Game 3 Pregame

Friday, October 12, 2005, 1:15 pm

Game 3 Lineup

Same as the first two games … Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Dye, RF … PK, 1B … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … AJ, C … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Gar, RHP.


In the rush to leave after Game 2, I left my wireless modem in Chicago, so was unable to post yesterday.  Currently, I am sitting in the trainer’s room using the ballpark network to send, so thanks to Herm Schneider and Brian Ball for the assist.


We left right after the game Tuesday and arrived at the hotel around 4 am CT yesterday.  The team worked out for about 1:15 at 3 pm.

Ozzie_5Ozzie on Scioscia

Ozzie had nothing but praise and respect for how Angels manager Mike Scioscia handled the postgame fallout Tuesday, saying "both teams need to turn the page, get this behind them and play baseball."


Don Cooper was again the target for clubhouse jokes after New York’s Mel Stottlemyre resigned as Yankee pitching coach yesterday.

"Coop," Ozzie said.  "Now you can go home, live with your mother and sleep in the same bed you slept in as a kid.

"They’ll need a new monument at Yankee Stadium," Ozzie razzed.  "Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and Coop."

All in fun …


As the team came off the field yesterday after working out, Ozzie called to the players … "Time for sprints … everyone line up and run around Coop three times."

Japanese Media

As yesterday’s workout ended, Tadahito Iguchi held an impromptu press conference on the field with about 25 Japanese journalists.  ABC 7’s Mark Giangreco stuck his microphone into the mix.  I’m sure it made for good TV.


Unbelievably warm.  91 degrees yesterday.  Hotter today.  More seasonable Saturday and Sunday.

Garland_2Gar at Home

Tonight’s starter, Jon Garland, will be pitching just miles from where he grew up.  But Jon, who rarely gets too high or too low emotionally, didn’t seem to think it would make much of a difference to him.

"I’m just happy to be pitching," he said.

Who Would Have Thought …

That a strikeout might turn out to be the most important offensive play of the season …


Today’s Sun-Times (inside back page) contains a correction to a column in some of Thursday’s print editions.  It seems a certain red-faced columnist assumed Jerry Reinsdorf was at the ballpark Wednesday night (and not observing Yom Kippur) when in fact he stayed for batting practice and then went home (Yom Kippur began at sundown).  Hate it when facts get in the way.  Obviously, it was very important to Jerry, as with most members of the Jewish faith, to observe Yom Kippur regardless of if the team was playing and fairly irresponsible of the columnist to make the claim without checking his facts.  Several other reporters, at least one from his paper, asked if Jerry had gone home.  We appreciate the paper’s correction but wish the initial incorrect claim had never been made.  But this is the same guy who once wrote that Freddy Garcia throws left-handed, so consider the source.

Five-Game Series

Tonight turns out to be Game 1 of a five-game series. 


Scotty Pods

A young fan stayed up last night trying to catch Scott Podsednik in the lobby of the team hotel.  He fell asleep on a couch with his dad beside him.

This morning at breakfast, the six-year-old, wearing Podsednik’s uniform had Jerry Reinsdorf introduce him to Scotty P, who then signed an autograph for the youngster and posed for a photo.

Go Sox!


I think you meant to say that the plane got in at 4 AM, unless you flew to LA by going East.

good stuff today, glad to hear ozzie is keeping things loose, even if it is at Coopers expense.
i like how you kept your dropped 3rd strike comments to a minimum as well, i for one have heard more than enough on that little topic.

CMON GARLAND, kick some *** tonight.


That’s a good way of looking at it Scott. This is game 1 of a five game series and we need 3 more. I hope the umps aren’t hypervigilant due to all the mayhem surrounding game 2. Doug “The Eyeball” Eddings made the call how he saw fit, cut him some slack Anaheim and let’s just get back to playing ball.

3 hours and counting!!! Garland on the mound, a fully rested bullpen, and nothing but hot weather out in LA! Bring it!


So excited I can barely stand it…I know Garland is chomping at the bit as we all are. Let’s take one on the road…no one does that better than us!! GO SOX!!!

As far as media that needs correcting, you might want to contact The Sporting News. They reported, in the “Caught on the Fly” column, that there were ten thousand empty seats for Game 1 of ALDS. Interesting that I was there and it was filled to the rafters with fans that were happy beyond words. But you know, it is so much more fun to imply we are an awful fandom that can’t fill a stadium.

