Surviving (Enjoying) The Storm

Friday, October 21, 2005, 7:12 am


Sorry that I have not posted since I can’t remember when.  That’s not fair to people who look forward to reading my inside-the-clubhouse info, but we Soxreserveshave been overwhelmed with media requests, calls, activities, etc. over the last four days.  Each day, I keep a list of things to write about, but by the time the day ends for my first job, I don’t have any gas left to write.  I am sorry.  I will try to go back once this is all over and fill in some spots.  Maybe you will enjoy re-living the past couple of weeks …

I also try to read people’s posts and responses to this blog, but I must confess I have not in over a week, so I am going to have to guess at what you are asking …

World Series Tickets

A friend at MLB warned me that World Series tickets will be the worst thing we deal with during the week.  "It always is, every year, no matter which teams are involved," he said.  "What we’ve learned is that there is no ballpark big enough to accommodate the demand.  There will always be more disappointed fans than fans with tickets."

That has proven true once again.  I’ve gotten quite a few questions about how the tickets are distributed.  The White Sox get our allotment for STH, etc.  Then MLB takes a big chunk for the following:  MLB sponsors, licensees, broadcasting partners, the media, all other 28 teams, every MLB player, umpire, etc.

What’s left goes on sale to the public, which was just over 10,000 tickets available to the general public for the four games.  If you figure there were 140,000 people trying to get 2,500 opportunities (since each could buy four tickets), you can determine how tough the odds are and how many fans were disappointed.

Season Tickets

Beginning in July, we began to encourage fans to buy season tickets for 2005 and/or 2006 because that was the best was to gurantee postseason tickets.  We ran a couple of campaigns, the last of which ended in early September.  On Monday, we decided to continue the offer until midday Tuesday while our supply of WS and ST lasted.  The response was overwhelming, far exceeding supply.  We sent everyone who had applied for ST under this plan, an email informing them of this and explaining that if you did receive ST (and WS tickets), you would get a call from a season ticket rep by noon today.  If not, you would receive a refund of your online fee, and would receive a call from a ticket rep later to see if you still wanted 2006 season tickets (some people have already called to say they wanted 2006 tickets regardless of if they received the WS tickets).  We hope this was clear to everyone, and while we understand it might have created a few more anxious days for everyone, we are continuing to process and call purchasers (and we continue to scrounge for tickets ourselves for this program because obviously we want as many fans to buy into this as possible).


No one could prepare us for the crush of media calls and requests the media services folks have received over the past few days.  We cannot keep up with the number of emails (hundreds a day) or the voice mails (about 100 per day).  No one wants to hear how busy someone else is, and I am so, so happy to be working this hard on October 20.

SteveperrySteve Perry

No connection yet, but word is he is a big baseball fan.  Has to work in our favor.

Road Game Viewing

We have been working for some time to come up with a venue where fans can gather to view our World Series home games.  We think we are on to something and hope to announce very soon …


To the Konerkos on the arrival of son, Nicholas.  Pretty good week, reaching the World Series and having your first child born.  Can it get better?  We all hope it does.

Wow Factor

In some ways, it doesn’t yet seem real to me that we are going to be playing in the World Series Saturday night.  I think it will hit me then.  Someone around the office joked that it seems like someone is going to come along and kick us out or at least wake us up.  They can wake me up after November 1.

My first Wow moment came on Wednesday while Ozzie Guillen was in the interview room.  I was late into the room and headed up the back stairs.  Turning the corner, there was Ozzie, illuminated by the TV lights, with the World Series banner glowing behind him.  I stopped short.  "Holy (smoke).  We are in the World Series."


We held a conference call with Jim Landis, Bill Pierce and Jim Rivera the other day to let those guys talk about the 1959 World Series.  It was great to listen in.  Eventually, the media became irrelevant on the call as the three exchanged barbs and news.  "I got a hole in one yesterday," Rivera said.  "You always say that," countered Pierce.  "It’s my fourth.  171 yards.  I hit a five iron," Rivera countered.

46 years later and they are still so amazingly comfortable together.


Robin Ventura and his wife Stephanie are going to be in town for the first two games.

Ain’t Broke

Our pitching will remain the same … Contreras, Buehrle, Garland and Garcia.  Houston’s … Clemens, Pettitte, Oswalt and Backe.

Chicago Weather

Sounds like this weekend will provide some good, old Chicago weather for us all.  I think it should benefit us.

