diehard Sox fan, but still enjoy his column. He is the devil’s advocate and most of what he says is tongue in cheek. He is an equal opportunity abuser, even the precious Cubs get there’s. I just don’t get why everybody gets so crazy over one guys opinion. Just be glad we’re still in the hunt or Mariotti wouldn’t even be writing about us. Hey, this is still America and we all get to say what we want, even if you don’t agree with it. Sox win the world series in 6. Did I mention I’m psychic?

Scott, this blog rocks. We even get to put Cub fans in their place when they dare to venture over here and spew their Old Style induced rubbish. GO SOX!!!! Glad to hear that things are OK w Joe’s family. All the best to them!

Meemunk, your defense is irrelevant. Mariotti wasn’t writing about baseball. He was criticizing Scott for criticizing the media in a blog. Scott’s been extremely gentle with the media, particularly with Mariotti. It’s just sickening that people like Mariotti who do nothing but criticize others all day every day can’t take the slightest criticism. This is America and we all get to say what we want as long as we own a printing press. God forbid anyone should criticize a critic.

Mariotti cries obsession? Who cares? His own obsession with Hawk is distracting enough. I know every time he writes an article about the Sox, he will mention his four favorite targets in town 1) Hawk 2) Reinsdorf 3) Williams and 4) us, the Sox fans. Who cares what he thinks…his hack, wanna-be Tony Kornheiser sports writing is an amateur attempt in itself. But, he gets away with it b/c the provocateur nature of his writing curdles weak minds. Ignorance, in the case of his sports writing, is truly bliss.

Ignore the clowns claiming the Sox will “back in” to a playoff spot. How can being in first place every day of the season going in to the last weekend of September be considered “backing in” to the playoffs?

I don’t think I was the only one not writing about baseball. So if I disagree I’m irrelevant? Mariotti was speaking his mind. You don’t have to own a printing press. Your expressing your opinion here, are you not? And how is calling Mariotti a ***** or jerk any different than the stuff he writes. All the attention he’s getting plays right into his hands. That’s why he still has a job. I think we’re wasting this cool blog by talking about stuff that doesn’t matter. The Sox are going all the way and that’s the only thing that Sox fans should care about. I’m done with talking about Mariotti, negativity is for Cub fans.

although i think this blog is a little fruity myself (not because of anything scott does, just because of some of the serious homers that go through life with white sox goggles on posting on here), Mariotti is a top notch clown. My personal opinion is he doesn’t believe half the garbage he writes- just does it to cause a rise out of people. he does a pretty good job of it. take him for what he is….someone that tries to annoy you so much that he becomes popular for it. on to better things- contreras better be starting game one against any team we play in the playoffs. the guy deserves it. while buerhle and garland were out giving up leads like a lady of the night gives up her body this guy has been throwing gem after gem. hopefully ozzie finally realizes who the true ace of the staff is.

You got it in one kenwo. One look at all the responses in this blog shows how effectivly baiting people works. Contreras has made a believer out of me. I just hope he has some help come the post season. I think the kid, McCarthy has earned a shot as well.



I’m glad i was wrong a few days ago. I figured Cleveland would win out until the Sox showed up on Friday. I’m very happy to be wrong. I was right about one thing, though – six wins would clinch a playoff spot. Well, maybe I was wrong there, too. Looks like five will do the trick. Thanks to Toronto and Tampa Bay!
BTW – Who care about that Sun Times columnist? Phil Rogers has been writing much more intelligent material for years. He’s been spot on with the Sox this season. I know a lot of fans can’t stand the “Cubune,” but Phil is a class act and actually knows baseball. More than I can say for the Sun Times columnist everyone is so upset about. Cancel your subscription to the Rupert Murdoch rag and read a REAL newspaper. Just skip the Cub articles….

OK. I can breathe a little better…finally. But our job is not finished..yet.

As I undersatnd, if we win tomorrow, we clinch the division, not just the WC. Here’s why –

Our record now is 95/62. If we win tomorrow, then even if the Tribe wins 4 straight, we would both end with a 96/66 record. The East cannot have a 2nd place team at 96/66. The only team that can win 96 games in the East is the winner of that division. (Do the math.)

