World Champions

Saturday, October 29, 2005, 11:04 a.m.


In case any of you missed the news, the Chicago White Sox are WORLD CHAMPIONS.

I say "missed the news" because you would not have read it here, on this site.  I am sorry to fail you but there has been zero time to stop and post to this blog.  From when I posted on Monday until this morning, we have been going non-stop.  I finally was able to sleep 9 hours last night which equals all of our sleep for the previous three days.

Since I owe you a recap of the past days, I thought I would take this approach:  beginning today, I will work my way backwards, giving you whatever moments and memories stick in my head.  Each day (probably skipping tomorrow because I owe it to my kids), I will work backwards through the World Series.

First, a few newsy updates from today …

Coming into the ballpark, I saw El Duque and Aaron.  El Duque stopped to say goodbye and we wished one another a good offseason.  There is a lot of class in that man and it’s pretty apparent why he is called, "The Duke."

Aaron was driving his BIG red truck and said he was eager to head home to Las Vegas with his family.

The national television requests are already pouring in.  Several of our guys appeared on the Oprah Show Friday AM, Scott Podsednik will appear on Saturday Night Live tonight, you will see Sox players on the Tonight Show next week and then Letterman the week after.  Guys are enjoying the new-found attention.

MLB Productions continues to sit down and talk with guys on film about the season and the series.  They are putting together a must-have DVD on this year’s series that should be out by Thanksgiving.  All of our players, Ozzie, Kenny, Jerry and others have sat down over the past few days to offer their thoughts on the past weeks.

SI’s commemorative edition will be out soon, as well.



Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Words cannot come close to expressing how yesterday felt for our staff, players and front office.  Guys could not speak, they were so moved by the adoration of our fans.

Most of us boarded the double-decker buses at the ballpark expecting a nice parade and rally.  What we experienced dwarfed those expectations.

As the buses left the ballpark and wound their way through Bridgeport, Bronzeville, Pilsen and other neighborhoods on our way to the Loop, thousands of people lined the streets, cheering and thanking us for the season.  We should have been applauding you.  Schools came out along the way.  Kids held out handmade signs.  Construction workers around McCormick place flew banners.  Fans of every ethnicity celebrated.  Truckers honked horns.  As Mark Buehrle said, we had chills the entire way.

Once downtown, the sights took your breath away.  Thousands and thousands lined the streets between skyscrapers.  Ticker tape and paper swirled in the air.  The crowd roar was continuous … to the point where you couldn’t hear the person next to you.  It was what you imagined a parade was like for World War II generals or for the astronauts.  Police estimated the crowd at 1.75 to 2 million people.  Chicago roared.  Chicago celebrated.


For me, the rally itself, at the corner of LaSalle and Wacker, was anticlimactic after that parade.  But others said it was just as special. 

Ozzie wore a Venezuelan flag drapped around his neck.  Ken Williams carried the World Series trophy onto the stage.  Frank Thomas, fighting back tears, kissed the trophy. 

In the most moving moment, Paul Konerko presented Jerry Reinsdorf with the baseball from the final out.  Jerry fought back tears as he said this was the single, most moving moment of his life.  How classy of PK.

Yesterday was the greatest single expression of SOX PRIDE we have ever experienced.  Fans were crying.  Players cried.  We all cried together.  I saw fans holding photos of relatives who had passed away, yelling to us, "Thank you.  This was for my mother."

How can you even communicate the emotions?  The passion?  The joy everyone felt?  Even as I write this now, a day later, tears are in my eyes.

If you did not see yesterday’s parade and rally, make sure you check it out.  I believe several of the Chicago television stations had it posted on their websites (in addition to

Thank you, White Sox fans.  We cannot express how great your reaction to our team made us feel.  This World Series Championship, that Commissioner’s trophy, is for you.  Enjoy.  After 88 years, you deserve it.



Timeline to the greatest miracle since Fatima and the ’69 Mets…..
Friday,1:32 PM….Talk about your delayed reaction….When the World Series clips played with “We Are The Champions”as the music bed,it finally sunk in past the concrete between my two ears….The ballclub I have followed since 1960 won the whole doggone thing….That’s when these old hazel green eyes misted over….

