Game 4 Thoughts

Saturday, October 15, 2005, 11:50 pm

You can almost taste it now.  One victory from winning the American League Championship Series.  (I can’t bring myself to write the other words, yet, there is still one game to win).  As great as tonight’s victory felt, remember that in each of the last two seasons, other teams have had this same feeling, enjoyed the same euphoria and entertained the same thoughts about tomorrow.  They all were beaten … the Cubs in 2003 and the Yankees in 2004.

We have not won anything yet, but we are close, very close.  With the next victory comes a well-deserved explosion of joy … 46 years worth of suffering for White Sox fans and the city of Chicago.  Then, it will be on to the next challenge.

Thoughts from tonight

How key to come out and score three runs in the first inning …

How clutch is Paul Konerko …

What a great pitching performance by Freddy …

You gotta love AJ, both for his annoynance and his ability to rise to the occasion with his home run …

How happy are we to see the "old" Scotty Pods back?


Let’s Go White Sox

As Angel fans departed, White Sox fans, with their chants of "Let’s Go White Sox" and "Paulie, Paulie" were audible inside the ballpark.  Way to go Sox fans.  As the game wore on, the sections of Sox fans — including Sox chef Roy Rivas spelling out S-O-X with his body — grew exponentially as other Sox fans from around the ballpark joined the cheering section.  Fans exchanged high fives and hugs as each out was recorded.  Strangers, except for their pinstripes, embraced.  How great was this?


Afterward many of us wondered what the mood was like in thousands of homes, bars and restaurants around Chicago.  Are you enjoying this as much as we are?

Jose Contreras

Let’s close this out tomorrow behind Jose Contreras, celebrate and head for Sweet Home Chicago.  Let’s make tomorrow a memory for Sox fans forever.  You’ve earned it.


I am so excited I can’t sleep.




HEY SCOTT, u won’t believe what is happening here in chicago. Chicago is now all south sided, yes i mean it. restaurants and bars that used to be filled with cub fans are now filled with great WHITE SOX FANS.yes, i work in a restaurant, and there are so many bars around it, and with every out , or every run for SOX u feel like there is a volcano. everyone be yelling and jumping all around, it is a great feeling. it is great to see chicago watching the real baseball team. …….. WELL, one win and it will be another story, one win and we r, offically, the Kings of Chicago . . . . . . . I can’t wait to see us win the clincher, i hope it is sunday because i can’t wait 2 more days… lets sweep them in their home. they swept us in the regular season, but we will try to sweep them in the playoffs.. I am happy that Scotty is back on track,, and i am very happy for A.J. he finally showed the angel fans what kind of great player he is, and i should say that i am sick of FOX announcers…. WELL LETS GO WHITE SOX LETS GO.. GO SOX. GO SOX. GO SOX. . . . . .GOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOX, WE ROCK..







i don’t want to jinx this by looking forward to the WS, but it’s so close now i can taste it. it’s amazing how we have persevered as a team and as a fan base. i remember all of us being very worried in mid-late sept. but we hung in there and in the process extinguished the hopes and irritating comments of indians fans, then red sox fans, and now the taunting angels fans are no where to be seen on this page. good for us. but we’ve also reunited the city of chicago( i wish i was there to bask in this feeling). we have sox posts from cal, from fla., from mich. and from new england to mention just a few. we truly are a nation of believers. let’s do this thing and rest up for next sat. j.k.( lovin’ this in tucson…)


Could you give us the return flight information, when you get it, so those who want to meet the team at the airport will know when to go.


And also, today is my birthday, and I finally have a Sox game to watch on it. I can’t believe the baseball gods would be so cruel as to let them play today and not give us a win (knocking on wood). 🙂


I was seven years old and pretended to be Louie Aparicio when we played baseball every recess…the LAST time our SOX were in the World Series! You are right…so close we can all taste it…but, your caveat is valid…there is lots of work to do to put these Angels away. Concentration and effort is key for our next victory.
And then…Chicago is going to erupt! More than the Bears in ’85 and more than Michaels Bulls! These SOX fulfilling the dream are going to mean more to us than they can even imagine! Wow!

And, thanks, Scott! This Blog has added SO MUCH to our experience of the summer of ’85! And did you catch Sweet Lou’s comments on the crowd at the Cell after Game 2? He said it was the most excited and euphoric crowd he has EVER seen in baseball, other than the 7th game of the world series! Cool. He ain’t seen nothin’yet…wait till the clincher in this year’s series.

Has anybody else turned off the sound on the Fox broadcast?

Go, SOX!

Scott: Just a quick thanks for keeping the blog updated so that the fans back home remain in the know. I’m also would love to know the team’s return flight info.

