Game 3 Afterthoughts

Saturday, October 15, 8:28 am


Photo by Andrew T. Malana /

Huge Game

What a game!

It was incredibly important to win Game 3 like we did last night, especially knowing we have Games 6-7 at U.S. Cellular Field in front of our fans.  After last night’s victory, everyone was reminding one another that there was still a long way to go and a lot of baseball to be played.  Focus on one day at a time, one game at a time.  Our pitching has been fantastic, but the Angels remain dangerous.  As Ozzie says, "Let’s not wake the monster."

Instead, let’s keep this momentum going into Freddy Garcia’s start tonight.

Ozzie also had a great comment before the game yesterday … "Our goal is to not wake the monkey."


Speaking of …

In addition to giving us the 3-0 first inning lead last night, Paul Konerko’s home run took the Anaheim crowd and its thundersticks right out of the game.  Their only loud moment came on Cabrera’s home run in sixth inning.  Did anyone else notice his pose after the swing?  I think Jon Garland did.

Duke_1Sea of Red

As I am sure you all saw (in person or on television), Angels fans do love to sport the team’s colors.  I mentioned to Brooks Boyer, our VP of Marketing, that we should have a "Wear Black and White Night" next season.


After each victory, baseball tradition has the guys already in the clubhouse meet the team at the door exchanging high fives and fist knocks.  Same thing happened last night.  As the members of the bullpen trickled in, several Sox good naturedly congratulated the bullpen on a great job.


On our starting pitching …

"I think each one of our starters has pitched like an ace at some point in the season.  I don’t think too many teams can say that."


Came up big with a bunt, two hits and a teriffic double play in the first inning.

How Hospitable

The Orange County Register has been Questionmarkrunning, on the top of its front page, a photo and brite titled, "87 Seasons of White Sox Futility."  Yesterday the newspaper had a note about the Black Sox scandal, "draping a cloud of shame on the national pastime."  Today, it ran a photo from when Eric Dybas assaulted umpire Laz Diaz in 2003 with the text, "Crazed fans are part of Sox lore.  In 2003, an umpire was attacked on the field for no reason; in 2002, a drunk man and his son went after a rival coach."

So nice of them to describe the team and its fans in this way.  But I am not sure what they are trying to accomplish.  Do they want to anger us?  Instill fear of Chicagoans in their fans? Or just make the Angels look bad when (and if) they lose to a franchise as futile as ours (sarcasm is intended).

On The Bus

after the game, a commentator asked, "what do you think Chicago is like tonight?"  Our guess was rocking.  Enjoy and let’s get them again in Game 4.



Wow!!! That was a excellent game last night. I couldn’t have enjoyed it anymore unless I was there. Jon threw a gem last night. The bats were alive too. I was still fired up when I woke up this morning. Tonight’s game cannot come soon enough. I’m interested to see what Freddy will bring to the table tonight. I’m sure he wants to show what he is made of too. Our pitching staff is spectacular. At the sports bar last night an Angel fan came up to me on his way out the door claiming that the Sox didn’t have good starters. Didn’t the White Sox starters just throw about 27 innings of lights-out baseball??? Only gave up 6 runs in the process too. Absolutely amazing!!! I wonder how many halo fans will be on this blog today. Weren’t they all saying Angels in 5??? Keep dreamin’ Angels fans.

And yes Scott, I did notice Cabrera’s pose after his homer. That’s a pretty interesting thing to do considering they were still down 3 runs.

That was a great win, since I have game 6 and 7 tickets. I would be very happy if I didn’t get to use them.

What,no controversy??? What a marvelously boring game it was last night… As the last out was recorded,a certain five letter word creeped into my brain…And it is contingent on tonight’s contest…If Garcia does what he’s capable of, and the bats and gloves continue what they’re capable of,dare we say it? Dare we think it? I’ll give you a hint… it starts with s, ends with p and rhymes with “cheap”(which is what management will be considered if they don’t re-sign Konerko),”sleep”(the mode that the Sox want to keep the Halos in)and “deep”(which is the amount of doo-doo that LA will be in)…
By the way,how about those fans last night? Class,with a capital “K”,wasnt’t it?

This did not happen,but the joke is too good to pass up… I was on a CTA bus coming down here today,and a woman said rather loudly,”I can’t stand the jerks on this route…” A stop later, three Angels fans got off…

Personal to the sports desk at the Orange County Register…I wish I knew the exact way that a raspberry would look in type, because that is exactly what I would send your way for your front page diatribes concerning the Chicago White Sox….However, your treatment is,in the famous words of the late Howard Cosell,”…like throwing spitballs at a battleship…”

For all the grammarians out there, I apologize…the word that should have been used in my first post,second line,should have been “crept” instead of “creeped”… I have subsequently lashed myself 10 times with a soggy Tribune as punishment….
Have to go,now…to mentally prepare for tonight…take in the St L-Hous matchup and maybe watch a bit of the only matchup that I am silently rooting for a sports team from Southern California to win today…it’s called “football”

You folks know what football is,don’t you? It’s what the Bears think they’re playing…

More later….

In conclusion, I’m going back to write down the lineup on my scoresheet for the boys…It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what it will be,does it?
See ya….