1:42 PM… the ultimate Kodak moment….Konerko bringing the Chairman over to present the final out to him….I don’t think there was a dry eye in all of White Sox Universe(yes,it’s gone beyond a Nation)when that gesture took place….At long last,validation for a man who has been villified in the media and by fans as being perhaps the worst owner of all time in Chicago sports….

Pardon the possible religious overtone to this,but when Jerry held up that championship trophy,it was his baseball Bar Mitzvah,his way of showing “…Today, I am a man….”

Whitney Houston sang “…give me one moment in time….” CBS shows “One Shining Moment” at the conclusion of the NCAA basketball championship game….Well,sorry,Whitney,sorry CBS….but on Friday there was more than one moment in time,more than one shining moment….The images shown and seen will be emblazoned in the memories of White Sox Universe in perpetuity….that means forever…..

P.S.I knew that Jay’s columns in the Bright One would prove to be useful eventually…Weren’t they part,if not most,of the material used for the cannon fodder for the confetti?

Don’t worry about the delay Scott, we all understand. It has actually taken me a few days to digest all this myself. My dad hooked me on the sox when I was a kid and I have done the same to my children and although they don’t appreciate it as much as I do, I’m sure my dad smiling in heaven at all this as well. I got all misty when they clinched, couldn’t sleep and have been watching non-stop coverage. I got my first good night of sleep last night as well now that it is all done. I’m now really glad I got those SOXFEST tickets as soon as they went on sale. It’s going to be fun to watch all the appearances and anticipation for next season. Thank you White Sox for making this season a dream come true. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!

Isn’t it strange how something like winning a World’s Championship in baseball eradicates so many mistakes,such as 1919 as so many bad times,like 1959,1964,1967,1970,etc.,etc…
The nation may have uttered a collective yawn and a “who cares?” about what took place at the Cell and the Southwest Juice Box as seen(or unseen)on FOX….There may not have been any glamour to these teams,but to these admittedly biased ol’hazel green eyes, the 2005 Chicago White Sox are Angelina Jolie,Halle Berry,Selma Hayek and Jessica Alba all wrapped up in a white uniform with thin black vertical pinstripes,a black cap with an olde English S O X on the front and baseball shoes….

(by the bye,I apologize for not putting Dawn,Anastasia,Maria and my newly discovered friend,”Viking” bconrad at North Park University(not college any more)in among those fabulous females I just mentioned…..)

One last thought to keep all of you warm and toasty till Sox Fest and beyond…Roughly figured out, it’s only about 14 weeks or so until pitchers and catchers report to Tucson…It’ll be here in no time at all…..

How much longer before Oswaldo goes on with Letterman? I only hope that night that there are English subtitles added….not for Ozzie,for that gap-toothed jamoke that hosts the show…..

I just want to say THANK YOU to you and anyone and everyone that has something to do with the Chicago White Sox. This was a spectacular season.

It was an emotionally and somewhat physically draining week .Thank you White Sox ,we needed that kind of draining to cleanse our baseball souls.From everyone here and not here THANK YOU it was fun

the happiest moments of my life. absolutely awesome season, just amazing… THANK YOU WHITE SOX!

i made this wallpaper and assume it will be on my computer until we win it next year!!

championship wallpaper

Fear not, Scott. We all knew why you hadn’t been posting. And, even better, we knew that when you DID get here, it would be well worth waiting for.

I watched the parade online from the Trib website. I was supposed to be working as well, but I admit to doing more watching than working. 🙂 It was amazing. Reading your account of the day brought tears to MY eyes, once again. This means so much to so many

Thanks for your posts all this season. Congrats to you, the team, and all your coworkers in the offices for all your hard work. I hope you will keep your blog going this winter and through next season too.

The DVD–the more footage the better!! I would even buy a box set like the Red Sox had. I am very excited to see what comes out, I am sure it’ll be excellent.

