Looking Back …

Monday, October 31, 2005, 2:45 pm


Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the Al Lopez family.  News reached us Sunday afternoon of the 97-year-old Hall of Famer’s passing.  According to his son, Al followed the Sox throughout the playoffs and was aware of the World Series triumph before suffering a heart attack Friday night.  He died early Sunday morning. 


Scott appeared on Saturday Night Live during the Weekend Update skit. 

Looking Back …

To give you all a little feel for Thursday, our travel day back from Houston:

The bus left the hotel, the Westin Galleria, at 11 a.m. and the flight left Ellington Field at around 12:30.  Our flight was one of four charters by the White Sox heading home (team, family and two employees/spouses).  Each plane had White Sox flags flying out the windows as they sat on the runways.

The World Series trophy sat in the front row next to Ozzie Guillen on the flight home.  Details about Friday’s celebratory parade were made on the plane’s PA system.

The pilot alerted us to all the people waiting to welcome us home along 63rd street.  Players and staff crowded the windows as we landed to seeMoreparade the fans.

As we taxied toward our hangar, employees of all the airlines lined the route and cheered.  The fire department shot cannon sprays of water over and onto the planes in salute.

As we disembarked (do you do that on a plane?), Jerry went first, holding on tightly to the trophy.  Ken Williams and Ozzie followed.

They pull our cars onto the runways for us (tough life, huh), and one by one we pulled out toward 63rd street.  The sight was heartwarming.  Thousands of fans lined the street, cheering, waving and holding up signs.  Players honked and waved.  Ken and Ozzie stopped to shake hands with the crowd.

While we were in Houston, it was very tough to gauge the reaction at home.  Part of you wished you could be in both places at the same time to see the reaction and feel the celebration.  Seeing these fans at the airport was our first sense of what our World Series title had done for Chicago.  It sent chills down your spine.

It was a small taste of what Friday would bring.


That homecoming was so special- especially Mark gettin out of that big ole’ truck of his!! I love how much this is a “fans” team- they have gone out of their way to make this just as special for us, and you too Scott. Know how much we appreciate it!!!

Anyone still just elated beyond words???? I am!

Go Sox!

Scott- Congratulations to you, the entire Sox organization – and of course our amazing 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox!!!! It was an unbelievable run! So much fun. The city really is full of Sox fans and supporters, and it’s so awesome. I hope the players and organization see all the signs throughout the loop, south and west sides at bars, restaurants, auto shops, banks, etc. b/c it’s such an incredible tribute to an amazing team! The homecoming at the airport was terrific – and the ticker tape parade and rally indescribable! Congrats to the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox! And Scott, thank you so much for your continued efforts with this blog. Looking forward to TwoThousandSox!

Being there to welcome home the team was something I will never forget. Each player had his own way of acknowledging the fans, and I know that when I retell the stories of the 2005 White Sox, Midway Airport will be up there as a favorite of mine (besides being at the United Center when they won, of course – how exciting and crazy that was!).

When Ozzie got out of his limo, Freddy and Jose were “stuck” in front of us – they were laughing and joking right along with us and having a great time. Buerhle getting out of his truck reminded us how much we mean to the players – although we were there to salute them!

Thank you to the White Sox for bringing the trophy home! (That still sends shivers down my back!)And thanks to you, Scott, for sharing all this with us. One thing that no one can take away is how much the White Sox – and the entire organization – care for the fans. Thank you!!!

Scott, no matter how overwhelming it seemed, it’s a small gesture to what we are feeling. We are so incredibly proud of this organization and this group of guys. Nearly a week later, and I still get choked up thinking about what was accomplished. Thursday night, I turned to my husband and jokingly asked him what time the first pitch was…our lives are just a bit empty without the Sox to watch =) Although, someone mentioned it’s just about 14 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training =) I’m sure the players and team don’t relish such a short off-season, but speaking as a fan of the WORLD CHAMPION CHICAGO WHITE SOX, we’re ready..Bring it on!! -Dawn

I think the only thing that’s going to keep me going through the next few months without Sox baseball is the knowledge that SoxFest is less than three months away! That and the great memories of 2005.

