Post Game 2

Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 10:40 pm

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky and good.

1-1.  See you in Anaheim.




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the sox are none of the above.halos in 5

How can we convince Joe Crede that every at bat could be a walk-off? He must have some golden adrenaline.

You said it Scott. 1-1. We needed this one.


I wouldn’t want to give it back, but to my eyes it kind of cheapened the whole game. At least one thing for sure came out of this series that will be discussed for decades to come.

Go Sox

Hey White Sox fan – you’re right, a little luck never hurts…I’m a huge Halo fan, and while I was crushed by that BS call, I accept it – that’s the beauty of the game…plus, we were on the lucky side of a BS call in game 5 of the Yankee series on that “runner interference” call that could have loaded the bases with Yanks…The Big A will rock this weekend, and I’ll be there for all 3! Halos in 6! Malibu Pauly

don’t you guys have an LAAAAAAAA board you can cry at? (dont really mean you mailbu, your post has been the only intelligent one by a non-sox fan that ive seen)

I wish they had shown the side view shot again and again in slow motion. I am sure that I saw some dirt move. I say that it did hit the dirt!

REGARDLESS of the call, you have to seriosuly tip your hat to AJ for recognizing it and running. That was huge- then Pablo stepped up big with the stolen base, and CREDE!! Joey Crede- Mr. Clutch.

Pods said it best- sometimes you gotta take the ****** and run as fast as you can with it!

To LA-Anaheim (whatever it is..) we go, with a lot of momentum.

Keep it rollin’ Sox!

thanks, multimedia…I mean, really! I’m seeing some comments on other blogs that the Sox CHEATED!!! This is baseball, a game that encourages stealing signs, knocking hitters down, scuffing baseballs, etc…AJ did the right thing – you do what you can with the calls you get – I’m sure some type of device could call balls and strikes the same way every game, and the day that happens is the day I stop watching baseball…the NFL already looks like a video game – let’s just move on to the weekend! Go Halos! MP

How could I forget?

Mark Buerhle- in one word; ACE. 2 1/2 hour game, and he was on the mound for 42 minutes.

Mark loves the limelight, and he DESERVES the limelight after tonight. Huge effort Mark!

Really, really proud of our team! Enjoy that flight tonight, get some sleep and we’ll see ya Friday for win #2!

BConrad hit the nail on the head – the call wouldn’t have mattered if the Sox hadn’t played as well as they did the rest of the game. That simple.

Bottom line, Eddings blew it. He admitted in the post game that he didn’t verbaline “no catch”, which umpires are supposed to do. Is Paul supposed to read his mind? Eddings extended his right arm “no contact” and pumped his fist (which he says is his mechanic for calling third strike). That’s fine. But if he believed it was a no catch, he should have shouted “no catch”. He didn’t. Cost the Angels the game.

I agree that when they show the ball in slow mo, I believe it did hit the dirt. Oh well hopefully we will win it all, and it can give the media and everyone else who has been negative toward us from the beginning something else to gripe about. Malibu,at least you are fair!! Thanks for being reasonable. Of course the attention will be taken away from the excellent performance by Buerhle.
Go Sox!

byronwriter – I agree the call was bogus, and the ump misled Paul and the rest of the Halos…but that call did not “cost the Angels the game…” Vladdy isn’t hitting and Figgins isn’t getting on base and running…botoom line – scoring 1 run in a game usually doesn’t cut it, and the Halos had chances and couldn’t cash in…no worries, though – Halos in 6! MP

Where was Mr. Clutch last night in the 9th inning? I was at game 1 and everyone had a feeling Joe could come through but K-Rod made a good pitch to strike him out. Sox need to turn it up a notch out in L.A. Go Sox.

It’s so fay the way you california cats call your team “the halos.”

thanks beans…however, do you really think the ball hit the dirt? I know Paul is the 3rd string catcher, but would a major league catcher in the bottom of the 9th in a 1-1 tie fail to tag AJ if he one-hopped it and the ump called him out??? I agree that “that’s the way it goes” which is part of the wonder of baseball, but that really was a piece of **** call…however, Sox get game 2, and we all have something to talk/write about for years! MP

Beans – You’re right, it didn’t cost them the game. It cost them a chance to stay alive and win the game. As it is now, after the first two games, neither the sox or the angels are playing well enough to be the Stros or the Cardinals.

please no more california songs
and Ffu*k new york too!

Didn’t they still have a chance to stay alive when Crede was up to bat? He was the one that ended the game, even if the bad call made the game continue.

The ball hit the dirt. The video shows it. Josh Paul didn’t tag AJ. You could see AJ immediately bracing for the tag, which never came. Josh Paul also didn’t throw to 2nd earlier in the inning when Ozuna stole 2nd. He was obviously not on top of his game.

While it may still be questioned whether the ball hit the dirt (I say it did!) regardless, it was questionable enough and the catcher should have tagged AJ out to be sure rather than rolling the ball out toward the mound. Thats it! AJ knows this and has been burned by this before and he’s not stupid. To top that, Crede executed on top of AJ’s smart ball move and we got the W. Some will call it ugly, cheap, whatever! If we want to get in a critique of ump calls tonight how about Rowand at home (he was f-ing safe Tivo that one and watch his hand) and even Crede getting back to second tonight after the fly. The list goes on but it doesn’t matter or erase what happened. A lot of Angels fans say its a BS call but I say watch the replay (the angle Fox doesn’t like to play very often), you’ll see there’s enough of a question even if you think its faint, then read (if you can) the Official Rules of Baseball, Batter 6.09. Sox in 7!!!

