Sunday Night

Sunday, October 2, 2005, 10:49 pm

Postseason Ticket Information


How great to end the regular season with a three-game sweep of the Indians in Cleveland?  Thank goodness for our "scrubs."  Last season, the Red Sox were the idiots, mayHermanson_1be "scrubs" is a good nickname for this year’s White Sox.  No one seems to give us much credit or think we are very good, we just win 99 games to finish just one shy of the Cardinals for the best record in baseball.

Disappearing Act

Sorry to not post in a while, but things have been very busy since last Thursday.  We have to prepare for hosting the Division Series.  In our case, that means preparing information for the media, taking care of ballpark logistics, preparing credentials (which meant we had to plan in case we played Boston, Los Angeles or the Yankees), and then we produce the Postseason Media Guide overnight.  This 200-plus page book is a great resource for the media (and us).  But it is not easy to produce overnight.  Bob Beghtol, our director of media relations, and his staff are busy working on it now.  In 2000, we finished the book around 4 a.m.  and got home to "sleep" around 6 am.

Hopefully, we do a little better this year.

Monday Plans

We are working out early on Monday, 10 am.  Afterward, Ozzie Guillen, our Game 1 starter and another player will meet with the media in the Interview Room here at the ballpark.

For anyone who works downtown, you might want to catch the rally at 12:30 at Block 37.  Should be fun.  I think they are hoping to play that new highlight video that was shown to great reviews last homestand.

Tuesday’s game on ESPN is at 3:07 pm and Wednesday’s game is at 6:07 central time.

We have a lot of proof-reading still to do, so I will try and check in with you later.


in my 35 years of watching white sox baseball, this is the single most enjoyable season i have ever seen. period. thank you white sox for ALL of this.

side note: what is with FOX!?!? i live in san franciasco and rely on direct tv mlb package to get the games. on saturday, FOX bought the game and then didn’t show it, instead opting for the obvious east coast slant. and for why? to break in on the east coast party to show how the whtie sox were winning against another small market team. it is a shame… shame on FOX. it was a serious bummer.

in october, pitching wins games and rest assured… we GOTS pitching. i am SO looking forward to the next few weeks.

Scott, you’re right…a 3 games sweep of the Tribe couldn’t be much sweeter. A big “hats off” to all the occasional players who made us proud the last few days.
I know you and your team will work hard (hopefully not too hard) and do the Sox proud as we host the first step in our post season run. Thanks for all you do. I heard on the news that Contreras is starting game 1…couldn’t be happier. He’s our hottest pitcher right now. -Dawn

Scott, I noticed you apologized for the “amateur nature” of this blog. Assuming what caused you to do this was ****** in the media (ie Jay “Hieny Bird” Mariotti) taking shots at you in the papers recently, pay no attention to them and keep this thing going. From a fans perspective, (who I assume you do this for, the fans, not the media) it is great to get an insiders view of whats up with our team.

What a great way to end our regular season. It felt good as they swept the floor with Cleveland. Where are all those Tribe fans from last week??? They talked so much smack and now nothing. Ha Ha Ha!!

99 wins!!??!! What a season this has been and will be. I like our chances in the playoffs. I will be at the game this Wednesday and had to tell the boss this morning that I’ll be out for a day or two because of my playoff tickets.

I hope Mark can finally have a good game against the red sox this Wednesday. We really need him to step up. Plus I’d love to see the Sox smack Wells around. Wells was a joke for us when we needed him, hopefully he can do the same for the red sox this week.

Jose will show them a thing or two tomorrow. I can’t wait. Go Go White Sox!!!

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? We just continue to be disrespected and discounted after only spending the entire season in 1st place. Let them keep sleeping on baseball’s best and biggest secret. Once upon a time I heard the Orioles were the best team. Where’d they go? Then I heard about the Amazing A’s. Where are they at? We all remember the Tribe being annoited as the second coming of the ’27 Yankees. We know what happened to them. Point being, nobody expects us to do this other than us. Let’s embrace this underdog mentality of us against the world and show this world how baseball’s supposed to be played. We’re all cognizant of the three necessary goals, however, it’s imperative that we focus on one at a time. Tuesday begins the most cathartic series of our lifetime. Let’s get this done fellas!

Scott, please, ixnay on the “scrubs.” That’s the term used by many White Sox fans for the Cubs.
Hawk read my email during yesterday’s game…I prefer to call them the Coronary Kids.

Thanks for the blog; it’s been great.

Go get ’em White Sox!

Moner has an important point. No one has really brought this out in the media, because the media seems to be largely clueless about Sox fans (they keep reporting that they can’t find us, for example), but Scrubs is indeed one moniker we use for the North Siders. So it won’t do as a nickname for this team. Coronary kids ain’t bad, but I’m still listening for just the right name.