Thank you Scott for the best post yet- WORLD CHAMPS! That parade was the best experience of my life…we owe it all to you guys! Thanks for everything!!!

Still so PROUD!

Thank you, White Sox. This has been much more than a dream come true. It has been one dream come true after another, culminating in a surreal, beautiful ticker tape parade that made all the decades of waiting worthwhile.

1.75 million fans on a work day. I’d call that a FAN BASE.

Jeff McMahon

scott, thought you might like this… eric zorn chronicles your pal jay’s flip-flopping all year. marriotti may be a good writer, but he is an irresponsible journalist.

that said, i look forward to reading this daily and i truly appreciate the effort it takes to pull it together. this is awesome, you are awesome, the whtie sox is awesome… it is an awesome time to be alive.

go sox


The November 4th issue of the Sporting News has Iguchi on the cover tagging out Ausmus. There are a few good bits in the issue. One of the best parts is the last page of the magazine. Check it out if you get the chance. One quick note though, when I look at the Sporting News website it shows the Nov. 4th issue as having Matt Leinart on the cover. Make sure you get the White Sox cover.

What a great day was friday..I went out there along with those 1-2 million people celebrating our great team.. the team and the fans that didn’t stop believing…it was huge.. i was so happy that i took like four pictures of players while they were looking at me and waving.. it was awsome.. WE ARE SO PROUD OF THIS TEAM…

There’s nothing to say that those pictures don’t say already. What a wonderful vindication it is for our team to see this huge outpouring of support after being ignored and doubted for the entire year.

And I think that last picture of the trophy sums this team up perfectly. No faces, no individuals, no one hogging the camera – just hands of different colors working towards the same goal. That’s unity, man. That’s why this is the best baseball team Chicago has ever seen.

Hi Scott!

Wow! What an incredible season! The parade Friday was so amazing. I think people in the city are used to being in a large crowd, but nothing could prepare you for hundreds of thousands. It was crazy.

I watched the replay of the parade celebration and the speakers (players and others) seemed disappointed by the crowd at times. I know they couldn’t understand when we were chatting “Turn it up” and “We can’t hear.” I just hope they didn’t think we were being irreverant. I was seriously 40 feet from the stage and couldn’t hear a thing. I know this has been reported in the newspapers, but I just felt bad watching the footage. I hope the Sox players, staff, friends and family were (will be) informed that we were all thrilled and incredibly excited for them, but we couldn’t hear what was going on.

Regardless, it was a great time that I’ll never forget!


Scott –

Will the White Sox be producing a team DVD? I remeber one was put out in 1993. I believe this season certainly warrants the team to put out a lenghthy DVD, besides the one which will be produced by MLB, on this magical season!!!

Justa few thoughts of my own – My dad introduced me to the white sox when I was a little kid in the 70s. My first concrete memory was a Greg Walker walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th of some game. So many memories, I can’t list them all!! WOW!! I must say, I never thought that I would witness that final out!! What was truly great was that I was able to watch it with my dad – the man who started this obsession!! Thanks Dad! Thanks SOX!! Resign Paulie!! “Let’s do it again” – (remeberthat slogan from 1984 – now it has real meaning!!)

Next Year –

Two Thousand and SOX!!!!

Next year will be 100 years since the White Sox beat the Cubs in the WS. How about next year? Thanks for blogging this year Scott, it has made me feel even closer to the team!

I still think I’m dreaming. Thank you, Scott, again, for all you did. We tried to push on without you. However, I’m excited to read the blog in the next week or so to get the benefit of you experiences. What a season it has been. I still find myself teary-eyed when I read the words of my friends, see the highlights, or even read highlights from the rally. Truly a story for the ages!! All I want for Christmas, is Paulie resigned. I know this will be difficult, but I hope and pray (hope that’s not blasphemous) that it is done soon. I get the feeling that he wants to be here, and as long as the offer is reasonable, we’ll get the chance to “do it all again”!! Scott, I know this has been asked before, but I don’t recall seeing if you replied. Do the players know about the blog? Do they check it out? I would love to know that they know “feel the love” from us. I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see history being made! Thank you all! May all the players and staff have a healthy, relaxing and safe off season!! -Dawn