Class Acts

I received several calls and notes from members of the Angels front office, congratulating us and reminding us to stop and enjoy the experience.

November Reading

With our daily newsclipping report running to 180 pages, I have not had a chance to keep up with my reading.  I also have a stack of newspapers in my office.  I can’t wait (actually I can wait, but I will look forward with anticipation) until November to go back through and re-live this.

Let’s all enjoy this experience to its fullest.  We are in the World Series.


Good to hear from you Scott. We all know you must be busy. I can’t believe how very few tickets are sold to the general public. I knew the number was low, but not that low.

I wonder how it will be at the park. In most of the past World Series’, it appears, from tv, that the stadiums are filled with Yankee fans, Angels fans, Cardinal fans, and so on. If all these tickets are given out to many many people who don’t follow those teams, how does it appears to be all regular fans? All those stadiums are filled with whatever color their team is and it doesn’t seem to be filled with “MLB sponsors, licensees, boradcasting partners, the media, all other 28 teams, every MLB player, umpire, etc.” What’s the deal?

Thanks again for the post Scott and Go Go White Sox!!!

Good Post Scott. Anxiously waiting to see what the Sox have in mind for viewing the games!
Maybe it will be something off the wall like opening up the United Center for the games? Or even rening out some theatre with a big screen somewhere?


Hey Scott —

Good to have you back. I can’t even imagine how busy you are right now. A good kind of busy, of course, but still it must be overwhelming. Thanks for the updates, they’re great as usual. Its supposed to be a nice steady, rainy and cold weekend here in Indianapolis, so I’m hoping that at least the rain holds off in Chicago over the weekend. Can’t WAIT for tomorrow!

Scott – Sox fans understand the dilema the organization faces with the WS tickets. Our family can’t afford season tickets, but with your generous Sunday & Monday pricing program we were still able to go to about 10 games (and I know a lot of families who did the same). So we know you want to get fans in the park.What is upsetting about the WS tickets is how full the park will be with corporate “fans” who didn’t even bother to attend one regular season White Sox game. But our family of many generations will be together watching OUR CHICAGO WHITE SOX play in the WORLD SERIES!

Thanks for the post Scott. Guess we broke the record with our “War and Peace” Pennant is Ours post. I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I want this show to get on the road but doubt I’ve mentally prepared myself for the ramifications one way or another. Life as a White Sox fan will never be the same. Stay loose, stay solid fellas. Stay focused and stay humble. This is yours for the taking. Goal #3 begins tomorrow. We’re all proud of you (with the exception of Mariotti, the “Voice of the Sox”, he still isn’t convinced).

Hey Scott…
I am pretty sure that you are not gonna read this, because I know how busy u are..well we can’t wait to know where we can watch the Sox games all together. plz tell us as soon as u get the answer…I don’t know why, but i am feeling good about our match ups, Contreras vs. Clemens, good. Mark vs. Pettitte, a good match up as well. I am not sure about Garlands match up with Oswalt, because i know that Oswalt is a big game pitcher, but who cares as long as our guys are doing their best… At the end, all i can say is that i can’t wait to see the game, and i hope that our pitching staff and our hitters are still hot..Friday is gonna go very slow because i am counting the hours and i hope that this day goes as fast as possible.AND HEY I AM VERY HAPPY FOR Konerko on the behalf of having a new baby, and i am sure that this will inspire him and make him do great in this coming series…Thanx for taking time for posting and don’t worry we know how busy u r. GO GO WHITE SOX, GO GO WHITE SOX..

While on the subject of marauding imposters, anybody else catch Scoop “the South Side’s Son” Jackson on Cold Pizza extoling the virtues of the White Sox. Here’s Scoop, decked out in fresh White Sox garb from head to toe going on about why the White Sox are so great. Scoop? You mean the same Scoop Jackson who was on ‘Jim Rome is Burning’ trashing the Sox in September? That Scoop Jackson? Enjoy you WS tickets Scoop. You’re the type of fairweather fan that disgusts the good people of this blog. You’re a pariah.

from the Carl Sandburg poem “Chicago”

“…And having answered so I turn once more to those who sneer at this my city, and I give them back the sneer and say to them:

Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.

Flinging magnetic curses amid the toil of piling job on job, here is a tall bold slugger set vivid against the little soft cities;

Fierce as a dog with tongue lapping for action, cunning as a savage pitted against the wilderness…”

Four more games.