Still working on name suggestions, but should be something to do with the chemistry, or X factor we have. Individually, most of our players aren’t stand out stars…However, together, they can do the impossible. They are, seemingly, just everyday guys with a great heart and unsurpassed work ethic. I see this embodied most in AJ..he just seems like a hard working, Chicago kind of guy and IMHO he should finish his career in a Sox uniform. -Dawn

Intangibles? Can’t quite put our finger on WHAT it is, but these guys have IT. On paper, maybe not the best, but we’ll prove otherwise!!

Hey Scott, you have a mistake. we don’t have the best record in baseball, but we do have the best record in the amreican league. The Cards have 100 and we have 99, but all that doesn’t matter now. what matter is winning in the playoffs and getting a world series.. It was really exciting to see us destroying The Clevelands plans, instead of them destroying our plans.. it was enjoyable.. i am glad that they r out after all that trash talking from their fans, lol.. can’t wait to see tuesdays game. GO SOX, GO SOX, GO SOX…

While I don’t agree with, I understand Ozzie’s decision to go with El Duque rather than Brandon. The real head scratcher is Blum. G-Off should be off the team. As if that 1-2-3 dp with the bases loaded wasn’t evidence enough of his abilities, we’re now gonna trot him out at the expense of a solid left hand bat like Gload? What exactly has Blum done to warrant this preferential treatment? I know he adequately plays every defensive position known to man with enough leather at his disposal to supply a small fetish store but come on! This IS Mendoza! He is not the man you look for to pinch hit in the eighth with 2 on and 1 out. Please prove me wrong Blum cause I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all, but you know what they say about nice guys and where they finish. Can’t afford it this year.

Speaking of nice guys…I’m saddened to hear about Alan Trammell getting the axe in Detroit. He took a team that almost set the record for futility and turned them around. It’s not his fault the Tigers have a bunch of prima donnas like Pudge who quit after Detroit hosted the All-Star game. Trammell is a class act who deserved better.

To the national media: Welcome to the Division Series…do not worry,detailed maps will be given out to all of you regarding directions to the Cell…And,to answer your frequently asked questions before they are frequently asked,feel free to use these answers…1)No, there is no ivy on the outfield walls;2)No, that is not a hand-operated scoreboard in center field;3)No, there are no people sitting on rooftops across from the ballpark,like they were audtioning for the road company of Quo Vadis(thumbs up or thumbs down, emperor?);4)No, the person sitting in the third base dugout nearest seat to home plate did not mislay his toothpick, it isn’t Dusty Baker;5)we don’t know,and care a lot less, where Derek Lee is for interviews.Plese use these points as a handy reference to use anytime during your stay over the next four weeks(if the boys are lucky)…..

By the way, any of you planning to watch the ESPN coverage on Ch 9 of the first three games, I have two words for you that should make you run to your TV sets now to hit the mute button: Chris Berman…that’s right, kids, the Fred Flintstone look-alike has been given the assignment by the self-proclaimed “world-wide leader in sports coverage” to spew his cliche-riddled antics for this series…If this doesn’t make you want to listen to Rooney and Farmer while, watching, nothing will.

Hey,palehoses and the rest of you out there is cyberspace…Check out the Baseball Perpectives article on today, written by Mike Bauman, a national columnist for…I read it and,I swear, he writes and sounds like the majority of the posters on this site…Very well done…
By the way,on a historical note which does not involve the White Sox, today is the 54th anniversary of “the shot heard ’round the world” by Bobby Thomson off Ralph Branca to win the 1951 pennant for the Giants over the Dodgers…Remember, Scott, the Chairman is in a good mood right now, so,if you want to keep your job going,DON’T REMIND HIM!!!(Just kidding,of course…Jerry isn’t Steinbrenner—thank the Lord)


I agree with your general sentiment, though I think Ozzie should’ve dumped either Vizcaino or Marte (or, as you suggest, Blum) instead of McCarthy. Who, after all, showed better his mastery of the Red Sox? However, as a Tiger-watcher, I don’t agree with your assessment of Trammell, who deserved to be fired for many reasons, including his inability to manage pitchers, maintain discipline in the clubhouse, and failure to improve the Tigers’ record for three years. In fact, if the Tigers get an experienced manager, they will be a real threat next year (which, I suppose, is a good reason for us to wish Trammell didn’t get fired).

I agree with Tom about Berman being a little too full of himself. Anyone remember him for ripping apart Sox fans a couple years ago at the all star game? He didn’t understand why we would boo Cub players. This guy hasn’t developed any new material in 15 years and expect to hear a Boston love fest.

I haven’t watched the Tigers steadily since I was a kid in the 80’s so I’ll defer to you on this one. I just think he’s a class act and I hope he lands on his feet.

As for this madness, I’m a complete and utter basketcase right now. Jose must pitch brilliantly today, but rest assured they’re gonna get runs no matter what. We must respond accordingly. Step 1: don’t walk Damon. Step 2: whoever the third hitter is attack him viciously from the get-go. Own the inside plate and don’t be afraid to hit him to send a message that we’re gonna be here all day. Step 3: Get ahead of the fourth hitter, throw fastball early, forkball later and if we fall behind in the count don’t be afraid to walk him and get after Varitek.

