The Pennant is Ours

Monday, October 17, 2005, 4:05 pm


Sorry to not post until now and sorry it will be short (I need to go home and go to bed).

Words can’t express how we all felt last night.  The energy was amazing.  Standing on the field in Anaheim surrounded by celebrating players, media and friends in the front office — as well as cheering fans in the stands — you could literally feel generations of Sox fans.  You could feel the passion.  The disappointments.  The hope.  The joy.

The emotions were almost too strong, and certainly too strong to express adequately here.

Thank you, Sox fans.  I hope you enjoyed last night as much as we all did.  You deserved it.  Revel in it.

We are American League Champions.  4 more and we can be World Champions.

I will try to write more tomorrow morning, hopefully with a few stories, laughs and insights.

Go Sox!


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AMAZING! I went to spring training this year for the 1st time. I came back and told all my fellow Sox fans we are going to the World Series this year. Needless to say, I was laughed at.
I didn’t get choked up until I heard Rooney’s call the next day. (Please don’t go!) The Fox announcers were just sad. What a perfect way to go to the series. What more can you say about this team? This is just awsome.

Thanks so much for this blog, I have been reading it since you started it and your perspective has been priceless. I have sent the link to every one I know.

Thanks Scott, Jerry and Kenny!!!!

THANK YOU for letting our guys know they’re getting support from the military overseas. Armed Forces Network will be carrying the World Series world wide to virtually everywhere Soldiers, Sailors Marines AND their forward-deployed families are located.

And while the networks will probably say something about the world wide broadcast, I can’t possibly explain the feeling someone on the “tip of the spear,” gets when a player salutes the military. From relatives to friends you’d be surprised how many players have military ties. Thanks again.


A huge apology to Scott. On the last post, I thanked Jerry, Kenny and Ozzie, but I was remiss in thanking you, Scott. For allowing us a brief glimpse into your personal world of baseball. For allowing us a place to share and celebrate with our team. Pure joy and exhiliration still abound. We love this organization!! THANK YOU, WHITE SOX!! Enjoy, for there is work to be done!! -Dawn


Thanks for taking the time to post this. This high on life we’re all feeling feels SO good!! So glad we have these few days off to really revel in it!

Thanks for thinkin of us- truly great to be apart of something so amazing! You sure make us feel like we’re right there with you all!


Great blog Scott. I’ve been reading it all summer.

With all the pomp and circumstance that comes with a World Series, how cool would it be to have AC/DC live up on the Fundamentals deck playing “Thunderstruck” for the Game 1 intros?

I know, it’s just a pipe dream, but we’ve all been floating these past two weeks and I thought I’d throw it out there.

Somebody get Angus Young on the phone.

words simply can’t convey how wonderful it felt to watch that game sunday night.

tickets tomorrow… i’m due to get through, i figure. here’s hoping. best of luck to everyone else, too.

hey scott, do you think they’ll release a dvd set of highlights and memorable games of the year(and all sorts of march predictions for the team!), whether we win it all or not? this season’s had just too many great games and moments already that i wish i could see again.


Apparently there IS crying in baseball. I got a little misty eyed when Rooney exclaimed the the Sox had won the pennant. Bruce Levine sounded like he was outright weeping when they first cut to him after the game. What joy!

The greatest thrill for me is the fact my granddaughter does not know a losing Sox team!!!!!We live in Central IL – in Cards and Cubs land – but we have had a great year – we have a Sox enclave – and we are so excited about the year – we will not even go to one another’s house…to watch a game – we are afraid of the jinx. If I get tickets to the WS – I am cancelling a long planned trip. P

Everybody watch that game last night??? Phat Albert saved the day for the Cards. I was rooting for them last night just so they would bring the series back to StL and tire out both teams a little bit more. I think I’d prefer the Cards to be in the Series because they have had the best record most of the season, just like our team. Bring on the two best teams, the White Sox and whomever.

Just in case anyone wanted to read it again, the Chicago White Sox have won the Pennant!!! Go Go White Sox!!

Scott — can you confirm/deny rumors that the majority of World Series tickets are already gone before they have been sold to the general public in todays TM lottery? I’m getting emails from people who claim companies like MasterCard have purchased something like 8800 tickets. Also, what sort of impact has the season ticket plan/promotion done for the availability of tickets for those of us without a couple of grand to spend right now?!

Goal #1 Win ALDS-accomplished, Goal #2 Win ALCS-accomplished, Goal #3 is finally before us and we can openly discuss it without feeling like we’re encouraging some cosmic jinx. We’re in the World Series! As far as matchups, both teams will be difficult. But I can’t even think about that until at least tomorrow. All I feel like doing today is basking in the glory. I know we haven’t accomplished the ultimate yet, but credit Ozzie and the fellas for being the best team in the AL from the get-go to the very end. That’s saying something! Relax and stay loose fellas, enjoy your feats but don’t be satisfied. We’ve got one more goal left.
P.S. Thanks for the kind words Dawn. You and so many others here really do represent a family. Next season, when tickets are available again, we should all have a family outing at the ballpark. All of us crazed bloggers underneath the 2005 American League pennant!

Not sure if anyone caught this last night but espn had a top 10 devoted to the White Sox on Sportscenter, and they actually did a good job with it.

4 more wins
4 more wins

4 more wins

this chant was frightening loud in anaheim after game 5. i am just so thankful i was there. the sound of na na na, na na na, hey hey hye, goodbye, echoing off the rafters of angels stadium will gove me the chills for the rest of my life. that song has changed meaning for me.

also, scott, what do YOU look like?

i wanted to start a rie-fert, rie-fert chant but noone knew who you were. funny.

Admin…I agree. I would love to see my beloved Sox in the Series…however, after checking finances, we can’t even afford the regular bleacher prices IF I could get through…sigh

Palehoses..THAT would be an excellent idea. A blogger’s day at the Cell!!

Mooney, or anyone else…any idea where someone could get a copy of that ESPN Top 10?

Anyone else think that Double Duty Radcliff is watching with a tear in his eye??

Can’t be said often enough…WHITE SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!! -Dawn

been sitting at 4 minutes for about 20 minutes now… hope everyone else had some luck


guess not

jdub- enjoyed looking through your pictures! I should put up a link to mine, I average about a hundred pictures everytime I go to the Cell, haha!

4 more days!! This excitement just builds with each day, this is all far too much fun!!

Any word on a rally yet like after we clinched the divison?

hey if anyone has any tickets u want to sell i will be more than happy to pick them up from you…

Thought maybe the third time would be a charm…maybe I would actually be able to get post season tickets this time around, but alas…no tickets available. But certainly you can log on to ebay and purchase CHICAGO WHITE SOX tickets from people in New Jersey, Texas, etc. How can THEY get tickets and us fans who have been here all along–not just THIS year, mind you–can’t get squat. Sorry, just needed to vent with some fellow fans who have been here all along and are stuck in this sorry situation with me.

still says 4 minutes…


Thanks for a seasons worth of insider information that was truly amazing. As far as the 2006 season ticket/world series promotion, I think it would be very helpful for fans to have another press release to tell those waiting for a call from a ticket rep to know whaat’s going on. Specifically if you filled out the online form before it was set up to charge you 50% vs. the $200/ticket.

