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Sunday, October 8, 2005, 10:30 pm

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Some of the faces back home. (Photo: Damon Young/MLB.com)

White Sox Welcome

What a surprise?  When the team charter flight, named Soxwelcome"White Sox 1", touched down Saturday around 1 pm at Miway airport, the team was met by 500-1,000 fans who lined the access road and bent onto 63rd Street.

Flags were flying, police had shut off the street and people cheered their Sox as the players and staff pulled onto the street.  It was a great showing and a great feeling.  Can’t speak for everyone, but it sent chills down my spine to drive by everyone.



Ozzie, Joey Cora, Paul Konerko and Chris Widger took in tonight’s Blackhawks game at the United Center.  Ozzie just wanted to be near the glass (was it the action or the fights?).  PK is a huge hockey fan and was (maybe is) a season ticket holder for the Coyotes.


Everyone is debating the question of which team do we want to face next?  I think there are pros and cons to both (which others are much more qualified to discuss than I am).  I was rooting for a Yankee win tonight, long, close games, even extra innings, and definitely a Game 5 (and I don’t care which team wins that one).  Indeed, the Yanks won after I originally posted this so it’s a Game 5.  Something like today’s 18-inning affair tomorrow night in Los Angeles would be perfect.  After all, we earned the right to host games 1-2 with our regular-season record, and we earned this break by sweeping the Red Sox.


Jeff Roberson / AP


Today’s 10 am workout started late because so many players had a tough time working their way through traffic caused by this morning’s Marathon.  Chicagoans all know the shortcuts and back ways, but our players aren’t necessarily that familiar with concepts like Canal Street.

Terry SavariseSmileyface

Our Senior VP of Stadium Operations saw me before Friday’s game in Boston and said, "If we win tonight, you’ll see me smile for the first time this year." (I had been giving him a hard time about his demeanor in recent weeks).  "Then, you can put it in your blog."  So he saw me after the game and we both had a laugh.  Now, it is in the blog.


Friday also was my mother’s birthday … which I forgot.  "Well, at least I had a good reason," I sheepishly told my wife.  "Yeah, right," she answered.  "Good luck." At least my dad will enjoy the ALCS tickets.  I need to figure out how to make amends with my mom.

David Ortega

A former Sox employee now living in NYC, David ran today’s marathon wearing a Go Sox headband and sporting "Go" on one calf and "Sox" on the other.  He said the response from spectators was great.  It was David’s 13th marathon, which I salute, since getting up from the couch and going to the fridge is exercise for me.

A Rant

So ignore this if you really don’t care how the sausage is made.  I chose not to write about it when it happened because I don’t necessarily think the public cares.  However, columnists at the Sun-Times twice have chosen to mention it, so I think the other side deserves to be heard (even if only on this insignificant, amateurish blog).

On Thursday in Boston, Aaron Rowand was approached at his locker after our workout by Greg Couch, a columnist/reporter for the Sun-Times.  Greg inquired if he could ask the center fielder for a few comments.

According to Aaron, he never really had the chance this year to speak with Greg one-on-one (it was always in a group setting), so he took this opportunity to express his season-long displeasure with several of Greg’s columns, including one from April 17 headlined, "Don’t Buy What Sox are Selling."  Several other media reps in the clubhouse confirmed the content of the exchange, many with smiles on their faces.

Aaron’s soliloquy to Couch ended with … "I’ll Rowand_3talk to every single media person in Chicago, but I won’t ever talk to you."  Of course, anyone who knows Aaron knows he indeed will speak to just about any media person or fan.  It takes a lot to get under his skin.  He is a kid at heart.  And he cares.

And Greg seems to say today in print that Aaron’s being focused on this is "petty" and "small-minded."  In my opinion, players have every right to speak to a media person who they think has treated them unfairly or written something that is inaccurate.  And the media person has every right to believe what they want and to continue to stand by their opinion.  In the end, both may agree to disagree, but both should benefit from having the conversation.  I don’t think it is "petty" or "small-minded" at all.  It is interesting and amusing that the harshest writers often seem to have the thinnest skin.

