Thoughts about Game 1

Sunday,October 23, 2005, 11:33 am


First Pitch

Ron Vesely, our terrific team
photographer, snapped this shot of the first pitch from last night.
Seeing it this morning sent chills down my spine again.  How much fun is
this?  It’s better than I ever could have dreamed.

and Luis

The great Luis Aparicio presented
Ozzie Guillen with an honorary “Luis Aparicio Award” for Ozzie
contributions to the game of baseball in Venezuela.  What does this
tradition mean to Ozzie?  Last week, he and I were talking about Chico
Carrasquel, who passed away this season, and how much this would have meant to
him.  “I can’t even talk about Chico,” Ozzie told me.  “I
get a lump in my throat every time.”  Viva Chico.  Your No. 17 is on the wall next
to our dugout and we know you are with us still.


There is no one I would rather have
on the mound than Mark Buehrle.  Let’s hope for another performance
like his in the ALCS when many in the press box compared him to Minnesota’s Jack
Morris in 1991.


Stop Believin’

How great a baseball fan is Steve
Perry?  Let me tell you.  As most of you know, we have been trying to
find Steve since clinching the ALCS in Anaheim.
It seems several guys, Joe Crede, Aaron Rowand and A.J. Pierzynski among them,
have taken Perry’s “Don’t Stop Believin”” as the
team’s theme song.  After we clinched, AJ grabbed me and said, “Do
whatever you can to get Steve Perry here for the World Series.”

Well, Steve found out about our
search and called me the other day.  A huge baseball fan, he follows the
SF Giants (and now the White Sox), Perry was touched by our team’s
reaction to his song.

He and a friend hopped on an
airplane yesterday and flew in for the game.  We snuck him into a room
behind our clubhouse and surprised Joe, Aaron and AJ.  They loved meeting
Steve and everyone posed for photos.

Great Fans

Often, World Series crowds are known
to be much more quiet and less partisan than a normal regular-season crowd
because so many of MLB’s tickets go to out-of-town sponsors and
guests.  That certainly wasn’t the case last night.  You guys
were great, so loud, so enthusiastic.  The team couldn’t ask for
more.  How cool were the flashbulbs?  How great was it that the crowd
stuck around so long?  Bask in this, because you guys deserve this.
Sweet emotion.

Bring it again tonight.

Houston Bound

The team leaves tonight for Houston and is set to
arrive at about 2:30 am.  We work out at Minute Maid Field on Monday at 1


No, we’re not
superstitious.  While in Anaheim,
Herm Schneider (head trainer), Jerry Reinsdorf,
Phyllis Merhige (of MLB) and I happened to get together for breakfast one
day.  We won (obviously), so we all met again for breakfast the next day,
and the next … we will need to find a place in Houston.


Since my face has been on television
so much lately (for good and for bad), it seems more and more people are
recognizing me at the ballpark.  A few have stopped me and told me how
much they enjoy reading this blog.  I can’t tell you how much I
appreciate it and how good it makes me feel.  This has been a magical
season, and if this gives you even a little more enjoyment and insight into the
team, that makes me feel great.

Two weeks ago, I received a report
on how many people visit and read this blog.  The numbers shocked me (in a
good way).  I sent them along to a couple of people within the office (one
with the initials JMR), along with a smart aleck remark about how if I was only
smarter, I might have negotiated separate compensation for becoming a blogger.
Then I could retire along with Jerry and Ozzie if we do just happen to win this
thing … (joking …)



Scott – Thank you for the posts all season! What a wild ride. I admit I got a little misty at the park last night, watching the pre-game with my seven-year-old son next to me. Like many others, I’ve waited my whole life for that moment, and I was thrilled to share it with my son.
I’ll be there tonight. After two days, I’ll have no voice left on Monday! GO SOX!!!!!!

I’m with you, Robert. Whoever said “there’s no crying in baseball” either wasn’t a Sox fan, or never went to the World Series. (Or both.) I, too, was moved to tears a few times last night. Seeing Frank Thomas in uniform out there with the team was spine-tingling. The presentation of the colors for the national anthem was beautifully moving. And Luis’ ceremonial pitch to Ozzie did me in. Sometime right before the first pitch, it all finally sank in: The Sox are in the World Series! It all seemed like a dream until last night. Now it’s a reality I’ll never forget.

