ALCS Game 1

Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 9:35 am

Game Day

Time to get loud.  Our crowds for Games 1 and 2 of the LogoforscottDivision Series might have been the loudest we have ever heard at U.S. Cellular Field.  We need to be even louder tonight.

Wake-Up Call

My good friend Tim Mead, VP of Communications for the Angels, called me this morning at 6:15 to tell me they had just arrived at their hotel.  Sunday night, he called me when the Angels were leading 2-1 to say they were doing their best to get to Chicago.  I told Tim that despite our friendship, I was cheering for the Yankees to win Game 4, that I really didn’t care who won Game 5, but that I hoped it went extra innings.  What, after all, are friends for?


Gates to the ballpark open at 5 pm and the parking lots open at 4 pm for tailgating.  Because of traffic, we suggest fans holding tickets arrive early.


Some readers asked about the celebratory cigars.  They came to the team courtesy of Mike Mazza in the ticket office.  They were from Smokey Bear Cigar Store in Evergreen Park, and each one featured the script, "Congratulations Chicago White Sox" on the side.  I swear it made them smoke better.


In preparation for today’s game, we made two sets of media plans … one for the Yankees and one for the Angels.  While there still will be a lot of media here for this series, it won’t be as bad as when the Yankees swarm into town.  Interesting note:  in the middle of the day yesterday, the YES Network (Yankees) showed up at the ballpark wanting to wire and prepare for today.  A little presumptuous, don’t you think?  MLB representatives sent them away.  Given how last night went, they should have let them do all the advance work on behalf of the Angels.

Kid At Heart

Two very cool items arrived in my office on Friday thanks to Wilson Sporting Goods.  I had asked Scott Paulson at Wilson if they still had old patterns for gloves and would they have the old die cuts for Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio.  He did me one better.  It turns out the gentleman who cuts the patterns and made the gloves for both players still lives in Ohio.  Wilson re-made a Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio model glove and both are sitting in my office.  Very cool.

One thought is to make these available to fans for purchase, maybe on a nice stand with a ball, with proceeds benefitting Chicago White Sox Charities.  Is there any interest?  Would fans want replica gloves for their offices or homes?  Let me know.


Was 15-7, 3.61 on the season, 35-18, 4.28 lifetime, 0-1, 3.46 ERA in 2005 vs. LAA and 0-2 with a 6.75 ERA in his career against the Angels.

Faced LAA in back-to-back starts on 5/26 (L, 3 ER/7.0 IP, 9 SO) and 6/1 (2 ER/6.0 IP).

Makes his 10th career postseason appearance tonight, second start.  Has gone 1-2 with a 4.34 ERA.

Went 11-2 with a 2.96 ERA in the second half and earned victory in Game 1 of the Division SeriesJose against Boston (2 ER/7.2 IP).

Angels vs. Contreras …

Anderson, .571 (4-7)

Kennedy, .429 (3-7)

Finley, .375 (3-8)

Erstad, .286 (2-7)

DaVanon, .250 (1-4)

Cabrera, .222 (2-9)

Figgins, .143 (1-7)

Guerrero, .000 (0-2)

B. Molina, .000 (0-6)

Kotchman, .000 (0-3)

Hopefully, more later once lineups are out.



GO WHITE SOX…for those of you who were lucky enough to not get totally jacked by Ticketmaster…EARN YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE THOSE SEATS. SCREAM YOUR LUNGS OFF. If you can’t leave The Cell completely hoarse, you shouldn’t have gone in the first place. Many of us want to be where you will be tonight.

Speaking of which, Scott….I’m disappointed you haven’t further addressed the ticket issue in your most recent posts. Some of us diehards really did get the shaft in a very odd way. I know this is a time for celebration and anticipation, but your further silence on the ticket issues is deafening. Please address it one more time with further clarity.


Are you kidding? Of course I’d be interested in obtaining replica fielding glove of Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio. I could only suggest that replica gloves of the ’05 White Sox be made available as well.

We’re looking forward to adding to the din tonight and leaving the park totally hoarse, with a win! We know the Sox can do it!

Thanks for the update, Scott.


I’d LOVE a Nellie Fox mitt for my office!

GO GO SOX! Let’s get one up on the Angels tonight!

I’d buy 2 – one for me and one for my nephew.

Go Sox!!!

I’m expecting to be hoarse after leaving the park today!

First,the prerequisite cheap shots…
1)the Yankees haven’t been 13 hours eliminated,and already NBC has a TV show about them…Oh,sorry,I misunderstood…”The Biggest Loser”is about WEIGHT loss,not about how the East Coast media feel about Torre,A-Rod and Jeter…

2)Shot unseen on Fox during the 9th inning last night…Yankee GM Brian Cashman sitting behind his team’s dugout with his laptop, working on updating his resume…

3)Because the Sox are in,we get the local radio coverage of Rooney and Farmer…same thing if they make it to the Series…that means, we are spared the bleatings of the only broadcaster more obnoxious than Chris Berman or Bob Costas…the man who re-invented the second base position,”Little”Joe Morgan… Let us bow our heads and give thanks…

4)to our favorite punching bag I say…Give it up, Jay…the act is as stale as week-old bread….And quit playing the “hate the media” card…That’s even older and mouldier…

Now, onto the series…For the White Sox,keep doing what you’ve been doing the last eight games…If it ain’t broke, don’t go fixing it… Of course, I would permabond Marte’s butt to the bullpen bench until November…Ozzie, if you have to bring him in, I hope the lectures you and Cooper have given him have sunk in…otherwise,God help you… Then, to our guests… the keys are all from the “duh”school of analysis…Keep Figgins and Anderson off base,don’t let Vlad the impailer wake up from his ALDS slumber…likewise with Erstad,Finley and Kennedy…Get to the starter early,make them use up the bullpen and make it impossible for them to get to Rodriguez….

Win the first two games here,then,because it’s the west coast,settle for 1 of 3 out there, come back home, win one and wait for the ‘stros or the Birds….

Lastly, today on his TV show,the eminent predictor Regis Philbin predicted the Sox and Cardinals in the Series,with St Louis winning…You know what that means,folks? It means if the Sox make it, they’re IN…Regis hasn’t been right about anything since “Millionaire”….

Good luck,boys,and to all of us as well…

I think the fans are ready, Scott and again, thanks for the blog. Having your insight is so cool! Makes this whole experience better. I thinks we have to be careful not to underestimate the Angels tonight despite sleep deprivation. I think our boys are ready though. I don’t know if anyone else is noticing it, but there is a buzz around the city and suburbs…cautious optimism? I don’t know but I like the way it feels….GO SOX!!

Oh, and Congratulations to our “Most Revolutionary Blogger” Scott! He receives his first “Bloggie” from MLB…ah we knew ya when….Congrats Scott

The gloves sound cool, but what about the Sox Pride montage they open every home game with? Any chance of getting a copy of that?

Scott, I’m a ChiSox Fan-a-tic since 1955- born and raised in ‘da Bronx! I’m such a fan that I’m known to my friends and family as Nellie, in homage to the great Mr. Fox. I’d LOVE a chance to have a Nellie glove and contribute to the charities at the same time! Tell where and when and I’ll sign on the dotted line-

Scott, I was 10 years old in 1959 and remember it like it was yesterday, air raid sirens and all. I have a complete set of Topps 1959 cards, the Hartland statues of Nellie and Looie a bottle bat, and the gloves would just top off my museum. Sign me up for the pair!

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