Players tend to have the most respect for writers who, if they have written something critical of the team, manager or player, have the guts to show up in the clubhouse the next day and show their face.  Often, nothing will ever be said between the two, but the fact that a reporter showed up counts for a great deal in the clubhouse culture.

Everyone also should know that the writers don’t write the headlines, but headlines are, in theory, suppose to give a sense of what the story is about.  Headlines above other columns by Greg this summer include:

"Sox Unwilling to Accept that they might need help" (8/29)

"Lead Sinking … Time for Choke Thinking" (8/24)

"As skid grows, eruption can’t be far off" (8/21)

"Sox OK, but slip is showing" (8/18)

"Sox Could Use Burnett or Vizquel/In Theory, small ball works, but Ozzie’s Men Aren’t Executing" (7/24)

"Sox Always Find a Way to Shoot themselves in foot" (6/19)

"I love Buehrle, Garcia, rest of starters — and Twins" (5/1)

"Don’t Buy What Sox are Selling" (4/17)

Now, I find it interesting that after Jay Mariotti first referred to the conversation in his Friday column, Couch waited two more days to tack it onto his Sunday article (you may not have bothered to read his entire piece.  It was at the very end).

I don’t want to get into a he said/she said over the Aaron/Greg conversation, but Greg today wrote that Aaron’s reaction to his columns was "creepy" and "very sad."  Now, I must assume that Greg doesn’t think it is creepy or very sad to actually read all of his columns or even save them, so he must be referring to Aaron’s using the printed word as motivation to prove someone wrong.  Seems to me, this has been happening in sports and life for a very long time and will continue to happen well into the future.

"This is a little strange, but very sad," Couch writes.  "And it’s also entirely unfair to White Sox fans."

I don’t see the connection to Sox fans that Greg does, but maybe he feels better wrapping himself in the cloak of defending the fan (something another at his paper often claims to do).  Personally, I think our fans do a very good job of defending themselves, thank you very much. 

Columns like Couch’s April piece have been on our bulletin board all year long, along with those by other doubters.  If this type of motivation helps us win games, great.  Maybe the team will vote to give Couch a postseason share.

Either way, after talking to Greg, Aaron said to me, "I feel great!  I’ve been wanting to say that to him all year!"

And then he went 2-for-4 as we won the Division Series.


MAN, I CAN’T WAIT. our sox are looking great and the other teams look tired, and that is good news….. I love it when i see ou guys full of strength and fun. and if they keep their attitude they will do something special this week… oh i can’t tell u how much i am waitless over here…. and hey i hope that we face the Angeles, because if we face them and then we win , we will show everyone that we r unstopable. u might think i am crazy but this is the way i like it,, i like to face the hardest teams to see the best games, and to win the best games…..I thing Ozzie did a good decision by making Contreras start game one… Garland must be a little off now because he haven’t played for a little wild, so i think it is fair to make him start game 3…. Well hope to see our guys at their full strength on tuesday, or wednesday, we don’t know yet…. hopefully tuesday…. well i bought my new white sox gear, shirt, hat, jacket, and wristbands.. it feels good to have them on,, even though i had my old ones on, but the new ones felt better, lol…. well all i can say is, GO SOX, GO SOX, GO SOX..


Let Aaron know- that as a Sox fan through and through, I stand behind him 100%. Good for him for standing up to Greg Couch. I am proud that he had the guts to not compromise- we got you all day, everyday Aaron.

I was working the marathon today, and loved seeing all of the White Sox support with all the runners! The bond is great between us Sox fans- it was great being able to yell “Yea Sox!” and seeing all the smiles and responses that came about. Our team is quite the unifying force!

Keep enjoying that rest guys, set your sights on bigger and better things- becasue there is a lot of champaign to be popped!

Lets GO Sox!

Let me first say that Aaron Rowand is my favorite Sox player. He personifies the blue-collar, carry a lunch pale and work your *** off type player Chicagoans admire and identify with, so Couch is clearly barking up the wrong tree.