Thanks for an unbelievable Game 1, White Sox. Three more to go!!!

Well,how do you like the show so far,folks? Pretty good opening act,eh?
Timjeline of Round One(scheduled for seven,more or less)…..

7:21…On the ninth pitch of his AB,Jermaine Dye lights the fuse to the Rocket the opposite way and gone…people in Gary who aren’t watching stick their heads out the window wondering where all the noise is coming from….

7:38…Small ball lives…run and hit executed by Rowand and Everett….followed by AJ’s force out when C Everett scores as A Everett stands out by second base….

7:45 Uribe to the gap in LCF….another run….

7:46 First FOX TV star sighting…at least Bernie Mac has South Side connections….

8:31 Joltin’ Joe from Westphalia,Mo sends one to LCF…the wall is 8′ high,Willy Taveres leaps, but the ball goes (maybe)9’5″…the lead for good….

8:41 Second FOX sighting…well,at least ther guy who does Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown has Chicago roots,also….

9:01 Crede flashes the leather on Ensberg….

9:23 Son of flashing leather,on Biggio….Brooks Calbert Robinson reincarnated!

9:42 Cotts comes in to relieve Contreras…AJ goes to the mound and asks “who the h*** are you?”

9:48 Ensberg finds out who the h*** he is…GONE!

9:50 So does Lamb…GONE!

9:51 Enter Manchild…first time in 15 days…First pitch to Bagwell…99 MPH…good evening,friends…99 again,then “It’s so cold out here,could you please turn the heat up?”…100,100,100 and,for good measure…100…GONE,goom-bye…

10:10 the cherry on the sundae…Pods triple scores fleet-footed AJ….

10:18 Ninth inning,two out and the baby faced assasin puts an end to the Astros miseries for the night by striking out A Everett….

Now,that’s entertainment…Let’s do it all ovwer tonight,OK?

By the way,Scott…can’t wait to see next year’s media guide when it comes out…It will be the size of a freaking phone book,but well worth reading…

Till tomorrow,enjoy…..

What a pleasure: not only a victory, but a victory in which we were never behind!

Would anyone agree that Ozzie should sacrifice our weaker starter–GARCIA–against Oswalt, and save Garland for Wednesday?

I don’t know where to start…the emotion is still overwhelming. From Jermaine’s 1st inning HR…to Joe Crede who is well on his way to being King of Chicago, to Scottie in the 9th, and the bullpen…So sweet to not only show the world we have one, but it’s **** good…Cotts and Jenks..young guys with the poise of seasoned veterans. And Jenks with that fast ball…just daring them to try and hit it….The Astros never knew what hit ’em…. Ready for win 2!! 3 to go! GO WHITE SOX!! -Dawn

But Scott, if you retire, who’ll tell us stories of clubhouse shenanigans and visiting rock stars and lucky statues?

Anyone know what the contingency is if the game is called because of rain?

I am so tired of Fox questioning EVERY CALL that goes for the Sox! Scott, what is with Buck and McCarver?? They imply that everything the Sox do is is not earned at all. Again, a questionable call on a 3-2 pitch, but hey, that’s baseball. Those calls are made everyday. Players don’t get replay to get the ball to make a good bounce into their glove. Biggio didn’t get a replay to catch that pop into short right. Did we make Fox mad by beating their own Angels (Fox is based in LA)? Everett was likely safe at 2nd after Konerko’s GS (woohooo!) but I did not see one replay. Same for Iguchi getting picked off. They mentioned he may have thought he eas safe, but no extra slow replay on that one.

Scott, thanks so much for your insights. I wish I’d discovered this blog earlier in the season I just get sick of the Fox team. I am relocated Chicagoan here in Hurricane Alley in Florida (praying power stays on til game is over) and have no recourse ( radio is way too much delayed to listen with TV.) Is anyone in Chicago media getting tired of Fox ppicking on us? Heck, they evern brought up the AJ dropped third strike play after the Konerko GS, like they were just waiting for the right time.