Scott –
Im not sure if you saw any of my previous posts since there were hundereds of posts and you have been super busy but is there any way to get a copy of the highlight video that they played at the ralley? I have been looking everywhere for it and have not been able to find it. Is that going to go on to the DVD because that would work out good too. Thanks and sorry for the double post.

Scott –

Will the team be putting out its own DVD on the season (besides mlb.com’s production)? Also, do you have any idea when the “Quest for Respect” production will be ready?

Thanks for everything and for giving us a rare glimpse into the White Sox this year. May you, the club and us fans enjoy continued success with this magical team!

Sox in O’Sox!!

mreifer, what is “Quest for Respect”

Kr –

Quest for Respect is on the mlb.com website in the Digital Downloads section. It does not appear to be available yet, but it looks like a 1 hour production on the season. There is a preview available as well.

Thanks for the info mreifer. I now see what you were referring to. Do you think it will be like the offical DVD? The price is different so I am assuming that they are two separate videos.

So many things to buy, so little $$..from DVDs by MLB (of which it seems there are several) to the commerative books (no less than 4 at my local store ranging from $6.95 to $15.00) to hats and t-shirts and sweatshirts and commerative baseballs….SOMEONE is making a fortune off of this season. Hope it goes to the right people!! BTW…the $15 book is put out by the Tribune..ironic isn’t it.

Unfortunately I have ordered the “Believe It” book from the Trib. I hate giving my money to them, but their book sounds good. Over 108 pages of great pics, interviews, and the like. Should be here in a few days, I’ll let everyone know how it is.

I patiently waited for mlb.com to show the list of players who received the gold glove awards for 2005. i was absolutely beside myself when i saw that our CF Aaron Rowand did not get honored with this award. Absolutely shocked. He is one of the most amazing outfielders there are. This guy is constantly throwing himself at walls, diving all over the field, and making spectacular plays. Someone needs to let Aaron know that he deserves that award 100 times more than any of the other OF winners did. Thanks!

Scott, can you let us know of any upcoming TV APPEARANCES by Sox players?

Also, when are you going to hoist the NEW FLAG over the outfield?

I can’t tell you how much this has meant to us on the South Side. I don’t think the diverse populations have ever been so unified, or ever so happy. Thank you so much, White Sox.

This is just a travesty….Not to take anything away from Torii Hunter, because he is a great outfielder, but he missed 2 full months of the season!!! From ESPN, Hunter’s fielding percentage is .987 while Ro has .992…HOW is this possible????

I too really can’t understand how Hunter received the gold glove. He is a excellent CF, however, he was out for too much of the season IMO. People still don’t want to give full credit to the White Sox. The people voting for these gold glove honors are clueless. I have one question for those voters, who wont he World Series???? HA HA HA!

I am just so bummed for Aaron, he more than anyone deserved the Golden Glove. I hope he knows how much we value him and are proud of him regardless! He’ll always be the Golden Glove to us- and thats all that matters.

And when all is said done, we’re the World Champs!

It is disappointing for Aaron that he didn’t win, but this just goes to show how great of a team (and I emphasize team) this is.

Yeah we have Dye, Konerko, Pods, and an unreal pitching staff, but no ‘Superstars’. All sorts of people stepped up at different times and got things done. In due time, Konerko’s name could be thrown around with Thomas and the other big hitters in the game, but still…

I watched the Tonight Show last night. The Sox were not on. The TV listing said they were supose to be on. If anyone hears when they are to be on….Please post it. This was a great year! Thank-You White Sox!!!!!!!!

On the tonight Show website, they do not list the White Sox as being guests. So who knows when they will be there.

Rowand got hosed. Torii Hunter wasn’t the best centerfielder when he was healthy this year. Certainly wasn’t after he went down. Seems like coaches vote like highschoolers do for Prom King and Queen, based on popularity.

