Game 5 Pregame

Sunday, October 15, 2005, 3:15 pm

Tonight’s Lineup

Same as the first four games ("If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it") …

Pods, LF … Iguchi, 2B … Dye, RF … PK, 1B … Everett, DH … Rowand, CF … AJ, C … Crede, 3B … Uribe, SS … Jose, RHP.

Pregame Focus

Yesterday, about 45 minutes before game time, a huge roar went out from the White Sox clubhouse as USC beat Notre Dame on the last play of the game.  After the last play, Ozzie shouted, "OK, we have a baseball game to win."  And the salsa music immediately began to play.

As I walked out of the "closed" clubhouse, a lobby full of media looked at me and asked, "What just happened in there?"

"Just our pregame routine."

Today, players did Soduku, watched NFL football and talked fantasy football moves.  All in all, a pretty loose clubhouse.


Aaron Rowand was talking to me about friends he knows in the military.  I mentioned to him that many of the readers of this blog seem to be overseas in the U.S. military and are following the Sox via internet.  "Cool," he said.  "It’s too bad they can’t be in Chicago or here to watch, but tell them we appreciate what they are doing and thank them for all the support."  So thanks.


Our ad agency, 2 X 4, came up with a very cool idea that ran last Thursday in the Sun-Times and Tribune.  If you didn’t see it, the ad for 2006 season tickets showed images of El Duque during his amazing inning against the Red Sox.  Many people have written me about it.  I will try and get a copy posted here as soon as I get back to Chicago.

Updated 10/19: Click on these two links and you can see those creatives:

Download duque.jpg | Download squeeze.jpg

Travel Plans

Win or lose, we will be traveling tonight after the game.  This means we will be arriving sometime between 4-6 am at Midway.


This series is not over yet.  One win to the W.S.


Go, go, go White Sox!

Oh God.. I can’t breathe.. they need to get this game rolling!


As promised to my husband…top of the 8th..I apologize for every bad thing I ever said about Joe Crede!!! Talk about Mr. Clutch!! Let’s go guys…6 outs away!!


This recent South Side transplant to California is FREAKING OUT! 1 more out!!!

GO SOX! Congratulations!

HOLY S***!!!!!!!!!! They did iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG…OMG.. WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!! This one’s for Double Duty Radcliffe!!! Thank you, Jose..WHAT A GAME!!! -Dawn

Way to go, Joe and Jose !!!!!


I sooo want to go meet the team, but I live wayyy north of the city. Scott mentioned they are coming in between 4-6 AM, but I would like to know if that’s concrete since they won. Any ideas how to find out??

As a long time reader, first time poster, all I want to say is…. YES!

Sox have now won three straight series, eliminating Cleveland (yes, that was the warmup series), Boston, and LAAofAnaheim.

Who starts saturday? Contreras would be ready on 5 days rest.

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all!!!!!!!!!!!j.k. in tucson, i can now rest in peace, thank you. out.

JK…we’re not done yet =) We’re gonna make this a year for the ages!! and Macsrule…does it matter😉 They all ROCK!! -Dawn

CONGRATULATIONS CHISOX! You won the pennant, and I hope like heck that you win it all. I, a die-hard Yankee fan, will be rooting for you as loudly as I can. Congrats, and I truly hope you win the World Series!


what a great day for white sox fans! i am overwhelmed…dominating performances for the last few weeks. we are 10-1 over the last 11…

Go Sox!!

i also have to apologize for ragging on joe this year, mr. crede i salute you!

Salena…God love ya…THAT’s the true spirit of the series and baseball!! Let’s do this..for Chicago, for the American League, and for all those that have past before getting to see it!! GO SOX! -Dawn

Ohhhh by the way…The rally monkey has been spanked =)


UNBELIEVABLE SEASON! Wonderful team and wonderful fans! 4 More wins!

Will the mayor order the air raid sirens to go off?
The game was not shown in my country (Israel) but I imagine I will see it later. I can’t describe the enjoyment I have had this year following the Sox, even if it is by “remote” control. Our prayers for a good, sweet new year have been answered.



And THAT is why I’m a WHITE SOX fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jose and every SINGLE one of you for all you’ve done for us!! What a GREAT day to be a White Sox fan!!