But on to happy news, I was forced to sing “Go, Go White Sox” in a meeting today, but I did it for the team. I felt humiliating myself in public had to appease the baseball gods in some way🙂


I hear ya Sox sister. I got surges of adrenaline coursing through my veins right now; the calm before the storm. I’m watching ESPN right now and of course they’re talking about the “incident”. I feel bad for the Cardinals and Astros. They’ve become the red-headed stepchild of the playoffs.

almost game time. i hope that garland will be okay, but i wouldn’t be surprised to lose tonight before winning with freddie tomorrow. go sox, j.k. in ky.(back to tucson tomorrow).

That was simply amazing Garland. Congratulations! You pitchers are our salvation! God Bless!

Great game fellas! Garland is the truth! Offense picked up the loose ends and gave us a fighting chance. Took home field back, Halos!

Hitting came up big. Garland pitched a game that you won’t have to remember…posterity will tell you about this until your a wrinkly grandpa dead in your grave! Great game Garland, with all that rest you bucked the rested sinkerballer trend.

Great game pitched by Jon… I was sporting my garland jersey as soon as i got out of work ready for the show.
Nice to see jd, paulie and carl getting some knocks early. The damage never seems to come from the same part of the order twice in a row. I love it.

Now all we need to do is win 2 more. We got freddy on the road, jose, and roll it back over to mark. feels great.

by the way, where are our energetic halo fans?

It was Angels in 5, right?

let’s see freddy pull out another lights out performance on the road. we all know he can do it.

let’s keep it going tomorrow night…


Garland was just awesome! One mistake to Cabrera, and that was it! He had the same great pitch that Buerhle had Wednesday nite: Strike One. And the timely hitting was back too. Gotta like that.

As for the cardinals-astros not getting attention: the media are confused this year without a NY/BOS/ATL/east coast team in the ALCS/NLCS.

what a great game for Garland, and for the whole team… Garland proved himself, as well as Konerko and Iguchi.. it is great to show the “angels”, (if that their name)who the sox are, and in their field.. I hope that Angels fans stopped crying already,,, i loved it to see A.J. very excited in the game,,, he looked very comfortable, even that they booed him, but who care…. Go SOX….I will post one more time when i have some more thoughts, till then, keep celebrating tonight and lets get ready for tommorow’s game, and as Ozzie said “We look at each game by itself, we don’t look back we just look at the present”(in his words of course).. well lets party tonight and lets keep winning.. GO SOX, GO SOX, GO SOX…

I just got back from Anaheim Stadium, and I have to say what a game. Garland was a monster on the mound, and Konerko’s 3 RBIs were huge. I was sitting not too far from Eddings, and I have to say that the Angels fans weren’t too nice to him. Some of the fans had signs: one was an eye chart, a picture of him with LIAR, and lots of stickers with FIREDOUG.

I was surrounded by a bunch of Sox fans. I was a little worried being the only Sox fan in a sea of red. I sat next to a nice Angels fan couple that we chatted a lot through the night. Before the game started, we joked about if we catch a ball, depending on what team hit it, we would give the ball to one of us.

Lo and Behold, Konerko hit a foul ball on the right field side, and I was able to CATCH it! YES! I was told later I was on tv. A bunch of people called me on my CELL to tell me I was on TV smiling, waving my priced catch.

AMAZING night! I couldn’t ask for a better night for our Sox to win, a foul ball hit by Konerko, and enjoying a great day at the ballpark.

Now, onto game 4, and I will be there yet again, cheering our Sox to victory. And to top it off, I will be there for game 5 as well.

Go Sox!

What a great game Garland pitched. To be honest I did not expect him to be that good. Konerko comes through again!! Go White Sox!!! Was it just me or did it seem like the Fox announcers were Angel fans? Lou Pinella saying where is the rally monkey? (Oh and by the way) Jon Garland is pitching a good game. In a disappointed tone. I guess they are auditioning for calling Angel games next year.

I sent a letter (below) to the Sun-Times today. I’m in Florida, so could you or anyone in Chicago that posts here tell me if they have the testicular fortitude to actually run it on Sunday.