Thanks again!


Don’t buy from scalpers or ebay or stubhub etc. It just promotes the problem. Let the tickets go unused and maybe these sports franchises will be emabarrassed enough by the empty seats that they will fix the system. What ever happened to waiting in line for your teams tickets? It would certainly put more tickets in fans hands than the current system with people in texas selling tickets. Anyway, don’t buy from scalpers with tickets that are ridiculously marked up.

My wait went from 15, to 3, then back to 15, then down again, then back up. How is that a good system? If I am not at 3 minutes wait, why tell me that I am and get my hopes up. Only to have them crushed about 5 minutes later. Thanks ticketbastard!!!!!

My online experience has been a nightmare. Right off the bat I got in but then there was lack of availability. After that I got in but the word verification section was screwed up. Next, that area remained blank. Now it appears that the system has blown up cos every time I get in it says that there was a problem processing my request.


Since there were only a few thousand tickets to be on sale, dont you think they should of sold them only at the box office, so true sox fans would be able to get them. Everyone at my work who cant name five players on the team was trying to get them just to sell them off.

Does anyone know why they didn’t let people camp out this year? I remember in 2000 that by waiting outside I managed to get tickets to both the ALDS and the ALCS. That seems like a much better system.

I agree with the comments about the true fans. I was flipping through ebay and seriously felt like crying. I’m really glad to know that all of the corporations will be able to take their clients to the games. It’s pretty funny that for a team that has been saying all year long that no one believes in them lets those fans who have believed in them for years get royally ****ed.

I dare you to look back at how many times I have asked you to explain the debacle that is tickets being purchased via Ticketmaster. LET’S BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT 2 THINGS:

1. YOU REFUSED TO ADDRESS IT ANY FURTHER. I can only assume this is b/c you don’t know what else to say and have to wear a corporate sell-out happy face.

2. TICKETMASTER *******-S!!!

I was logged in and into their site as fast as humanly possible @ 12pm. Only to get jacked around with problems similar to what was mentioned in other posts.

It’s truly sad that I can’t go see my WORLD SERIES. I have to sit at home while Ticketmaster got rich for terrible service.

To all my cyberbrothers and sisters of White Sox nation…Coming up soon, I will fill you in,in case you’re unaware, of the policy regarding the World Series and how MLB runs the entire show… Back with the gory details shortly…

Who cares who runs the show, that isn’t the problem. The problem is ticketmaster’s system. At best the system is busch league.

Does anyone here really think that the Sox care about the average fan? Look at the design of the Cell, aimed to maximize the view of the well heeled and to minimize the view of those in the “cheap” seats. Or at the corporation’s last minute decision to sell world series tix to those who can afford season tickets (but NOTICE that the web site did NOT offer those tix to anyone
who wanted to buy a “mere” upper reserved season ticket)? And anyone who sells tickets only through ticketmaster deserves one name only: *****! (By what logic–other than greed–do the Sox justify not giving back Ticketmaster fees to those who bought tix for unplayed games!!??) By the way did anyone notice how Houston sold its world series tix? By LOTTERY, so that everyone stood a relatively equal chance.

In Houston they have a lottery drawing to buy World Series tickets. That would have been less stressful then watching the ticketmaster website time out as it says 1 minute to go.

Cardinals did the same lottery thing.

Fellow White Sox Fans,

Well, what can we do concenring tickets? Though I respect the right to fair trade, true and die-hard fans who have been to numerous regular season games this year can not attend the World Series.

The World Series appears, to me, to be less about team and city pride and more about making money by marking up tickets to $1,000.00 dollars and more.

Post Season Baseball appears, to me, to be less about nine men on the field and more about suits sitting in offices making money off people who could not get tickets.

The White Sox (and MLB) appear, to me, to be less about SOX PRIDE and more about the “Comisky Cash” … not to bash the Sox, but what did they do to combat this situation?

I recently purchased tickets to Boston/White Sox game from a broker and now I feel like I owe every Red Sox fan who could not get tickets to their team’s game an enormous apology.

So, what can we do? Nothing of much substance, but I am following danbanach’s line of thought and pledging to myself to NOT buy a ticket from a broker. I will not buy into this system ever again.

And, as much as I love the Sox and have been a Sox fan since the age of 10, I will not purchase a 9-Game plan next season (or any other plan for next season).

I will always support the Sox from my heart and from my living room but, until they undertake measures to recitfy this situation, I WILL NO LONGER support them from wallet.

Though the power is weak, the buyer, in a free-trade market, does have some power.

The White Sox are not the first team to offer World Series tickets to people who buy next season’s tickets first.

I like the lottery idea though. That would be most fair. Well that and not giving tix to corporations.

Well, I wanted to let everyone know that I am stuck without tickets as well. I’m not a season ticket holder, and I did not go to 20 games this year. (I went to 5, one was an away game in KC for C’s sake!) So I’m ok if the diehards got in and if the season ticket holders got in. I’m ok with waiting for them to get in first. They earned it. No question if they supported the team in my place for all these years. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon either (although I welcome anyone onto this ride). I’ve been running a sports blog primarily about the Sox for about 2 years now. I just wanted to get to see our team make history. I was lucky enough to be in the building against Boston in game 1…but it seems only the Big Dumb Companies and their clients/execs from out of town are going to be at the WS!! Yea, I could have bought season tickets to get my shot at a few tickets for the series, but like I said before I don’t have that cash right now. And I refuse to pay a scalper $1500 a ticket. The lottery in Houston and St. Louis sounds like something we should have done. Especially if they can tie it to a unique billing address so that the scalpers can’t game the system without a massive coordinated, and expensive effort. At least the game will be in HD, right? Wish I was there, and I wish some of you would have at least gotten in. It would have made me feel a bit better to know we didn’t all get left out in the cold…GO SOX.

I’ve read and enjoyed this blog for months, but I’ve never posted before. A lurker, I guess. Unfortunately, this first post is because I feel compelled to have my pissed-off voice heard with others: I completely agree with all the people here who are frutrated with TicketBastard and, more importantly, with the way the Sox organization has CHOSEN to treat its fans. ONE FOURTH (10,000 per game)of the tix made available for public purchase last round? No chance to line up at the park for tix? No lottery even. But we can still pay the “convenience” fee for tix to games that don’t happen. I got online fast too, and I struck out too. But, as has been aptly noted by others here, there is no shortage of tix available at extortionist prices on Ebay, Stubhub, etc.

I, like so many wonderfully fanatic people here, and like my father before me, have been a life-long fan. I’m now 40. I grew up in Chicago but live in Champaign now and I’ve driven up to 10-15 home games every year. So I’ve often been frustrated (as I’m sure MANY others have been)by the press that Sox fans don’t come out and support their team. But I begin to wonder why I’m so proud of that when I see the organization act with total disregard for the average working man or woman (read:limited disposable income)that PR so proudly proclaims as its fan base.

