World Series Postgame

Saturday, October 22, 2005, 11:12 pm


White Sox Win

One down and three to go.  Anxious moments tonight but we held on thanks to Joe Crede’s glovework and great relief pitching from Neal Cotts and Bobby Jenks.

The White Sox bullpen has not allowed a run in the postseason, working 10.0 scoreless IP.

Chicago has won its last five games since losing to the Angels in Game 1 of the ALCS.  The Sox have won 13 of their last 14 dating to the regular season.

According to reports, the team that wins Game 1 of the World Series goes on to win the series 61 percent of the time.

This was the first White Sox victory in the World Series since Oct. 6, 1959 (Game 5) when the Sox beat Sandy Koufax and the Dodgers, 1-0, in Los Angeles.  This was our first home victory since Game 1 of the 1959 World Series.

Enjoy Chicago.



Go White Sox

The White Sox did it they won the World Series. That was the first time they have won the world series since 1917 that was 88 years ago. I am so proud of this team and how they played together. Anyone could have been the MVP of the World Series. They played like a team and no one really stood out as a great person. Joe Crede though had a great postseason at third base. He was unstoppable. I love my White Sox and I’m so happy that they won. White Sox are the greatest team and everyone doubted them this year and said that they wouldn’t win the World Series. Well we now know that they were all wrong. I LOVE MY WHITE SOX. 2005 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS. Go Sox!! Scott Podsednik you are my hero. I love you guys!! Bring it home next year too!!!

Unbelievable job guys. I was able to be down town at a friends house last night and driving through the city on my way home was a wonderful experience. Everyone on the streets yelling out WHITE SOX WIN!, GO WHITE SOX!, truly an amazing feeling. I am so proud to be a southside chicagoian today. Sox fan since I can remember. No feeling in the world can match how it felt to see that final out last night. GREAT JOB WHITE SOX, see you when you get home.

I love my White Sox! No matter how much grief I got from Cubs fans, I stuck with them and stuck up for them! During this post season, I was every Cubs fan best friend, wanting to know if I have playoff tickets (YES)and just wanting to be around a TRUE SOX FAN! Those are my boys! They made me so proud last night, this is a dream come true for all true Sox fans! I’ve never gone to Wrigley, but now I can’t wait to sport my new White Sox World Series gear at the Cubs season opener. GO GO WHITE SOX, CHICAGO’S PROUD OF ALL YOU GUYS! THANKS FOR THE VICTORY, YOU GUYS BROUGHT IT!

WHITE SOX NATION!!!!!!!! Thank you White Sox for making history. Greatest day of my life! And nothing gave me more pleasure than driving to Wrigley Field, plant my White Sox flag, and party like it’s 1917 with my die-hard Sox fans as grief stricken Cubs fans stood to the side and watched! GO SOX!!!!! REPEAT in 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can’t beleive you idiots agree with ozzie not going to the white house he is a piece of shhiit you know what they should do is take all his american money away and send his aass out of the country! that will show all these foreign aasss holes not to take the american people for granted i wish he would choke and die it is a tradition after you win the world series you go to the white house but no not his foreign aass, but he did not have any problem taking the american world series trophy home to venezula, the sox are stupid idiots to let him take the trophy out of the country baseball is americas past time not the foriegn aass holes. we need to quit giving in to these people stop letting them in the country that will prove a point. i give all the credit to the white sox players for the world series win but ozzie has to go fire him and maybe the sox will be worth watching someday.

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