The Rowand/Couch interaction is a direct result of modern media adopting an entitlement mentality when it comes to access and the athletes they cover. I’m a firm believer that a player is NOT obligated to provide exclusive, one-on-one access to ANY members of the media in order for the media to accomplish their job of covering the ball club or series. There are plenty of opportunities to gain access in either a pool or press conference setting. However, when egos are involved (read I have a column to write, my needs are special) then feathers a bound to be ruffled.

That said; now that the Sox are gaining the exposure they richly deserve, maybe someone should advise Aaron that a simple NO will suffice. While I understand his frustration, and I’m sure it felt good to get things off his chest, some writers are willing to bait players in the limelight for no other reason than to shine a flicker of light on themselves. Roughly stated I think the saying goes something like – you never want to argue with someone that has reams of paper, gallons of ink and newspapers to sell.

Scott – While my email address may tip my hand, I am a recently retired U.S. Navy Chief. While the Sox will in the middle of a travel day, the U.S. Navy will celebrate its 230th birthday.
When deployed overseas and/or at sea, Sailors and Marines will be trying to find time to watch and/or listen to the series, which will be broadcast on American Forces Television and Radio.

I can’t tell you strongly enough just how much it means when we hear a player, coach or manager say they remember we’re on watch. Even family members with someone on deployment get a rush when they hear the services mentioned. If you can, please pass it along. I’m retired now, but I’m a lifer and if this post gets someone to mention the Navy’s birthday and the Sailors and Marines currently serving our nation, then I’ll be as proud as if I were still in the service.

I distinctly remember hearing Aaron on the radio, talking to those tools on the Score, Boorish & Bernstein. When he got done talking with them he then said something like, “Before I go, there is something I want to say to you…” and he admonished them for making fun of the Cardinal’s pitcher who died in the Westin on Michigan Ave. He told them there was nothing funny about what had happened and that joking about it was in horribly bad taste. They, of course, had no ability to defend what they did. Because, really, how do you defend that?

I remember thinking how much I adored him for speaking up. The media thinks everything is fodder for them to joke or complain about. I think it is admirable that Aaron speaks his mind and defends himself. Free speech goes both ways, so if you are willing to dish it out, you should be willing to take it as well.

Great post, as usual, Scott.

Regarding the Couch/Rowand episode: I read the Couch article, and distinctly remember thinking that he was a classless hack for committing a cheap shot like that to print. I’m fairly confident that the fans – thanks for the offer, Greg, but we’ve done just fine without the media’s assistance so far – will see through this for the ******** it is.

Should you happen to run into Aaron, let him know that our loyalties lie with the team that has made this a magical year, and not with some fickle pundit hoping to gain a victory in a battle no one cares about.

These newspaper writers have got some nerve don’t they? These guys were shoveling dirt on to the coffins of the White Sox before they were even dead and now they act like they are doing their jobs for the fans?!?!?! What a joke!!! It shows how little Couch knows by thinknig he is speaking for White Sox fans. Too bad he doesn’t know we stand behind Aaron and not he weekly rags.

I cannot wait until tomorrow. Listening to Mike & Mike this morning, I heard Greenie say that he thinks something should be done about the Yankees/Angels having to play immediately after their ALDS series. He thinks Selig should do something and start the ALCS on Wednesday instead of Tuesday to give that team an extra day off. I thought Greenie was an old Chicago guy. Didn’t he start out as a small time guy here? I think Greenie is wrong and the White Sox have earned everything they are finally receiving and MLB should not doing anything about the current schedule. If they adjust the schedule to accomodate the Yankees, it will be a joke!! Either way the White Sox will play well against either of those teams. Go Go White Sox!!!

Hey Scott – I heard the Yank-mes are trying to get game #1 (if it even matters to them) pushed to Wed?? Maybe I’m getting bad info but as of this morning all signs still point to Tues as planned and should be. Figures – a team that buys their way into playoffs and championships would want to also change the schedule to better fit their needs too. I say Tues as planned – too bad for them (or LA, Anaheim, liked plain ole Calif, whatever they are called today) mother nature didn’t cooperate and they didn’t clinch early. Let em get on a plane in the am and get their *** out here and play – cmon what are they a bunch of skirts? Doesn’t matter cause the SOX are taking it anyway! Lets go SOX!!!!