This is such a beautiful team. And I’m so disappointed that we weren’t given the fair chance to get the tickets that us great and loyal fans deserve. Well, hopefully those that got ’em will be really loud and supportive. And maybe the rest can rattle their jewelry.

Go Sox!

I hate ticketmaster. I got through within 5 minutes and had tickets in section 557 row 18 for game 2(I didn’t care where the tickets were, I just wanted to be there) Well guess what, ticketmaster ******* me and I had to log on to my ticketmaster acct only to have them not accept my password, repeatedly. When I finally got to log on I got to see the wonderful message…your time has expired, your tickets have been released. It is the same password I use every other time I have bought Sox tix online. And of course if I go to log in to my ticketmaster acct now, no problems. There was such a drastic change of emotion that took place in less than 2 minutes. I am devestated. I think I would rather have not gotten through at all than to be that close. I hate ticketmaster.

i’m bummed i didn’t get tickets, but lets all remember… “THE SOX ARE STILL IN THE WORLD SERIES!”

scott… could you post a graphic of the new logo that says al champs like you did with the division champion one? i would love to get that up on my blog ( with a link back to the sox site…

have a nice day


To kpmcs and the rest of White Sox Nation,I will now try to present the skinny on “Where Did All The Tickets Go?”….and to jklein in tucson, this may be one of my edgier pieces that you wrote so kindly of recently…
Okay,here goes…Please DO NOT blame the Chicago White Sox organization for keeping you on hold on line or on phone until you become a senior citizen…It is NOT their fault…

The World Series is a production of MLB(you know,Bud Selig and the”usual gang of idiots”)from the first pitch of Game One to the last out of the last game… The pecking order of tickets goes,I believe,thusly…season ticket holders,corporate sponsors,FOX TV,all the other ballclubs themselves,THEN anything that’s left over goes to the general public…And unless you play in a stadium that can seat 100,000 or more,the general public,the ones who support this team from dawn(not you yourself,dear)to dusk, get f’d over royally…

There is,however,a sliver of opportunity for “the great unwashed”(my term)to get in in person to see the boys try and work the Miracle of 35th and Sheilds….If you have oodles of disposable income,or are willing to sell blood or your first born child into the slave trades,then you MAY be able to get in somewhere in the confines of the Cell to say “I was there,IN PERSON”….

Otherwise,you’d be much better off in your living rooms,bedrooms,dens,family rooms,etc…watching Fox 32 with the sound down and listening to John and Ed on AM 1000…For one thing, you don’t have to pay the outrageous cover charges that these wh**es (I’m sorry,establishments)are charging to belly up to the bar or the booth….You can have all the FREE food and libation ytu want or can handle,without the prices being gouged…(unless you’re Viking bconrad at North Park College…then you’re stuck)

So,there you have it,boys and girls…You can continue to support the efforts in the usual way, or you can be held hostage to the corporate mentality that inflicts the Great Fall Classic every year… Again,don’t blame the Sox for this…The wh**es and p**ps at MLB,Ticketmaster,ad infanitum,are the REAL viilians in this piece…

Finally, to navylifer in the land of Mediterranean pleasures,pizza that’s not as good as it is here and Sophia Loren(who’s as good anywhere,anytime)I say…Thank you for your service,God bless and keep you and come home safe…We’ll keep the light on for you….

To the rest of you,’till Friday….

Whatever. The Sox organization is responsible for how they distribute those tickets they do have available.

In the end most of our frustrations are TM fault. How can you have a system that does not work? If it’s polka night at the wheeling VFW ok the system can handle it but the World Series…their system can not handle the amount of hits and business. Another comment about brokers…how can Congress be so upset with the college Napster music deal but tickets scalping is ok? Kinda the same argument.

Sadly, Ticketmaster is the only ticket distribution company around. The Sox really had little choice but to use them. How the Justice Department found they are not a monopoly is a mystery to me.

But I do know one person who got two tickets, but they didn’t get through on line, they called Ticketmaster via the Toledo, Ohio Ticketmaster office number, knowing they wouldn’t get through on the Chicago number.

But whatever you think about the situation is, it isn’t Scott or the White Sox fault. The same thing happens every time a major concert tour goes on sale.

Umm, who do the Cubs and most of MLB use… More of a lottery there, with the virtual waiting room. I like it better.

mike,you’re exactly right…But the problem is,who do you give them to FIRST? The people who have been waiting literally ALL THEIR LIVES to see the baseball equivalent of Halley’s Comet(at least in this city)or the season ticket holders,some of whom fall into the just mentioned category and others who fall in maybe ONCE a year,then give the rest of the ducats out like party favors the rest of the time…
Let’s face the facts,brother Mike…those of us,yourself included,may be in the first category,not the second…And every Tom(not me)**** (I could have done a cheap shot about that name and certain types of individuals,but decided not to)and Harry(Teinowitz included)that suddenly show up like lost ships into port want to get in on the action…

The regulars get sc***ed…unfortunately…..

Anyone know if the sox sell SRO tickets?

I understand what you’re saying Tom, and I mostly agree. But it could still be better…could be more of a lottery like St. Louis or Houston. Or the Sox could’ve made tickets available at the box office. Not quite as hassle-free for them as TM, but at least scalpers would have to get somebody to the park and wait in line rather than snatch tickets up from a computer in, say, New York. Or Wrigleyville.

Although MLB does run the show, the White Sox could have done lottery like the other teams did. By the way, Bud Selig $ux ***!!!!

Also, how come I had to pay for ticketbastard charges, even though my ALDS tickets were not used. Ticketbastard IS a monopoly and they over charge IMO. By the way, great insightful posts TQ.

A humble suggestion: please ask the powers-that-be to have two audio bites ready for playback in Cellular Field during the World Series.

Since Hawk and DJ won’t be heard – when White Sox pitchers throw a strike out I’d love to be able to hear, “He Gone,” and when our hitters go deep, I’d love to hear, “You can put it on the boaaaard – YEEEES!” right before the fireworks!

The “he gone” already happens.

Another Ticketmaster gripe.

I was able to get in right at 12:00. Selected Game 1. Best available. Clicked “Look for tickets”

I was flying through. Doing great. As expected, the word verification page popped up. Only there was no word to verify.

Waited a few minutes. Still no word. Reload. Still empty. Try another computer. Still empty.

Ten minutes later I got a word to show up, but after going through the queue, there were no seats left. Couldn’t make it through the queue again after that, just kept getting stuck.

I am truly saddened.

as for those of you suggesting that those out of state shouldnt’ have a shot… i’m a life long sox fan… i’ve been waiting my whole life as well… i just don’t live near chicago… but i was going to fly in if i could find a ticket… a system where those of us from out of state can’t get a fair shot as well woudl be a problem…

i’m on the boat of the people suggesting a lottery… though essentially isnt that what we had? it was pretty much random as to who got through…

have a nice day


You may get tired of hearing it, but I agree with tomquaid…Knowing I couldn’t afford to go, I’ll be having people over in the comfort of my own living room with a 61 inch big screen..plenty of inexpensive beer and snacks. Will my spirit be less? Will my cheering be quieter? NAY, I tell you…. I feel for those, but I don’t think the Sox Organization is to blame.