Hey psheehan – us “California Cats” in SoCal put on a light jacket and sometimes drive 90 minutes to go snowboarding in our SUVs around Christmas…later that day, we jog on the beach…we also had a World Series parade a couple of seasons back, and it was about 84 degrees on that fine November day…so enjoy the tire chains, the wind chill, the ear muffs this off season…and don’t get too excited – you’ll have no parade! Go Halos

I didn’t give credit to Ozuna in my last post, but hats off to him for stealing 2nd!! Would like to say Sox in 5 but I know this is going to be a tough fight but we’ll come out on top!! To all the Angel fans touting your Halos (Hello) in 5 – get a clue.

After ALL the terrible luck and bad calls we’ve had to deal with to west coast teams, chalk it up to us being due to catch a break, bad call or bad play.

I say it probably didnt hit the dirt, or youd figure josh would have noticed that himself. But just like protecting the zone with 2 strikes, too close a call to just toss it in, even though it looks cooler.

Also, i think i might have heard ozzie say jenks was coming in for the tenth in the post game press conference. Say what he will, i doubt it. But the point is the halos were deep into their pen already, while we were sitting pretty with the last at bat. Advantage goes to us. Not like the game itself hinged on that call at all. They never score another run and we’d win eventually.

Just a great game to watch, though. Crowd seemed much more into it than at last night’s game, too… I was very disappointed with the lack of noise coming from the stands last night. If they have to put those things up on the scoreboards to tell people to get loud(as in, “this would be a good time to cheer”) during a playoff game then those 40,000+ should be ashamed.

Yet another reason id like to have seen people get to camp in line for tix, scott.

Let’s hold onto this momentum, though, and keep em down in cali…

GO SOX!!!!!!

Amazing game. The entire game had a few questionable calls… I could list them all here, but I am exhausted from being at the game with all of the ups and downs…
Buerhle was unreal out there. Seeing him come out again for the 9th, we were shocked, but he pitched an amazing game.

All of the people loving vlad, chone, etc… Don’t forget we have Dye, Konerko, Pods, to name a few. If either side heats up, it is lights out! How about Sox winning out West !


Just wondering…..did Doug Eddings give up a stolen base to Pablo Ozuna? Did Eddings throw an absolute meatball splitter to Crede on an 0-2 count? Mike Scioscia even said after the game that the angels didn’t play well enough to win, and that they could have played over that blown call. Plus, Josh Paul, (the 3rd string catcher), should have tagged AJ just to be sure. We see it all the time where catchers tag guys just to be sure, and in much less important situations. AJ made a heads up play, Escobar threw a fat one to Crede, and Josh Paul should have been extra sure he got that out. Regardless, things are knotted up at 1, and we’re going to play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of Southern California with big mo’ on our side. GO SOX!!!

AJ faked out the ump, that’s all he did. And Eddings fell for it. Shame on Eddings for failing to do his job, good for AJ for helping the White Sox win so cheaply.

Is there any truth to the report that Joey Cora gave Pablo the “stop” sign in the 9th?

Great job, Mark Buehrle. If he can learn to keep down his breaking ball, we might even see him pitch a no hitter or two!

AJ did not fake out the ump. The ump didn’t call him out and AJ realized it. Good for him. AJ was already walking to the dugout and saw that Eddings didn’t call him out, so he ran back toward first base. That’s on Josh Paul for acting all cool and running away so quickly. If that was AJ he would have put the tag on Paul just to make sure and not show boat and run away. The Angles had all the chances in the world last night and couldn’t do anything, even Scioscia agreed with that. And when the ball was rolling back to the mound and AJ was running why were there 6 Angels trying to complain to the ump and none going after the ball? they allowed it to keep rolling until the 3rd baseman finally ran over to get it. One of them should have tried to get the ball. Unless you hear “you’re out” then you keep playing.
The Sox then stole the 2nd base and then got a double. Maybe the Angels fans should be asking Escobar why he served up such junk and why didn’t Josh Paul even attempt a throw to 2nd when Ozuna was running. These Angels fans sound like Cub fans blaming Bartman when it wasn’t his fault. It was the fault of the Angels for not winning the game when they had a chance.

AND the ball clearly bounces up from the dirt on the close-up slo-mo replay. Great game by Mark and its hilarious to read all these ignorant ideas claiming cheating and how the Angels got screwed.

I can’t believe there is even an argument about this. Nobody cheated, that is just silly. Whether the ball hit the dirt/the Angels got screwed/the ump called AJ out/ is all depending on where you’re sitting. The fact that it matters just highlights how badly this game was called. This was a badly called game all around, from Aaron sliding into home, to Crede sliding into second (and being called out) to the last play of the game. Badly called. Or, at least, questionably called. Scioscia was absolutely right that if his team had been playing well enough, they could have absorbed that bad call. The Sox bats need to wake up because there is no guarantee that the next bad call is going to go their way. The pitching has been outstanding so far, and the defense (for the most part) has been equally outstanding. It would be nice to have some offense to back it up.

It’s the bottom of the 9th, two outs, game is tied, and you have the hitter at 0 balls and 2 strikes, what do you do? Well, we know what Escobar does. He throws a cookie up there for Joe Crede to smash. White Sox win and Escobar shouldn’t have served up that pitch. Angels fans need to look at their own team to see why they lost, not the umps.