It ain’t over yet though!!!! 4 MORE WINS!!!

This is the best team play that I have ever seen in Chicago in the last 40 years. I am proud to be a life long White Sox Fan.


Going to bed as ACLS Champs for the first time in my **********, it feels good!! More to be done, but let’s enjoy this for the next few days!!! GO SOX!!

What a feeling! Sox in the series!!!!! We’ll worry about Saturday in the morning. Right now, its time to PARTY!!!!


THANK YOU, WHITE SOX! The South Side is the BEST side!

Dawn, I heard someone on tv reiterate during the post-show that the team would arrive at Midway around 4am, so I’d get to 63rd Street closer to the 4am mark than 6am.

I can’t wait for Daley’s reaction and all the celebrations we are going to have coming up to this Saturday!


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! The White Sox just gave me the best birthday present EVER! Thank you, Sox. Congrats. Go, go, go, go White Sox. We’re with you all the way!


Oh, it’s so good to still be alive for this precious moment in history! I lived in the Back of the Yards in 1959 and to still be alive in 2005 to savor this moment… How sweet it is! GO GO WHITE SOX! Win the World Series for CHICAGO!!!!

i live in jacksom, ms and have been a white sox fan pretty much all my life. i plan on driving up to chicago for games 6 and 7 if we haven’t won by then. any suggestions for what bars to go to if i can’t find a ticket to the game? go sox!


There are some awesome bars around the Bridgeport area (Near Cell One). Shaller’s Pub in on 37th and Halsted, great place to eat/watch the game. Shinnigs on Union and 38th is also an awesome place. Both will be rocking!

You can check out a site called to get the low down!


The best part about this is: now *everybody* knows what we know, that this team is great. Not just the pitching staff, or Paulie, or how crazy Ozzie is, but how clutch Joe Crede is.
How steady Iguchi is.

How gritty AJ is.

How strong Juan’s arm is.

Who’s not ready? Let’s go get the next one.

OK, Scott… so you remember how I said the city was humming last night? OMG – you should have seen it tonight. It was truly AMAZING!

After the win, we drove from our home in Buffalo Grove, down to Bridgeport. The streets were jammed bumper-to-bumper. You could hear honking horns from every block. Cars were packed with fans waving Sox flags and banners. Other fans on foot spilled out onto the streets from just about everywhere. Banners hung across the road proclaiming “Congratulations to the AL Champs”. A huge congregation of people flocked to 35th and Wallace chanting and cheering for the team. (Sadly, the police broke up the crowd, which was pretty well behaved considering the size of the group and the general excitement in the air.) Even as we left (around 1:30 am), people were still out celebrating. I’ll never forget what it was like down there in the heart of Sox territory.

Can you imagine what it would be like after a World Series win? I don’t want to just imagine it… I want to live it!!!

Go White Sox! We are SO proud of you!!!

Last night ws one of the most wonderful things I have witnessed. I can’t wait for the Series to start. All those doubters are now believers. Way to go White Sox to fight back and regain the lead last night. Joe Crede has proven above and beyond his worth, as well as the rest of the team. What a staff we have. 4 complete games???? This is unheard of. Go Go White Sox!!!

I am just so excited. I’ve been a fan sice I was a little girl and have never wavered in my support for the White Sox.

I’m glad this team came together this season with that certain mix that was able to get them all the way to the Series.

I knew they could do it. It’s our year!!!


Thank you White Sox, thank you! You made a grown man weep like a little baby last night.

I feel like I’m dreaming! Being a life long SOX fan, this is one of the best sports moments of my life! Now if I could just score tickets for the series, my life as a sox fan will be just about complete…complete once we win the series!!