You can’t be serious!?! The league might push the start of the ALCS back to Wednesday? You know what, let’s just push it back to Friday so as to ensure the Yankees or Angels are fully rested. And on Tuesday we’ll put up the bill for an all-expense paid trip to a day spa, where the winner of their game the will be luxuriosly pampered and massaged by Sweedish swimsuit models as Enya softly plays in the background. Then on Wednesday they can go out for a few drinks and unwind in a hot tub. Thursday, if they’re up for it, maybe say a few words to the media before going on a handsome carriage tour of the city. And then Friday they can get the **** kicked out of them for being such a bunch of primadonnas.

You didn’t want to play back to back, you shouldn’t of lost two games. That’s the path you tread, punk-*** Yankees. Why should we be penalized for your teams ineffectiveness. We’re red hot right now, the last thing we need is more days of rest. Just another case of MLB accomodating the East Coast. Hey while you’re at it MLB, why don’t you convince ESPN to lend Berman to Fox for the ALCS?

As for Aaron I love the fact that he’s got principles (and stones). If Greg feels unfairly persecuted, it shouldn’t be a new feeling seeing how you are the voice of the White Sox fan; we’re always getting sh**ted on, get used to it! Next time check which way the winds blowing before you spit.

Greg Couch is just another sorry example of the pro-Cubs/anti-Sox bias in the Chicago media. If you want the Sox players to treat you with respect, Greg, then maybe you should treat the Sox with a little respect instead of predicting their downfall. As for speaking for the fans, I know of no sports columnist working for any of the rags that pass as newspapers in Chicago who speaks for me or for anyone I know. You reaped what you sowed, Greg. Live with it.

CREEPY AND SAD… Scott, thank you for filling us in on the details behind Greg Couch’s mysterious references to the clubhouse incident. I’ll tell you what I find creepy and sad: that blurb at the end of his column was obviously not written for his readers, since all it does is raise questions and leave us confused. It was obviously written as a potshot directly at Aaron, who remains unnamed in it. It’s passive aggressive, weird, and lousy journalism. Columnists shouldn’t prosecute personal grudges in public. And here’s another thing, Couch’s headline: ” Sox should look within for motivation.” I laughed out loud at that one. The White Sox obviously know how to find their motivation. Who is this ******* to give them advice? — Jeff McMahon

Jeff, why he’s Greg Couch! That’s all the fans need to know. He is our spokesman and defender!

Glad to see Jose gets the Game 1 nod. I don’t know why Marte is getting his ticket punched for the second round (maybe Greg Couch also speaks for Ozzie in addition to the fans so I’ll look it up in the Sun-Times). Don’t agree with it, but trust Ozzie knows better than I. As for the ALCS competition it’s hard to say who I’d rather see. A part of me wants to stick a fork in the Yankees but another part of me agrees with manausa and would rather see us play the more complete team. Either way the anticipation is killing me, I need my White Sox fix!

“Couch writes. “And it’s also entirely unfair to White Sox fans.”

Does Mr. Couch want to know what is TRULY “unfair to White Sox fans-” trying to show OUR players in a NEGATIVE light when they by NO MEANS deserve to!

That is whats unfair for Sox fans!

But in reality, forget all these guys- we haven’t needed them ever and we sure as heck don’t need them now. We’ll just keepin flyin under the radar and winning until that magic number is finally at 0 and we’re World Champs!

Go SOX!!