Thanks again from Florida White Sox fans,who are also happy to not see the Yankees (altho with Clemens and Pettitte…)


Forget that last post…well rant ..It can still be so good!

Pods!!!!! woo hooo.. Our unknown power source.. No power shortage on the South Side!!

way to go!


Destiny…Fate…Kismet…call it what you will, but this is OUR year!! How else can you explain a walk-off homer from Scott P?? It’s a **** good thing I don’t have a bad heart…this would have sent me over the edge!! 2 MORE WINS!!! -Dawn

And that is White Sox baseball baby- you just NEVER know who is going to be there hero on any given night!!

HUGE win guys,I am so proud!


and it just keeps getting better and better!!!!! absolutely amazing. i am in awe.

Hey Scott don’t even think about retiring, we can’t come here if u leave, u give us all the great stories and all the memories, please stay, DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT, THAT IS IT..

SOX are the bestand i can’t explain how happy i am, because in worst worst cases the series will come back to Chicago, which i see unlikely…I WOULD SAY IT IS A SWEEP OR IN 5.. GO SOX


This is so amazingly exciting! I would just like to know how Scottie knew exactly what I wished for when I blew out my birthday candles today!!!! He is wonderful!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! These players do not know how much they mean to so many of us! Keep it up! GO SOX!!!! Julie Mandon from Hobart Indiana


The game was unreal. It looked scary a few times, but Konerko and Pods brought a new meaning to clutch! Crede’s diving play at 3rd was great too!

The crowd there after Konerko’s homerun was incredible, after Pods was through the (proverbial) roof. 2 more in Houston and that is it!!!!


Scott –

Is there any way that you can post some of the graphics that were on the score board so people can use them as wall paper images? That would be great if it could be done. PS Greatest game ever

I just got back from the game, and it was amazing. The grand slam, the walk off, all of it.

But it is odd, there is still this surreal quality to it, like I just can’t believe it is the White Sox that are in the World Series. It is like this amazing dream and I just don’t want to wake up.

But it is real, and we really are up 2-0 in the World Series.

God I love this team.

It’s Monday morning and I have no voice (from cheering) and my eyes are puffy (from crying). This has been the best season ever! I can’t believe it….two more wins and our White Sox are World champs.

This is just the best!!!!

Do the Astros have some sort of Rugged-Man-Facial Hair Clause in their contract or is that just some ****-poor attempt at solidarity. Either way B.J. Armstrong is not impressed.
Clutch grand slam (Konerko is King and the monarchy is good, erect a statue) but what would triumph be without a little controversy.

Loved how Buck and McCarver went all CIA with the eagle-zoom camera on Dye’s HBP. Fox should just give Buck a motherf***** cameo on ‘Prison Break’ or ‘Bones’ or some other fictious peice of trash where he’ll be able to utilize his full array of conspiracy theories. Enough of the instant replay talk.

**** why don’t we replace the umps with robots and have Johnny 5 call the game. Maybe have some GPS technology instituted to better ascertain the strike zone with help from K-zone. ****, let’s just have fans be interactive and vote on controversial calls in real-time. Or how about we shut the **** up and enjoy the game with all it’s warts and imperfections.

And Buck, we all know what the **** Paulie’s dad said. For the time being he’s a Sox. Sorry your Cards got shuffled but keep your venom in your mouth.

Scott, sorry if I depleted the asterisk supply, I just needed to vent.

Great game Sox.

Hold up, I think McCarver is still admonishing Rowand on his shotty baserunning.

GO GO WHITE SOX!!!!!! The only thing that can get better than this (besides the eventual WS win) is to see Buck and McComplainer removed from calling the games. Since that won’t happen let’s just keep on enjoying the ride!!

What a weekend! I’m still trying to fathom the realness of it all. 2 more wins guys! I have game 6 tix, but I think I’ll take my refund for us just to win it (even though it would be cool to see it at home) You never know who the hero is going to be each night and who would’ve thought Scotty would out shine that slam!! I’m still in disbelief. Destiny. Believe in it!!

Wow. Pinch me. No wait…don’t. What great fun.

And f*** a whole lotta Tim McCarver.

Go Sox!