Is there going to be an opportunity to buy the team photos from last night??? I’ve asked this question before, but never received an answer. The pic of the team with the pennant shirts on, smoking cigars, and soaked in champagne is the one I am referring to.

kr..I hear ya. I was thinking how sweet it would be to have a collage of all 3 we’ve seen so far (and if I’m not getting too far ahead of myself, the World Series one as well). The greatest Sox team in our lifetime, perhaps ever, enjoying the fruits of their labor!! -Dawn

Congrats to the team. You guys really stepped it up when it counted the most. Pitching was great but we’ve come to expect that. What I didn’t expect was our hitting to be so clutch and timely. You guys have earned this. I’ve never been a fan of any team as humble, selfless and as close-knit as the 2005 Sox are. Good guys finally finish first. I’ve never been more proud to be a fan of anything more than I am right now. I’ve got this perpetual smile on my face since going to sleep last night. This is staggering in it’s magnitude. People keep telling me we’re going to the World Series but I still can’t believe it. Maybe if I keep repeating it to myself…

Oh and props to the Angels and their fans too. You guys got the raw end of a couple deals and handled yourself with a sense of decorum I know I wouldn’t of had had it happened to my team. Out of all the other teams fans that we’ve tangled with (Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, etc.) you guys, most of you at least, were truly classy and knowledgable about the game of baseball. Best of luck in the future.

To all my faithful blog friends…kr, JK-Tucson, palehoses, pterygoi, manausa1, maria…to name a few regulars, I’m thrilled and blessed to be sharing this momentus occasion with all of you. We are truly lucky to have a team such as this to celebrate. Our White Sox are humble, talented, hard-working, sincere guys who have the two things that are needed by any great team…a desire to win and HEART! Thank you to all the guys, Ozzie (by the way, how heartwarming to see the affection he showed to his boys in the dugout immediately after the win) and Kenny for making this all possible!! -Dawn

Don’t sell yourself short Dawn. You were one of the few voices of reason during that September stretch. Your optimism kept alot of us going. No fan is more deserving of this happiness than dbrusa. That’s what being a Sox fan is all about sister. Congrats to you!

Thanks, Dawn.🙂 My thoughts today go out to every Sox fan – and every true BASEBALL fan – I’ve ever met. Although we may at times question the emotional and financial investment that we put into our teams, we now know that when it finally pays off, there is no doubt that it was worth every cheer, every grunt, every penny and EVERY MINUTE that we put into it.

So let’s enjoy this, and by all means, let’s finish the job!!!


My ecstasy is tempered only by the fact that I did not make it onto Dawn’s buddy list. I can’t help hearing the echoing voices of all the doubters, critics of Crede, critics of Contreras, people complaining about Ozzie playing bench players all season to rest the starting position players. The man is wise, very wise. Let’s all go to the church or temple of our choice (mine is the home plate of Old Comiskey), and ask for forgiveness.

Trust in Ozzie.

Thank you, White Sox, and GO SOX!!!

man Dawn, you’re killin me! I thought I earned a spot on your list- after all I post everyday! But its alright, hopefully I can chalk it up to gettin lost in the mix, haha!

What do we have to do to get a White Sox Rally this week before the big opening day on Saturday? Who can we talk to?? This would be such an awesme oppurtunity to get the ball rollin’ on the biggest week of our lives as Sox fans!!!

Lets do something for our guys! They deserve it!!!!

Don’t know about anyone else, but I didn’t really sleep last night for fear that this was just a dream!! WHOOAA YEAH!!!

Does anyone know of any Sox-friendly sports bars in Baltimore, MD? Also, any Sox fans in Israel? My brother is there and it would be great if he and all Sox fans in Israel could watch the WS games together!

Scott and anyone else – any info on getting tickets to the games in either St Louis or Houston?

By the way, SOX WON THE PENNANT!! How crazy, sweet, unbelievable is this??!! I’m stuck in Oriole country, but man my heart is in Chicago now!! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not getting a stitch of work done today! I’m too giddy!!

WS in WS!! Just rolls off the tongue!! Let’s just add a “w” to “in”!!

Is Ozzie retiring in we win it all?

He can’t – we need to chain him to this team!!

Awesome feeling! I either get goose bumps or tear up everytime I hear Rooney’s call repeated on the radio. Speaking of, is there anyway we could get him to stay. It will not be the same without him next year.
4 more.

Trick or treat,two weeks early…
what’s the trick?winning the American League pennant for the first time in 46 years…

what’s the treat? THEY FREAKIN DID IT!!!!

Jackie Gleason was right: HOW SWEET IT IS!!!