Would I love to be among the people at the game…sure, but to quote some old fogies..”You can’t always get what you want”….. Still loving that we’re on our way to the World Series!! -Dawn

wow, guys, i’m sorry for all the troubles trying to get tickets. didn’t any posters on this blog get through? i have to agree with kpmcs( don’t get gouged, sit on your sofa), but that’s about all i could do here anyway. i did get to game 6 of the 2001 series in phx thanks to a friend up there with season tix who signed up for the following season, so in my view, what the sox are doing seems typical, but then i’m not in chitown so it’s easier. hey! party at my house sat. i got a big screen and can buy a keg or two. sorry about the tix guys. j.k. in tucson….

Consider me another out of state fan that wouldn’t stand a chance of getting tickets straight from the box office. I’m currently in college in Kansas, and would drive home if I could get tickets.

I’ll end up at a bar / restaurant with a few other Sox fans to watch the games on a screen bigger than my 20″ Sony, but it will be a much quieter experience than I’d get were I back in Chicago.

Since this has become the ticketmaster bashfest… My fellow co-workers (and die hard sox fans) and I tried to get tickets to the DS, CS, WS… One of like 10 of us got through… Only on the CS for game 6… Ticketmaster booted me twice at 12:00, didn’t display the word for some people, etc, etc, etc… Needless to say FRUSTRATION!

(I know I haven’t been on here all season, but have been to 12 – 15 games this year and matched followed the rest of the games online/on tv)

For those of you looking for a place to go, I mentioned it before. Bridgeport was the best place I have been thus far. I went to ESPNZONE last week and decided against paying the $10 per person, per hour fee to watch the ‘big’ screen upstairs. Watched it at another bar there and the crowd wasn’t that into it.

Went to Shinnicks (union and 38th)on Sunday night and it was awesome! The crowd, the decently priced drinks, all def. worth the trip there. A friend of mine was further south at Western & 106th (Cork and Kerry’s) crowd was a great time there too. Being home is the safest route, but if want to be in the ‘crowd’ I would try for one of those places. (I tried some of the suburban bars when I couldn’t make a game and they were okay during the game, but dead post game.)

Hopefully this helps!

Regardless of where you are at this weekend/next week, WORLD SERIES IN CHICAGO!


I agree with tom, MLB clearly runs the post-season show. I heard Brooks Boyer on the Score a few days ago. He repeatedly said “MLB takes over” “It’s their show in the post-season” (paraphrasing). If you noticed at the ALCS and ALDS the Bullpen Sports Bar was closed (taken over for an MLB private party) and the Fundamentals deck will be closed for the WS (Baseball Tonight broadcast site). This is just the way it is. I would love to have gotten WS tickets today. I will be watching from my home with a few cold ones. Maybe the Sox could have handled the Tickemaster situation better, but there would still be thousands of disappointed fans. The supply was simply much less than the demand.


PS Scott, I love the blog!! Keep it up.


Any idea when those of us who purchased season tickets for next year will know if we got WS tickets or not? I purchased last night and still no word either way from the Sox. There is nothing about it on the website. A little information after spending so much money would be appreciated!

By the way, love the blog! Keep it going over the offseason and next year.


Not sure if any of you saw this, but the Trib posted a msg. board for ticket woes. Very interesting posts on there…,1,6711452.graffitiboard?coll=chi-news-hed

Forgot to mention this link too… Sweepstakes by the Sox for 2 tix to Game 2. Can’t paste the link here, but if you go to the scrolling flash picture in the middle of Sox home page it is there.

Good Luck!

I surely meant no diss against out-of-town fans and lottery registration seems fine. But, like cinnabun78, I wonder why there could be no provision made for those of us kooky enough to camp out for it. And I’m guessing that it’s just less of a hassle than selling out online.

Hey all
Regular here and happy to say my hubby got through and got us tickets for game 6.I tried at work and had similar experience as all of you… Words to get in never showed, was kicked out, frozen screens. I feel very fortunate to have tickets considering all the troubles everyone had. I am a lifelong fan and there will be no selling of these tickets


How can someone(me) email Scott? Does anyone have an email address?



We should all be happy that our team has come this far, even if we have to watch the game from somewhere other than the Cell, at least we get to experience this awesome post season with our boys. Sure it would be sweet to see it in person, but hey, they made it to the World Series…I’ll gladly watch at home.

I think that this is one of the gratest thing that has ever happened to the whitesox and the city of chicago. I am surprised though, i was celibrateing after the game but the rest of my neighborhood was very quiet. Also i cant belive that the tickets sold out in 18 Minutes!!!!! Oh yea how can i forget Go White Sox

Let’s face it, Ticketmaster ***** and its a shame more folks couldn’t get tix. I have to admit I was very lucky to get thru for the ALCS and get tix to a game through that yo-yo system (your wait is now 4 mins, nope its 16 mins, ooops now it 3 mins, ohhh sorry please type the word in the box – wait, there’s no word in the box why is that!) f-it! YOU KNOW ALL WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT AT THIS POINT IS THAT THE SOX ARE IN THE SERIES!!!!!! Don’t get disgruntled about the ticket situation, there’s nothing you can do about it. Count your blessings and those of the SOX and move on! Go on being the fans that we are and forget about all the other garbage. Go out to the local tap (or one by the cell) or sit down and watch the games at home! Have a party! What the ****. Whatever you do don’t overpay some beat-off broker for a ticket and perpetuate the problem. Sit back, relax, and watch the Sox become World Series Champs!

I have enjoyed reading the whining about not getting World Series tickets. I am personally holding the Sox accountable for the WI Lottery ticket debacle. I bought several Powerball tickets today and did not win. I went two three Sox games this year, how can the Sox let this happen to me? I paid good money for those lottery tickets and I deserve better.

Will –

A real lottery would have removed technological frustration from the equation. Opening sales at noon and having a free-for-all creates the notion of control on the part of the want-to-be purchasers. Ticketmaster’s system then strips that control away by not showing the word verification images, timing out, and giving unexplained errors.

A real lottery would have removed technological frustration, taken less time and effort for fans, and provided a seemingly more fair result.

After being pissed off all afternoon yesterday due to the ticketbatard debacle, I went home to some good news. My brother has a Game 2 ticket for me!!!!!! I guess in the end all of my frutration paid off.

Did anyone notice that on the White Sox ticket exchange, which is linked form the official Sox site, that 2 box seats are selling for $3,000 and up? That is outrageous.

I am not sure how I ended up being the Ticketmaster defender, but here I go…In the end I believe the ticketmaster system was fair. It didn’t work the way it was supposed to work, but everyone had an equal chance of getting through. Of course their system crumbled under the weight of the largest volume day. The system can’t accommodate that volume. You don’t build the church for Christmas Day.