So we catch a break, perhaps. Cant assume the California(?) Angels would have one this game without that call. Big Mo has just swung over to the ChiSox. Look for a lineup shake up too. Timo? I do hate seeing Konerko and Everett crying after being called out.
Shows they are pressing. Not the way we play on the Southside. C’mon guys just hit a little. Our starting pitchers will shut them down. Scioscia a class act in his postgame remarks. Ozzie would have been giving us some Tony Montana diatribe. 7 MORE WINS

A.J. didn’t fake out the ump, Josh faked out his teammates. The ball hit the ground, even if he thought it didn’t, and he made it look like he caught it to everyone on the field except for A.J. and Eddings. To be fair, I believed the calls on Crede and Rowand were good calls. I watched the replays very closely on all three and thought the right calls were made.

Being both a high school/college umpire and a former baseball player, I might offer some “insight” to both.

Number 1: as a player, catchers are ALWAYS told to tag the runner on a swinging third strike if their is any possibility of even percieving that the ball touched the ground. If you watch baseball games very closely, this is evident in almost any game.

Number 2: Umpires ARE NOT required to say “NO CATCH”. Some do to help out the batter and catcher but their is nothing that says they are required to do it.

Number 3: On a swinging third strike, its what the umpire SAYS not what he does that signifies an out. The umpire has to say “Out” in order for it to be official. He can stand back there and wave like a chicken for all we care, but until he says that one word, the batter is not officially out. Umpires generally will NEVER say “Out” for this very reason. If it were to happen that their was a dropped third strike and the umpire said “Out”, the batter is out no matter what and play stops.

So, who’s fault is it? It’s Josh Paul’s fault, not AJ’s, not Eddings’. Why? This comes back to basic fundimentals of catching; you always tag the runner on a swinging third strike that looks like it could be in the dirt. Even after watching the replays over and over, I can not be sure that it didn’t.

Thanks for that post Mystikdragon- very insightful…I only wish EVERYONE could read that.

Go Sox!

Agreed. Thanks for the scoop, mystikdragon81.

Personally, I think the 2nd best thing (after the W itself) was the crowd reaction at the end of the game. No one was eager to leave the Cell. They stuck around inside the park for 20-30 minutes afterwards, just cheering, singing and dancing. If I would have brought a blanket, I could have stayed there all night. 🙂

Let’s Go Sox!!!

You Ho-los fans need to stop your bellyaching and incessant spewing of your watered-down conspiracy theories. Whatever happened it’s a baseball game not the Kennedy assassination. We played better anyhow. Move it along! Sox fans will recall a botched call out in Oakland that lost us the game earlier this season. That’s baseball.

Back to the business at hand: Mark threw one of the best postseason games by a White Sox pitcher I’ve ever seen. Hats off to that. Crede is money in the bank with the game on the line. Joey Cora, show a little bit of restraint for the love of God! No outs? NO OUTS!! And why does our team fear the three slot like it’s the Bubonic Plague? No matter who we throw there, they metamorphize into a petrified pile of ****. Who wants to step up? Carl, Konerko, Dye, Rowand? Someone needs to solidify that position ASAP. It’s killing the cohesiveness in the order.

That said great job last night Sox. Don’t let anybody or anything tarnish that victory. Now let’s start hitting. Three more wins. Garland’s homecoming should be sweet.

Hi Scott –

Sorry to be contacting you this way about this, but I don’t know any other way to do it.

My name’s Alex, and I’m a sophomore at Western Illnois University (I see from your bio that you got your masters degree from here in sports management, I wasn’t even aware we had such a program!). We’re currently in the midst of a paper our teacher is calling “I-Search,” which is basically writing a paper on a subject that interests us. One of the topics that I want to do is on the White Sox, specifically the whole attendance debate that’s been raging over the past few years. I’ve already formed my own opinions about it that I won’t get into here, but I was wondering if there are specific, documented reasons as to why the Cubs and other inferior teams throughout baseball outdraw us even though we consistently field the better team. Like I said I have already formed my own opinions, but they’re biased since I’m a diehard sox fan (by the way, we didn’t get the game here in Macomb last night… network error showed the cards game on two channels, I was LIVID. but thats another story). Like I said before I was wondering since you’re the VP of communications if you have any first hand information that would help me with this paper. I understand you are EXTREMELY busy during this time, but any information you have would be extremely helpful. Also, if you’re not the person I should be talking to, is there a better person to speak with? If you have the chance e-mail me at the address reflected in my username. Thanks, I really appreciate it.


I too was pissed about not seeing the game here last night. I’ve already sent an email to Insight Communications blasting them. I did however see the last inning and it was wonderful.

Scott (and fellow Sox Fans):

Any possibility of the Cell opening up for the games in LA (And hopefully the world series games?).

It can’t be that hard to get a live feed to the scoreboard at the Cell and it would be pretty cool to watch the game(s) on the biggest screen around!!!

I know the United Center did this a long time ago when the Bulls were in the championships…

Just a thought…

I’d be there for sure if they opened the Cell…I’m in a dorm room with no cable- and sick of following it on the radio during these times!

Sox fans, I can sum up your team in one word: DESPERATION.

Mark these words: The Angels will defeat the Sox in 5 and send them home in tears.