Thanks for the post Scott (and all through the season). I anxiously await tomorrow’s game. It should be a good one.

This is just so exciting I can’t even get through my work day.



Thanks for the post amidst all the activities of getting ready for the World Series- its much appreciated!!

IMake sure to pass our congratulations to Pauly and his wife on their new arrival! I tell ya, that clubhouse is jumpin with new little guys this year! Imagine this- a new baby and a world series all in the same year- can life get much better?!

24 more hours, lets go WHITE SOX!!!

Scott, One day you’ll get a chance to read these posts and hopefully you’ll realize just how much we enjoy reading the blog…We know you’re busy and it takes time, but we appreciate that you do take the time when it becomes available.

Congrats to Paulie and his wife…another addition to the White Sox Nation. What’s in the water at the ballpark..AJ, Crede, Freddy and now Paulie… I’m sure all the new fathers will continue to make us proud!!

It’s setting in…we’re on the cusp of the culmination of our goals…How amazing!! Still getting teary-eyed thinking about what we’ve done and what we are about to do… Can’t say it enough…SOOOO proud of all these guys and the entire organization. THANK YOU!!! -Dawn

One more thing..maybe I’ve been sleeping, or in some post season stupor, but what’s the issue about Steve Perry?

Thank you for the Sandburg lines, simplesinger. They’re perfect. They were written in the days when there was only one Chicago, and it was all South Side.

Here is some more Sandburg, from “Halsted Street Car,” written about Chicago’s working people:

“After their night’s sleep,

In the moist dawn,

And cool daybreak,


Tired of wishes,

Empty of dreams.”

The White Sox have put light back in those faces, restored those wishes, awakened those dreams.

I live in Bridgeport, and the little kids at Healy School are holding a pro-White Sox march through the streets. Passing cars and trucks are honking their horns. The excitement is palpable.


Scott – great posts! I love getting the behind-the-scenes look at how you and the organization are approaching this experience and your “little kid waiting for Santa” tone.

It’s nice to hear that other grown men are going through the same emotions as I am – my brother is flying in for the game and I am going with my dad and brother to the game on Sat. and Sunday, along with my wife and her parents.

What an experience – I can’t wait! I’ll see you in Houston for a White Sox Winner!


I can’t take credit for it, but kind of weird that I suggested it above and the games will be at the United Center next week!!!!,1,2080337.story?coll=chi-news-hed

More info!

Ticket are on sale for viewing the games next week at the United Center at the UC box office ONLY!!! I just called to check into it!

Hopefully there won’t be a mad rush to get tickets!!! AHH! Sorry bit excited, because I remember how awesome it was to be there when the Bulls won out in Utah, it is a really cool place to view the games at and really a great time in general!!! I highly recommend checking it out if you don’t have plans for the Wed/Thur. games next week!

Maybe we could have a lone rep. from the list run down there and get tickets? I am stuck in the burbs, but would def. be willing to join in with any groups that can get tickets…

GO SOX! (AT THE United Center too!)

I can’t take this!!! Sox in the Series!! YEAHH!!! When I saw that World Series logo painted in the Cell, I almost fainted! I am not getting ANY WORK done today! (I hope my boss doesn’t read this.) I may have tickets for game 6 and I am flyng in from Baltimore. A big part of me wants us to win before we come back to Chicago. I would gladly give up watching it live, should we win it before then. The Cell is gonna be electric!! Sorry for the stream of conscious writing, but I feel like a fat kid in a room full of chocolate cake, wrapped in plastic!! Take the plastic off!! Let’s go Sox!!

I have several advertisement ideas for the white sox.1.let the fourhorseman ride us through world a picture of the four starters riding four horses through the cell.2.Ad a flag on the side of each sox players representing their country to show how solidarity of all the different countries,and people can come together as one,and accomplish something that hasn’t happened since 1959.You’ll get more TV ratings.Also we will be the first to do so.That’s just a couple of great ideas that i have.if you want to hear more,contact me.

It makes my heart leap with joy to read all these comments from so many White Sox fans! We believed in what Ozzie & Kenny were doing from the beginning, and we never faltered in our support during the season. (Thank goodness we got rid of all those negative people along the way! From Ozzie’s comments in the World Series press conference, they really hurt him and the team!)
Now there is joy in Soxville…we are in the World Series! Thanks to everybody in the organization…those we have met in Chicago, and those we met at Spring Training at T.E.P.; You are all the greatest! Go Sox!

