Tuesday, November 8, 2005, 1:57 pm

KennyAllow Me a Moment …

How in the world can Ken Williams not be named Executive of the Year by The Sporting News?  You have got to be kidding me.  Voting was done by two executives from each major-league club.  In my opinion, they should be embarrassed.

Worse, the winner wasn’t someone from the National League.  It was Mark Shapiro of the Indians.  Nothing against Mark — he certainly did a great job and the Indians improved from 80 wins to 93 (six victories short of the Sox) — but my guess is that if you went back and checked on all the preseason rankings, most (or at least many) had the Indians ahead of the Sox.  So all KW does is re-make the team in one year, win 99 games, capture the division, and he loses to the team that "underperformed" according to many preseason picks?  C’mon.

Kenny has too much class to ever complain, but this result is ridiculous.

Tomorrow is the BBWAA announcement on managers of the year.  No way it can’t be Ozzie, is there?

Now, I feel a little better … but only a little.


Forever we’ve felt the stigma of being White Sox fans, being denied, dismissed, and downplayed by the media (even in our own town) and mlb. I think we always believed that if we just won the World Series it would change all that. Now we’re seeing how resistent the world is to giving the White Sox recognition that they’ve clearly and provably earned. The very day after 1.75 million people cheered the White Sox in the ticker tape parade, the Tribune ran a front-page story downplaying the team’s achievement. And now the awards. You’re right… Ozzie had better win manager of the year, or something really stinks in Denmark. I think Paulie’s right, we’ve got to do it again one more time next year.

Those voters are in denial.

Scott –

I am a Chicago exile, living in Baltimore and working in DC. I proudly wear my Sox on the train to work. It is encouraging to see the smiling faces of people as they pass me by. Just a few days ago, a passenger on the train yelled out to me GO SOX!! Another passenger from Detroit congratulated me on the victory, stating his newfound pride of the AL Central. Still another passenger, fully decked in BoSox gear calmly acknowledged that they had their year but this is ours! I know these sporadic otbursts could never replace the euphoria I witnessed and felt watching the post-game show and the parade, but I just wanted to let you know that no matter where we are, White Sox Nation is everywhere, including the nation’s capital, and we are showing our pride.

I just received an email from MLB that my WS Champs hats are on their way – Once I put the hat on, I don’t know if it will ever come off!

Scott, please keep this blog going even in the offseason. It gives us a constant connection to the magic. I don’t want to let this go! What a thrill! Let’s keep the ride going!

By the way – who cares what anyone else thinks. Tell Kennie that every time someone snubs the organization, it only makes them look stupid. The trophy is on the South Side, due to his and the organization’s work. That trophy is his Executive of the Year Award!

Dynasty time! Let’s do it again in Two Thousand and SOX!!

I’ve been a Sox fan all of my life (I think it’s on my birth certificate) and, as such, I never expect to get what we deserve. Kenny knows that what he did is nothing short of miraculous and if he doesn’t, tell him to call me and I’ll tell him myself!

It is crazy to see that the management is not getting the recognition they deserve.

I am guessing winning more than one world series might bring a little more recognition our way! But hey I am thankful for one! 🙂

Just for arguments sake… (Say you are a fan of a different team or just wanted to frustrate Sox fans)


1. We didn’t face a healthy Wells.

2. The umps did make a few calls that ended up being in our favor.


1. We didn’t face Colon.

2. The umps did make a few calls that ended up being in our favor.


1. Bagwell was hurt (More of a wash considering he was hurt earlier in the season)

2. Lidge was not himself on the mound.

3. The umps did make a few calls that ended up being in our favor.

Granted the Sox did take advantage of just about every call that went their way, but still a lot of calls fell our way.

When you are in the limelight there are always people out to ruin it. That you received your position in an ‘unfair’ manner or through luck!

Then again show me a championship team that hasn’t won at least one important game by ‘luck’?

It truly will be a shock if Ozzie doesn’t win manager of the year.

Absolutly RIDICULOUS!!! I don’t know what else a GM can to do than what Kenny did. I mean besides have your last name be Cashman or Epstein. Maybe if ESPN would get away from there East Coast bias, people would be aware of the great things Kenny did for the White Sox. I’m sure people have seen the “press conferences” of the Red Sox, Yankees, and today the Cubs(don’t even get met started about that) on ESPN, but were is the White Sox press conference? You know what we don’t need ESPN’s blessing or approval. Everyone of their expert’s, most notably Steve Phillips(good job with Mets) were tearing apart Kenny’s moves at the begining of the season. Mr. Information, Peter Gammons declared after one month of play that the Jermaine Dye signing was the worst free agent signing of the year. All he did was lead Al RF’s in homers, hit about .275, and oh by the way was the World Sries MVP.
Another injustice that is getting overshadowed is how the “Guuch” finished fourth in ROY voting. Was there another rookie more valuable to their team than Tadahito. I for one know there wasn’t. To finish fourth in the voting is just crazy.

Just one more thing, we have to re-sign Paulie.

These awards are RIDICULOUS. Torii Hunter winning the gold glove by playing half a season. Give me a break. I am starting to think Ozzie will get snubbed too. Oh well, it is us against the world (again). That is just the way I like it.

list, your list is ridiculous.

All season long we got bum calls from umpires. All season long I felt like the umps were against us, but we still managed to win 99 games. Now I know that all season we were just accumulating umpiring karma.

As for who we didn’t face, THEY DIDN”T FACE THE BIG HURT.

The fact that the rest of our staff was healthy is a testament to the way Ozzie rested his starting players all season long, as well as a testament to the work of Don Cooper, Herm Schneider, and conditioning director Allen Thomas. Look at “injury plagued” Jermaine Dye, healthy all year long. Injuries are part of the game. Staying healthy is part of the game. Umpire calls balance out. Don’t give me this “for the sake of argument” garbage and then minimize what the White Sox acheived. It was nothing short of AMAZING.

