Game 1 Aftermath

Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 10:30 am

Ron Vesely /

Random Thoughts

Now that is a game that will leave a bad taste in your mouth.  It seemed that just about every time we had the opportunity to make a play or execute in a way to change the game, we failed.  That failure to execute killed us in the end.  Ozzie said it after the game.  The players know it.  Game 2 needs to be different.

Mark Buehrle is certainly the guy I want on the mound tonight

Kudos to Jose Contreras for his pitching performance last evening.  Jose rose to the occasion.

ALCS Trends … Chicago Hope

In the 35 previous ALCS matchups, the team winning Game 1 has gone on to win 21 times (60 percent), but since the introduction of the seven-game series in 1985, 10 of 19 (52.6 percent) of teams winning Game 1 have gone on to win the series.  In four of the last five ALCS, the team losing Game 1 has gone on to win the series: New York in 2000, Anaheim in 2002, New York in 2003 and Boston in 2004.

Lucky Number Nine?

We just can’t seem to win that ninth game in a row this season …

Media Coverage

During the past few weeks, the Chicago media has truly done an exceptional job covering the team (in my bias opinion), and the national media has come around to admiring our Sox.  Take the time today to read (hard copy or on-line) all the coverage of the Sox in the various sections of the newspapers.  Enjoy it.  I have tried to be fair all season in pointing out negatives and positives.  The past few weeks have certainly been incredibly positive.

Most Revolutionary Blog

A reader congratulated this MLBlog on being named "Most Revolutionary" by MLBAM.  Thanks, but I sent an email off to BAM asking what in the world "Most Revolutionary" meant (i.e. "Most Likely to Anger Someone and Risk Job Security" seemed more like it).  They said this blog is very popular and it rivals, in style, one done by Mark Cuban of the Mavericks, so they created a category and named this the "winner."  I tend to think this honor is more like winning Miss Congenialty — but failing to win the crown.  Anyway, the true honors go to those of you who have enjoyed this blog since June and who keep coming back to comment and respond.  Your input has helped shape this site.  I hear from so many people who check in now and then.  More than one media person has commented to me that I am able to say things and point out things that they want to but cannot.  Not sure that makes me "Miss Congeniality" all the time, but at least it makes for an interesting read.  But the thanks truly go to the readers out there who care enough about the Sox to track down any little bit of information on the team and find this site a fun resource.  Thank you.

BudseligFunny and True

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was mingling with the media last night in the press box when he was approached by an usher, who did not recognize him and was just doing his job, and asked to leave since he did not have the appropriate credentials.  The situation was quickly corrected and everyone enjoyed a good laugh.

Must Win

Can’t say it any other way.  We need to win tonight.  Go Sox!

More later …


Well,let’s see…which team was it who was rested for three days and which got in at 6:15 in the morning? Give the Angels credit…they did what I feared they would do…there have been teams in past years in past sports who have come in to a game dead tired and have played on adrenaline and done a tremendous job while the well-rested team plays(to be charitable)lousy…That was the story last night…
Breaking it down(an appropriate phrase),not to be totally cruel but the fundamentals last night were the section above the left field bleachers…My mother could bunt better than they did last night, and she’ll be dead 21 years tomorrow…Defense,poor… clutch hitting,non-existant…

I am reminded of the comment of the late football coach John Mc Kay when he was at Tampa Bay and watched yet another bad game…A reporter asked him about the execution of his team…Mc Kay said “I’m all in favor of it.”

If things don’t reverse soon, like tonight,given the team’s track record on the West Coast the last six seasons, this series could be over by Saturday and the game of”what if”could start Sunday…

I hope I’m wrong…

It is absolutely amazing what the adding of time,age and wisdom can do for a person…Case in point…when the final out was recorded last night,I was absolutely LIVID as what I had just seen…then my best friend in the media later on reminded me of how they have to look at things now…You can’t afford to get too high,and you can’t afford to get too low…there must always be some middle ground to deal with…When he said that to me,all of a sudden,my blood pressure went down and my perspective came back to me… So,thanks,pally…After a disappointment like last night,I needed that….

