We Did It!

Friday, October 7, 2005, 11:03 pm ET


Brita Meng Outzen / MLB.com

Put that one on the board!

Congratulations to all those White Sox fans as your (our) team captured its first postseason series since 1917.  How sweet it is …

So typical of the team that you would struggle to choose a Division Series MVP.  Konerko (two homers), AJ, Iguchi, Jenks, Contreras, El Duque … all merit consideration.

To a man, our clubhouse tonight was in awe of Orlando Hernandez’s performance in the sixth inning (and beyond).  Bases loaded and no outs .. clutch, clutch, clutch.  As GM Kenny Williams entered the postgame clubhouse celebration, El Duque met him with a cigar and a smile, saying "I told you El Duque could do it.  I told you." (Think Waterboy)

As Ozzie pointed out after the game, only El Duque has that type of postseason experience and poise.  Ozzie went on to explain that if he had taken McCarthy instead of El Duque, not one pitcher in our bullpen would have entered this series with playoff experience.  Heavily debated and criticized by some, the move paid huge dividends tonight.


Celebrate Good Times

Enjoy this moment.  At the team party following the game, Roland Hemond told a crowd of about 200 staff, players and employees to savor this experience.  "Enjoy it," he said.  "Appreciate it.  Caress it.  Tonight, we own Boston!  Tonight, we own Chicago."

Everyone in attendance then toasted the victory.

It was very cool of so many players — most of the roster — to stop by the party and join in the festivities.

Not Done Yet

To quote Joey Cora, "I’m not ready to celebrate yet.  We’re not done."

Gutsy Pitch

How about that 3-2 pitch Hernandez threw to get Graffanino in the sixth inning?

Hey, What Do You Know?

We actually led off SportsCenter tonight.  And now Jeff Brantley likes us.  Will wonders ever cease?



Sox fans in attendance could not say enough about how courteous and friendly the Red Sox fans were after the game.  One complimented me on our team and then added, "Beat those Yankees … or Angels."

White Sox fans stayed well after the game, celebrating around our dugout.  Players came back out to join the fans, the team posed for an impromptu team photo and Mark Buehrle sprayed the fans with champagne.  How great for our players to share the moment with our fans?

Crede T-Shirt

Some have noticed that one version of the Division Championship t-shirt on sale at the ballpark omits Joe Crede’s name from the roster.  The shirts were produced by an MLB supplier at the time Joe was on the disabled list, so when they pulled the roster for the t-shirt, his name did not show up.

Just prior to game time, Joe was busy with a white magic marker adding his name to thousands of shirts.  We figured they would be worth more this way.


"It’s not always the best team that wins, it’s the team that gets the hottest." — Tim Wakefield.

Tim must have missed those 99 victories and the combined 102-63 record.  We’re just hot right now.

Forgot This Yesterday

On the bus ride back to the hotel after the workout, one player snagged Man So Lee’s English/Korean computer translator.  You can imagine the words guys inputed as everyone roared with laughter as a semi sexy female voice repeated the words out loud.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny.

Best Press Box Quote of the Night

From a national reporter:

"Do you think Jay Mariotti will rip the White Sox in his column tomorrow for choking and not winning this series in two games?"


Each day, I try to jot down notes and ideas for this blog on a sheet of folded notebook paper.  Tonight, I am trying to read the ink since it was smearedJohnwayne_1 by champagne.  I like this problem.

The Duke

John Wayne was watching tonight’s game on television from Chicago.

To White Sox Fans Everywhere, Enjoy Tonight.  You have earned it.  Your team is going to the American League Championship Series.

Sweet Caroline.  Oh-Oh-Oh.


Yes my friend we did it, it is unbelieveable.,.. it is great great great .. what a great night and party we gonna have tonight, and i am looking forward to next week too… GO SOX,, GO SOX… WHAT A GREAT TEAM AND WHAT A GREAT PITCHERS.. GO WHITE SOX..

the funniest ******* thing ive seen in a long time was buerhle chasing ozzie down and dousing him with champagne, mid interview. classic. man, i wish i was in chicago, but at least i get to see everything via MLBTV out here in montana. go sox go, and lets hope there’s 2 more parties to come🙂

WHITE SOX WIN!! I’m pretty much one of a handful of White Sox fans at MS State University, AND I LOVE IT!
by the way, I believe John Wayne should be the new mascot.