Chicago is definitely humming. We were at a restaurant/bar in Schaumburg last night (yes, there are Sox fans up “north”, too), and the fans were loud and plentiful.

Still euphoric, and wanting more! C’mon SOX!!! Bring it home tonight!!!

Last night I was still at home (Lincoln Park) when Konerko hit the three run bomb, and I could hear like six people lay on their horns right after it happened. That was pretty neat. But Chicago definitlely feels it, and enjoys it. Hopefully it will be even crazier after tonight!🙂

Oh man Chicago’s feelin it! I love nothing more than the embracing of total strangers after the win! My favorite is the way people are cheering as if we were right there in the park- from the “lets go white sox!,” to the “nah nah nha nh…hey hey good bye!”

Just think of what tonight could bring….lets focus on the big prize here and get it done!

What another incredible game. I can’t contain my excitement. I usually have a smile on my face the entire day. Freddy was awesome last night as well as the rest of the team. What a great bunch of pitchers that we have and everyone else is finally witnessing. It’s definitely good to see Pods getting on base and running.

This has been one of the best months of my life because of this team. I’ve never had so much fun watching the White Sox. This is amazing.

Where are all the Angels fans? Maybe they are practicing their homerun poses with O. Cabrera. Keep up the good work guys HA.

Go get ’em Jose. Go Go White Sox!!!

white sox fans,

How insane is this? we are 1 game away from the world series. i cant even imagine it. Unortuantely i cant be in chicago to bask in all the glory of the white sox because im overseas serving in italy. i have to listen to the espn radio broadcast over the American Forces network cuz im working while the games are being played. Its a pain. how i wish i was in my hometown to watch the games, listen to ESPN 1000, and share this with all the the other white sox fans, but uncle sam needs me here. If we go to the world series and win it, i am going to take leave from italy to chicago in january and go to Sox fest. I need to go and support my team cuz around here i think i know 2 white sox fans total. I hear Chicago is buzzing with excitement about the sox. i wish i could be there to see it cuz as we all know the cubs get most of the media attention, and i would like to see what chicago looks like with the sox 1 game away. well sox fans, lets go get them tonight. Ill be listening 7 time zones away, but my spirit will definitely be on the South Side. GO SOX!!!

I am a SoCal Chisox fan and man I can feel and “taste” the
excitement!! I have been following the Sox since 1974(my 10th year)and this by far is the closest I have seen to a dominant Chisox squad. FINALLY this club is getting some national recognition as a special team. Heck,three straight complete games pitched is special in ANY era! GO GO SOX!!(2005 EDITION)

I’m still in shock. This is an amazing feeling. I keep telling my daughter how mind-boggling this is…this is one of those, once in a lifetime feelings for White Sox Fans!! Never have such long suffering fans deserved such greatness. As they won last night, I was so overcome with emotion, I couldn’t speak. I said it early on…this team is special. There’s just SOMETHING there. This team is on a roll and picking up speed. I can’t tell you how great it feels to be in this city right now… We’ve got them on the ropes now…no letting mercy. Continue to do us proud boys!!!
GO SOX! -Dawn

I have been wiating for this day for 30yrs and my Dad for 60yrs. I hope that they can do it tonight with Jose on the mound.
Today is the Sabbath; I think it is fitting that we have a JC on the mound.

Was anyone else surprised that Pinella had never heard of a “neighborhood” play. He has been involved in baseball for what, 50yrs?

Very little would surprise me about Pinella. I loved him as a player and enjoyed watching him as a coach, but for heaven’s sake….it’s like listening to SCOOTER (the Fox animated baseball character) in the booth.. That high pitched nasally voice is just annoying..not to mention their endless discussions on the officiating…..


To give you a sense of how things are in Chicago… For Friday night’s game I was at the Exchequer Pub on Wabash, in the Loop. The Exchequer has always been Sox friendly, but Friday it was packed with Sox fans, in the bar and in all three dining rooms, hanging on every pitch and filling the place with cheers. When the victory was secured, fans in the bar sang the “Go Go White Sox” fight song from ’59, and then the Exchequer played another Sox fight song on the sound system. I’ve been a Sox fan all my life — more than 40 years — and never experienced anything like this.

Go Sox! We’re with you all the way.

–Jeff McMahon

I can’t speak for how things were last night in Chicago, but I can tell you how things were at my house in Dallas. I am born and raised Southsider and before moving 6 years ago, I would go to 20-30 Sox games a year. I was fortunate to get to tickets to game 2, so I flew to Chicago and took my Dad(who still lives on the Southside) to the game. It was a night I will never forget. My Dad was as excited as I must have been when he took me to my first game at the old Comiskey. It’s not often that you get the chance to create memories like that when you get in your 40’s. The entire crowd laughing, cheering, and hugging; the electicity was incredible. No one wanted to leave. I promised my Dad that if they make it to the Series, I would somehow, someway get us there. These Sox have given us all the chance to feel like a kid again, thank you. I have been glued to the TV cheering away, along with every die hard Sox fan back home. Let’s go White Sox, bring it home.