After just watching Comcast Sports during my lunch break, I have learned that there will be no White Sox on either the Tonight Show or the Late Show. Ozzie and a few others were scheduled to be on Leno last night, but Ozzie could not make the date due to prior committment. The Tonight Show decided not to reschedule them. As for the Late Show with Letterman, they are currently shopwing reruns this week and decided that having the White Sox on next week would be a non-story. I’m sure if the Yankees won and Letterman was showing reruns they would make sure to have them on at the very next opportunity. Once again the White Sox are passed by. Guess they’ll have to sneak up on everyone again next year.

Congrats Sox on a wonderful year!!!! You guys mean a lot to Chicago no matter what everyone else thinks.

Thanks for the info KR- I was wondering what happened last night. I’m dissappointed becasue I was really looking forward to it.

I guess all you can say is what did we expect. Oh well, our guys know how PROUD we are of them, and how they are OUR HEROES! And as I keep saying- when all is said in done-

we’re World Series champs. No one will ever be able to take that from us!

The late blues singer Bessie Smith put it best …..




Ladies and Gentleman,your 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox….before this season began,no one gave them a chance in h*** to do anything at all this season,like challenge for the pennant,win Gold Gloves,or appear anywhere….All doubters were silenced a week ago tonight….Now,all of a sudden,everybody and their third cousin is saying “I knew all the time that they could do it….”

Every politician in the state of Illinois is going to want to have their picture taken with either Ozzie or Jerry,or both,or the trophy,or all of the above….and you know all these photo ops are going to be used to make brownie points with their constituents….Heck,gang,backin May,I’ll bet any money that 95 per cent of these leaches didn’t know where US Cellular Field was,let alone who was playing there…But,such is the life of Destiny’s Darlings…

As to their non-appearances on the late night talk fests,they are no longer a punch line for the jamoke with the gap in his teeth on CBS,or the guy whose chin comes in the door five minutes before he does on NBC…So,I don’t blame the ones who cancelled their five minutes of fame with Dave and Jay….

What really frosts what’s left of my pumpkin is that all of these outsiders are getting THEIR time with the Champs,while those of us who have sweated out every single,solitary moment of this year rooting them on get bubkis for our effort….the comments at the victory parade notwithstanding….And at SoxFest in two months,if there IS an opportunity to “be up close and personal”,it’s going to be controlled like you wouldn’t believe…..

Am I right,or are these just the rants of an old f***?

I’d like to second the question about the short films shown before the games. One of them was also shown at the rally. The first film shows a montage of sox history. The other is a montage of this season. Both are great and I’d like to get a copy of them.

Sox Inc. would be smart to sell those; I’m very sure they’d sell like hot cakes. If anyone hears anything about these films, let us know. Anyone who has seen them will attest to how moving they are. Sox pride, baby. I love this team.

Dawn….regarding your post of Oct.31st @6:02 PM saying “….someone mentioned it’s just about 14 weeks…..”
I believe that that someone was your obediant cyberservant,in my posts of October the 29th….

It’s okay,though,if you forgot,or if someone else told you before I did…Like the boys before this season,I’m used to being ignored…..

And,to those of you getting your stomachs twisted in knots of anger over the Gold Glove snubs,don’t concern yourselves with them….It’s like the All-Star Game voting,a popularity contest based on past achievement…There will be plenty of time for Rowand and the others to share in the hardware glory…..

Talk to you in a couple of days,to catch up on your thoughts and feelings….

True enough, Tom. Just look at the gold glove for Torii Hunter. He was out half the season!

I agree with you Tom, I love it how all these bandwagoners of polticians and all are getting there moment in the sun with our guys- I’d give anything to just shake the hands…but thats life. I’m content with still basking in the glory of being World Series Champs!

Id bet LAA will jack Konerko’s price up to atleast 12m a year, maybe even as high as 15, regardless of that, Jerry has to pay it. 75million for 5 years is as high as they should go though. We need a bat to replace Carl, and as insurance in case Frank can only go 1/5 the year again. Losing Paully as well would be devastating.
FAs Id like to pursue:

Konerko- Paullys got to stay, hes up there with Ditka and Jordan if he sticks around, hes gotta recognize that and stay with the sox.

BJ Ryan- Baltimores lefty, young, good arm, especially should pursue him if MArtes worn out his welcome.