The ticketmaster system in theory is fair. On paper it looks great. HOWEVER the system does not function well with ANY large production. Regardless of whether or not it is sports, concerts, etc… I would not agree that everyone had an equal chance of getting through either. If the system is built to handle x amount of users at once and the number of people exceed that amount then the system malfunctions and everyone’s chances are not the same. (the lottery allows everyone to buy a ticket regardless of how many people try at once. Look at the powerball where millions of people are playing and everyone is able to buy a ticket) If everyone was able to get through the system, with no error, and 99% of the people received the msg. that the tickets were sold out, then fine. The tickets are gone. Most people didn’t even get that msg.

In reality there is no perfect system to divy out tickets. (other than giving season tickets holders first crack at tickets). Any event of this scale is going to cause people to be disappointed, frustrated, etc. Maybe a section of tickets could have been a lottery for ‘fans only’ but again there are so many constraints around that too. Overall, the system is skewed…

Congrats to obrnmac and krtrepac and whoever else got tickets. Represent the underrepresented among us. I tried but like most I failed. Ah well…

On a lighter note, I think Kenny Williams should send Billy Beane a roll of toilet paper and a copy of “Moneyball” cause Billy was on some bulls**t when he wrote that. Yeah Kenny has made some….interesting moves over the years, but he proved to have a vision. First he shored up pitching; in with El Duque and Contreras, out with Rauch, Schoenweis, Koch, etc.

Then he got A.J. to complete the battery and I readily admit to hating that sonabitch when he was with the Twins, but since he unnecessarily stepped on Aaron Boone’s back rounding third, he’s become my favorite player.

Scotty, Dye, Iguchi

Speed, Damage, Intellect.

No one will ever call Kenny trigger-shy, but that can be a virtue (just ask Cubs fans how much they enjoyed their offseason and trade deadline). He’s agressive, he’s impulsive, but most of all he’s intelligent.

But the best trade made was the one that never happened. He kept the kid and the kid was good.

Turns out the team was pretty good too.

Thanks Kenny, we appreciate it.

I got tix through Ticketmaster for the ALDS, ALCS, and WS. Luck of the South Side Irish I guess. Sorry to hear everyone had problems getting tix. Let’s focus on the Sox in the series, go Sox!


Once built, most churches do not ask you to bend over every time you walk in.

Defend the indefensible if you must, but not by comparing pimps to priests.

To Kathy @ aknorris,etc…I believe the best way to reach Scott via the e-mail system is by using “”–it could be last name,first initial also…
Thank you to all who have posted their remarks about my remarks concerning the process…I did not realize how wise I had become in the last few years,simply by observing procedure and the way that corporations handle things…

The tickets were snapped up in such a short period of time,I believe,by people of means,that is,people who have the BIG BUCKS and are willing to shell out said bucks for a seat…These are the same people who wouldn’t come near the Cell when this team was drowning in its own sea of ineptitude not that long ago…But the World Series is a capitol E EVENT,so for the period of time that 35th and Shields is hosting the party,you’ll see people there who you wouldn’t ordinarily see during the course of the year…such as the “stars” of any FOX TV show —100% of which I don’t see and have no desire to see…

In other words, the Cell will be the place to be seen,not just to see…Those are the people that Jeff Szynal and the scoreboard room will have to remind to “MAKE SOME NOISE!!!” when a rally is going on…Otherwise,they’d just sit on their hands, if they’re not holdimg a cell phone in one of them…most of us,I’d say,99 and 9/10th percent know better…

So,patience,my froends,while the home of the White Sox turns into the south side equivalent of Clark and Addison for at least two nights, and maybe for four over a week’s time….

Besides, we all know what October weather is like here…colder than a witches you-know-what…..

Jdubwalk, I didn’t realize you took those pictures yourself. I’ve had that black and white one of our Cubans and Crede as my desktop background for about a month now. The quality is gorgeous.
I’m a little disconcerted with the massive influx of fans we’ve gotten lately. One part of me enjoys it, the more the merrier, but another part of me feels like that kid who loves this obscure band that nobody pays attention to, and then all the sudden they come out with a Billboard Top 10 hit and everybody loves em. I mean it’s great to see the Sox getting the attention and fanfare they deserve, but I remember a time not too long ago when people were burning their Sox gear and friends of mine were approaching me with both hands wrapped tightly around their necks. The same friends who are sporting a crisp, new Sox hat now. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I could fully embrace or appreciate what we’ve done if we didn’t have to endure that September. It’s made it so much more fullfilling and all the more sweeter. That said I’m sure a lot of the ol’ timers like tomquaid and klein711 felt the same way about me in ’97 when I moved to Chicago and fell in love with the South Siders. Gotta be initiated sometime!

In any case, there’s no better time than the present to become a Sox fan. I just hope it becomes a match made in heaven, not some cheap fling. This team deserves better.

By the way,just another thought…How many of the people who will be attending Games1,2,6 & 7 will be back in 2006,win or lose? How many of these people will be savoring the deliciousness that was the 2005 season all winter long,waiting with anticipation for SoxFest at the end of January,looking forward to the opening of camp in February and the Cactus League in March,then the home opener and the raising of at least one,and maybe two,banners on the flagpole…
With the exception of those of us who have weighed in on this site since it opened, and will continue to do so,damned few, I bet…

Go ahead,those whom I’ve just dissed…prove me and the rest of us wrong…..

palehoses…ol’timers? Sir, I’ll have you know I resemble that remark…..

Palehoses, how dare you compare TomQ and me. why back in ’17 when eddie collins and shoeless joe and i hung out after the games, Tom was just a kid( uh wait a minute, that’s some of my foggy brain cells at work). but i was around in ’59 and remember listening on my new transistor radio in class (5th grade)at the time i was in phoenix. but i say welcome aboard to all true fans no matter if you are new or CAN remember 1917. as far as respect goes, no matter where i am in tucson, with one of my sox shirts on i ALWAYS am asked if i’m a new fan. that’s funny because some of my gear is replica 1919, and my ’93 west champs shirt is almoat in tatters. but there you have it. so bring on all the true fans and maybe we can start a revolution, this might be OUR century, and guys who are now 21 and been fans their whole lives can look back at the start of the magic that is the Chicago White Sox. j.k….see you all sat.

No matter what happens at the game I am going to or the games I watch on tv, I will be there on Opening Day next year. It is a tradition and I have been to the past 6 or so Opening Day games at Comiskey/Cell. It’s getting a little harder to go to as many games as I’d like due to the fact that I live 4 hours away. But I do make sure to be at Opening Day, at least 1, if not more, of the Sox/Cubs games, and about 4 or 5 more per season. I’ll welcome the new fans as long as they don’t bail out if something goes wrong. I don’t forsee that happening however.

Go Go White Sox!!!

I got through on, had 4 tickets to in the bleachers 10 rows up. I accepted my tickets and then wonderful ticketmaster locked and sat there while I watched my little green bar on the bottom go one at a time. I figured alright I’m okay I still have my tickets they can’t kick me out of line. Then all of a sudden I got “there was a problem processing your request. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are not sure that your order went through please check order history or contact customer service. Want to talk about being completely let down. My computer was ready to go out the window yesterday; I checked my order history and didn’t bother with customer support since I know that they won’t do anything for me. So looks like I am stuck just watching it on TV. I wanted to bring my grandfather to the game since his birthday is the Saturday the 22nd and figured what a great gift for him to see 2 World Series in Chicago. I agree with the switch to I think its time that they do something different with the tickets. I should have been at the first series against Boston but I got the wonderful internal error on tm’s site. Just figured I would let some of my frustrations out.