Thus, we and Cleveland would be tied in the Central at 96/66. Yanks or Boston wins the East and we are tied with Cleveland at 96/66. SInce we had a better record than Cleveland, even after a sweep (perish the thought), we are the division champs and Cleveland gets the WC. The general rule is, no one game playoff if both teams will make the postseason.

Is this correct? Please let me know.Heck, let everyone know – this would be huge!!

Let’s end this tomorrow!!

Go Sox!!

You gonna throw out the whole paper because you don’t like one columnist. Get real. The tribune owns the cubs. that’s reason enough for me to never give them one dime of my money. you might as well buy tickets to the cubs game, goes in the same pocket. I work in media, controversy sells papers. give it a rest already.

I’m a little hesitant to make a post – I don’t wish to be labeled amateurish. But then I read Jay Mariotti’s article about the Sox and decided the bar is so low, that it’s impossible to come across as an amateur.
Lambasting the local team merely to sensationalize and mobilize an audience is old hat and best used in the talk radio arena. I’m down here in Florida, so tell me, how’s the talk radio venture working out for Jay?

I know; I know he’s on ESPN with all the other sensationalists. Pardon the Interruption, but these “sports writers are experts” shows are played out. I remember when getting an interview with a PARTICIPANT of the sport was the job of a reporter. Then, it became much easier to just talk to the beat writers covering a team. Translation – LAZY! Ask K.C. Johnson about the Bears? Nothing against K.C. – he’s an excellent reporter, but why; just because he’s a sports fan with credentials?

Mariotti isn’t even a beat writer! At least a beat writer has spent time developing a report with the team, management but most importantly – the players. He doesn’t have a sports background to speak of. Yet, somehow he’s developed an audience for dime store psychology mixed in with an occasional reference to Chicago sports history.

By the way Jay, calling out Kenny Williams for not pulling the trigger and completing a trade for Ken Griffey, Jr. is a little like blaming John Paxson for not locking up Eddie Curry to a long-term deal. There are ramifications to consider, and it takes at least two willing parties to make a deal.

KW pulled the trigger (repeatedly) to put this team on the field! If you were a beat writer – or at least read the media guide – you’d see that the vast majority of our starters are products of trades and/or free agent signings. Consider this one of those occasional references to Chicago sports history that didn’t make your story!

That said; I was glad to see Carl Everett finally come to life and deliver a big hit tonight. He’s no Junior, but he’s in the line-up and we’re about to go to the playoffs. It’s not that we’re losers; it’s just that we haven’t won in generations, so some of us don’t know how to do it very well. We’ve developed scar tissue and gotten to the point where we’re a little gun shy.

Kind like reading a Jay Mariotti column!

Great game tonight. Came here hoping to read the latest insights from our favorite tribe fan… only to be let down.

So, i settled with reading some kind of controversial article from Jay Mariotti. I heard him calling for the “choke” before, and figured it would be more of the same.

Apparently losing 2 whole games is one of the signs of the apocolypse. I know what he’s thinking… “The Tigers ****… they came into the series at like .450.” And it is shocking to see a team that’s won 45% of the games theyve played win 2 whole games at home, i know. Almost makes you wonder if we’ll ever win again.

Now, the Red Sox and Indians have both dropped 2 games in a row to fairly weak teams. I guess they’ll never win again, either, by similar logic.

Can’t imagine why anyone would criticize journalism like that. It’s real cracker-jack material(kind of like how you look at the team that’s had the best record in the AL for practically the entire season and say we ‘needed’ to change it). Feel free to use it tomorrow on tv, jay. Oh, and be sure to use those great lines, too.

“Wheeze Sox!!!!”

“Blizzard of Oz!!!”

That’s just brilliant. The second one even rhymes! I smell a pulitzer.

Scott, you’ve got connections. Next season, Jay Mariotti as manager, genral manager, and after post game press conferences, he can do stand-up.

Well, if Carrot Top’s too busy, of course.

Oh, yeah, anoyone else wondering if we’d ever win another game… Well, uh, we did.

Great game last night fellas. We were clicking on all cylinders. Scotty getting 4 hits, Jermaine doing his thing and Carl with that triple. And Juan Uribe’s been a revelation, almost had two homeruns but that play to third in the bottom of the fourth was spectacular. Im a big fan of Juan. As for Jose what can you say? I was never a staunch supporter of Contreras but he’s made me a believer. He’s earned the right to be the #1 if we make it. As for all those imposters infiltrating our sanctuary as of late, you’re gonna have to feast on some crow pretty soon. Chew it slow though, we wouldn’t want you to choke.

