Game 4 Pregame

Saturday, October 15, 2005, 2:30 pm


Same as the last three games … Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Dye, RF … PK, 1B … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … AJ, C … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Garcia, RHP.

Killing Time

Guys have been coming to the ballpark early in the postseason with so much nervous energy circulating.  Today, most sat and watched college football … ND vs. USCNd on the screen except for when AJ snagged the remote to flip to Florida Gators vs. LSU.

"I hate football," Ozzie Guillen said.  "I don’t know anything about it, college or pro, don’t know who plays or when they play.  I did get on Notre Dame yesterday because I knew it would make Ed Farmer mad."

Needless to say, the Astros vs. Cardinals game was on in Ozzie’s office.


El Duque, owner of his own impressive postseason resume, walked up to Jon Garland in the trainer’s room and paid homage to Gar, waving his hands and bowing in front of last night’s winner.

LopezGeorge Lopez

Who got to know GM Kenny Williams when he played Chicago earlier this summer will be a guest of KW’s in the club suite tonight.  He’d better be wearing Sox gear


White Sox employees and investors were located down the right field line at last night’s game (and again tonight) and tried their very best to be visible and vocal.

Go Sox!


Well, it is nice to hear that our guys are relaxing after yesterday’s big game, and by the way i hate football too just like Ozzie, haha.. I was very pleased yesterday to hear so many sox fans cheering for us, especially when we had the Homer… I AM feeling very good about tonight’s game, because Garcia was strong last week, and also he has EL Duque to cover his back, so no worries, i am just hopping that our offense stay hot, and maybe get hotter, because we like hot stuff, u know what i mean… Well i will be waiting to watch tonight’s game,, and i am waitless,,, Go SOX! GO SOX, GO SOX!

Let’s take this!! We love you Sox!! -Dawn


First, for the record, I have never suggested that Cubs fans don’t know baseball.

Second, with record to your double post in response to my observation that “Ozzie does not bunt often”, you fail to see the forest from the trees. Yes, the White Sox have sacrificed a lot, but anyone who has watched them day in and day out–and I have–KNOWS that, time and time again, Ozzie has failed to call a bunt when he should have. This has been especially true when we’ve had a runner on third with less than two outs, a situation in which Ozzie RARELY squeezs when he should. Contrast Ozzie with Tony LaRussa, an experienced manager who (like Scocsia and Pinella!) understands that it’s a helluva lot easier to squeeze than it is to hit a fly ball. Ozzie simply does not work on bunting; as game one showed (when CARPENTER–a pitcher–squeezed in the third run!), Tony takes it seriously.

Your resorting to the sacrifice statistic reminds me of a friend who, when I criticized Dusty Baker, waxed eloquently about how, if the Cubs finished above .500, would have three winning seasons in a row. This “fact” was supposed to prove that Dusty was a good manager: NEVER MIND his poor day by day decision making!

I trust that most Cubs fans are smarter than this, even if Cubs management–by rehiring him–is NOT!

Let’s go fellas. It’s game time!

As of the 4th, it’s looking like we picked right up where we left off last night..5-1 Sox!!!

I am tired of the umpire criticism on Fox. They didn’t say a thing when Crede was called out getting back to second (and that was close) and on Rowand out at home (look closely when the tag was placed; it was equally close if not safe). Are the calls the ONLY thing they can talk about? Scott, can you give these announcers some (more) talking points about the Sox?

what the **** is wrong with these announcers, i mean they keep saying that the umpires are wrong, and that they r making the angels lose.. i mean come on get real, just shut up already, i think the best way to watch games is by watching the TV and litening to the radio….and hey, good job by our guys so far, they r stealing bases and scoring runs, even though we don’t have many hits, which is cool.. they r doing their job….looking like a great game so far.. GO SOX!! GO SOX..

I love these White Sox. I love the way they don’t brag. When they hit homeruns, they don’t stand there and stare and admire themselves (like the Angels did for their 2 home runs). They just round the bases. I love their work ethic. They go out there and work hard and do the job, and they’re smart about it, and they’re humble about it. Like South Siders.

Go Sox!!!

–Jeff McMahon

WOW,, WHAT A GAME,, WHAT GREAT STARTING PITCHERS WE HAVE.. Paul went deep in the first and that was the key…one more and we r in the world series, after that we will just need 4 wins to get the dream come true…. GO SOX… WHAT A NIGHT FOR SCOTTY TOO.. GO SOX….

WOW….These guys look unbeatable. We need 1 more win out of 3 to go to the WS. I’m speechless. Can’t say enough about the pitching. Great job, Freddy!! The hitting is as good as it has been all year. Add the solid D and we hold our own destiny. I wasn’t worried when we were down after the first game, and they proved my faith =) I’m soooo proud of each and every one of these guys!!

We have won 11 out of our last 12 games.

Like the Red Sox last year, this is looking like a team of destiny.


Great, great game! Way to go, Sox!!!

After Game 2, my hope was that they would go into Anaheim and walk away with 3 decisive wins, putting that whole DTS b.s. to bed. Well here we are: 2 down, 1 more to go. Let’s finish the job tomorrow, guys!

And to the Sox fans that were fortunate enough to attend the games in Anaheim: Your enthusiasm and support of the team has been awesome! Throughout the post-game coverage tonight, we could hear you quite clearly in the background. Loved it! 🙂

Way to go SOX!!!!! Another great game tonight. PK goes deep and Garcia goes nine. The only thing that concerns me is the bullpen. I would have liked to see the relief pitchers get into the game with a six run lead. Eventually we are going to need them to pitch and I think it would have been beneficial for them to get some playing time. Hermanson hasn’t pitched for a while and I think it would have been good to see how is back is going.

Kolsens..If its easier to squeeze…tell me then genious, how come there are more runs scored in the entire history of ball by a huge ratio..of sacrifce flys vs squeeze plays!!! Why do the Cards you speak of have more runs off SF’s than squeeze plays. This fact isn’t even close. I know you’ve never stepped to the plate, so difficult to really understand…violin lessons huh? Anyway…I’m back from the game…can’t wait to hear all the BS about the calls. They didn’t matter, but the entire blue crew needs to do better. Drank beers and shots with Sox fans…they thought the Santo jersey was brilliant…took me in as one of theirs. This is not natural for me. Still not a Sox fan, but go Chicago!! It was a great night for ball. Congrats!!! I am going tomorrow…found tickets! Man I love baseball…2-3 more weeks…then not til ************!

hi guys, i’m back safe in tucson, and just finished watching the tape of game 4. yeah! baby, way to go guys, simply awesome! what a nice gift on my return. thanks again, how about a celebration tomorrow night? then i WILL be wearing my WS shirt for spring training. nice post from ityszka, but where are the angels fans? must be surfing since their season is over(this is a disclaimer for the above smack just in case i have woken up their team). go sox!!!!
j.k. in tucson…

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