I was sitting the section to the left of the group of Sox fans that were cheering, “Paulie, Paulie, Paulie” or “Let’s Go White Sox!” As White Sox fans heard the cheers, you saw more and more Sox fans stand up to support our team. Halos fans tried to counter with their own rally call, but a lot of Angels fans had left in the 8th inning.

When I was at the game on friday, my section, 129, was all full of cheers since we had a nice group of Sox fans clustered together. Too bad it wasn’t the same for me on Saturday, but the section, I think it was 230, cheered enough for me because I was huddled in a sea of red and ears ringing from the sound of thunder.

I’ll be leaving soon to head to Anaheim Stadium for what I hope will be a sweep of the Angels. As what many of us were chanting last night after the game, Five more to go! Five more to go! Five more to go!

Go Sox!

When and where is the White Sox charter flight scheduled to arrive on Monday?

Reading these comments from my fellow baby-boomer SWox backers brings pleasurable shivers down my spine, and happy glistenings to my eyes…
Random thoughts….

1)I have counted 435 pitches thrown by the starters in this series in 35 1/3 innings and can only think of,maybe,FOUR mistakes thrown…not a bad ratio…

2)King Paulie the First is exactly right when he says that this series is not over..but as Hallmark Cards used to advertise, “It’s the next best thing to being there.”

3)How about some appropriate music for tonight…For the Sox, what else except “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen…For the Angels,what else except “Brahms Lullaby”….

4)You know how hard it is to say something through clenched teeth? Well, it must be excruciating for the columnists at the Bright One to have to write their summaries through clenched fingers…

5)Scott, here’s a thought I had that Dave Schaefer and park security and Marc Zucker and Levy Restaurants would just LOVE(yeh,I’m sure)…If the clinch comes tonight, how about throwing the gates open one night this week after the practice sessions have ended and the teams and media have gone home and let the (my words)”great unwashed” who can’t afford to get into the Patio and the Stadium Club and the Bullpen Sports Bar(before MLB hijacks it again)during the season for a communal celebration…I call it that only because pep rallies are good only in high school and on college campuses(just ask Charlie Weis at South Bend…on second thought, DON’T ask him…)This would allow everybody to see what TRUE White Sox fans appreciate…

6)If form follows in this set,and everything aligns properly,all I can say is…get ready,Chi-town for the g******dest explosion of joy and euphoria in…well,46 years….

Oh,just some other points…First,any truth to the rumors that pictures of the Sox bullpen have been printed on the side of milk cartons?(“…Have you seen any of these children?…” Second, the explosion I mentioned earlier,if form stays the way it is, will take place approximately 10:19 PM Chicago time tonight…

I now restore the caps to Manuusa…

To jtyszka@alliedswiss…althoughyou did not mention my name among those you congratulated in your recent post, I take no offense…I’m used to being ignored for my contributions…I’m just happy to be able to make ’em….

Got to go now and fill out my scoresheet…I know Ozzie’s lineup better than he does…

Remember, if they do clinch tonight, be happy but BE SAFE,NOT STUPID…..

More on Monday….

tomquaid- your idea of the rally after a practice sometime this week might have been the best one I’ve heard in a while. I think the players deserve to see all the support they have behind them, and we as the fans deserve a chance simply to gather and GO CRAZY for our team!!!

Cant wait much longer until first pitch- LETS GO WHITE SOX!!!


Congradulations Staff, managers, players and associates. This is sincerely a great time in Chicago baseball history. It is a celebration and what better time than now to introduce the world of baseball to the icon, the legend in the game. Altho the infamous player and promoter of White Sox baseball is gearing up to bring the ball home that shing light and good luck charm the one, the only “Oil Can Handy”, who is waiting in the wings. With his signature long furry sideburns and handle bar mustache, the legend is taking in a breather in hopes of breaking away from the amatures in an attempt to bring it all home. As any shining light will tell you the winning is usually a matter of beginnings. So as we begin to savor the lime-light let us take a minute to remember from whence the White Sox came (and about where we’re going) as we wind up with an impressive run and scoring average through-out this entire season. And so another torch in the game of basball emerges to lead the pack to victory. It is our day in the sun. Lets keep that lightning at the bat for a 2005 victory in the windy C. Say-hay go all the way “White Sox” and remember the Oil Can is watching from a distance. From the duggout with

M.C. Oil Can Ronn

the Legend

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