Holy rusted metal, Batman… what a rush of a week this past 7 days has been! The zenith was standing among allllllll my fellow Chicagoans and White Sox fans on Friday morning and just going crazy with happiness when those double-decker buses rolled by on Lake & LaSalle. I wish every human in the world could experience that happiness and unity just once. I am so glad I got to be a part of the excitement – but excitement is too weak of a word, I can’t think of just the right thing to say about it.

I TiVo-ed SNL tonight… Scott P. was hilarious on Weekend Update bantering back & forth with Tina & Amy about South Side & North Side. Sorry Schaumburg, but you’re just too far away (j/k). I can’t wait to catch more team members on the airwaves in the coming weeks!

Scott R. – Thanks for all your efforts into this blog. Your forthcoming posts over the next few days will help keep this sparkling championship enthusiasm fresh among us readers.

Tom – thanks for the compliment.




I have been waiting for this since July 30, 1967 (the day i was born). If i was to suddenly die, i will go with a big smile on my face knowing that i have witnesses my three teams win championships, the Bears in ’85, the Bulls in the 90’s, and now my Sox this year. If it wasn’t for the birth of my third son, the Sox winning the world series would’ve been the best moment for me this year.

People have clowned on Mr. Reinsdorf in the past, but i think that he is the best owner in professional sports bar none. I am hoisting up a glass of sparkling grape wine for you. Thank you, Kenny, and Ozzie for bringing back how baseball is supposed to be played.

It did not hit me that the Sox won the world series until i drove past the Cell’s marquee when it said WELCOME TO U.S. CELLULAR FIELD – HOME OF THE CHICAGO WHITE SOX – 2005 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!

I don’t think anything can wipe this smile off of my face anytime soon.

I agree with PK, let’s prove to the world that we are a good team by winning it all again.

I’m already lookin’ forward to 2006.


Fellow Sox fans, I would urge you to write letters to the TRIBUNE to protest today’s front-page story, which looks to me like nothing but a bald attempt to preserve the pro-Cubs bias that existed before everything the White Sox just accomplished. Here’s my letter:

Dear Editor,

The Tribune almost managed to behave itself in recent weeks, but it didn’t take long at all for the Tribune to start raining again on the White Sox parade. The day after 1.75 million people turned out to demonstrate their support for the White Sox — 1.75 million — the Tribune asks, in a front page story, can the Sox ever be as big as the Cubs? (“Can Sox Win More Hearts, Minds?” Oct. 30, 2005)

Once again, the story conceals the fact that the Tribune is writing about its own financial fortunes. It does not mention, as every ethical journalist must, the financial affiliation between the newspaper and the Cubs, information that is more than just incidental. Would anyone in Chicago believe the Cubs are number one if the Cubs’ owners didn’t constantly promote that view — through newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations that they also own? I think a different story might emerge, especially in the wake of the largest public gathering in Chicago history.

Maybe the White Sox really are number one in this town, and maybe they always have been, and maybe that would be obvious to everyone were it not for the Tribune’s relentless repetition of a point of view that serves its own self interest. Maybe Sox fans just do things differently. Maybe they work hard, save their money, watch games at home, celebrate each game quietly, and then show up by the millions for the ticker-tape parade.

Jeff McMahon

Amen to Jeff McMahon’ post about the Tribune.
This has been the most wonderful season ever. Thank you Scott for providing us with insights that made us feel close to our super team. Thanks to all the bloggers. It’s great to know there are a lot of people out there that love the White Sox like I do.


ABC 7 had a fantastic segment on their news tonight- they put highlights of the season mixed in with clips of Field of Dreams…it was the third greatest thing I’ve seen- obviously behind the win itself, and the parade.

Still just amazed at all that we accomplished…still so excited for our guys!