Mariotti’s the Rube – not us

Early in a 20-year naval career I relied on a Sunday subscription to the Sun-Times in order to keep tabs on the White Sox, while stationed overseas. I didn’t subscribe to the Tribune, because there was plenty of news about the Cubs available, and I didn’t identify with them as much as I did the Sox. However, with the advent and growth of the internet, I was eventually able to “connect” to the Chicago sports scene more readily and decided to forgo my Sunday paper.

Now, I’m on the verge of forgoing the Sun-Times altogether.

I appreciate that your columnists – much like a sports radio personality – tend to intentionally provoke in order to illicit response. However, after his October 11th article, I’ve reached a point of disgust with Jay Mariotti’s rare combination of snivel and elitism.

I cannot continue to read lines like, “These folks are so preoccupied with identifying so-called enemies that they come off as small-town rubes instead of major-market sophisticates.”

An entire article about how others don’t “get it” does NOT make Jay Mariotti a major-market sophisticate.

Calling out Kenny Williams for not being able to pull the trigger on a mid-season trade, when ironically the vast majority of the team is on the roster as a result of either a free agent signing or Kenny Williams’ ability to pull the trigger on a trade does NOT make Jay Mariotti a major-market sophisticate.

Discounting a major motivational force driving a team with a chip on their collective shoulders, because few – if any – experts expected them to get this far, does NOT make Jay Mariotti a major-market sophisticate.

Distorting Aaron Rowand’s comment of asking why anyone would be negative to serve his own needs within an overwhelmingly negative column does NOT make Jay Mariotti a major-market sophisticate.

However what these things do accomplish is to point to Jay’s inability to understand the game.

If he knew the game, he’d know that winning and chemistry more often than not go hand-in-hand, so Kenny Williams adding a bat at the possible expense of chemistry is a concern to weigh when you’re winning. Plus, it still takes at least two willing parties to make a deal.

If he knew the game, then he’d know that if a team gets mileage from an “us against the world” mentality, you go with it. You don’t shoot it down when you’re players are drawing on the perception for motivation – you nurture that position and point to whatever fosters its continued success.

If he knew the game – and especially Chicagoans – he’d slowly back away from the negative Aaron Rowand quotes. Rowand personifies what Chicagoans love to identify with in a professional athlete. His hustle and willingness to get after it are all anyone could ask. What’s not pointed out when people talk about his trying to score in Game 2 against the Angels is that Joey Cora was right there yelling for him to get up and go for home. He didn’t look back. He trusted; got up and gave it his all. He ran out of gas and fell face first trying to score, but considering we’ve waited generations for a World Series winner, there’s nobody else I’d want trying to score.

Ironically it’s Jay Mariotti that just doesn’t get it. There are generations of Chicago baseball fans that have waited for a winner – in vain. We DO have two teams and unless there’s an “EL” series expecting White Sox staff, players or fans not to invoke the Cubs into the conversation is ridiculous and naive. When the Cubs were in the hunt I wasn’t rooting for Florida. I was excited about the possibility that all my years of following players like Jose Cardinal and Ivan DeJesus along with Ernie Banks and Billy Williams were going to finally payoff.

That’s what this boils down to. Now the White Sox are in the hunt. Now, we’re excited about the possibility that all our years of following players like Pete Ward and Wilbur Wood along with Harold Baines and even Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams are about to finally payoff.

For those loyal Northsiders watching the series begrudgingly, I ask you to ask yourself what Harry Caray would be doing if he were here today. Personally, I think he’d be joining Nancy Faust in a rousing rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. After all he sang it on the South Side way before heading to the friendly confines. Either way, I hope he’s up there sharing a cold one with Bill Veeck.

If Jay Mariotti still doesn’t get any of this – then he’s the rube.

To my great delight, I’m once again left saying…where do I start. Jon, what a game…we love you and I knew you had it in you…I’m still tingling. Offense…too many names to shout. Paulie..YOU da man!! We play that this, and no one can touch us. Navy….well said. poignant, well thought out and insightful. What we always wanted to say, but couldn’t put into words!! I love this team. We can do THIS!!!! -Dawn

Awesome points, navylifer

WOW! Navy, you said it all. Veeck, Carey, my father, who’s ashes are behind home plate at ‘Comiskey’, Ursula of the ‘Alex and Ursula Nelleis family donating $100 a homer to white sox charities’.. our heavenly fans are kickin it up a notch..