As for this blog, Scott, don’t be discouraged. I’m thankful for the forum. Just because we’re not paid professionals doesn’t mean we’re not entitled to our opinions. This is the essence of our fan base, replete with raw emotion and delivered straight from the heart be it positive or negative. A columnists job is to be objective, a fans job is to be fanatic. The postings I’ve read here resonate with real emotions that only come with giving up a part of yourself to the team, whatever the outcome. Mariotti doesn’t possess that ability, it’s not a slam on him, but rather a recognition of the obvious. Nothing he says can invalidate the surge of emotion all Sox fans felt last night as we edged closer to actualizing our dream. Keep up the good work Scott, we appreciate it.

I agree last game was grea! If Indians will lost tonight againts the Devil Rays and Our White sox will win againts the Tigers, then they absolutely clinch the division. If I am Ozzie, he will let the reserve players play the three remaining game againts the Indians. Thats it and start printing the playoff tickets right now!!!

Where is the trainedcommandokilla????? Just yesterday he was 100% confident that the Tribe would not, should not, could not lose 2 out of 3 to the Rays. Well guess what killa, you better stop thinking about a sweep from the Rays and a huge choke on the Tribe’s part.

What a game last night. It’s good to finally get a blowout and not have to worry about the outcome until the last inning. No walks again for Jose, what a 2nd half from this guy. All of the bats woke up yesterday and hopefully they can remain.

Good to hear Joe and his family are ok. Welcome Lucy Renee Crede.

And kenwo the hater is back on this “fruity” blog. It’s funny because he mentions how much everyone is a homer and how fruity everyone is, yet he comes back and comes back. I guess he’s a fruit himself.

Go Go White Sox!!!

WOW…feels good to have made it through the storm. That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. I think we’re a bit hungrier now, and it shows. I had a feeling Tampa Bay would help out..they seem to love playing the spoiler. I’m almost giddy at this point. Working from home today, so I should be able to watch the game =) GO SOX!! We knew you had it in you!!

My letter to Jay MORONotti:


I have to admit, you’re quite the waste of trees and bandwidth. Why the second rate Sun-Times continues to publish your negative meaningless drivel is beyond me. Perhaps if they dropped you and your “Ten Year Contract” they might take steps at improving their stature as a real news paper. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t read your column and I don’t watch ESPN when you’re on. I put you in the same league as Skip Bayless with your negativity and crappy attitude. Someday I wish Woody Paige would just sack up, step on you, and put you out of your miserable existance. Woody at least has a positive attitude.

Is it because you were unable to excel in sports as a child that you feel the need to degrade the teams from your supposed “home town?” Did the big bad bullies pick you? Are you one who believes that the pen is mightier than the sword? I’ll bet that is your philisophy and that is what enables you to sleep well at night. Truth be told, you’re just a bitter malcontent and somehow that phrase that we all learned as a child flew right over your head. Do you remember “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?” Apparently not…

Grow up you bitter waste of human existance, or go away. No one wants to hear your negativity. If I wanted to see the White Sox getting bashed, I’d read the Cleveland Papers or a Cleveand Fan Blog, not my hometown newspaper. Until you realize that you alienate the Chicago readership with your classless commentary, you’ll continue to rob the Sun-Times with your precious Ten Year contract.

Go Go WHITE SOX!!!!!

Scott, you do a great job. I’ve never posted here before, but I love this blog, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the White Sox a bit more through this. I also love the comments from the readers. There are some passionate fans out there and what better way to show it! GO WHITE SOX!!! (Oh, we just named our new cat White Sox – because he has 4 white paws…)

After hearing about Marriotti’s article yesterday, I’ve read today’s article. Although I do not like Jay, his article today wasn’t too bad. Just an FYI for all of us who hate his writing.

Are the White Sox going to release more tickets for the Playoof games? I heard they may sell Standing Room only tickets…any truth to this?

Scott, humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. This site has got us all through the season. Thanks buddy. keep it up.