Furcal- he IS ozzieball, good D, good speed, contact hitter, but its REALLY hard to justify replacing Uribe’s cannon after this postseason.

Farnsworth- man that would burn Cub fans to see him thrive on the southside.

Billy Koch- just kidding.

Eddie Guardado- not sure what the status is on the options on his contract, but it seems the Ms dangled him in front of us, it’d be nice to steal him without losing anything for it.

Matt LeCroy- just so Buerhle doesnt have to pitch to him anymore, and he would replace Everett nicely i think. as ive said before, he reminds me of ‘Bull’ Luzinski.

Brian Giles, Johnny Damon, Jacque Jones- IF FOR SOME REASON KONERKO ISNT RESIGNED it’d be great to rob the Twins, but any of these guys would be a nice replacement in right and move Dye to 1st in the event that the Konerko bidding wars go horribly awry.

(possible) trades:

Thome- if outbid on Paully, bring Thome back home to Illinois to fill a similar role. Lotta Ks, lotta blasts. lose a bit in the fielding.

Ryan Zimmerman- Nats 3b, not that Crede needs replacing, hes just the best prospect Ive seen in my 6 seasons of watching low A ball here in savannah ga.

my list of free agents might be a bit outdated or not entirely accurate. anyway-


now keep Konerko, Jerry!

Great work all year on the blog and with your larger job.

I was wondering if the Sox/MLB will be selling DVDs of the World Series games (not just highlights). My father missed out on game 3 and most of game 4 due to traveling for work, and it’s eating him alive.



I don’t know – I’m kinda enjoying the lack of exposure and respect our guys are getting. No MVP, no Cy Young winner, no .300 hitter, just a pure team effort. I think it makes this so much sweeter! Our “no-names” beat all the big, bad, scary wolves (Big Papi and Mannie, Vlad and K-Rod, and the Killer B’s – is “B”rad Lidge included in this category?). I believe that being under the radar contributed and will contribute to our continued success.

Hey, I’m starting to plan my family’s Spring Training trip to Tucson and was wondering if anyone had ever gone down there durning spring training. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated- Hotels, restaurants, other attractions. Thanks a bunch.

Tomquaid..my apologies, my friend for not giving you your due on the 14 weeks deal…I thought it was you, but at times I read many posts in a row and wasn’t sure if it was you or one of our other compadres..and I didn’t want to misinform. 🙂
I’m working on getting the other half to go to Tucson, but he’s not quite convinced. If I win, and I will lol, I’m relying on our friend JK to assist🙂

So we’ve passed the one week milestone, and I gotta tell ya the White Sox withdrawal grows every day! I still can’t get over being World Champs- I am reveling in it everyday still!

I miss so much all the excitement…can’t wait for 2006.

Thanks again Scott. Now that I’ve had time to process a lot of this- this blog has made this incredible season that much better! Your insight has been invaluable, and I am so grateful!!

Dawn….sorry it’s taken so long to respond to you,but if I ever catch the s.o.b. that tried to put the virus on my account,well,needless to say,that creep will be in the same room with the jerk who slapped Mrs Biggio….
Anyway,getting back to business….try http://www.visittucson.org or www.

cactusleagueinfo.com,or call

1(866)705-4816….they can send you all the skinny on March in the desert….Then,convince the man and young lady in your life that,if it is a non-typical Chicago winter of recent note…(i.e.,colder than a witches you-know-what,with snow up to your rear aperture)a week in the sunny climes maybe wouldn’t be such a bad idea….