Sox fans, why on earth are you even listening to Fox announcers? AM 1000 has Rooney and Farmer perfectly in sync with the TV broadcast…its some outstanding stuff. Ive heard the Fox calls on some of the dramatic homers and Rooney makes those unemotional calls sound like a preseason game by comparision. They even had Hawk in the booth on Friday nite for a few “he gones” in the 7th when Cotts and Big Boy struck out the side. Hate thinking this is Rooney’s last hurrah….but if it is its fitting his final call will be “and thats a White Sox winner and a World Series championship for the Southsiders…”

The game has been over for slightly less than 14 hours…and,as I see from the other posts, I am not the only one fed up with FOX…The print media can relax a while, I now have a new pinata to swing at…
FOX reminds me of the little apple-polisher in grade school…You know the one…


Memo to young Buck and Timmy Mac…this is NOT the NFL…

No “upon further review” will be heard from the umpire…THE CALL STANDS!!!

I just wonder how many times in his career Mc Carver got away with a call going his way…He must have selective memory loss if it did when it comes to analysis…

Second memo to Buck and Mc Carver…Abraham Zapruder’s estate just called…they have footage from the grassy knoll in CF for further documentation….


Brief timeline to “Better Late Than Never”….

Bottom 7th…Le Affaire de Dye occurs…while FOX goes nuts,AJ is sitting in the dugout saying “How dare JD steal my act! I’m the King of Controversy around here,ain’t I?”

Pitching change,Qualls comes in…

9:43 …Konerko takes matters into his own hands…

SLAM-A-LAMA,DING-DONG!!!(For those of you who remember young Buck’s Budweiser spot from a year ago)

This time,people in Benton Harbor who aren’t watching are wondering what all the noise is and where it’s coming from…Somewhere,Kenny Williams is wondering just HOW MUCH they have available to pay King Paulie after the season is over….as he is worth every single,solitary bit of coin that he can get…

10:05 PM Top 9, enter Manchild….three batters later,the ex-Cub factor rears its ugly head…

10:16 Jose Vizcaino singles…one run scores…if Podsednik doesn’t double-clutch and if the throw isn’t to the first base side of home plate,the second runner is out,Sox win 6 to 5 and Astros third base coach Doug Mansolino has to walk back all the way to Houston for Game Three…

Of course, we all know it doesn’t happen like that…the runner scores with a hand on the plate,face-first,young Buck and Timmy Mac are ecstatic,and the rest of White Sox Nation,at least the veteran observers like moi

say…”We’ve seen this act before, way too many times…”

Manchild turns out to be human after all…Cotts comes in to end the inning….

bottom 9,10:27 pm,one out…

We now know what happens…

In the famous words of young Buck’s late daddy,Jack:


41 thousand people have a communal ****** of extacy and the circus moves on to the Southwest Juice Box for Tuesday…

After going through what I did with FOX last night,all I can say is…SWEEP ‘EM IN FOUR,BOYS!!!” That way, FOX doesn’t make any additional ad revenue…

To **** with them…..

Thanks jim zaher, I’ll be dialed in Tuesday.

I just checked,and the people in Houston are absolutely IRATE about last night and what happened…
My question to the multitudes is this….what is etched in stone that if the correct call is made,Dye doesn’t take ball four on the next pitch?

Then the point would be moot and young Buck and Timmy Mac would be mute…

By the way,would it be possible,if Lidge comes into a game again for everybody except AJ and Scotty to change the spelling of their last name so it starts with a “P”?(Pujols,Podsednik…too much of a stretch?)

I am not going to respond to the Houston people…they may bite,like they do in Boston,LA and New York…..

jim zaher… I have been doing what you suggested since I was a wee child,back when the earth was cooling…wait a minute, too far back…
Anyway,I do that all the time,something my late father handed down to me that I observed as a child…The sound down on TV,and up on the radio…use your imagination if there’s not a TV around…It works,splendedly…..

What a great game!!! Somehow Scotty made that ball defy gravity. Awesome!! Since Journey and Don’t Stop Believing is taking on a life of its own. I want to contribute this version of it from Family Guy:

Check it out, maybe they can use this version at the cell. Dan

2 great games. tough to see bobby give it up and mark not get the W, but everything was soon made right by….scotty? nice.

about the new “call”… maybe their pitcher should have thrown the ball near the strike zone. how about that? jd’s only moving his bat because he’s trying to lean back to get out of the way. would have been a gift for them to get that call after making that terrible, terrble pitch.