I HAVE A COUPLE OF COMMENTS ABOUT YESTERDAY’S AND TODAY’S COMMENTS… FIRST…I would like to thank jtyszka for all the nice stuff he/ she said about us, I am glad to hear this from a cubs fan, this is a good thing from him/her… second… kr-trepac, DO NOT tell the guy that he is wrong , bcause he is not, and i still remember your comments before we clinched the Division, you gave up too early, but then you reliezed that u were very wrong, but after what , after u did a huge mistake…..third… i would liek to thank Maria on what she said, and yes i do believe that what is great about this team is having a true new hero every single day.. u never know who is going to step up. one day it is A.J. the other it is IGUCHI. and next it is Hernandez and Konerko, I mean what a great team this is,,, by the way, I DO NOT BLAME MARTE ON GOING OUT THERE AND WALKING TWO GUYS, because i know how it feels in that kind of situations, especially that he doesn’t have that much of an experience with that kind of big games.. he did an OK job but i think he was a little scared out there.. Hernandez was the hero of the night, and he saved our butts… i am looking forward to the next series and i can’t wait for it.. but now i do not have enough time to write anymore, because i want to catch the party that we r having here.. what a great night it is for us, true SOX fans….. Go SOX, WAY TO GO, AND LETS KEEP IT UP, IF WE KEEP HAVING THIS KIND OF TEAM PLAYING, WHERE WE ALL PLAY FOR THE TEAM AND NOT FOR THE INDIVISIOAL, WE WILL DO SOMETHING BIG, i love it when i see guys making themselves get out just to make the guy get an extra base, like we saw it tonight like 2 times.. I am still amazed of how great our defense is, what nice plays they did , some great plays that were hard very hard to do. and lets not to forget our great pitching staff, and of course our coaching staff too, and the great manager, Ozzie.. OK guys have a good night, and party hard tonight , and i am looking forward to the next party that we gonna have next week… Go sox.. we r the best, we don’t care who we face as long as we love each other,, GO SOX, WHITE SOX.. i believe that this team will bring us our smile back,,, they will do something special this year, i am feeling it, GO SOX….

Oh,my gawd…I’m not gonna get any nsleep tonight,because I am STILL jizzed from watching this game.
Let me,however,just take you all back through the timeline for the Miracle on Jersey Street…

3:54 pm,Central time,Podsednik doubles in Uribe,1-0…one minute later,Gooch singles in Pods,2-0…Red Sox nation is getting the black crepe out…Bottom 4th,4:16 pm,Bib Papi pops one big,to dead CF,2-1…two minutes later,Manny puts one around the Pesky pole,2-2…Red Sox Nation puts away the black crepe…top 6th,4:47 pm–he is now known as Paul(bleepin)Konerko—onto Landsdowne Street…for what is the game winner…bottom 6th,Freddy leaves after Manny’s encore homer,in comes Marte…And three batters,16 pitches and only seven strikes later,I want to see Marte pitching for some other organization…I don’t care if he throws left-handed or spiys the ball out of his mouth like Snoopy used to do in Peanuts…HE CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!!!!(Rant over)In comes El Duque…Fenway is up for grabs…5:33 pm,Varitek fouls out,5:39 pm, Graffanino pops out…four mintes later,Houdini lives! Damon strikes out…Bottom 8, El Duque still out there,Paul(bleepin)Konerko does it with the glove,Nixon’s the one…6:19 pm,Varitek is now 3 for 31,with 11strikeouts career vs El Duque…top 9,6:23 pm,AJ doubles off the Monster,a minte later Crede sacrifices…three minutes later, the cherry atop the sundae…SMALL BALL,provided by Juan Uribe…the top of the inning ends at 6:31 pm and in comes the Manchild,Mr.Jenks…6:34 the inning starts, one minute later,Graffanino —he gone…a minute after that Damon goes down swinging…aminte after that,Renteria to seond,Iguchi to first…THE KING IS DEAD,LONG LIVE THE KING!!!