See ya in Anaheim!

Ya know who looked desperate??? Mike Scioscia as he tried to get out of the dugout. Ya know who else looked desperate??? The Angels as they walked off the field and then realized they messed up and ran back toward the ump. Things happen, you lost, quit crying you angels fan.

99 Wins, a first round sweep, and a split the first 2 games of the ALCS is desperation?

Do they sell dictionaries in Disneyland?

I told u they will fight till the last second of the game… what a call from the umpire… first i thought he was out , but when A.J. was running to the first base, I said what the heck happened here.. but then when i saw the replay like 20 times i knew that the ball hit the ground, because the ball bounced before getting to the catcher’s glove.. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. what a great ending for that game,,, I WAS VERY HAPPY FOR MARK ( the pitcher), because he fought for 9 innings , and was ready to go to the 10 inning,, what a great game… GO SOX….GO SOX…it is real funny to see those Angeles fans crying here at our blog,,, go cry in the bathroom and stop showing us how childish and scared u r… u know that the sox will get u there. there at ur home field… I AM HOPING THAT WE GET 3 GAMES IN LA, BUT 2 GAMES ARE PERFECT TOO, BECAUSE IT GIVES OUR GUYS THE CHANCE TO CELEBRATE THE CLINCHER HERE AT CHICAGO…I HOPE THAT THE LA FANS STOPPED CRYING BY NOW..HAHA,, GO SOX….LETS GET THEM THERE, AT THEIR HOME FIELD WHERE WE ALWAYS LIKE TO GET TEAMS,, (BEST RECORD IN AWAY GAMES)… GO WHITE SOX…. SOX PRIDE, AND WIN OR DIE TRYING MY FRIEND( BUT IF U DON’T WIN JUST DON’T CRY LIKE LA FANS DO!!!!!)… GO SOX…

I told u they will fight till the last second of the game… what a call from the umpire… first i thought he was out , but when A.J. was running to the first base, I said what the heck happened here.. but then when i saw the replay like 20 times i knew that the ball hit the ground, because the ball bounced before getting to the catcher’s glove.. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. what a great ending for that game,,, I WAS VERY HAPPY FOR MARK ( the pitcher), because he fought for 9 innings , and was ready to go to the 10 inning,, what a great game… GO SOX….GO SOX…it is real funny to see those Angeles fans crying here at our blog,,, go cry in the bathroom and stop showing us how childish and scared u r… u know that the sox will get u there. there at ur home field… I AM HOPING THAT WE GET 3 GAMES IN LA, BUT 2 GAMES ARE PERFECT TOO, BECAUSE IT GIVES OUR GUYS THE CHANCE TO CELEBRATE THE CLINCHER HERE AT CHICAGO…I HOPE THAT THE LA FANS STOPPED CRYING BY NOW..HAHA,, GO SOX….LETS GET THEM THERE, AT THEIR HOME FIELD WHERE WE ALWAYS LIKE TO GET TEAMS,, (BEST RECORD IN AWAY GAMES)… GO WHITE SOX…. SOX PRIDE, AND WIN OR DIE TRYING MY FRIEND( BUT IF U DON’T WIN JUST DON’T CRY LIKE LA FANS DO!!!!!)… GO SOX…

First of all, to all you Angels fans wherever you are,STOP and remember Donnie Moore and Gene Mauch…Remember 1986 with the Red Sox(by the way,how did Cyn the Red Sox Chick get in here? I thought her season was over….)…Remember 1982 with the Brewers….remember those chokes?Last night’s 9th inning pales in comparison…
Now, let’s see…Mike Scioscia has been around major league baseball quite a while as both a player and manager, correct? Josh Paul has been around for almost 10 seasons in the bigs, right? The point I’m getting to is this…They both should know that one never,EVER assumes an out is recorded because of something that an umpire says…Because we all know what happens when we ASSUME something, don’t we, students? When you ASSUME wrong, you wind up making an A** out of U and ME…

The umpires last night got ALL the close calls correct…the play on Rowand at homeplate, the call on Crede at second base,AND the call on strike three on Pierzynski…

Tim Mc Carver, the president of the Benevolent Order of Former Catchers who cover each other’s butt,said the ball was caught…that settles it, Paul dropped it… because Timmy Mac would said it was raining if the sun was shining,just to be contrary….

When a play like that occurs,it doesn’t take a Harvard graduate to figure out to TAG the batter while he’s standing there wondering if he should run,stop,wind his watch or scratch…Now,Josh Paul has performed an amazing animal transformation…in the space of just a few minutes, he went from Buffalo(Grove)to goat….

As for my prerequisite media cheap shot, did anyone read Aaron Rowand’s favorite columnist in the Bright One today…Dear Mr Couch,take your act to the LA Daily News…and take Rappaport back with you as well….

This weekend should be very interesting…I think we’ll all be back at the Cell next Tuesday….who knows,maybe for a “Welcome to the World Series” block party….

When a play

The Angels had it coming. I was sooooooooo HAPPY when I saw that play happen to the lowly Angels. Does anybody here know or see how many times my Yankees got bad calls that went in favor of the Angels. It happened for the whole series. Now they have the nerve to be upset. The only reason you bums got there is because of all the bad calls we got. (Not to mention A-Rod not hitting) But you get my point. I really hope that they take the high road and keep their mouths shut and move on just like the Yankees did. We never complained about the calls and we didn’t blame any outcome of the games or the series on all the calls that the umps got wrong in our series. So let it go Angels fans. You deserve to get a few bad calls called, it’s only fair.