A brief timeline to the title,part 1….

top 7,down 3-2…

9:23 pm CT…Joltin Joe puts Escobar into the area nearest the bullpens…can you say tie game,boys and girls?

top 8,tied 3-3

9:57 pm CT…who else but AJ up,with Rowand on first…Comebacker to Escobar,who fielded as subtly as a stripper at a church picnic…Memo to Kelvim…next time,try tagging someone with the ball IN the glove,NOT just the glove…

10:05 pm CT….the biggest White Sox hit since 1959 goes out all of about 10 feet or so into center field,by Joe…

Rowand steams around third,heads home head first and scores to put the boys in front for good…

top 9,4-3 Sox

10:27 pm CT…King Paul the First puts the cherry on top of the sundae with a double to the opposite field…another run for kicks later…

10:36 pm CT…bottom 9 begins

10:37 pm CT…Erstad grounds to Uribe…

10:39 pm CT…Bengie Molina flies out to Rowand…

10:40 pm CT…Casey Kotchman grounds out to Konerko….

Hades immediately freezes over,a man bites a dog and 16,825 days of waiting(thanks,Joe Buck)comes to an end…

I thought afterwards that it was very ironic that the presentation of the League Championship Trophy was by…the widow of the original owner of the Angels…

Bottom line…somebody up there likes us…finally….

To all my cyberbrothers and cybersisters in White Sox Nation…Congratulations!!!

Take the week to decompress and watch the Astros and Cards beat each other up for the privilige of coming to the Cell Saturday night…that should go for the team as well,but that’s entirely up to Ozzie and Kenny….

By the way, the Fab Four isn’t John,Paul,George and Ringo anymore…it’s Mark,Jon,Freddy and Jose…

I’ve been watching baseball for 46 full seasons,starting in 1960 and have NEVER seen dominant starting pitching like this…NEVER…

Savor this,folks…it tastes REAL good…and just imagine what it will feel like in(dare we say it,dare we think it—h*** YES)four more wins…

Talk to you at the end of the week…I’m mentally drained…

My apologies to bconrad and psheehan, as well as mreifer…I was remiss to not include you..they are names I’ve come to recognize as comrads in arms!! Happy to share this with all of you. Watching replays on ESPN is just bringing it all back..given up fighting the emotion and tears..just letting them roll again.. this your brother? If not, he’s a Sox fan who posted above that’s in Israel.

Scott: Just thought you’d like to peruse the headlines about last night….
Chicago Tribune:”PARTY LIKE IT’S 1959.”

Chicago Sun-Times:”WORLD CLASS.”(special section);”SOX-TASY”(main paper)


Thanks Dawn. bardov isn’t my brother. I saw that post and I sent him/her an email. It would be a great boost if my brother could see the games with a bunch of Sox fanatics in Israel. Thanks also for including me on your comrades-in-arms list. Can you believe that 3 weeks ago we were talking choke?! I apologize if I panicked back then! What a run!! What a rush!!

Anyone have pictures from last night’s celebrations on the South side?

Thanks, Dawn for the inclusion into the “club”. you stole my thunder, but i guess it can’t hurt to be redundant. i was going to thank you, as well as TomQ ( terrific posts, insightful, humorous and a bit edgy every so often). thanks Manausa and all the rest. this is indeed a family. i am alone here in tucson ( only yankee and indians friends, with a couple of braves thrown in), so it’s real nice to be able to talk SOX with people who care. as you all know, i’ve been suffering since ’59 and our visit with family in Downers Grove. now i can wear my WS gear next spring training. it doesn’t matter whether we win it or not now ( but since we’re here, we might as well win it). while waiting for my plane out of Nashville sat, i spied a fellow sox fan and we were able to chat for a bit before her flight out. it was sweet, but not as sweet as watching the vcr later that night. only good thing about the SOX not getting any respect is that i wasn’t worried about hearing the score before i got home. that is changing now. thanks again to all. here’s a great big high five to you. see you on sat. j.k. in tucson….

For kr-trepac and any others who are’s a link to a pic of the guys with their champagne soaked shirts, stogies, and smiles.

It’s not the greatest, but….

Scott, If someone wanted to send a letter to a player, what’s the best way to do it?



Where oh Where to watch the Sox?