First I want to say how happy I am about Our Chicago White Sox sweeping the World Champions away and going on to the ALDS:) As I was reading about how Ozzie, Joey Cora, Paul Konerko and Chris Widger went to the Hawks game I couldnt help but recall 1993~the night that we clinched, Ozzie lived up the street from me in Berwyn~he was with his friend Joey Cora buying bottles of alcohol at the Convienent when they both were carded!!! The same night, how could anyone not know who they were~well another fan who was there loudly explained to the owner who these “two guys” were~Im happy to know that they are still good friends!! Ozzie~ we miss ya in Berwyn!!!!! GO SOX🙂

That’s a great story enowak. In response to manausa and palehoses, I’d much rather take on the Yankees than the Angels. The Angels are the real deal Holyfield. They got solid pitching, defense and hitting. They’re the West Coast version of the White Sox with a bullpen of absolute monsters (Escobar, Shields, K-Rod, is Santana in there too now?) I know we could beat them but if we should fall behind early, that’s not a bully I’d like to see. No, I’d much rather see New Yorks dilapitaded pen. Complicate that by the fact that they are “the best team $200 million can buy” and it’s a recipe for absolute vindication for our meager little MidWestern team of no-namers.


Thanks for the inside scoop – how marvelous it is when the TRUTH finally appears. I love the Sox, have loved this blog, and am proud of the fact that Aaron Rowand is a man with enough STRENGTH and CHARACTER to speak his MIND. It is that kind of HEART which has made him the All-Star-caliber player he is, and without HEART like his this team would not be where it is today. Aaron has probably been the most often interviewed and oft-quoted player on the team, so it’s obvious to anyone with a MIND OF THEIR OWN that he’s being falsely depicted by the snake-like Couch.

May all of us with a TRUE LOVE for the game embrace the NOBLE IDEALS this team embodies. By answering the negativity with HONOR and COURAGE, we can only be made STRONGER.


I too would rather see the Yankees in the ALCS. The Angels have too many good pieces and their speed kills. Chone Figgins has more steals than Pods and their pen is great. They are too much like our team and just ask Boston what that means. Furthermore, I’d like to spank the Yankees more than I’d like to spank the Angels.

Im really getting into this blog, great write here Scott. I would rather see the yankees in the ALCS – thus giving us the chance to sweep the defending champs, then defeat/sweep the evil empire.

It would wipe the slobber off the faces of the media in a few seconds😀.

Oh, and a-row is awsome and best of wishes go to him, the media guy needs to back off.

Great read – thanks!

I’m so incredibly sick and tired of the Chicago media professing that they speak for me..or other fans. I can count the number of times, on one hand, that I’ve actually agreed with them. I can’t speak for other parts of the country, but the Chicago media always seems to be free to rant, rave, bend the truth, and bad mouth teams/players without ever taking responsibility. Show that you have the guts to hear the response. Many of them go into the written press because it’s a one-way discourse….blab, blab, blab, without ever being having to face anyone. Thank goodness for guys like Aaron who respect everyone enough to confront those guys and hold them accountable!! -Dawn

hi guys and gals. here i am visiting my daughter and family in ky. i agree with most of you who want the yankees, but i think the reason we need to play them is if we don’t then the eastern media will put an asterisk on the series. to receive proper respect we need to beat the yanks. it looks as if it will be the angels anyhow (7th inning). i hope whoever is tired, BUT i also hope we aren’t overly rested. go sox. i’ll be watching with you all tomorrow night. j.k. ( not in tucson)…..


Bring on the Halos! This should be a truly epic series. Stay solid, stay loose fellas. We’ve gotten alot of rest which could be a good or a bad thing depending. I hope we don’t come out rusty cause I believe Game 1 is of critical importance. It will set the tone. We must protect home-field. I hope to God Ozzie has banned all newspapers and T.V. because all of the sudden the White Sox have become the sexy, vogue pick. Steve Phillips, Kruk and Reynolds all were saying the Sox will prevail. Don’t listen to a word coming out of these idiots mouths. These were the same imposters saying we’d fail the whole year now they’re having some sort of epiphany? Get off it! We are the same underdog team that we’ve been the whole year. All the sudden we beat Boston and we’re legit? If you didn’t like us before don’t start now.
Goal #1 accomplished: win ALDS and turn some heads. Goal #2 will be immensely more difficult to accomplish. This is a polished team that’s also predicated on pitching and defense, not to mention they have one of the better skippers in either league. We have our work cut out, but we have the will and tenacity to do this. Stay humble, stay focused, stay in the moment, don’t stray to “what could be” or “what might be” because before you know it that will turn to “what coulda been if that mighta happened”.