That last line means absolutely nothing, just like the squawks from the folks who follow the Halos from Anaheim,Azusa and Cuc…..amonga…In case you haven’t noticed, this is a free speech blog page,begun by the PR director of the CHICAGO WHITE SOX…what do you think we’re gonna talk about here,anyway?


As Bluto Blutarski said, and the umpires proved last night, Angels fans,

LOL! Typical rant.

I’m not crying, I’m actually getting a belly-ache from laughing so hard! The FACTS really do hurt you Sox fans, don’t they?

The Sox are soooooo desperate, it’s outrageously hilarious just to see the grimacing expressions on their faces as they make every desperate attempt (in vain) to overcome the power of the Halos.

You should know by now that your B team is no match for the mighty A team, but obviously you haven’t learned that lesson yet, so you will soon discover that harsh reality in Anaheim.

Not only did we beat your pathetic butts during the 2005 season (remember that 3-0 sweep last month?), but the Angels have won two consecutive Divisional Titles, as well as the World Series just 3 years ago.

Q: What do the pathetic Sox have to show for all of their half-hearted efforts? A: Not a whole lot!

Apparently, losing is the foremost propensity for BOTH Chicago teams, even though they’ve been around for 100 years. LOL!

See ya in Anaheim!🙂

If you are so positive that they will win, why do you keep bringing it up??? And by the way, the past is the past. Come to the present gamsjager

Just so there is no confusion, I am an Angels’ fan, and have been my whole life. The call last night was very unfortunate, but you can’t say that it blew the game for the Halos. Sure, it provided an opportunity to the White Sox, who by the way, did not waste it, but to say the call lost them the game is a bit extreme.

What you Sox fans may or may not know, is that the Angels are just as big of fighters as perhaps any other team out there. We are very used to having no offense and still somehow seem to pull out wins, but Scocia was absolutely right. They did not play their A game, and for that you cannot blame any umpire.

What I hope to see in the future is that this call will not linger in this series. I would hate to see calls going against the Sox just because the umpires seem to be righting wrongs (if you see the call that way), but I would also hate to see calls going against the Angels in a sort of umpire retrobution (if you see the call that way).

For the rest of the series I just want to see an honest game. So may the better team win…which it seems in this series will be the team with better pitching. Where did that offense go?

Hoping it’ll be the Halos in 5, but settling for a victory in 6 or 7. Good luck Sox fans!

like i said in my last post, that dirt/not dirt ball wasn’t the game. the failure of the angels to stop a steal and then on an 0-2 pitch to give up a double to crede. that’s what cost you that game. why are you guys in our blog anyway? don’t have anywhere to complain but here? as others have said get over it. this will still be a very good series ( our teams mirror each other), and as sciocia said correctly, calls even out over a 7 game series. so, quit your belly aching and let’s play ball. go sox. j.k. in ky. for another day. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9 ou


I don’t want to get caught looking ahead, but if we beat the Angels and get to the World Series, are any tickets for the potential home games going on sale through a lottety or has this already happened? Thanks.

Hey sfalzone – don’t worry about it – isn’t going to happen – Go Halos!

how come every angel/cub/cardinal, etc fan on here is accusing the white sox of cheating. nobody has mentioned that the angel’s 3-6 hitters yesterday drew the collar. garret, vlad, etc. zero hits. zero. oh, i get it. maybe mark buerhle was cheating. now it all makes sense.

after all that hoopla in the 9th, why did mike scosia not check the ball for a scuff mark? why did scosia not call for a pitch out or a pickoff move to first?

and then, escobar, ahead in the count 0-2, hangs a splitter that crede is able to crush.

angel fans have bigger fish to fry than being upset at an umpire, who made a judgement call on a play that (as replays have shown) is pretty much inconclusive.

quit whining about an umpire, and instead whine about how your team was totally and completely shut down by one of the best lefties in the game.

good day.

Any suggestions on the best place in chi-town to watch the game while the SOX are out in LA?

Tony Graffanino, Josh Paul…Which former White Sox is going to be next?

ESPN Zone is by far the best- I was there when we clinced both times- its defnitly the place to be. Fans are into it- cheering, chanting and everything in between. Its the next best thing to the Cell itself.

I don’t know if this is an accurate answer to your question Jake,but….TONY LARUSSA!

I want to make it to the World Series. I want to cut a strip of grass during the World Series to promote yard safety awareness.

I present to you Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) – a yard safety super hero. About a year ago, I had a lawn mower accident that resulted in the partial amputation of my left foot. Consequently, I have been an advocate and promoter of yard safety, with the goal to prevent these outdoor power equipment accidents from happening to other people.

Furthermore, I have been a renaissance yardman, utilizing various art forms to communicate my safety message. I have approached Major League Baseball about the possibility of dedicating one day of the MLB season as Yard Safety Awareness Day. Each, there are about 400,000 individuals who experience lawn mower and garden-tool-related accidents, often times resulting in severe and life-altering outcomes. Since baseball is America’s pastime and often played on natural turf, I ask for your assistance and consideration to facilitate this humanitarian idea.

Please visit the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) website at for additional information. Thank you for your BLOG. Best wishes!