Thanks psheehan. I think you’re right on with what you said, and those are great words as well.

If anyone is interested I’ve been sending ths Sox some literary mojo over at Southside Sox. Here’s a link to the one I made today for The Series.

4 more games.

Steve Perry is the singer for the band Journey, or at least was the singer. I’ve heard that the White Sox have adopted a Journey song as the theme song.

“Don’t Stop Believin'”

Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit

He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

A singer in a smokey room

A smell of wine and cheap perfume

For a smile they can share the night

It goes on and on and on and on


Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard

Their shadows searching in the night

Streetlight people, living just to find emotion

Hiding, somewhere in the night

Working hard to get my fill,

everybody wants a thrill

Payin’ anything to roll the dice,

just one more time

Some will win, some will lose

Some were born to sing the blues

Oh, the movie never ends

It goes on and on and on and on

Thanks for taking time to post during all the madness Scott. I was going through withdrawal!! Does anyone know are they charging for parking too at the UC?

howdy all, i just came back from houston( their blog anyway). and i was almost stunned by how they are acting. the most outrageous comment was that the stros would kick our butts. that was it. no cursing or histrionics, just a fondness for their team. they come from around the world too( one in the subburbs of chitown and one even in tucson). but it seemed to me that the overriding flavor of the posts was that they were stunned to be in the series and wished their team well. it’s kind of hard to hate these guys compared to the mouthy indians, red sox and angels fans, so we shouldh’t. but one of our teams will win this series and it might as well be our White Sox. so, go sox, even though we’re not the underdog any more, beat the astro’s butts. spank em. make them cry uncle. that’s as outspoken as i get. so sox. j.k. in tucson…


I think they are charging for parking, but I am not 100% sure…

Parking around there should be pretty easy (unless the stadium sells out!) Usually if you hit up one of the parking lots a block or two before the stadium (I think they are both south and west of the stadium) the parking is a little cheaper than at the stadium, but I don’t know what the situation will be Wed/Thur. Usually parking rates are about $10 – $25 depending on the event going on.

I just want to thank all of the White Sox fans for not being as vulgar as the Cardinal fans. It was terrible having to read their post everyday. I hope none of that starts in this series and if any of the ‘stros fans start doing it I appoligize now, they are all probably still on the defencive side. This is going to be a great series and IF the astros do not win I will be glad that it is ya’ll. You deserve it as much as we do.




Okay I messed up. Should have checked before I posted here… You all are going to love this, but yeah Ticketmaster is in control again. You can get tickets without going to the box office… They are available on (at least they appear there and let you select tickets…) So yeah, go to ticketmaster to get tickets! Sorry for the confusion and misinformation below. (That and the lady on the phone said you could only get them at the box office!!!)

The White Sox announced that Game 4 and 5 of the World Series can be viewed by fans at the United Center.

Tickets are $15, with proceeds being split equally among the official charities of the White Sox, Blackhawks and Bulls. Both games begin at 7:30 p.m. and gates to the United Center will open at 6:30.

Game 4 is Wednesday and Game 5 is Thursday.

Seating will be general admission.

If you go the United Center for Game 3, you’ll find the Bulls hosting Vancouver

Hello,folks….your friendly neighborhood curmudgeon/realist here…. with apologies to my fellow and sister members of White Sox Nation,if I had money to put into for any kind of communal activity such as the one at the UC,I would NOT trust Dollar Bill Wirtz(because,forthe most part,it’s his edifice perhaps more than Jerry’s)…So,I will be by my TV in my little cave keeping score with John and Ed in the background…
Now,on to Round One of the(neasly)Virgin World Series…

The same anxiousness that I felt before Game One of the Boston Series? The same anxiousness before the start of the series with the Halos? Well,as the little girl in Poltergeist 2 said,…”…they’re BAAAACK….”

To the teams…It has not been all that long since Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte pitched at the Cell for the Yank-mes…it should not take a rocket(not Clemens)scientist to figure out what they throw and when…In the famous words of Madonna(??),timing and patience will pay off in the end….