Okay posted this before, but interested to see feedback on this. A few years ago they opened up the United Center to watch the Bulls on the big screen while they are out of town. Well what about doing this at Cell One for the Sox? Esp. considering their track record of clinching on the road? What better place to be then at Cell One cheering them on (even if they aren’t there?)

Maybe a designated meeting place for all of the (Chicago area) fanatics to watch the game? (Preferably with big screen TVs?) (or have more fun with this and rent out a wrigley area bar to really rub it in the face of the cubs!!!)

Just a few ideas…


I was at a tour at a different stadium and they mentioned the players received mail addressed to them at the address of the park. So… the address of cell one: 333 West 35th Street

Chicago, IL 60616

Good Luck…


Any possibilty of getting the Cell- or even a rally in the parking lot…? What’s the word on that?

I want more than anything a chance to cheer like there’s no tomorrow for this team that has made me the happiest person alive! (and I don’t think thats an exxageration! ha!)

Thanks Scott!

p.s.- Hopefully you and all our guys are getting caught up on some much deserved sleep after last night!

I think opening up the Cell would be great, but doesn’t seem like its going to work out. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time someone mentioned the idea and Scott hasn’t said anything about it. It’s too bad though.

Dawn, thanks for finding that link. It has been saved. However I was hoping to get a clearer version framed. White sells framed pics of the Cell, just hoping they do the same with the team pics, and hopefully the price will be significantly cheaper.

kr-trepac..I have a couple of other ones on my hard drive that are better..if you want, I can email them to you..just don’t want to send email without permissions first….


Hi Sox fans: None of the commentators noticed the big-time mistake made by Francisco Rodrieguez on Crede’s game winning infield hit. You can see it if you watch the highlights on

When I saw Crede’s hit on TV, my first thought was that it was a routine comebacker—AND IT WAS!.

If you watch the replay you will see that Rodrieguez was out of position after he threw the pitch and appears to have slipped so that by the time the ball got back to the mound, he was completely out of position, and the ball seemed to pick up some speed past the mound and nearly got through.

Oddly, there were three games that were decided by pitchers’ fielding blunders.

Games 1 and 2–Contreras failure to throw to the plate, and Washburn’s inexplicable first inning throwing error in game 2.

Game 5 was won with two —Escobar’s Little League tag without the ball on AJ , and once you see it you will agree —-Rodrieguez’ poor mechanics on Crede’s game winning hit, which kept him from fielding anything hit back to the box.

My hats off to Angel fans though. They are polite, respectful of other teams, and channeled their venom at the bad umpiring with jeers and no violence. No fans field foul balls better than Angel fans…these guys catch everything …liners…pop ups everything. Even the fan who touched Figgins’ double bare-handed the ball on a hop without a glove while reaching over. Impressive.

Their fielding prowess was noticed during the 2002 World Series, and it is truly amazing to see the athletes in the stands when attending an Angel game.

Class organization and fans.

BJ Altshuler , Sox fan in Los Angeles.

From a transplanted South Sider: BIG IF, but IF we win it all, why don’t we have the parade on the South Side?

Western Avenue is OK for St. Patrick’s Day, why not for a World Series championship?

A humble suggestion: please ask the powers-that-be to have two audio bites ready for playback in Cellular Field during the World Series.

Since Hawk and DJ won’t be heard – when White Sox pitchers throw a strike out I’d love to be able to hear, “He Gone,” and when our hitters go deep, I’d love to hear, “You can put it on the boaaaard – YEEEES!” right before the fireworks!


Great Reporting Scott Reifert
I also really have enjoyed reading the extra inserts and coverage having been a long time sox fan and knowing the pain of high scoring games of season’s past and then week long scoring droughts from no homeruns. so even if No-One had superfabulous season’s and my Favorite player and one of the Main Reason’s I’m a sox fan in Frank Thomas didn’t get to play in the World Series it was a victory for all the little guys that do the small things to make their team a winner night in and night out and I look forward to getting the World Series Video.

Thanks again for great Coverage and Congratulations SOX…Let’s get her done next year as well….so Thomas Can get his ring.

Sincerely Jason

Scott Reifert…..
Don’t Try renegotiating to hard LOL or u might end up Like T.O. of the Eagles…



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