I was here before this great year, and I’ll be here in years to *********** sure going to enjoy this year while it’s here, but…win or lose, this is my team!!! -Dawn

jklein,have you forgotten the fun we had in’06 after the Series when we made fun of all those Cubs fans who saw the Hitless Wonders beat their team?….or will that be the scenario when the next ’06 season comes around,next year?
By the way,I have to write something that has been knawing at me for quite some time…. This is about people who have to justify being a White Sox fan by buying up every single solitary piece of clothing,headgear,chotchke,etcthat has the official MLB mark on it…. Maybe it’s just me, but the only pieces I have with the Olde English Sox on it are a t-shirt that one of the people who live in my building and work for a company that has a booth at the ballpark gave me this summer and a necktie with the pattern of the logo on it…That’s it,nothing else…and I’m just fine with that….I feel that I really don’t have to justify my fandom for this team by wearing (literally)my support on my sleeve….

Sorry if I got a little testy about that,but as palehoses and jklein already know, I am an old f***….

You guys crack me up. Thank you for a much needed smile this afternoon!!

dawn….anytime,m’dear…anytime…That is,if the soon to be(from our mouths to the “higher authority”‘s ears)Miracle on 35th and Shields doesn’t succeed in an ear-splitting grin that will last a lifetime….

If the Miracle on 35th and Shields(by the way,Scott,you and Brooks Boyer can use that as a marketing theme,no charge)does take place,I hope and pray that all of you and the rest of Chicago will go happily apes**t…But,please,for the love of God, DON”T BURN THE **** TOWN DOWN!!! Just think back not that long ago to the second Bulls three-peat and the damage those jamokes did…Let”s show everyone that the White Sox Nation is a celebratory,yet respectful one…As I wrote before the clincher in Anaheim,BE SAFE,BE HAPPY BUT DON”T BE STUPID!!!
Prove me and my thoughts right,will ya?

Thanx…gotta go get set to do some “scouting” of the ‘Stros and Cards….

dear TomQ, you must really be an old *art. i don’t go back to ’06, and the shirts i have are usually gifts (no excuses though). i will, as i’ve said before in this forum, be wearing my WS tee shirt for spring training, go sox. j.k. p.s. it would be sweet to beat the cubs again ( another ’06 is right around the corner)….

I think showing your pride for the team of your choosing is fine however you want to do it. Yeah buying up all of the merch is a bit out of control too, but hey people are excited… As one of the ‘people’ who did pick up a championship hat at Grandstand within an hour of the Sox clinching the ALCS it was pretty fun to walk around the next day and see the Cubs fans shake their head, cringe, etc… seeing the hat… 🙂

On another note being in Bridgeport (where I am guessing the crowd is more rowdy) when the Sox clinched, all things being said it was a pretty non-destructive crowd. Lots of cars driving around honking, people screaming/chanting, and generally a lot of people mulling around, but no destructiveness so hopefully that will be the case if the Sox win the WS too!

And considering the White Sox DID make it this year, the Cubs fans are probably thinking it is their turn next year. (So yeah anyone ready for a Sox/Cubs WS?)

Hey Guys I have a question…is there a White Sox rally at the cell tomorrow? (Thursday 10/22)

Amen, Tomquaid. I’ve yet to understand how people riot, burn and tip over cars to show their team spirit and excitement..???

houston scares me.
j.k. in tucson…..

cmon klein.

the cardinals proved that their starters and bullpen are hittable. (Lidge is not as scary as he was during the season) Last I heard bagwell isn’t playing either so bring them on!

Clemens and oswalt will be better than any pitchers we saw in playoffs. I am glad at least Oswalt needed to pitch tonite. I was hoping Roger would have to pitch tomorrow nite. Did you guys think that the Fox second-string crew with Thom B and Steve (I was a Sox) Lyons did better announcing baseball than buck/mccarver (the regular-season NL broadcasters)? I sure thought so.

o.k. maybe i’m more superstitious than most. let’s face it, houston’s starters are better than st. louis’, they have players like our guys, who can put the ball in play( a different guy every night). but most importantly, they negate our cinderella status. i think we can win, but st. louis would have been an easier win. that said, we used to match up pretty well against clemens and pettite, so let’s play ball, and i’ll just have to sweat it out like everybody else. go sox..j.k. in tucson….


How long do you think it will be before Astros fans start posting in this blog about how many games they will beat us in????

I think the Sox have a very good chance agaisnt the stros. Throughout the entire season the stros have struggled to score runs. Last night was the firs time they 5 or more runs in the postseason. They CAN be beat.

I did enjoy our underdog role in this postseason. That will all be over now. Not that we’ll be the overwhelming favorite, but we will not sneak up on teams anymore. If the White Sox play like they did in the ALDS & ALCS, we will all be happy next week.

Go Go White Sox!!!

It is true that we have not seen post season pitching with the like of Clemens and Oswalt, nor a closer like Lidge. On that note, the Astros haven’t seen 4 horses throughout the playoffs either. The Cardinals did have hitting on their side, but again some of their players were hurt too. The Astros don’t have hitting or the team chemistry that we have either. I think that Clemens ego is too big for that clubhouse and would prevent the team chemistry that we have. I think our defense has been overlooked all season too. (The rest of AL/NL is starting to see it now) Overall it will be a tough match up and endless debates about all sorts of match ups!

Just keep believing! 🙂

GO SOX World Series in just over 48 hours!!!

(Has anyone else had Cardinals fans come up to them and jump on the Sox wagon? ridiculous I tell ya!)

Finally some clarity. Houston, you have a problem. I just hope your fans don’t bombard us like those ****-talkin’ Indians, Cubs, Bosox, Angels and even Cardinals fans. In any other situation I’d be cheering for the ‘Stros but this aint any other situation. This is our year you bums!

No, in all honesty it’s exactly how I felt when the Angels beat the Yanks. I woulda rather seen the Cards (in ALCS case, I’d rather seen the Yanks) just because Houston resembles us and has a lot of the same strengths. It should be an awesome series and we should prevail. Four more wins to immortality White Sox!

Tuesday I put 50% down on four season tickets that will soon have me in divorce court, and I still have not heard from any reps confirming my GUARANTEED WS tickets. Does anyone know what is going on? I called and they would only tell me that if I do not get a call by Friday night – I probably did not get the WS tickets.

OK, Scott, if we all promise to stop talking ticket stuff and things of the like, will you pleeeease post again!!??!! Thanks🙂

With respect to mytcasey7…but no Scott…we will not stop talking about tickets until you START talking about how badly TM skrude people more than once…and that ineptitude reigns supreme in the whole ticket debacle, UNLESS YOU ARE FAT, RICH, OR ON A KRAPPY FOX SITCOM. Can’t wait to see cluess people from Fox’s boring lineup. We will probably have to see Pamela Anderson pretending to be a baseball fan b/c Fox is pimping her new show stacked. Or another bad haired idiot teenager from that 70’s show. What an insult.