It also has not been that long since Pods and AJ and brooding Carl(Everett)hit against Houston pitching…and again,it does not take a genius to figure out what to do when you’ve been so successful thus far…

Now,when the circus comes to Texas Tuesday,remember this…it hasn’t been that long since the boys played an inter-league series at the Southwest Juice Box(aka Minute Maid,formerly Enron Field)…I believe it was in ’01 or ’02…So,for the workout day on Monday,when they’re not answering questions from everybody from the NY Times to Radio Uruguay to the Frosbite Falls Picayune-Intelligence concerning everything under the sun(as if these questions have aot been answered here prior),they can practice trying not to think that the Crawford Boxes in LF are the Green Monster with picante sauce,or Rowand can practice scaling Tal’s Hill in CF,their tribute to the late Crosley Field in Cincy…

In other words,they can do what they do so well so far…

prepare to win…

Now,remeber back when everybody was saying how great it would be if the Sox had the most wins in the majors this year,only to see the Cardinals catch,then pass them for the most? Well,boys and girls,for the 17th time in the last 20 completed seasons(excluding’94),the team with the most wins in the regular season has lost their invitation to the Big Dance….(a moment of silence,please,for the Cardinals,Busch Stadium 2 and KMOX Radio’s coverage of Cardinals baseball…..THEY GONE!!!!)

On to those of you out there who are looking ahead,should the Miracle on 35th and Shields(trademark patent pending)occur,to doing it again in ’06…Let old TQ tell you a little story…There was a five year old little boy,watching with smiles,laughter and an ear-to-ear grin his father doing sleight of hand magic tricks,culminating with pulling a silver dollar out from behind his son’s ear…The youngster is besides himself with enjoyment at the performance and cries out loudly “Do it again,Daddy…please?” The father looks down at the tyke and says,”It’s not all that easy,son”.

Just remember that moral,White Sox Nation…It’s fun once,but hard to repeat…


joscope@yahoo…regarding your fine piece in the last blog, don’t concern yourself,me amigo…I’m guilty as sin of ignoring the laws of brevity myself…
And to all Astros fans where ever you may be…I know that you are absolutely THRILLED to be a part of this circus… And I am especially happy for the Voice of the Astros,Milo Hamilton,who spent four years here with the White Sox with Bob Elson before moving on to Atlanta,the Pirates and the Cubs(before Harry Caray screwed him over)then to the Great Southwest to work with,then succeed another class act, Gene Elston…The ‘Stros have had a spot in my heart,along with the Mets,ever since they started…Having said all this,please take note of the following disclaimer….The views expressed here are those of baseball fans,be they White Sox,or any other franchise…unless you get REALLY raunchy and rambunctious,keep in mind–no blood is spilled here,and we just mildly dig in to our opponents regarding outcomes and results…

So,welcome in,you all,from where all you come from…

Scott –
Thanks for including the bit about Robin Ventura. He’s my alltime favorite Sox player, and the only thing that could make this World Series better is if he was a part of the team. They should bring him back as part of the coaching staff like they did w/ Ozzie, Raines, Baines and Cora. Go Sox!

p.s. I’m currently at school at Mizzou so I ordered a deep dish Chicago pizza from Giordano’s to be sent to me so I can get the full Chicago feel during the games!

Hey guys. Just wanted to make a quick little post. Scott, thanks for posting the video of the highlights throughout the season that they play previous to home games. Also, today is the first day that I am jealous of my 10 year old brother. He is currently at the Bulls game wearing his White Sox hat, and who came up to him but none other than Aaron Rowand and Joe Crede. He called me right away to tell me that he met both of them. I think it is now hitting me that the Sox are in the World Series and it feels great! LET’S GO SOX!

All time favorite players.
That would seem like a good topic.

Mine are a little obscure.

Tommy McCraw

Mike Andrews

Jim Spencer

Jim Morrison

Greg Walker

and the Big Hurt (that one’s not so obscure).

Lots of first baseman. Not sure why, but I always had a favorite.

Well I was also disappointed with TM, BUT I couldn’t help not trying to go and despite the price,

I will go to the game tomorrow.

Sorry, I am not a corporate big shot, but someone who grew up

a sox fan in Skokie, surrounded by Cubs fans. My memories go back to

Horlen, Peters, and Ward (you can

tell by the choice of Tommy M.).

The World Series.

That’s a game for other teams.

At least it was until now.

That grounder to Paulie, and his hug with Jose was one of the best sports moments of my life.

(though the 63 and 85 Bears were

pretty darned good too.)