Richard Mudrinich

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

i think it’s interesting that the ONLY people i have heard today say that the ball hit the dirt are White Soc fans. EVERYONE knows that Paul caught the ball. I thought he caught it without seeing it in slo-mo. the botttom line is that Eddings allowed the runner to influence his decision. Aj took two steps across the plate and then turned and ran once Paul had tossed the ball back to the mound. To me, it’s as cheap as A-rod running down the first base line and slapping the ball away. everyone called A-rod a chump, but AJ is a hero? this is the guy who has been on like 6 teams in 8 years or something right? and for the angels fan that implied “we got away with one” against the Yanks, Cano was inside the line and was called out for interference. thats why they have the second line for the last third of the way to first. The Angels havent even played well and should have been given a chance to go up 2-0 in this series. Angels in 6

Hey Chicago! Hope you enjoyed your game 2 “win” because we’re takin’ the series IN ANAHEIM. That botched call is going to end up being the best thing that ever happened to the Halos. We’ll be sure to drop you a line from the World Series!

And one more thing…i have yet to talk to anyone about a “bad call.” If Eddings had made a bad call I could deal with that, umps make bad calls all the time, you win some you loose some, it is part of the game. The major controversy here is this: He called him out, the same way he called out many batters (from both teams) before A.J. then, when the play was well over he CHANGED his call. Then after their little secret umpires meeting he came out and lied about it. He claims he has a separate call for strike 3 vs. “you’re out”, he dosen’t, Sports Center has proven that repeadtedly, they claim they had special technical evidence that showed they saw the ball change directions, FOX has publicly said the only views the umpires viewed were the same views seen on TV (fox was the only ones with cameras at the game). The crew is screwing with the integrity of the game (to protect themselves), making fools of the fans who pay good money to watch games and should be punished accordingly, they should be taken off the series, and suspended for at least a year or sent back to the minors. **** like this is going to keep happening until someone steps up and makes an example of someone, as history shows.

The fact is, the ump didn’t give up the double to Crede, so he isn’t the only one to ‘blame’ for the Angels predicament. It may have given the Sox an opportunity to have something good happen, but without Crede, that runner would have died on second base.

I was at the game, I can tell you that the officiating crew was horrible all night, most of the calls going against the Sox. So I don’t think it was malice, or ‘homerism’, that made Effing call the play as he did. IF he was wrong, it has more to do with incompetence than anything else.

You white sox fans kind of sound like Yankee fans. Must be the pinstripes. First of all the ball was caught cleanly. It did bounce but the webbing of his glove was underneath. If you don’t agree it doesn’t matter because whether or not the ball hit the dirt isn’t even the problem. The problem is that not a singel umpire could tell if it hit the dirt or not and Eddings did not say “no catch” nor “out”. He didn’t say anything but yet he did signal that AJ missed and then he pumped his fist to call the out non verbally. He made the same motion each time a batter swung and missed on strike three. The problem I have is that Eddings admitted he didn’t know what happened and was watching Paul and AJ to see what they would do. That isn’t how you call a game. And if Eddings isn’t sure if the ball hit the ground or not then he should make the call based on what he did know which is that AJ swung and missed, strike three. If you are going to error on a call you should at least error on the side of what fact you do know, which in this case is that AJ struck out. Not a single person in this world would have argued with Eddings if he would have said “out.” But instead he didn’t know what to do and let the batter make the call for him. Plus because Eddings made the “mechanic” of pumping his fist for the third strike, the rest of the fielders and umpires all started to come off the field thinking the inning was over. Even Eddings started as if the inning was over then suddenly decided it wasn’t. You can’t do that. The umpires have been making a lot of wrong calls in many of these playoff series. Someone needs to be fined or suspended.

dyrtymartini: you are right. crede hit a double. but he should not have been batting with anyone on base. and i can only imagine that the only reason escosbar threw up a pork sausage 0-2 is cos he was probablly wondering what he was still doing out there and not concentrating on the play at hand. escobar had dominated the sox for his time on the field. anyway, whats done is done. i watched the game on tv aqnd i didnt think that there were bad calls going against you. thats silly. im a season ticket holder and i attend about 40-50 games a year and i certainly could say calls go against us cos from my vantage point, everything looks like a strike.

The sox got one run because washburn couldnt make a throw to first, and the sox got the 2nd run b/c the umpire blew a call that allowed an inning to continue when it should not have. ya, the sox were knocking the cover off of the ball! Sox fans should be awful worried. they were lucky to get outta chi town 1-1.

yup… it was luck.
we just ****. especially on the road. i don’t know why we’re even going to bother showing up in… wherever the angels play.

after garland it goes freddy(on the road), jose, then mark at home again.

yea… real scared.

a lot of baseball to be played and this club’s still got some fight left in it… here’s to hoping jon’s up to the task off 2 weeks rest.

let’s give em a show.

GO SOX!!!!

p.s. don’t all the halo’s fans remind you of our favorite tribe fan??? unfortunately, he hasn’t been around in a while for some reason.

that’s sad… he was very insightful.