Have any of you out there felt the same way? If so,please post on this award-winning site…(Congrats,Reif,on the honor…you deserve it for putting all of us together…)

First, and foremost, thanks, again for the blog. The ability to get a behind the scenes look and share comments with others is amazing! Last night was rough, but I’m not worried…we win tonight, and it’s a 5 game series. I was uncomfortable with the talk in the media yesterday about how we were favored, and the like. We’ve spent all year under the radar and being the underdog….that’s the way I like it. NO pressure =) Let’s take this one!! – Dawn

In the past, I would have lost my mind, grabbed so oreos and drowned my sorrows, but strangely, I am calm. It is one game, it is done and we need to focus on tonight. This series is going to be a grind and I’m thinking our boys are ready and are going to bounce back tonight. Maybe we had TOO MUCH rest and need a game to get back in a groove. Let’s not forget before last night we won 8 in a row. I have faith the boys will be back to night and then, pardon the pun, heaven help the Angels!

A loss like that hurts becasue you can pinpoint exactly what was wrong- a couple of fundamentals- but here’s the deal…we weren’t going to sweep our way through the World Series- a loss was going to happen. Today we pick ourselves up- dust off last nights loss, and get a W to be back on track.

I don’t have a doubt in the world in our guys- keep havin’ fun out there and play like you have all season.

Lets go go go White Sox!

The series wasnt won or lost last night. We didn’t play up to our potential, and maybe you just have to tip your cap to the other team, but it’s bound to happen. You just can’t win em all.
But likewise, garret anderson can’t just keep homering every game.

Let’s hope we right the ship tonight. We know our team has enough fight in them to grab command in this series right back. And Mark’s just guy to hold them down tonight. We’ve seen it before.

Now everyone’s watching. let’s not disappoint…


Last night, the Angels relievers repeatedly STEPPED OFF THE RUBBER in tense situations with a runner on first base. At least once between every pitch, sometimes more than once. The Fox commentators noted that the pitchers were focused too much on the runner on first. But it’s quite obvious that they were not doing this move (which was called by Scosia in the dugout) because of the runner on first, they were doing it to break the hitters’ concentration, and it worked. — Jeff McMahon

p.s. GO SOX!!!

Now thatI’ve been talked in from the ledge by reading all these posts I have to say thanks for showing me reason. Yes it is just the first game. And although I would have preferred a win, it’s not over yet.

Go Sox….

I too think they were stepping off the rubber solely to throw off the concentration of the batter. And it worked very well IMO. 2 or 3 plays turn out differently last night and we win that game easily. Jose completely shut them down after the 3rd and we should have capitalized. No biggie though, the White Sox are far from out of this series. In my heart I know we have a better team and that begins with our pitchers. We will win this series. Go Go White Sox!!!

Two things…
1)Scott,re:Funny and True…was the usher related in any way to Don Fehr? He’s been asking Bud to do the same thing for the last few years…

2)Jeff,that is what used to be called “gamesmanship” in the old-school days…Of course,in many ways,old-school is closed….

You folks on line, go to and click on the link to regions-west.Then go to the icon for LA Daily News and read Steve Dilbeck’s column on last night…If that doesn’t get you slightly p-o’d,nothing will…I think that the Cell(hopefully)will not be a morgue again like it was last night after the game…However, scoreboard room,you don’t need to remind the fans to “MAKE SOME NOISE!!! or “LET’S HEAR YOU!!!”…they’re educated enough to do so on their own, not ’cause you tell them to…
More later….

Patience is a virtue right? As Sox fans we have seen them bounce back from much worse games than last night. Yes wanting to kick the TV raced through my head, but then I remembered watching how great they have been all season! The best is yet to come…


Win tonight and let’s take 2 out of 3 in Anaheim. We’re road warriors afterall.

scott… lets get serious here… obviously the problem last night was that you didn’t post a picture of the duke in the pregame notes…

lets not let that one happen again… i stuck with all my superstitions😉

thanks for the blog, i love reading the info you post.

have a nice day


To those of u who r scared, plz calm down, it is just game 1.. we still have 6 more games including tonight’s…. I like our chances of winning this series, but u never know what might happen… i am feeling it,,,, OK so lets win this one tonight and lets make it easier on us,,, i love the sox, even if there was some misunderstanding yesterday,,, we rock… GO SOX….GO WHITE SOX…

Congrats on being honored, Scott. “Most Revolutionary” sounds like a pretty BS category, but your regular postings have really built a bridge between the fans and this great team. If there was a “Fan Appreciation” award, I’m pretty sure you’d win.

Thanks for posting those stats regarding Game 1 losses – I was looking for those last night, but couldn’t find them. Reassuring, to say the least.

That usher should be fired. How did he not realize that it was Bud Selig? How do you work for a baseball team and not realize who the commissioner of baseball is? Frightening.

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