I am SO happy for the Sox.

Sox in 5 (my prediction).

Though I hope its 4.

Less than 24 hours ’til gametime, and I still feel like this is all a dream! I was in Atlanta for the past few days, and was amazed and delighted by the number of people wearing Sox paraphenalia down there. Of course, no one got by me without hearing a chant of “Go White Sox”! On the flight back, that’s all anyone was talking about. Yeah – the bandwagon is certaily more crowded, but I’m OK with that. Don’t know about you all, but I’ve been singing the Go-Go-White Sox tune all week. One thing’s for sure… sleeping tonight is going to be mighty difficult. Go Sox! Bring it home!!!

Good luck in the series. when i did my preseason baseball picks with my dad, i said “I think the white sox are going to be pretty good”. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog throughout the season.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING TICKETS… NBC 5 just ran a story indicating that Frank Thomas is giving up 4 of his tickets for a contest being held at Niketown on Michigan Avenue from 11-1 today. (Way to go, Frank!) The 2 categories are: 1. Best Fan Gear and Singing. (It sounded like the “Go-Go White Sox” tune is what you’d be expected to belt out.) 2. Best Kid’s Essay. (100 words or less on the Sox.)

It will probably be pretty crowded there, but I know some of you would do anything for a chance to get to a game. Good luck!

Gameday… can you feel it?
Center stage.



Takin’ it to them strong from Pitch ONE!

Get EXCITED Chicago- this is what all the blood, sweat and tears is for!


If the gremlins who sabotaged my first two attempts to post a couple of hours ago are gone,I’ll try again…third time’s the charm,you know….
It is still hours before Gene Honda says “IT’S TIME TO PLAY BALL!”,the crowd roars its approval,”Country”Joe West behind home plate looks out at that big Cuban horse on the mound,Craig Biggio steps in and the first pitch in anger is thrown,with flashbulbs going off like strobe lights at a rock concert….

In the meantime, we look at the clock and say to ourselves,”Come on,doggone it,time….MOVE,will you?”…We hear Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack…”….LET’S GO,WHILE WE’RE YOUNG!”…We also hear Carly Simon…”…Anticipation….anticipay-yay-shun is making me wait….It’s keeping me waiting…”

Some of us have gone 46 years,some less…

But wait we must…

I’d like to be able to go onto the field at the Cell tonight wearing my magician’s top hat and cloak and carrying my magic wand(borrowed from El Duque in Boston)and incant the following…”EVIL SPIRITS AND NEGATIVITY,VANISH! BE GONE FOR NOW AND FOR GOOD!!!”

You know what that would mean? It would mean that the Sun-Times wouldn’t have anybody left to cover the games…

Well,hopefully THIS one takes…

In closing for now, I leave with three quotes for all of White Sox Nation—for everyone from the front office to the clubhouse,from the dugout to the seats…

First, from John Wayne:”Alright,pilgrim,saddle up…” Second,from Hawk Harrelson:”Sit back,relax and strap it down…” And finally from Edward R.Murrow: “…Good night…and good luck…”

This is the show,folks…fingers crossed…..

This post took…I guess that doesn’t need the people from Ticketmaster to sabotage anybody anymore…(deserved cheap shot…..)

Here we go……you can just feel the electricity in the air… Is there anything better than White Sox baseball…in the World Series? Well, there may be, but very few things to a tried and true White Sox fan. Let’s get off on the right foot and show any remaining doubters what this team is truly all about!!! GO SOX!! -Dawn

Less than 5 hours until game time. I cannot contain my excitement. I’ve been watching/reading/listening to White Sox coverage for about 5 days now and I haven’t had enough. What an exciting time. Go get ’em tonight Jose.

The lineups are in…the field is ready,as are the players,managers,coaches,umpires,fans,writers,reporters,etc….
Talk is cheap…let’s rock and roll…..

yeah sox! good first game win. better than 11-0 in ’59 when i thought we had it. maybe a close game will keep us sharp! thanks guys, go sox. j.k. in tucson….

Hey Scott, I couldn’t post a comment on the other post that u have, i do not know why.

I knew it. When i saw Dye hitting the homer in the first, I knew we had the game. All the guys had at least one hit, except Iguchi. All the guys did a great job and including Iguchi. I can’t wait to see tommorow’s game after partying all night tonight…




Emphatic statement fellas.

One down, three to go.

Stay focused

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