Bottom line, this wasn’t just a win for Jerry Reinsdorf,Kenny Williams,Ozzie,the coaching staff, the players,the trainer,Scott Reifert… This was a win for Dawn and her 12 year old daughter,for Klein in Arizona, for the guy in Rhode Island in the middle of Red Sox Nation,for the transplant from Chicago out in So Cal…and for every single,solitary person who blogs in here or believes in the Chicago White Sox…THIS IS OUR VICTORT,PEOPLE!!!THEY AIN’T GONNA TAKE IT AWAY FROM US,NO TIME,NO HOW!!! Savor this moment until Tuesday at 7:19 when Fox tells Garland to fire away in the ALCS…

Hey tom i agree with u, but i don’t think u should say what u said about marte,, he did a good job for us throughout the year, and we should not talk **** about him just because he is struggling a little bit, he is stil a white sox player, and he did an ok job for us, he was just scared tonight because it was a huge game, and what happened happened,,,,, i loved it when MARK DID WHAT HE DID TO OZZIE,, HAHAA,, Go SOX, WAY TO GO GUYS, JUST 7 OR 8 TO GO, WE WON 102 GAMES THIS YEAR ALREADY SO WE CAN WIN LIKE 8 MORE TO MAKE IT 110.. GO SOX…

Scott, this is my favorite entry of yours all year. The champagne sprays… the camaraderie… the Crede shirts… the translator… the outfielders running in with their arms around each other… earlier in the year, I commented that whatever happened in the second half, the first half would go down in the books as a magical time to be a Sox fan.

I’m glad we haven’t lost that magic.

from way out here on the west coast… red sox.. THEY gone!

awesome awesome awesome. thanks for these notes scott, they make us all feel more connected. i especially agree with joey c… this is not the end. we have more ball to play an di look forward to each and every of the next 8 wins!!!


san francisco

Scott- your blog has been awsesome all season – and I am especially thrilled for the White Sox as they (and we the loyal fans!) go into the ALCS and hopefully the Fall Classic! No matter what, these White Sox – all of them – the entire organization – have made us so proud this year!!!! All I have to say is Go-Go-Go-Go White Sox – Chicago’s Proud of You!!! Best of luck!! moemac p.s. GREAT pic of our stellar outfielders coming in from the field for the celebration! Gosh, I love this team – and I love this town!! Go White Sox!!

I don’t know where to begin..rather like Pods and Aaron, I can’t seem to find the words. Prior to this year, I never thought I’d see this. Even now, reading Scott’s comments, I find myself being “such a girl” and getting a little misty eyed. They really showed the world what they had. I can’t say enough about El Duque…tonight, he is king of Chicago. WGN’s broadcast after the game was lacking. Thank goodness we found it was being broadcast on Comcast…really top notch folks there. The WGN folks had trouble completing a question…. Mark Buerhle is a madman, and we love him..along with each and everyone of the team…even Marte =) Bring on the next…-Dawn

And a la Bruce Springsteen “and at the end of every hard earned day, people find some reason to believe!!!!”

Tim Wakefield saying that sometimes the better team doesnt win but the hotter team wins is INSANE! That’s a classic case of denial mixed in with some self-loathing. Not only did the better team win convincingly, the better team showed better character and respect. Our white sox will go to the world series and take it in 6. Contreras will rule these playoffs and Konerko will earn every penny of his new contract for 06 and beyond. GO WHITE SOX GO!!

The 8th is my wedding anniversary and I got my gift a little early because I don’t have to split tomorrow with my wife AND a game 4. Thank you Sox! Ozzie says ‘family is priority’ This week has seriously made me feel like a giddy 9-year old again. Our team has stirred emotions I didn’t know I was capable of. QUESTION FOR THE BLOG: Do you guys want the Angels or Yankees? My selfish vote, the Angels…so I can drive from Vegas to Anaheim and see them and they are the better team…you have to beat the best to be the best…whadda you guys think?

All I can say is ” Its our turn ” !

a quick note. i’m on my way to the airport, bound for ky. and a visit with my daughter and her family. keep all the great posts coming, i’ll try to check back later if i can. see you all tues!! j.k. somewhere over mid-america….

Bring out the brooms! I am SO proud of our team- what a HUGE series!! Congratulations White Sox- all of you….we can’t even begin to express how thankful we are to have OUR team be the 2005 ALDS CHAMPS!!