Scott, thanks so much for the inside news. As a Chicago-native, White Sox fan in Florida, surrounded by NYers and always getting NY on Fox, I wish I’d discovered this blog sooner. After the lack of timely hitting in games one and two, I am so glad we are out of this mini-slump. It was so important to get those 4th and 5th runs off of Lackey. They really looked like the Sox that started the year.

Someone should tell the Fox broadcasters how the Sox took the lead first in nearly every game the first two months of the season. Those guys are clueless. Fox covers baseball one game a week for some of the season, while ESPN does a great job several times a week the entire season. I wish we had ESPN’s crews doing the games now. The first series was much more enjoyable with Boomer and company, and Miller/Morgan are also top-notch. Do others out there agree?

How dare those dirty Sox cheat again! I mean, if Paulie doesn’t push that ball over the left field wall, Jermaine doesn’t get that hit, Iguchi doesn’t relay that throw and Garland doesn’t pitch so **** good, the Angels obviously would of won.

I hate Chris Berman. Sutcliffe was good though. Your right about Fox being clueless macsrule.

I think for the rest of the home games in the playoffs fans should wear either all black or all white.

Chicago sure was rockin, love bein’ in the city during all of this! Thanks for the continued inside look Scott, and thank you Garland for an incredible effort despite all the doubt. And to Pauly, Guch and everyone else- you guys rock. Simply put!

Keep it rollin!

I was at the game last night. And surprisingly amongst a small but relatively loud group of SOX Fans along the right field line. (Right about where our man Douggie was umpiring.) Whom by the way I feel terrible for…you should have heard some of the things these ‘crazed’ Angels fans said. In any case, the stadium went silent after Paulie’s huge homerun. After Iguchi’s beautiful twin-killing. After Garlands endless K’s…The List goes on. It felt really great to sit in the sea of red with an aura of SOX PRIDE around me. Hopefully this huge win will be the catalyst to more White Sox Winners. GO SOX

Pterygoi…you’re right. I’m sure they’ll find some way to say we cheated and didn’t just beat them. -Dawn

Back again, your favorite Cubs fan.(repost)

First let me get this out, manusa, pterygoi, palehoses, and dbrusa…once again the true passionate fans. You must be elated, the pitching the Sox have brought to this series is phenomenal. Actually until Lackey, both staffs have been off the cuff. This has been fun to watch. Again you guys/gals deserve it.

Next-It never hit the dirt-Shoe on other foot…you guys would be screaming…rightfully so.

Angels- ALWAYS TAG THE RUNNER. One play didn’t hurt you. Throwing errors, mental errors, and clutch hitting by Crede hurt you.

By the way….Bartman did not cost us a playoff series. See above Angels for cause (except substitute Marlins for Crede). One play does not cost a game. You have nine innings to separate yourself from your opponent.

Navy(yesterday)’re right! Very Inspiring! I will root for my city and all those who played hard. No matter how hard it is. I can get over the Sox/Cub thing. I can get past North/South. Getting past Reindorf, the guy who let that Spongebob of a man tear our Bull dynasty down…that’s real hard. But for Chicago and the passionate, I can relate. Play good ball…you will win. Every team playing deserves to be there. Enjoy this…IT’s great baseball!

Kolsens(yesterday)…you’re the reason I complained about you Sox fans to begin with. Sox fans feel Cub Fans don’t know ball. Here’s something for you. “Ozzie rarely bunts.”? Even I know the Sox have more sacrifice hits this season than the Angels-39, Yankees-28, Red Sox-14, White Sox-57! I believe the Sox are within the top 2-3 in the AL. Don’t be fooled…Ozzie is a main reason you’re here! Again, even I think he’s done a good job. By the way…bunting doesn’t play a role with performance of hitting with runners in scoring position, unless it’s a squeeze. Bunts put runners in scoring position.

Well….I’ll actually be at the game tonight…as a baseball fan, wanted to see at least one more live this season. I am a Chicago transplant. Look for me…I’ll be the one in the Santo Jersey…Rooting for Chicago!


I was at the game last night as well, and I was in the group of South Siders near Eddings. The energy we had there was amazing. So much so that I was able to catch Paul Konerko’s foul ball.

Through the Angels cheers and thundersticks, Sox Pride was there, matching their cheers head to head, jumping up excitedly as a Sox made a nice play, got on base, or Garland’s monster of an outing!

I will be heading down again for Game 4 in a few hours. Lets get another win! Go Sox!

Uh, shouldn’t the White Sox be wearing WHITE SOCKS instead of black ones? Especially since the scandal team was nicknamed the Black Sox?

The team was lookin healthy last night. Freddy needs to keep that momentum going. Congratulations on the baby Freddy. Pound the Planet of the Apes!

Here we go… I say Freddy goes 6+ tonite. He just has to throw strikes to win. Too many walks results in 2- or 3-run homers that we cannot afford.

Here we go again. Brace yourself for round #2 of “Poor, Unfortunate Angels”, an epic tale of deceit and betrayal.

The White Sox are unstoppable this year. They have only one playoff loss. They are going to win the World Series and after this game i believe that they will. This was the best and longest game in the World Series. They say that last year with the Red Sox was the best year but i believe this was the best year. Go White Sox!!!!!

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