I just want to say thanks to all of the sox!! I’ve waited 39 yaers for this. I love you guys so much, I’d wait another 39.
I just want to say I may have waited a long time for this but I’m LUCKY enough to have shared the experience with my seven year old son Michael!!

He kept looking around and yelling, ” Mom, I’m at the World Series!!” We were on our feet cheering and dancing and singing the entire game.


Thank You for these memories.

We love you all.

God Bless, and GO SOX!!!!!

I just want to say thanks to all of the sox!! I’ve waited 39 yaers for this. I love you guys so much, I’d wait another 39.
I just want to say I may have waited a long time for this but I’m LUCKY enough to have shared the experience with my seven year old son Michael!!

He kept looking around and yelling, ” Mom, I’m at the World Series!!” We were on our feet cheering and dancing and singing the entire game.


Thank You for these memories.

We love you all.

God Bless, and GO SOX!!!!!

hi,Scott. i’ve never posted to you personnaly before, always to our fellow bloggers. i know you are still up to your eyeballs in work now and may not have a chance to read this or any other posts, but i had a thought that might be a good idea. how about after the season ( on wed night!) you compile a day by day history of this blog and a few of the comments to your information. i’d be interested in reliving our shared experience and i think so would others. maybe you could turn it into a sort of doctoral thesis and get jerry to pay for it. i wouldn’t mind buying a copy either. thanks for the time, go sox, only two more for another eight game streak. jk in tucson…. see you all tues.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in getting Steve Perry to the World Series games in Chicago. I am a huge Steve Perry fan from way back and it was so great to see my idol even though it was only in pictures posted on the internet! I tried to get tickets to the game but was unable as they sold out within 18 minutes!!! I have the worst luck in the world!
I am SO excited about the SOX 2 wins so far and hope they go ALL THE WAY!!!! GO SOX….make Chicago PROUD!

And if you get a chance to pass a message on to Mr Perry please let him know he still has a HUGE fan base just waiting in the wings hoping one day he will surprise us with a new solo CD!!! DONT STOP BELIEVIN!!!! I wont!

Theresa Bell

After looking at the 9th inning again on MLBtv on (best $20 I ever spent), I see that Buck said the count on Burke was 2-0 when it really was 3-0. I wonder if we should use replay to “correct” the error by the umpire who must have been wrong, since Buck and McCarver are always correct. Thanks to fellow posters who have agreed with me. Being in florida, I cannot get Rooney here, and I cannot find espn radio broadcast nearby (orlando/melbourne florida)

Jeez, I still get tears in my eyes thinking about being at Game 1!!! I’m sure the title will not totally sink in until I see the flag flying over the Cell April 2, but I’d like to know one thing, if I could: is there any way to find out what the classical music piece played over all the Sox memories on the scoreboard is (just before Thunderstruck)? Also, is there any video/audio file or DVD one can get? That was brilliant—put tears in my eyes druing the REGULAR season, and during World Series, well, find the Kleenex!! Yeah, yeah, my sister got on me about that, but hey, been watching the Sox since Harry and Jimmy were getting crocked on Falstaff, so I feel I’m entitled (pun intended!!!). Thank you—and wonderful blog, btw…

mike….just to clarify,it was only Harry getting sloshed on the sponsor’s product….Having worked with Jimmy for a year and a half in the Dark Ages(aka the early ’80’s)at the dear,departed SportsVision,I can securely tell you…he didn’t need any stimulation from alcohol…..

as to your question concerning the audio/video,there is just one source I can recommend you contact….that is Jeff Szynal(I hope I’m spelling his last name correctly)at US Cellular Field….he could give you all the info that you would be seeking…..

All i have to say remember the Grand slam By konerko it’s not every day or every year you get to hit a Grand slam in a world series game something to remember thanks Chicago white sox for the title

The tragedy of the world is that those who are imaginative have but slight experience, and those who are experienced have feeble imaginations. Do you think so? jordan

We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine cases out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety. Do you think so?

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