HAHA, I BELIEVE U R RIGHT MVP00, we haven’t seen that tribe fan for a while and then all of a sudden we have like 50 fans like him, lol,, very funny… well i think they r scared, i am just wondering how Jon gonna be tommorow… and then Freddy the scary on the road will come up ( yah i know the angeles are scared right there)… and then guess who is coming next: CONTRERAS IS NEXT AND GUESS WHAT, I DON’T THINK CONTRERAS WILL LET THAT GAME GO AWAY, THEY WERE LUCKY IN THE FIRST GAME AGAINST HIM…so lets forget about game 2 now.. and lets think it is 0-0 series and lets start all over,, we just need three out of five, the same thing that happened last week, so lets just win the three games and let s get out there and lets scare some people…… GO SOX

As a Tribe fan, wanted to say Congrats to the Sox (and their fans) on their season thus far.

As for the “strike 3” call, my take was that both Paul and Eddimgs were at fault. First, Paul should have tagged him, pure and simple, as all Little Leaguers are taught. Eddings messed up with the strike 3/out call. Although he did not verbalize “out” for the catcher or hitter, the hand signal is enough that even if Paul wanted to throw to first, Erstad may have left the vicinity based on that signal (and Piercynski still would have been safe in that instance). The talk of Piercynski being a cheater is hogwash. He forced a call from the ump, which ended up contradicting his hand signal.

However, with the ranting and raving from Sox and Halo fans (or the media for that matter), have yet to hear one postive explanation that would have solved the debate about “strike 3” once and for all. All Scioscia had to do was show the ball to the umps. It was still on the field after the Paul rolling, and the scuff mark (or lack thereof), one way or another would have proven whether it hit the ground or not. The balls used in play are always fresh from scuffs, the umps always toss them even if they’re not sure if it hits the ground. The roll to the mound would not have scuffed it. And a scuff from a 90+ slider hitting the dirt would look different from a ball scuffed from the webbing of the the glove would look different. But nobody looked at the ball, Sciosca, Eddings, or the umpiring crew.

In either case, there is no guarantee the Halos would have won in extra innings either. It just is a cruddy way to end a game is all.

Myself, am rooting for the Astros to beat the Halos in the WS, but all 4 teams are deserving.

As for my Tribe, look out in ’06 Sox, my team will be breathing down your neck all year, not just in September. It should make for a great season!

It’s funny how all the Angels fans need to come into the opposing teams blog to defend their team. How insecure do you really have to be to act like they are??? If down deep, they all really thought they were going to win in 5, then they wouldn’t feel the need to keep shouting it out to everyone. There is nothing that says you would have even won game 2 without that bounced 3rd strike call. Mark Buehrle was going out for the 10th and your team clearly couldn’t handle him. Anyway, the play is inconclusive and all of you saying it was clearly caught are blind. Escobar had to stay out there, wrong or right, and he didn’t do his job. And fundamentally, neither did Josh Paul.

Thanks for all the comic relief Angels fans and don’t forget to tell us we are going to lose in 5. We’re a terrible team and we fell into those 99 wins. All of our 1 run wins were accidents too. And don’t worry about our road record, it isn’t that good.

Give it up Holos fans. Gamsjager, the only thing desperate is you and fans of your ilk trying to infiltrate our sanctuary with your rediculous garbage. Jsteu3 is the only one of you who has moved beyond denial and has entered the acceptance phase in the “coping with loss” paradigm. Whatever happened (hit the ground or the glove) the situation was immersed in ambiguity and as such the onus falls on the catcher to get the out (Josh Paul was once in our “B” system, gamsjager, he should know better). Keep dwelling on the past Holos fans cause pretty soon that’s all you’ll have.

I’m extraordinarily disappointed in what this blog has turned into. If I want to see trash talking from any other team..I’ll go to a web site that specializes in that. This blog was created by the White Sox organization for it’s fans to discuss, commiserate and celebrate. NOT for the fans of other teams to come in here and spout their home team rhetoric. They are entitled to their opinions, and when I want them…I’ll go looking for them and ask them, I don’t need them in my “back yard” uninvited. -Dawn

That’s right Dawn, you tell them!!!

Yes Dawn, you can wish that others from posting on this site, but then you must stop some of “your” hard-core bloggers (i.e. manusa, myp) from jumping on other teams blogs and doing the same. I just don’t think you can police them.

As a non-Sox fan (and a Tribe one to boot), I like reading blogs from other teams …. I just hate the venemous ones that really have nothing to say but “We’re great, you’re not”…. As long as it somewhat reasonable, I think it should be allowed … just a 1st amendment type of thinking …..

i am fed up with reading these stories on espn and other sites that umpires get the calls right the majority of the time and “Most of you would take their success ratio into your line of work any day of the week.” Mark Kreidler
Well let me tell you mark, umps don’t have that many tough calls per game to make, and how many times this season have we seen them blow calls on the base paths. If you ask me the umps have gotten worse over the past few years, with the exception of a few. Games have gotten to the point where umpires have become players of the games where their calls or power trips are becoming determining factors. I have never seen so many inconsistent strike zones or blown calls. Understandably, this is baseball and both teams are going to have calls go their way, but umps have to be consistent with their strike zones throughout the game for both teams and at least attempt to make the right calls on the paths. Let not even talk about blown check swing calls. I can even remember this year when tino martinez got thrown out of a game arguing an obvious check swing call where the batter brought the bat around and over his head but wasn’t called out. Can you say power trip because someone got the call wrong.

Why was this particular call so bad even if you disregard whether the ball hit the ground and the timing of the call (postseason), well the ump clearly raised his fist and signaled out after the swing. How can you overturn an out call and how many times have you seen that before. If there is one thing baseball has been consistent with it is that once an out call is made on the bases or at the plate it stands no matter how much the manager argues. The only calls that are sometimes overturned are the questionable home runs. Bottom line, mlb needs to find new umps and stop defending the bad ones. The umpires have one job which is to get the calls right, it isn’t that hard all you do is use your eyes and ears.