… … … … …. … …

I love the Sox, Ozzie, and all of Chicago. I hate corporate krap lining their pockets instead of really celebrating the team and it’s true fans. Shame is due on a few for affecting the many true in a negative fashion.

Scott had nothing to do with the ticketbastard problems. Relax armarq23. It’s not his call how tickets are distributed.

Ahhh the voice of reason kr-trepac =) Scott is also the VP of Communications, and not PR as a whole, or ticketing..even for the regular season. We’ve established many times that MLB owns how things are down and we know that TM is the only game in town.

On a lighter note…I can’t wait for the Houston fans to jump on here and start trash talking. I will politely tell them..”we had Cleveland fans, Boston fans, and finally LAAA fans in here doing the same thing…and where are they now??? -Dawn

Yikes…sorry I mentioned it.

The continuing foofram and hullabaloo about the supply and demands for tickets leads me to one ultimate conclusion…STOP B****ING ABOUT IT…IT’S ALL OVER,NOTHING MORE CAN BE DONE…NO MEA CULPAS,NO DO-OVERS,NOTHING…GET OVER IT,FOLKS!!!QUIT BEATING A DEAD HORSE….
Do you want to know why this is on-going…Here’s my analogy,see if this makes any sense…

There’s a teenage girl,she’s homely…bucktoothed,knock-kneed,thick glasses,etc…the type of girl only her parents would love,and they barely tolerate her…All of a sudden,she blossoms and becomes a drop-dead,gorgeous babe…The guys and others who avoided her like the plague before now are falling over each other to curry her favor…. If you understand this,that is the Chicago White Sox of 2005…The ballclub could have a stadium the size of the University of Michigan football team,with over 100,000 seats, and still not be able to accomodate all the front runners and weathervanes who want to break down the doors to see them…

Speaking of weathervanes,anybody see our friend Jay today in the Bright One? He sounds like all the folks we had on this site during the September slump who were saying afterwards,”nothing but total domination will be sufficient.”(maybe an overstatement,but close)

Mariotti thinks that if the Miracle doesn’t occur that the Sox will be forgotten…Maybe they will by fencejumpers and other jamokes like YOU,Jay, but NOT by people like the ones who reside in this area…

By the way,here’s a test I’ve developed for anyone who is in an establishment during the next few days who strikes up a conversation with the person next to or near them concerning what’s going on,to see if they are a TRUE Sox believer or just a trendy…

First, if they can name in order from most recent the last five managers of the Sox(with bonus points if they can go with the five prior),they’re fine…Second,if you ask them where the Sox finished in 2004,if they say either 2nd place or in Kansas City,or both,continue dealing with them….Finally,ask them these true or false questions….1)Harry Caray was a White Sox broadcaster(if they say false,they’re under 25 years old)…2)Since 1991,the Sox have played only half of their games at US Cellular Field…(trick question–the other half have been on the road….)Finally,Minnie Minoso has a boyfriend named Mickey…(if they’re listening carefully,and know what they say,this one should be a lay-up)… If they know their franchise history,continue dealing with them…If they don’t, they’re on the trendy train and should be avoided at all possible costs….

My thoughts on the Series on Friday…Goom-bye

Nice test TQ! Of course they know Manuel, Bevington, LaMont, Torborg, Fergosi, Rader, LaRussa, Kessinger, Doby, Lemon, and so on. I fully agree that the bellyaching should stop. We need to focus on what is most important, the fact that the Sox are in the Series. The whole ticket situation is bad, but nothing is changing and everyone still doesn’t have tickets.

Go Go White Sox!!!

You are MOSTLY right. However, as VP of communication, Scott should communicate why the White Sox dumped the ugly girl who loves them dearly (thanks tomquaid73 for the accurate example) for one night of loving with a prostitute (corporate $ that lasts mainly through the play-offs).

Furthermore, I think I would HAPPILY stop discussing it if Scott would step up about it instead of just waiting for it to go away. Maybe a public apology? Maybe a last chance ticket sale for the few people who have posted on here the most (myself excluded)? He could take the tix away that are planned for somebody’s brothers/sisters/uncle/cousin twice removed that works for Fox/Mastercard/etc….and give it to a true fan. I don’t think that MLB has power over all the seats…though certainly they get a large block. Tell you what…this will be the last I say about it. I will move on…despite the avoidance of Scott.


Scott…truly! I love you blogging. I love my White Sox and are very proud of them. I’m just NOT proud of how they did the common man wrong in a time of celebration. Glory and Shame mixed together make for luke-warm soup. When we return to the Series NEXT YEAR TOO, don’t let this junk happen again. Use your title/position to fight for us.


Trendy? That’s a new one! I like it. Here is the thing, instead of talking to people like they are on an episode of Sox Jeopardy – Welcome them to the party and ride of their lives. This isn’t some private club that requires a secret password to join up. I’m willing to open up my treehouse to anyone. Especially since I want to keep them around for the long haul. I’ve met some great newcomers in the past few weeks. I think it’s great to see them excited about the Sox. I want to see more Sox fans at my local. New fans are great for everyone; players, the city, the organization, and even the die-hards who hopefully act as responsible diplomats and keepers of our history. Anyone who supports this team is ok in my book. I’m not going to knock them for not remembering Terry Bevington.

I have to agree with admin on this one. I have faithfully followed the sox for 15+ years. My dad started taking me to game years ago and I have since followed the team.

I know bits and pieces of the history of the franchise and the team (I remember meeting Baines and still have his picture framed in my room). I remember how great it was walking into Old Comiskey. (Similar to that of Old Chicago Stadium for Hawks and Bulls Fans).

I appreciate the fact that the die hards are out there, however I feel just as excited as you all do. During the regular season games I attended I cheered just as hard (if not harder) than everyone else around me. During the few postseason games I have experienced I have even gotten yelled at for standing up too much to cheer the Sox on. And have started cheers out of our section as well (It is truly frustrating to cheer your team on and get excited only to have the person behind you tell you to sit down because they can’t see, maybe if they stood up and got excited like they should be they would understand!)

It would be awesome to have a section of die hard fans only, to lead us through cheers the rest of us don’t know the words to GO GO White Sox for example. To spread the faith to those around them so it spreads through the crowd and the team feels the energy.

All in all I am grateful for the series to be here and am eagerly anticipating how awesome the series will be!

armarq…in the famous wrods of the late,great Johnny Carson,”You are WRONG,ticket-breath…”
MLB(Bud Selig and the “usual gang of idiots”)DOES have FULL command of EVERY seat in the Cell at at Minute Maid(formerly Enron Field)Park when the circus pulls into Houston next Tuesday…And,FYI…there are NO freebies,NO comps for ANYBODY…Everyone who wants to be a ticket,players,front office,even the VP of communications has to pay FACE VALUE (a rare phenomenon to those w***es at the brokers and on E-Bay)to get even a seat in nose-bleed heaven at 35th and Shields…

And believe me,Scott,if at all probable,will fight to honor all of us in some small way for one reason…and here’s where my years of cynicism come in….Yes,one reason…it’s good business…there are some people who will take care of people who treat them well just out of the goodness of their heart,then there are others with an ulterior motive….