Cogeo.. I was thinking the same thing about that stupid *** rally monkey..


A note to Mike Scosia and Lou Pinella:

Mike, by pitching out in the 8th, did you seriously think that Ozzie would squeeze?

Lou, “Joe Crede will probably bunt” in the 9th inning??

Boys, you haven’t done your homework. Ozzie RARELY bunts; he would much rather add to the Sox record as the worst team with runners in scoring position. You boys are confusing the Sox with the Cardinals, the second best team with runners in scoring position, because, among other things, LaRussa understands the value of the bunt.

The Sox win by pitching and defense, NOT by managing. John Garland proved that yesterday. Nice job, John!

navylifer: Thank you for so eloquently stating why Mariotti deserves no respect, and why the Sun-Times doesn’t deserve our 50 cents each day. I’ll have my boyfriend keep an eye on the paper in case they do have the testicular virility to publish your letter in full.

Regarding Lou Piniella: If Jimmy Piersall or Tom Paciorek is still around, I’d love to have of the them be the third guy in the booth (especially Jimmy), instead of an unemployed manager. Lou cannot keep track of the outs, talking about moving the runner over when there was already one out. Pitchers may do that in NL, but not starting White Sox players.

Back again, your favorite Cubs fan.

First let me get this out, manusa, pterygoi, palehoses, and dbrusa…once again the true passionate fans. You must be elated, the pitching the Sox have brought to this series is phenomenal. Actually until Lackey, both staffs have been off the cuff. This has been fun to watch. Again you guys/gals deserve it.

Next-It never hit the dirt-Shoe on other foot…you guys would be screaming…rightfully so.

Angels- ALWAYS TAG THE RUNNER. One play didn’t hurt you. Throwing errors, mental errors, and clutch hitting by Crede hurt you.

By the way….Bartman did not cost us a playoff series. See above Angels for cause (except substitute Marlins for Crede). One play does not cost a game. You have nine innings to separate yourself from your opponent.’re right! Very Inspiring! I will root for my city and all those who played hard. No matter how hard it is. I can get over the Sox/Cub thing. I can get past North/South. Getting past Reindorf, the guy who let that Spongebob of a man tear our Bull dynasty down…that’s real hard. But for Chicago and the passionate, I can relate. Play good ball…you will win. Every team playing deserves to be there. Enjoy this…IT’s great baseball!

Kolsens…you’re the reason I complained about you Sox fans to begin with. Sox fans feel Cub Fans don’t know ball. Here’s something for you. “Ozzie rarely bunts.”? Even I know the sox have more sacrifice hits this season than the Angels-39, Yankees-28, Red Sox-14, White Sox-57! I believe rawithin the top 2-3 in the AL. Don’t be fooled…Ozzie is a main reason you’re here! Again, even I think he’s done a good job. By the way…bunting doesn’t play a role with performance of hitting with runners in scoring position, unless it’s a squeeze. It puts runners in scoring position.

Well….I’ll actually be at the game tonight…as a baseball fan, wanted to see at least one more live this season. I am a Chicago transplant. Look for me…I’ll be the one in the Santo Jersey…Rooting for Chicago!

navylifer…you poured out your heart and your beliefs to the editors of the Bright One…however,I doubt that it will be published in full for two resons:1)too many big words and 2)it makes too much sense…
Nevertheless,bravo to you,lifer….This year could very well be dedicated to folks like us who have lived and(mostly)died with this franchise since we were children—which,I fear,some of the fans(?)in So-Cal behaved like last night….

I enjoyed reading this post, as I do all of your posts. Especially the part about the young fan and Scotty Pods. He is, by far, my favorite player on the Sox.. nearly every game that I have been to, he’ll take the time to sign for the fans, only if he can for just a few minutes. Or, like on the 4th of July, for an hour. He is so personable, and just an all around great guy and athlete. Kudos to Pods…and the rest of the guys.

Just a comment about the whole Steve Perry thing…Jonathan Cain is a co-writer of that song and probably more responsible than Perry for the lyrics, especially considering Cain is from Chicago.

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