Among all the cheering which I have been a big part of…I’ve had a question in the back of my mind. It’s finally time to bring it forward.

WHO IS IN CHARGE OF PICKING THE WORLD SERIES MVP? Not to take anything away from Mr. Dye…he was an important part of this team, had the pivotal hit in game 4, and some GREAT stats. But..MVP? NO WAY NO HOW.

Only 1 guy who I believe SHOULD have been possibly awarded for his timely offense AND defense. Mr. (most of you said to dump him a few months ago) JOE CREDE.

Was I the only one shocked to see Dye get that trophy? Why do YOU think he was awarded? In my estimation he played GREAT, but probably not to the level of our 3rd baseman.

I give Dye this…his OBP and Batting Average were great! But the subjectives weren’t even considered in all of this. Crede CARRIED our pitchers with his glove and had a SLG percentage of .706 !!! Not to mention his 2 HRs.

Jermaine Dye. Love him. Keep him. Thank Him. No Love lost. But whoever picks the MVP needs to look at more than just a few lines on the stat sheet before they make the decision.

Joe Crede was the man. He put on a defensive clinic that had me grabbing my sons to make them watch his mechanics. Combine that with his offensive stats (overall very similar to Dye, and I say he got disrespected.



I love Joe Crede, too, and I love seeing fans cheer him on this blog and elsewhere, but I think Dye was a good choice for MVP. It’s appropriately difficult to pick an MVP on a team where so many players contribute. It could have also gone to Paulie. Dye was quietly consistent, workmanlike, unheralded, but he assembled the highest batting average, and he was as clutch as anyone, just in less flashy fashion. That final game-winning hit wrapped it up for him. It was not spectacular, it was just enough for the White Sox to win the World Series. I think Dye is an appropriate MVP. He epitomizes the South Side work ethic of this team.

I also agree with Jeff McMahon’s post above. The front page story in Sunday’s Tribune was outrageous. PLEASE WRITE LETTERS TO THE TRIBUNE.

Go Sox!



Thank you for all of the insight provided during the White Sox run. I’ve looked forward to and enjoyed reading your blog all season. I was at the rally Friday and it was amazing, much larger than any of the ones for the Bulls. I didn’t make it to the one after the Superbowl, but I hear that Friday was close to that. Anyway, I am wondering if the White Sox have a team picture that is being distributed or for sale. I’ve checked everywhere, and I have not been able to locate one. I would really like to place this team on my wall of fame next to the 85 Bears and the Bulls teams of the 90’s. Thanks again

Hey this has been a really special year for all of us who have always rooted hard for the Southsiders! I just want to say a few things: first off, the World Series MVP is for the World Series not the whole playoffs; the ALCS had it’s own MVP and it was Paul Konerko. The World Series MVP is usually decided by a select few in the commissioners booth just after the team wins it. Jermaine Dye’s bat was huge, it got the big 5th in Game 3 going with his 2-RBI single. He got the home run off the Rocket that got us jumpstarted in Game 1. He got a hit in every game and batted 438 for the series. Do NOT take that away from Jermaine Dye. To say he didnt deserve it is ludacris! Secondly, We should forget this Cub/Tribune bashing. I’m a huge White Sox fan but constantly bashing the Cubs and the Tribune isnt going to change anything and who really cares if the Tribune is publishing garbage stories or not? It’s your choice not to read them and it doesnt take away that we won the title and they didnt. 1.75 Million people know this, and thats all that matters. One more thing…Did anybody tape the SNL with Scott Podsednik? IF so could you contact me and send me a copy of it? Ok Guys lets enjoy this it is our turn!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m still basking in all the events of last week & can’t wait for Scott’s next post!

I checked the TV listings & Jermaine, AJ & Ozzie will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow – Tuesday, November 1, 2005 – channel 5 (NBC), the show starts at 10:35pm.

Also, I have the SNL episode with Scott Podsednik on TiVo…it may take me a few days, but if you want a copy, send me an email & I can put it on tape for you.