Here’s to two more champagne sparying parties!

First off,manausa1, it was just as big a game for the Manchild(akaBobby Jenks)as it was for Marte, and he didn’t fold up…differences? But,let’s not quibble over things like that…
Let’s see now, what did I do after my post last night/this morning? I had a light meal,stayed up till 2:30 this AM watching the re-broadcast of all three major 10 PM news shows to re-savor the moment,then thanked the “higher authority” for the added assistance…I slept for five hours,had my usual dream about Jessica Alba in a White Sox jersey top(and nothing else–dirty ol’man,ain’t I?)saying she couldn’t live without me…then woke up, showered,dressed,got breakfast and the papers and…yup, there it was in black and white and color,the entire glorious story…So,it really WASN’T a dream, was it?

I hate it when the Weathervane and the rest of his ilk are so positive…you know that they’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop,so they can go back on the assault…

Couple of points from the Tribune special section,first from page 2…Mike Downey, you’re a fine columnist but you can’t add…you said there were 77 pitches thrown in the sixth inning…I keep track,and there were 73…again, a minor point but nevertheless…Then,on Pg.6,media critic Ed Sherman finally woke up to “Bummer”Berman’s act,didn’t he? And in the ALDS Bits sidebar,it was written that former Red Sox outfielder Tom Burbank,who made the catch on Ozzie’s drive in right field in 1990,threw out the ceremonial first ball…FYI,boys,Burbank is,I believe,a suburb south of Chicago…his last name is BRUNANSKY….check the notes for accuracy…

Finally,I apologize for not mentioning that this was a win for not just the team, but some of the other bloggers on this page, such as kr.trepac in Macomb and palehoses and the others…You want to know who ELSE this was a win for? This was for every parent, aunt,uncle, next door neighbor and others who taught us that the game of baseball as played by the Chicago White Sox can be maddening,ulcer-provoking and worth every d*** moment…

Yes,Virginia,there is a White Sox Nation…and its legions are growing larger and larger with each and every step towards the World Series…

One last thought for this Saturday…okay.maybe two or three…
First, in my post earlier in the week, I hoped that the other ALDS series would go the distance,and that the Yank-mes and Halos would kill each other(figuratively,that is…)so that they would come in to the Cell mentally and physically drained…Well, in the famous words of Hannibal from The A Team,”I love it when a plan comes to fruition.”…Secondly,even though it is gray and gloomy outside today, in White Sox Nation,the sun is shining,the skies are a deep azure blue and life is good,isn’t it?

Third,as I stated before,the next time I see Marte pitch, i

I hope to a “higher authority” it’s for another organization…And,as previously posted, I don’t give a rat’s rear aperture(hi,Dawn)if he is a left-hander or inot,or even if he puts the ball in his mouth and spits it towards the mound like Snoopy in Peanuts, in my opinion,he CAN’T TAKE THE PRESSURE…instead,he takes the gaspipe…(an old suicide reference,for all you young folks out there)Bring back the stringbean with the jug ears and the jug-handled curveball, master Mc Carthy… Cotts,I feel,can do the job alone from the left side…(comments?)Finally,the one BAD thing about the sweep? Sunday, we may have to be forced to watch the Bears and Brownies in (yuck)Cleveland…Oh,well,one does have to make sacrifices for one good thing to come to fruition,right?

I love this day! My father, god rest his soul, is dancing, seriously DANCING on the clouds and I firmly believe, has a small hand himself in this celebratory weekend! He was such an incredible fan. All our fans that have passed are partying in the heavens above! Yankees or Angels? BRING EM ON!

First and most importantly…GO SOX!

Second, but in the idea of fairness…I have what I believe to be a selfless idea. As this idea is coming from me, I waive my right to be considered for this prize. Give it to someone else.

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog…many of us true Sox fans got completely messed over by the joke that is ticketmasters website. See that blog for a detailed explanation for how I personally was shutout.


Pick a handful (4?) of bloggers that have posted throughout the season (and not said anything nasty)…and offer them 2 tickets at cost??? Surely you have access to some tix via a relationship or via what is personally left to you anyway?