Now to admin…Please,I’m sorry I invoked the name and memory of Terry Bevington,(aka Bill Cowher’s evil twin,aka Willie Lump-Lump)it was part of the initiation…

The only way these people will stay for the long haul is if the team continues what it’s doing into the next decade,like the Yank-mes USED to do….

list…don’t concern yourself, my friend…15 plus years is enough to qualify you as a member in good standing of White Sox Nation…now,anyone who has been a follower for,say,15 DAYS or 15 MINUTES,well…needless to say,that’s another story….

By the way, our host Mr Reifert is kind of busy right now to post a new blog…He’s trying to figure out,along with his crew and the MLB people just where to fit in Radio Uruguay and the reporter from the Frosbite Falls Picayune-Intelligencer who have their credentials to cover the circus….He’ll get back to us eventually….

Amen…can’t even imagine the bizarre things Scott’s dealing with right now. I know if he’s not posting, he’s up to his eyeballs in behind the scenes “dog and pony show” details…. He deserves our patience and consideration.

Hey all,
I appreciate the frustration as much as the rest, but I don’t think Scott or the White Sox have much control over this. I believe MLB is the culprit here. Scott you have made this whole season much more interesting with the blog and I thank you for that. As much as everyone wants to be there, lets enjoy the show and what has been prestented to us. THE SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! How many times in your lifetime have you been able to say that?

Hey Dawn, I am still here😉

I will be rooting for the Astros in the WS yes, but not because I am a Tribe fan (and therefore dislike the Sox – which I don’t, I just don’t root for them unless they are playing the Yankees and Red Sox🙂 ). Houston has been my NL team since ’81 when they played the Dodgers in the split season playoffs …

That being said, I would not be surprised if the Sox win, both of these teams are very similar and it will come down to who executes better. I just hope the umpiring from the LCS (both NL and AL) is much better. There were way too many mistakes all around.

I am looking forward to dueling with the Sox for the entire 2006 season, not just September, it’ll be a blast!!

ok the whits sox blow people! GO CUBS AND RED SOX!!!!


Thanks for confirming our impression of Cubs fans. The Cubs and the Red Sox can’t really go right now.

Ahh..sounds a lot like the unpopular kids dissing the party they weren’t invited to =) Just because you don’t have baseball left to watch for your teams is no reason to be bitter…now, being a troll, that’s a reason to be bitter 😉 Then again, I guess you know that.

Way to go sox! Chicago wants a world champion!


get free scores on your cell phone

Chance at Sox tickets this Sat. from 10am – 12 (noon) at Nike Town in Chicago.

Heard it on the radio today. Kids are able to enter by writing an essay of why they need to see the series and what it would mean to them. For the adults, singing the Go Go White Sox song, baseball skills, and other things. Check out Nike Town online or call the store for more details. At least the ticket brokers won’t be able to walk up or hire someone to get the tickets! 🙂

i just wanted to let you all know that i’m still alive. great comic relief in today’s posts. i was up in phoenix visiting my 91 year old dad. Tom, he was old enough to have hung out with joe and the others in ’17, but was (alas) a yankee fan (from new orleans). but my mom was from Downers and that’s why we were in town in ’59. everybody have a good night, i’ll catch you tomorrow. j.k.

P.S. TomQ, i would have flunked your soxtest…how could i have forgotten terry bevington? (be gentle with me).

Hey everyone, I just want to say good luck and this should be a great series. I know we are all glad that are teams made it this far and I am so stoked. I must say though I do not know much about the Chisox because I spend all year watching NL games except for the playoffs and I was glad to see that ya’ll made it after so long.


Good luck, Sox! This will be a great series! Kill the Sox!!! Go Astros!!!

Wow!! Scalpers and Cub fans and umpires, OH MY… Let’s put the ump issue to bed, though. Let’s just say the umpiring in the ALCS was the least of anyone’s worries especially since I didn’t hear Mike Scocia or any Angels whine about it which was a credit to them. The Sox totally deserve to go the the WS; they earned it with pitching and defense, speed on the base paths, and clutch hitting. They’re strong up the middle like all good teams but they got stronger as the series went on which is the mark of a great team. The rest of the world calls soccer ‘the beautiful game’ but that ALCS the Sox played was beautifully played baseball no matter what the umpires did. I can’t remember watching 5 games straight through like that and loving each one. I’ve been waiting 30 years for this and to pay attention to controversies that don’t exist is futile. I would suggest for all the conspiracy theorists out there to just really try to imagine what it’d be like to call a AL or NL CS and get ANYTHING right. It’s funny to read what all these experts have to say about umpiring in MLB when they have no REAL first hand knowledge of the subject. The only ones it seems that really know the umpiring didn’t affect the outcome of either series were the players. As far as the ALCS goes,even if the umpires got all the calls they blew right, can anyone truthfully say the Angels had a prayer when Vladamir Guerrero hits under .100 for the series and their lead-off guy strikes out half of his total at bats and grounds out 90% of the rest?? Umpiring, huh?? Come on…

Regardless, it’s important for all us South Side Homers out there to admit the ‘Stroes were great too. It was awesome watching them shake off game 5 and come back to dominate game 6 and take the NLCS. I loved hearing the story on the radio about how the Astros players were kidding that pitcher about seeing the home-run ball AP hit off him in the 9th of game 5 go flying past the windows of the plane they were flying back to St. Louis to play game 6. That was really funny but it shows how loose they were; game 5 didn’t effect them AT ALL. That’s because they’re pros and they don’t let stuff affect them (at least not for long); not umpiring or late inning come from behind home-runs or knuckleheads reaching into the the field of play to disrupt a live ball or whatever. Stuff like that doesn’t affect the pros, but the amatuers, the writers and fans and radio show talking heads get all would up over stuff. Suggestion: LET IT GO!!! If the guys who have the most at stake can, so can we. I know it’s hard but I think we an do it!!

Bottom line: It’s going to be a great WS even if COMISKEY Park’s gone corporate and there are too many yuppies in the crowd who don’t know how to stay in their seats during the games but that’s another story not worth sweating now, that’s for sure. The reality is the best team in the AL is in the WS and the best team in the NL is too and that’s how it should be. Sorry for the novel… Joe…

Congratulations to Astros and Chisox. This will be a great series. Good Luck – GO ASTROS (Houston, Texas)

Congratulations to the best tem in baseball,the CHICAGO WHITE SOX.Being a fan for more than 20 years,this day has been a long time coming and i’m enjoying every second of it.All I ask is that for the future, we keep this team in tact,whatever the cost($$$$).because as you know after winning the World Series(YES I SAID WINNING),teams have a tendency to get split up do to the almighty dollar.So for God sake, keep this team together!!! Thanks.Joe

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