Everyone in the city knows the White Sox are #1 – some citizens just can’t admit it. The fans know & the team knows…so don’t fret about it…as mentioned before, we can save all those newspapers for next year’s ticker tape parade.


To maggsalmvp….the World’s Greatest Newspaper(for those of you uninformed,where do you think WGN got its call letters from?)is just like the rest of the print media and the electronic as well…They write stories,editorials,columns or have call-in talk shows to fill,so they write and say things to provoke a reaction,positive or negative….what are called “hot buttons”…Obviously,the scramble between North and South Sides has been a huge topic for over twenty years,since the Cubs won their first title the year after the White Sox…And then Wrigleyville became the place to live as well as the place to see,drink and be merry….The editors mean nothing harmful by their doings(at least I think they don’t),nor do the people who run radio stations…These are just a barometer of fan interest….If you decide to answer them the way that Jeff Mc Mahon did,it’s all well and good,but it is NOT doing to dissuade anyone in power at the Trib or the Bright One or the Score or ESPN 1000 to change how they do business….

Now,with the good and great also comes the sad…Sunday,those of us Sox fans over age 50 lost one of our early heroes in Al Lopez….For those of you who didn’t see the papers or hear it on the radio or TV,let me briefly give you some facts about the Senor….840 wins as Sox manager,second only to Jimmy *****….two different stints as manager…1957-1965,then late in 1968 thru most of 1969….His teams never finished out of the first division most of those seasons….two 2nds,then the pennant in ’59,then 3rd,4th,5th,followed by three more 2nds…finally the doldrums of the late 60’s caught up with him… Suffice it to say,the only two pennants that the Yank-mes DIDN’T get in the 50’s were to Lopez’s teams(Cleveland in ’54 and the Go-Go Sox of ’59)…and his teams played small ball before anyone ever thought of calling it that….35 and 15 in one-run games in “59—sound familiar.folks?

If I had a say in the matter,and of course,I don’t,but….on Opening Day of ’06,I would have them raise the three banners,for Division,League and World Titles(hope they got enough flagpoles to fit them all)and then also retire the number 42 jersey in honor and memory of the Senor….It would be only fitting and proper…..

To the censors at….Jimmy’s last name is JUST THAT….not any comment on sexual preference…If you look at a book,you’ll see it….Please….

nothing yet has been set in stone,and I shouldn’t really be saying anything yet,for fear of jinxing things…BUT…there is a posibility that your obedient servant here may be going to a new endeavor on an old topic….

Watch this space soon for any further details,if there are any….(That is what is known in broadcasting as a “tease”…fingers crossed and rosaries out though for the old man,please….just in case…..)

Is everyone aware that the Sox are not resigning Everett?? Where are we gonna fnd a solid lefty to replace him? Unless Frank is coming back…but still, we need a lefty, don’t we?

No worries reifer, we’ll get some free agents to fill those roles.

I know that everett is a loss, but is it that earth shattering? Considering his ONLY job was to hit the ball, he could have done a little better… (didn’t do bad, but still)

I am guessing there has to be a better LH DH out there SOMEwhere?

Sad to see our dream team breaking up, but unfortunately thats apart of life in the MLB. Thank you Carl for all you did for our organization this year- your impact was great, and we are very proud of you! Good luck with wherever life takes you…you’ll always be our 2005 DH of the World Champs!

And now we move forward and look to make a strong team ever stronger….a dream team a legacy!

Here’s to 2006! GO SOX!

As a Sox fan since I was old enough to go to games I can’t even begin to say how incrediable this season has been. I work part-time as Sox security for thee White Sox! There have been many times this year that seemed to me to be magical. The parade was a cullmination of this greatest year in White Sox baseball and what is even better the South side fans proved that they are/ we are thee best fans anywhere. 1.75 million people. Not all of us had the chance to be there but for that many people to celebrate in a responseable way was also very incrediable. I look forward to more years working with this team, one of the Greatest teams ever. GO SOX!!!

congratulations on a magical season and for bringing the world series championship to chicago. definitely a classy organization that doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. go white sox!!

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