I think this would only be fair for some true fans that got the royal shaft. Please consider true fans over friends of “insiders” in the Sox organization.

Sincerly, Aaron in Arkansas

i love that picture of our outfielders….that describes white sox baseball…a bunch of guys who come together and play their hearts out for their city their fans and for their team….hey is that picture in any of the papers…also can someone tell me what a pale hose is

Ozzie SQUEEZED! He SQUEEZED! He SQUEEZED! Tangerine donkeys have flown in reverse formation!
Go Sox! BUT let’s be DONE with MARTE. Mariotti may not be right about much, but he is 100% correct to say that Ozzie has a crazy obsession with this guy! Time to trade–or trash–Marte (and Vizcaino)!

Hey Fellow Sox fans, It may be too late already but does anyone know when our guys are to return to Midway today? My brother-in-law thought he heard some info last night but can’t remember what. I’d like to go out there (if possible).

Wow..still on cloud 9. Can’t wait to call my dad today =) Our guys..WOW. Thanks again for the link to the 2005 Highlight montage. My husband was playing with it last night, and changed the background music to the classical piece O Fortuna…it seems to have been made for it. It’s dramatic, and the crescendo fits in soooo many of the “right” places. It’s amazing and gives me chills!!! As for what armarg said…That would be awesome =) -Dawn

That 6th inning was a microcosm of this entire season. Against all odds, El Duque comes in and shuts down 3 spectacular hitters in succession, solidifying his name in White Sox lore.
Keep focused and stay humble fellas. You’re gonna have alot of people telling you how great you are now that you disposed of the Mighty BoSox. Keep and embrace the underdog mentality. This was completion of goal #1 only. The next two goals still await us. Stay solid, stay loose.

I think the most powerful statement that could be made about this ALDS is that I’d be hard-pressed to nominate any single player as MVP. That’s the very definition of a team, a band of brothers picking each other up exactly when they need it. Mark gets scuffled up a bit, Tadahito picks him up. Damaso gets squeezed (or whatever happened out there), El Duque’s got his back.

This has been the greatest sports moment of my life and I never want it to end. Thank you Jerry, Kenny, Ozzie and all the players. And a special thanks to the die-hard fans on this blog who’ve given me a different perspective and have left a huge impression on me this year. You kept me sane in dark times friends. Oh yeah…thanks too Scott!

hey saadman, the picture of the white sox outfielders I [printed off the website, turned out real well. I’ve picked up two papers and didn’t see either one have it. I live in downstate illinois so our regular paper just had one pic in it. (cards/cub hold the fan franchise down here) Anyhow, try printing it off the web..

I too could use a couple of tickets at cost!!! 🙂

So you’re thinking… Yankees or Angels, which do we prefer?

I asked a similar question to our favorite bullpen coach last week in Cleveland. His reply said it all:


That mindset seems very evident throughout our club, and it’s what’s going to take us all the way.

Go Sox!!!

P.S. Scott: Thank you for taking the time to write and maintain this blog. (I’m sure you have a gazillion other things to do lately.) Your efforts to reach out and keep the Sox fans involved and informed is very much appreciated!

As a 50+ lifelong Pale Hose fan who has lived in NYC for the past 22 years, and Boston for five years previously, I am truly savoring this moment. The East Coast bias in the press has kept the Chisox beneath the radar here all season, which I think has helped the team create character. I guarantee you, though, that after the Bosox series, the Chisox are no longer beneath the radar.

Watching the sixth inning of yesterday’s game will always be one of my favorite moments in baseball–right up there with the Chisox defeat of the Tribe in 59 to clinch the pennant.

My Bosox friends have been truly gracious abt the series, and my Yankees friends are growing more anxious each day.

I think it fitting that a former NYer (Rothstein) is responsible for the Black Sox scandal and another former NYer (Reinsdorf) for bringing the Sox to where they are today.

Good luck to the team for the rest of Soxtober.

Still so excited, and so proud!! Thank you SCOTT for such an amazing post and all you do for us…and thank you WHITE SOX for everything YOU’VE done for us!!!!

Life is great- but lets keep it rolllllin!!