Now,to other business…I have a bone to pick with people who have all these ideas about who should be retained,who should be sought to fill in the missing puzzle parts,etc…. Suffice it to say,if fans ran ballclubs,no one would ever leave,free agent or not…..A major league franchise is just that,a franchise,like a 7-11 or any other kind of store…You have to operate a business with your head,and not with your heart totally….So,therefore,Frank has been bought out,and every other ballclub is salivating over Konerko….I know that White Sox Universe doesn’t want to break up the gang right now,but….if there is a deal put on the table too good or inticing to pass up,I wouldn’t blame Jerry and Kenny if they went through with it….therefore,guseric,all the suggestions you made are well-intentioned,I’m sure,and are just what fans need after the season to keep the hot stove conversation going until next February….But a team has such a thing as a payroll and (gasp)a salary cap, whether one is set up or legal or not….And the players you speak so glowingly of all have agents….And these agents have agendas,the main part of which is concerned with getting the highest amount of salary for their clients(minus the agents percentage of the salary and signing money)possible—-sometimes,it’s like taking candy from a baby,or rolling a drunk or hooking…..So thoughts like yours are well and good,but remember,it IS a business and the end result of any business is to make a profit,even a small one…. Not every team that spends and throws good money after bad comes out on top….take a look at the Baltimore Orioles or the Dodgers as examples…..

By the way,folks….by my calculations,which may be close enough,only 118 shopping days left till the first Cactus League game,and 150 days till they raise the banners high at 35th and Shields…..and all of us,icluding those whom you read here and anyone you know who TRULY is a member in good standing of White Sox Universe can tear up all over again…..It’ll be here before you know it…..

Back on November 7th with whatever thoughts or rants have been stuck in my head over the past 48 hours…..
Goom-bye,my friends…..

it’s been a week since i logged on and in checking the recent posts, i see that Dawn is coming to tucson for spring training. way to go girl. let me know when you are coming and i can get you in touch with several hotel/motels in the area. see you then. j.k.

One of the best peices of news from the past week was the Yankees signing of Guidry as their pitching coach. I know we have Coop under contract but I know the allure to return home must be strong. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial he was to our success, we were a team predicated on pitching, through and through. I also was happy we got Widger back. His story is rags to riches personified and I’m glad he’s back for another ride. Keeping the fingers crossed on Konerko. But either way it falls we’ll be goods. We’ve got a great nucleus. Long live the reign of the White Sox!

I agree. I loved reading that the Yanks signed Guidry, I don’t want to lose Coop-especially to the Yankees. But some loss should be expected, everyone loves to raid a champ. In other news, I just heard Buehrle talk to a St. Louis reporter (I’m currently in school here in StL) and it was disheartening to hear him say that he’d still love to pitch for the Cards especially while wearing his World Series hat. Although he did say he wouldn’t mind staying with the Sox for his entire career, then maybe sign a 1-day contract with the Cards to pitch for them then retire. Hope he knows how much we Sox fans love him, I might get a chance to tell him if I get a chance to work at his wedding reception. But still reveling in this win, especially down here in StL!

winkelmp…..just remember,in case you’ve never heard this expression,”Talk is cheap.”
All the time during the off season,there are conversations and rumors flying around like all the moths I used to see in the archlights at the soon to be demolished Busch Stadium 2…in other words, a lot….but none that can do any sort of damage….we hope….

to joemcm,may I just say on my own behalf….I could really give a rat’s rear aperture(hi,Dawn)concerning the comments either of Mr Zorn or the man whose columns provide carpeting for the bottoms of birdcages throughout the area,regardless of the time of year or topic…..he is the least of my worries….

palehoses,you are exactly right in your post…the nucleus is going to be there for this team for quite some time,all that has to be done is to not disturb it as it continues….if Konerko resigns or not…if he does not,I hope that he will not be like some of the others who have left the employ of the Sox,only to later badmouth them…..that leaves me with the notion that they weren’t all that **** happy to begin with…..I think that Paul is above that…at least I hope so…..

By the way,klein ol’sock,ol’kiddo….any way you could put up with another visitor? If I start walking now,I think I could make it down Apo Way by,maybe,the first Cactus League game…..of course,my feet by that time would be the same size as one of Frank’s thighs,but….the sacrifices that must be made…..

Hi guys!! Nothing really to add, but just wanted to see how everyone is. Missing baseball, but football is in mid-season form, so that should get me through most of the Chicago winter..then I hope dearly for a trip to warmer climes and baseball =)

I think our Bears are feeding off our White Sox success- they want the champaign showers! haha These White Sox are definitly the inspiration they need though- can’t get much better!!

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