Offensively let’s get after Clement, he’s vulnerable and ripe for the picking (as is their entire staff). You guys have the chance to become legendary demi-gods in this city. Make us proud and get this orangutan off my back! Go White Sox!


May I add Step 4 to your assessment: If Contreras fails to execute your plan, pull him SOON; let’s NOT follow Ozzie’s usual strategy of waiting until the 6th inning (by which time the game is often lost) to replace his starter. This is only a 5 game series, and we need to put aside our starters’ “confidence” and instead give the TEAM every chance to win.

As I write this, it is a little less than four hurs till first pitch.I think I can safely speak for myself, and maybe for the rest out there when I say…I’m anxious,not nervous,to get this thing going…Once it starts,to me, it’s just another ballgame…Do what you’ve been doing since Tucson in March(with the exception of the six weeks in August and mid-September),keep your heads in the game,catch a break here and there and see what will happen…However,just to be on the safe side,it might not hurt for the regulars on this site to have a little talk just before first pitch with whichever “higher authority” they believe in,just for the purposes of seeing if anything extra can come the boys way today and for as long as they play this month–I know, it couldn’t hurt, could it?

By the way, did anyone out there see the comment from ex-Sox Tony Graffanino in the Tribune special section? He said, I believe, that there was no such thing as White Sox Nation, at least not to the degree of Red Sox Nation or(you’ll pardon the expression)Cub Nation…Well,Graf, first of all, you lucked out when you went from the outhouse in Kansas City to the penthouse in Boston,so be grateful for that, not semi-cocky or arrogant…Secondly, there IS such a thing as White Sox Nation,pally…It’s kind of a thrid world nation right now, but you know how third world nations arise to become dangerous aggressors,don’t you?…

Okay, folks, let’s show all the so-called experts that the WHITE SOX deserve some R-E-S-P-E-C-T as they play on in the post season…Just remember…the bite of the underdog is just as bad as the others…Waddya say?

Three and a half hours till Johnny Damon steps in to face Contreras and the quest begins…Where are all the regulars on this site? Are you at the Cell,waiting to get in? Are you in meditation,talking to that “higher authority” I wrote about before?If so,I say good for you and keep up all the good vibes…If,on the other hand,you’re curled up into the fetal position,mumbling to yourselves about some sort of curse, or “what-if”scenario,then I’m sorry but there really is nothing more than can be said or done…
Cheer the boys on,and let’s talk about it,good or bad,later….

I’m here and not at the Cell. I just got back from my lunch break where I set up the TV to record the game. I am a little anxious myself, I just want this thing to get started. I will be at the game tomorrow and can’t wait. I want to see Wells crumble in front of a packed Cell. I’ve just not liked him too much since he failed to perform for us a couple years ago.
Go get ’em Jose!!!

kr.trepac…Thanx for responding…You and I might just be the only two left care to talk about what’s going on…If not, folks, prove us wrong…

By the way, what’s wrong with a strategy about BUNTING on the Bo-Sox tubby tomorrow and making him field the ball with his habitual bad back? Remember when the North Siders did that to him at the Cell during his less than sterling stay on the South Side?

The Red Sox need to remember the reason they are in this postseason is us. We got them in…and we’ll take them out!!!! Go White Sox!

That’s a good call TQ. I hope Ozzie realizes this and calls for many bunts. Wells’ big *** won’t field them fast enough for Scotty P.

For some reason, I’m very very confident in this White Sox team. While I was concerned as thier lead narrowed, I never panicked and was supremely confident that they were still going to take the division. The White Sox always seem to match up very well against good teams like the Red Sox and Yankees. Im very confident in Contrares, I have a great feeling in the White Sox offense, and in all honestly guys, I really think that the White Sox are gonna sweep ’em. I really don’t know why, but I just have this feeling; the same feeling I’ve had at different times throughout the season- like when Timo Perez won that Memorial Day game with a single. And when Joe Crede hit a 3 run homer against the Tigers in the 7th putting the Sox ahead for good. I called both of those. And I’ve got that same feeling again right now. I hope I’m right. Regardless, it should be fun and exciting. Go get ’em CHiSox!

I can’t beleive no one has posted since that BEATING we gave the Red Sox….I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time…I’m at a loss for words I’m so ecstatic. This is only the beginning! Let’s sweep ’em!! -Dawn

Here’s your cyberbrother, Dawn… Let’s see,it’s been a few hours since mister “there is no White Sox Nation”,Tony Graffanino made the final out to complete the perfect day… Today(Wednesday)I read the Bright One, and, to my utter shock and surprise(heavy sarcasm there)the flip-flop journalists are saying that Ozzie is “just what the game needs”(hope I’m accurately quoting Rick Telander there)… So, let’s see, when the team is winning, Ozzie is what the game needs…when they’re losing, Reinsdorf should tell Ozzie to shut up, according to the Italian Weathervane…
COME ON,guys… you can’t have it both ways! As my late parents used to tell me in private,either “p*** or get off the pot”.

I’ll be back with more on yesterday’s effort.

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