I think the one thing that should be recognized by the baseball world as a whole from that series is just how underated our division is. We went through the crucible this season with fierce competition from teams the likes of Minnesota, Cleveland and Detroit. Our hitters had to face some of the best pitching in the league in the form of Santana, Sabathia, Millwood, Bonderman, Silva, Radke, Wickman, Nathan, etc. Not to mention Minnesota’s usually a perenial playoff team, and Cleveland only managed to get 93 wins. I hope one thing this sweep did was validate Midwest baseball. We had to grind just to get into the playoffs. We weren’t about to cower once we got there.

Think there might be a little slant towards last years World Series darlings? Me too.

Recent Headlines:

BoSox Blown Out in Three

Boston Waited 86 years and Now its Over in One

Red Sox Find No Joy in First Round

Grafinino’s Boot is Shades of Buckner

Red Sox Beaten By That Other Chicago Team

Boston Baseball Causes Media Obsession Even When They Lose

Another Team That’s Not the Cubs, Yankees or Red Sox Makes Headlines

Readers Can’t Find Headlines Concerning Team that Actually Won Division Series

Mystery Deepens as Media Continues to Focus on the Boston Red Sox

Strange Team From Another Planet Beats World Series Champs

OK so I made up a few of the later ones. That doesn’t mean they aren’t almost true. But fickle sports media being what they are, let’s watch as the White Sox become the next big story in the feeding frenzy. Shall we?

More Information Revealed About Team That Beat Red Sox

“After game three, we interviewed a bunch of guys we didn’t know from the winning team, and they introduced themselves to us. They told us a truly amazing story about how they play major league baseball in the same city as the Chicago Cubs. Apparently, this has gone on there for years with little or no notice in the media. We contacted Sammy Sosa for this story and he confirmed the broad outlines of these allegations, even going so far as to make the claim that he played for them many, many years ago. A LexisNexis search turned up some old photos of a man who resembles Sosa, though the baseball player in question is too slim and wiry. At this time, he can’t be independently confirmed as being the muscle-bound Sosa.

Though the team on the field last night playing the Red Sox at Fenway seemed to be professional athletes, inside sources say they are baffled by the fact that they can’t place the team logo or uniforms. No one interviewed for this article had any information on the players taking the field last night against the World Champion Boston Red Sox, a team that became America’s sweethearts last year by taking home the big prize. Johnny Damon called his team “a bunch of idiots” last year in such an affectionate way that most of America lost the ability to function rationally for several days…. ”

so on and so on….

But I feel good. I said I’m feelin’ good right now. I wanna tell you I feel alright.

Go You White Sox!

dlucht…you missed a couple of headlines…in the business section…


And,my favorite…


How about another?


dm ross…East coast bias? whatever gave you that impression…Oh,I forgot…People like you can actually read BETWEEN the lines in such upstanding publications as Newsday,the New York Post,the New York Daily News and the Boston Globe and Boston Herald…all of whom have the shared credo…”IF IT HAPPENS ANYWHERE BUT HERE…IT’S NEWS TO US…”
Feel free to post comment on any and all of these deserved cheap shots….

mariawagener…I would prefer going past BOTH the Yank-mes and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,Azusa,Cucamonga,OrangeCounty,north of San Diego,a mile from Disneyland and getting to the heart of the matter with the St Louis Cardinals…but the by-laws of baseball say you have to go through channels first…
If it’s the Yank-mes,look out below…Steinbrenner might never recover from the shock,if his $200 million dollars playtoy can elude the Angels…But,if it is LAA,the way things have been going since the last two games in Detroit(eight wins in succession,for those of you who keep track),I really do believe that the boys can conquer “the curse of the coast…” and go into the Big Show for the first time since Eisenhower was in office, with a chance to win for the first time since this country was fighting Kaiser Wilhelm, and not Hoyt Wilhelm…

Feel free to post comment on that,young lady….

For the rest of you, so long till Tuesday….

Hey Scott, this entry is beautifully written. It really captures the mood of the moment.

QUESTION: What kind of CIGARS are they smoking in these celebrations? Cuban or Venezuelan?

Go White Sox!

to quote Scott Riefert, “Hey, What Do You Know?