Tonight begins chapter 2 fellas. Let’s get after ’em!

Bring on the beat up and tired Angels. Previous records mean nothing!! We are playing way too well to let that get in the way. So excited to see Jose get things started tonight! This is the first step in the next chapter….GO SOX!!! -Dawn

Oh you guys are gonna love Mariotti’s column today. The Voice of the Sox wants us to stop complaining about the media and “enjoy it”. Your **** right we’re enjoying it, Mariotti but a caveat first. As a White Sox fan I am continously bombarded with how much my team stinks, how we’re inferior to the Cubs, how we’re gonna be the biggest chokers, how our ballpark is in a ghetto, etc..overtime you begin to develop a mindset, intrinsic defense mechanisms if you will.
You could say I’ve got a chip on my shoulder the size of your ego Mr. Mariotti. Don’t think I’m not enjoying this. And don’t think for a second I’m not enjoying watching you and your like-minded homies squirm and try to regain proper footing. See the thing you don’t understand about us Mariotti is the Sox fans are all about respect. I give a **** if you don’t like my team, jtsyka the Cubs fan, doesn’t like our team either but he never pretended to. This about-face from you Mariotti is frankly embarrasing. Don’t try to pin your failure at journalist integrity on us wee-little fans. You never asked me for a quote. As for Dan Patrick your entire network has been hating on us the entire year. If you think that doesn’t warrant an angry e-mail or two then you probably think Berman is the barometer for neutrality.

Listen good you fools: Nothing can mitigate the joy we feel with every October victory, that is first and foremost. But when we percieve a lack of respect, we tend to lash out and rightfully so. Don’t try to distract us with your bulls**t any longer Mariotti. Just be a man and admit that you were wrong about the Sox.

Congrats to Aaron and the rest of the White Sox on a great season, but we’re not done yet!! Also kudos to Aaron on telling Couch that at some point a person must stand up to what he or she writes/says/ etc. Sox fans don’t need Couch or Mariotti to tell them what or who is right. For the most part, we are knowledgeable baseball fans. I wonder about those two though. What they slop on the pages of their columns doesn’t show an interest in being objective or knowledgeable. It borders on trying to be the story, not report the story. Bring on the Halos!!!GO SOX

I am a avid watcher of sports shows like around the Horn and PTI, And I am surpried how these reporters try to create stories. The reporters claimed that the White Sox were choking, instead of reporting that the Indians were just playing outstanding. I have been a White Sox fan for a long time. I was on the field in 83 when they clinched their playoff spot, and feel like that year they get no respect for their accomplishments. Ozzie might be a little off center but he is very effective in the job he is doing. I still have a baseball card of a younger Ozzie and I have a feeling it will be worth more in the future. Aaron is doing the right thing, I would boycott writers like Gregg and Jay..Let them go back to where they came from. Why cant our major newspapers and media in Chicago hire responsible journalist?

Go White Sox……Mark in Sault Sainte Marie, MI

To Mark in Sault Sainte Marie as well as to brother palehoses and the rest of you…trust an old man when he says this….The print media in most big markets is always so full of manure(had to clean that up,didn’t I?)that their eyes are brown…They write the equivalent of shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theater to see the kind of reaction they get…After that they go back to what they do best…beat up old ladies,kick dogs,trample flower beds and relieve themselves(cleaned THAT one up, too)on front lawns…
Just remember, you ink-stained wretches out there…Payback is a feamle dog(another clean-up)…..

That word should be “female”,not feamle…I apologize,but Dan Patrick just went past me and told me who he was…I had to wipe out the catatonic state old Smarmy put me in,and misspelled a word…does that qualify me to write a column in the Bright One?
Please check out the offday thoughts for more….

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