Line up is in. Pods LF, Ozuna 3B, Dye RF, Konerko 1B, Everett DH, Rowand CF, AJ C, Uribe SS, Harris 2B. Go get ’em White Sox!!!!

This is it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The trials and tribulations we’ve all endured just set up to make it all the more sweeter. I called in sick to work today and got a bottle of cheap champagne on ice. Grill Grilli and put us on cloud nine! You guys have earned this, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Crazy Carl’s back baby! Two 2-run triples in 2 days! Sox lead 2-0! Go Sox!!!

Ahhh, this Boone’s Farm is tasting fine!

And yesterday’s triple was his 1st in over a year.

I hope they continue to light Grilli up. Did everyone hear/read his comments about playing the Sox today? Very interesting.

SOX WIN!!!!!!!!! CHAMPIONS OF THE AL CENTRAL!!!!!!!!!!! Life is GOOD!!


Congrats boyz!!!!! What an awesome year. Now let’s finish these three games against the loser Tribe and get going in the playoffs.

p.s. Where is traindecommandokilla now??? Can’t wait to hear what he has to say now.

**** giddy here! Can’t wipe the smile off of my face.. THANK YOU, WHITE SOX!!!

i feel the same way. giddy is the only way to describe. no way i’m gettign any more work done today. congrats jerry, kenny, ozzie, the team, and anyone who loves the Sox!!!!!

All right!!!! now, get a bit of rest and put together your plan for round one. way to go sox, thank-you. j.k. in tucson…..later

YES! NEXT? Bring it on boys – we’ll be sitting at U. S. Cellular waiting for whomever shows up for a whippin’ on Tuesday.

is game one definitely tuesday? and is it a night game?

We probably won’t have any night home games. The MLB cater to the East coast and East coast teams. We may get some night games if we play the Yankees. Which will be no problem for us due to their garbage pitching staff. Go GO White Sox!

First things first…as the to the Italian Weathervane in the Brght One, to me he is nothing more than Rush Limbaugh in agate type…If Jerry Reinsdorf came up with a cure for cancer, or the solution to world peace in perpetuity, Jay would find something wrong with it…Let’s face it, folks, he just don’t like nobody but maybe himself and whoever he conned into giving him that 10 year contract he boasts about…Scott, don’t be the least bit worried about the Weathervane…he’s just throwing spitballs at a battleship, in the immortal phrase of the late Howard Cosell…(another man who didn’t like many people and rankled more that his share)

As to the last two days in Motown, here is the brief timeline of the key elements: Wednesday night, 8:20 PM Eastern time, Carl Everett with a two run triple to the gap in right-center, 3-1 White Sox,lead never relinquished…16 hours and 54 minutes later,1:14 PM Eastern time,Everett with yet another two run triple, this time to center field, 2-0 White Sox,lead never relinquished, as Carl redeems himself for the comments made in frustration about his spot in the batting order…(I wonder if he did a Marte-like mea culpa in the clubhouse… kind of doubt it…).Our response? That’s all right, Carl—just don’t do it again…Top of the 6th,Konerko launches his bullpen blockbuster to pad the lead…Then, at 3:29 PM Eastern time, the first of the three objectives is reached, as Konerko stabs Placido Polanco’s liner off Bobby Jenks…For those of you who have stuck with the boys all along, congratulations, BUT just be aware…The trip to the Holy Grail(not sacreligious, am I?) is only one third done…The next step comes up starting Tuesday when I expect to see Jose Contreras take the mound at the Cell to face Chone Figgins and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,Orange County,Southern California,north of San Diego, a mile from Disneyland…you get the hint… In closing, where are commandokilla and rehmers NOW???< Not that we would chastice them or anything…Perish the thought, right, gang?

Tomquaid, I’d like to think I’m above that, but….well, who knows right now =) Sitting here watching the post game from the locker room and I just love seeing all those happy faces. It’s contagious!! The job is far from done, but it feels good to share this with the REAL fans =) -Dawn

Feels good right now to be one of the REAL Sox fans who never gave up on the boys! I can’t wait to see what people are going to come up with to defend their lack of loyalty the past couple of weeks. Let’s go get ’em in Cleveland! Go Sox!

Gotta love how much of a story thinks this is. The Sox clinch the division and their main story is about ***-rod and david ortiz. Go Sox!!!