We actually led off SportsCenter tonight. And now Jeff Brantley likes us. Will wonders ever cease?”

classic. screw brantley, boston boomer, and all those ******* guys. Kruk even acted amazed when told the White Sox hit more blasts than Boston. How can you cover a sport every day and be some **** clueless.


i want the other ALDS to end now, Chicagos fans are ready.


http://spaces.msn.com/members/manarthespecial/ . GO SOX. CHECK THE NEW PICS..

Chicago White Sox Rule
we beat those l-a-m-e champions

white sox rule we can win the world series so lets go sox

go sox go sox its ur birthday lol wellll ggggggooooo ssoooxxxx!

were the champs believe me white sox r the best so every team just admit it sox rock!

Chicago White Sox Rule
we beat those l-a-m-e champions

white sox rule we can win the world series so lets go sox

go sox go sox its ur birthday lol wellll ggggggooooo ssoooxxxx!

were the champs believe me white sox r the best so every team just admit it. sox rock!

i’ll be waiting

Tquaid: You’re so clever. Wilhelm, eh? 🙂 Here’s my 2 cents… Win or lose, Steinbrenner won’t give up on his ********. I’m confident he’ll throw even more moola at payroll come 2006. It’s about business for him, and regardless of the outcome at the end of the season, he is still profiting big time. On the flipside, wiping away that west-coast curse would be a beautiful thing and I agree that our boys are primed to do just that. My gut feel: Anaheim will seal the deal tonight. No problem… bring ’em on! Let’s go Sox!!!

Scott, neither I nor any of my friends were able to secure tickets for the ALCS. Rather than complain about the fact that we couldn’t get tickets and are feeling left out, we thought we’d come up with a plan. We think we have a great idea that would be a big hit with White Sox fans and garner great publicity for the White Sox and the Cell. Open the Park for out of town playoff games. Maybe just open the lower deck and the concession stands. Play the out of town games on the Jumbotron while we all sit in the stands and cheer the White Sox as if we were at the game. We’re thinking that alot of fans would partipate. If you were all feeling really generous you could still shoot off some fireworks when the Sox hit a home run. This would be way more fun than watching at home and listening to bad announcing! I’m guessing there would be a large response. What do you think?

TP, I was just talking about this with friends of mine as well. Even if it is just the Bullpen Bar, it would be fun to be at the Cell, even if the team isn’t.

Root for the Yankees Sunday, White Sox fans. If they win, both Colon and Mussina pitch Monday night, meaning they cannot pitch til game 4 with the sox. Gotta like that. Plus the teams get no days off. Another bonus for sweeping in three games.

TP, Nice thought but I’d bet it will never happen. Alot of fans would be interested… but it’s always something that’s too much to overcome. As to the Yankees – keep it up so you have to fly to Los Angeles Orange County Anaheim (whatever you call them) and be REAL drowsy when the Sox blast you (or the Angels) into insignifigance. Yanks lead 3-2 in the 7th! Sweet dreams Sox and get on the plane you other guys! GO SOX!

On second thought – I bet MLB lets these guys off the hook and starts our series on Wednesday – especially if it’s the Yankees. Comments?

UGH! That would be a total load of ****! Neither team deserve any break of any sort.. they can sleep on the plane! Have you ever seriously ever heard of anything like that?

That’s it. Game 5 monday nite, after a cross-country plane ride. Then one team flies to chicago to play wed. nite. And colon/mussina will pitch monday. Excellent

That’s a good idea. I’d be up for watching the out of town games at the Cell.

I’m just starting to recover from celebrating THE SWEEP all weekend.

Scott thanks so much for this blog. It’s the best and reminds me that there are so many out there in White Sox Nation.

I certainly hope we can keep up this momentum. It’s been THE BEST SEASON EVER and I just don’t want it to stop.

Go White Sox!!!

My suggestion- let’s forget about all the naysayers, it smacks of insecurity. If the players use it for motivation, so much the better. If the Sox keep this up we’re going to have to add some more seats to our beauty of a ballpark. I think a lot of people who never paid much attention to the Sox are getting an eyeful now. A relative of mine was claiming that in his large suburb, there is a mass of quiet folks under the radar who get a little tired of all the unmerited attention that other team gets, and they are fully enjoying this Sox playoff run. There is no doubt now that the community is behind us, and we have a very big community. Go Sox !!

Everytyhing is very open with a clear explanation of the issues.

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