Its game day baby! First pitch in about 8 hours- Garlands going to come out strong, and its time for an explosive offensive effort!

Lets go SOX!!

bconrad…you posted before that you were in a dorm and had no cable to view the game on??? If I’m right, Viking(that is still the nickname of the North Park program,is’nt it?)Fox 32 here in Chicago is a COMMERCIAL TV CHANNEL,right? So,if you have a TV in your dorm,there should be no problem…unless the rabbit ears fall off and behind the set…(For those of you who don’t know what rabbit ears are,I’m too old,broken-down and decrepid to tell you youngsters)….
Cybersister Dawn,deanklub has a valid point…free country,free speech…

Now,onto the matter at hand… The boys need to keep doing most of the good things that they have been doing and hold down the(now)home team from La-La Land…keep the animals caged up,and don’t let them loose till next March in Arizona….spring training for those of you in So-Cal who don’t have a calendar handy…

To all who voice themselves,good,bad or indifferent on these and other sites made available to you,feel free…Your comments give us pause,they give us insight and they also give us a laugh and a shake of the head for some of the behavior that compels us to ask…”Do you kiss your mother good-night with that mouth?”

I dont have an allegiance to either team. This is a potentially great series between two balanced, very well-coached teams who excel at low scoring, playoff style baseball. Enjoy it while the rest of us cry over our own team’s failures! Initially, I thought “the play” was an unfortunate mess, but upon further review, I’ve concluded it was one of the great plays in playoff history by Pierzynski. You’re invited to read my critique my analysis here:

Matt,it’s been true ever since the earth was cooling that in postseason baseball,pitching and defense will dominate, with only an occasional (pardon the word)burp of offense gone wild…That has been the case in both series so far…
So to trot out the old cliche(which reminds me,is there ever a NEW cliche?)the teams that advance will be the teams that take advantage of situations given to them and do NOT give those situations to their opponents….

I am an admirer of Tony La Russa and Phil Garner’s teams and,of course,I’m totally partial to the Chi Sox…But whichever teams will be playing beginning a week from next Saturday for the whole ball of wax, expect those tendencies I mentioned earlier to prevail…

Gosh, wasn’t it nice to have a discussion that didn’t degenerate into a giant mud-slinging farce?

Matt, I will read and critique your analysis right now…Good liuck to you and your site…

Yea tomquaid, I’ve got the bunny ears and all but all we get are 2,5,7 and 9. Oh well- I’ve been fortunate enough to be at a lot of the games, but otherwise I make due. I have definitly spent a lot of time down at the Zone- love that place.

And yes, we’re still the Vikings!

Go Sox!

I’m interested to see how Jon comes out tonight. With so many factors at play (first postseason game, long layoff, pitching in front of his hometown crowd) he’s gonna have to harness all that nervous energy and utilize it to his advantage. Conventional wisdom says sinkerball pitchers usually perform better with a bit of fatigue, so I’m hoping a fully rested Garland doesn’t leave any hangers over the plate. We need him to be nails because Lackey’s been the ace of that staff the last couple months, even with Bartolo chasing a Cy Young.
Offensively we just need to pick it up, plain and simple. The onus falls squarely on the shoulders of our hitters. Lackey is susceptible to occasional wildness so be selective. This is what it’s all about fellas. Let’s get home field advantage back. It’s the Battle of the Big Jon’s and I anticipate a great game from our guys.

If this titanic battle comes down through all the scenarios and criteria to a final showdown between Southpaw and the Rally Monkey,my money’s on the O’Cedar mop with legs in the white uniform with the black pinstripes,who could swallow little King Kong in one gulp…
This cheap shot was directed to all the more-than-passionate Sox and Angel fans who have been clogging this site with your verbiage and sewage ever since Ozuna touched home plate Wednesday…


We noe resume our regular programming….

I got Southpaw..GO WHITE SOX!

One thing we got going in our favor, thanks to strong outings by Buerhle and Contreras, is a rested bullpen. The way these games have been going (close, low scoring affairs) I anticipate an extra-inning game soon enough. That would work to our advantage the way I see it. Should Garland get into early trouble, I’m confident Ozzie will not hesitate to bring in the reinforcements. Pitching is our strength, and it’s important that we continue to exert our will on the heart of their lineup. Lackey strikes alot of batters out, but he also walks a few. We need to be patient. Scotty must try to draw that walk, same with Konerko. With free-swingers like A.J. and Uribe on the team, we need some people in the lineup to take pitches and work the count. Play loose fellas, once again it’s you against the world.

I don’t have a problem with free speech..quite the contrary. However, if someone said things I didn’t care for..say about my family, in my own house…I’d kick their a$$es out!!

On a separate note..if anyone can tell me WHAT Southpaw is, I’d be most appreciative!! lol. I’d prefer a big sock with eyes =) -Dawn

One other thing…for all those Sox haters posting on the blog. A short while ago, we had a “not so pleasant” Indians fan in here…and after we took care of them handily, we never saw him again…I suppose that’s what will happen here again =)

I saw a sign that said: Angels 1, Umpires 1. Give it up Angels and focus on the game at hand. You were never guaranteed that win.

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