Choking never felt so good.

If that was choking, I’ll take that every year.

I’m really above that, too, Dawn—it’s just that one tends to get tired after a while of being picked on and prodded by someone who doesn’t have any idea of what they’re doing—wait a minute, I’m back to Mariotti again… Anyway, here’s hoping the White Sox can get back to where they were before August 1st on offense,defense, and pitching for the next six weeks or so.. If that can be accomplished, I hope that the scoreboard room audio operators have a copy of Handel’s Messiah available,for the strains of the Hallelujah Chorus will erupt throughout White Sox Nation…

I’m not saying I necessarily am…I’d like to think so, but…those guys don’t bring out the best in me. = )

This is my first year as baseball fan, because we don’t get tv transmissions here in Europe. It all started last years ALCS match between Red Sox – Yankees.
Now I have been a new White Sox fan since spring break and I must say : IT FEELS GOOD NOW!! This wasn’t supposed to be this good a season, but I’m not complaining.😉

I just hope it’ll be Cardinals vs. White Sox in the World Series. The best teams in baseball…


I heard Ozzie say that the Sox owed to the Yankees and BoSox to put the possible line-up on the field for the next three games against the Tribe. That’s bull, the only team they owe anything to is themselves. They put in the work to win and need the rest. The starters need to rest and get the bench players some at-bats so they will be ready to contribute in the playoffs. Who would we rather play in the first round, the Angels or the Yankees/Red Sox? Let the Indians have the Wild Card and the Yankees or Red Sox in the first round. I think there is a much better chance to beat the Angels in a short series than the Yankees or Red Sox. Our pitching depth would be a lot more evident in a best-of-7 against the Tribe, Yankees, or BoSox. Any thoughts?

YEA WHITE SOX!!!! I was at ESPN Zone to watch them clinch, and this was the best day in a VERY long time!!!!

Never doubted for a minute- GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

cjfulaytar:(sorry if I misspelled the name) No matter which teams you face, the post-season is unlike any other, because of this…You can afford to have a three or four game losing streak during the regular season,when you’re playing 162 games…that luxury goes right out the window with a 5 or 7 game series…No matter who the Sox will face, their best will be staring back at the boys from 60 feet, 6inches away, ready to go.. The hottest team at the time of post season p0lay usually does well…Let’s hope that the boys can go through Cleveland then start the “second season” in similar fashion…

I have more thoughts on media , and a proposition to bring before the group tomorrow…I’ll be back…

cjfulaytar-Maybe you haven’t noticed but we don’t want to face the AL West. Plus the Angels have a much better pitching staff than either East team. Give me Boston or NYY over LAA. But, either way we are playing good again and will roll in the playoffs with our pitching. GO SOX!!!!

tomquaid and muellerst- I guess what I meant to say was that I fear the Red Sox and Yankees offenses more than I do the Angels. Powerful offenses in a short series concern me. Our offense is alot of things, powerful in not one of them (in terms of runs scored)I would just rather take my chances against the Yankees or Red Sox in a best of seven when our starting pitching depth would become a bigger factor. Then again the the Yankees Bullpen has been (Gordon and Rivera) has been lights out lightly. If we had to face the Red Sox or Yankees in the first round, I would take the Red Sox because I believe the White Sox bullpen is a whole lot better than theirs.

The concept of owing the Yankees and Red Sox comes from playing your best at all times so the best team will prevail vice tanking the next series and artificially having an impact on the outcome of a 162-game season. If the shoe was on the other foot, we’d want the team that could help us with a victory to play their best players too.
However, Ozzie has to use this series to set-up the rotation and make some very difficult decisions about the post season roster. Some very big names as well as a few rookies are in the hopper, so he’s bound to be second guessed no matter which way he chooses.

That said; it sure is nice to have to deal with setting up the rotation and picking a post season roster – ain’t it!

To my way of thinking the team to beat will be the Sox and their best-in-the-AL record.
However, the other team that concerns me the most is the California Angels (old school, but accurate). They’re the most like the Sox offensively, and if they have a lead going into the 7th inning their tough as nails. This is a team that felt they were so deep in the bullpen that they left Jenks and Turnbow unprotected, while letting Troy Percival walk and sign a F/A contract!

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