What a slap in the face!!! I’m just disgusted with every facet of the off season “awards”. The Torii Hunter was unbelievable, the Gooch decision was just stupid, and now this? The man ONLY created THE team in one year. He made decisions that everyone else questioned, and he stuck to his guns in the heat of the microscopic examination…if that’s not what it takes, then maybe it’s not worth winning! If Ozzie doesn’t win tomorrow, I would like to suggest we begin a letter writing campaign to the brainless twits responsible. -Dawn

The genius store called, they\’re runnnig out of you.

Shocked, nauseated and truly sad. That’s how I feel about Ken Williams not being awarded the “Executive of the Year” title. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it, and I can’t fathom how anyone in their right mind could select someone else.

The risks Kenny took putting together this team for the 2005 season and the impact his decisions had on the outcome in October are too significant to ignore. He changed the structure of the team to reflect and reinforce the smart-ball philosophy of our then unproven manager. He traded away two the Sox’ big name sluggers, and in their place, he brought in a “powerless leadoff man” and a “has-been” right fielder. (Not my words.) He opted to bring on a catcher that had been labeled a “cancer” by other clubs. He signed new and unheard of talent from Japan, sight unseen – well, except for videotape. He assembled one of the finest starting pitching staffs witnessed in recent years. He brought together Contreras and Hernandez, and subsequently harvested the very best in both pitchers. (Hello, voters… were you watching the playoffs?) He secured a solid, performing closer. Remember the critical role Hermanson played for the better part of our season? He allowed Ozzie to manage in his own way, a way that wasn’t always politically correct but was still somehow well-suited to the team. How many other GMs could have – or would have – done that? Instead of trading away talent that the critics called “questionable” and “dispensible”, he opted to stick with them. Garland had his career-best season, and Crede proved invaluable down the stretch and into the playoffs. The list goes on…

Kenny, I, for one, fully know and appreciate that this amazing 2005 season could not have happened without your instinct, your intelligence and your determination. Your efforts may not be recognized by the Sporting News, but every Sox fan here in Chicago knows the truth: The Chicago White Sox wouldn’t be World Series Champions without you. So what if you’re not “The Executive of the Year”? In my book, you’re “The Executive of a Lifetime”.

Mariawagener said it well. we didn’t have any superstars in our line-up and still won the WS! how could this have happened if not for the talent of Kenny Williams? i would bet that if he were honest about it, Mark Shapiro is at least a little embarrassed by stealing this honor away from the rightful owner. if we win the WS next year, Kenny doesn’t have a chance to win because the system is in place. WHAT A CROCK!
to TomQ from the other day, you must be familiar with Tucson ( knowing that T.E.P. is on Ajo rd) that’s pronounced a-ho for those of you coming in march. and if you started walking now, you’d go past it. it’s only about 1700 miles. i’d recommend waiting until jan. later my friends. j.k.

They should be ashamed. How infuriating!

This is the biggest joke in postseason awards since Rafael Palmeiro won the gold glove playing 30 games or so at first base a few years back.

The crux of the problem is that voting for this award occurred from late September to early October. See http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=33229 That’s like selecting the Academy Award winners without watching the full movie.

Fix the problem at the source, Sporting News. The title of the award is “Executive of the YEAR”. As such, voting shouldn’t begin until the year (i.e. the season) is concluded.

Ken WIlliams might not have the award, but HE HAS A RING (or will have a ring!!)

These awards make no sense. Hunter over Rowand for the Gold Glove? Give me a break. We didn’t get any respect last year, but I bet things will start to change for our Sox.

Does anyone know where to get a complete listing of all the grinder rules?

wildcountry7: I don’t know if this gives you a complete list of the grinder ball rules, but quite a few of them are shown here: http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/cws/fan_forum/campaigns/outdoor/index.jsp

There are some extremely astute insights above. Yes, It is ridiculous. Now everyone can see what a sham all the awards are. I guess we can add a new grinder rule: “Only One Award Matters and You Don’t Get it By a Vote”.

I kind of enjoy the fact all of the individual achievements were overlooked by the media. It should give the organization another justifiable chip on their shoulder. It is all part of the White Sox mystique. (Yes, we do have a mystiqe). From the players to the fans we have always been tough and hard-nosed. We have been overlooked but unfazed, instead inspired. Even after one of the most glorious World Series championships EVER, we are still not respected, and I say good. We still have our big dumb grins and bigger FU-attitudes. I am sure everyone on this team who was overlooked feels the same.

So, thank you list@f-ox, borass, espn, tribune, steinbrener, and all you east coast media wh0res. without your stupidity, ignorance, greed, shortsightedness, being a White Sox fan would not be so much freaking fun. Oh yea, and FU!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel better now. Thank you Scott for this great forum, I have read it all year. Now I am going to put on my World Champions White Sox hat and just walk around a bit.

you know how the statue of liberty has the inscription “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”?
I think we should get t-shirts made that say “Give us your powerless, your clubhouse cancers, your unsung…and we’ll turn then into a Championship Baseball Team”

That is an excellent new grinder rule billb@msinet. I really think they should add that to the list of 106 rules they already have. I think there are 106.

Go Go White Sox!!!


Okay clarification is needed here… My point above was not related to luck, cheating, etc… on behalf of the white sox. I happen to be a big fan of the team. My point above was merely to bring what I have heard from other people, not what reality is for this team. It is awesome how well the team did this year. The fact that they took first place in the divison from day one and didn’t look back rocks. I remember talking to people in Aug/Sept. about the team, about their possibilities of going all the way. I have been amazed going to games over the past few years that one of the better teams in baseball didn’t sell out? That people weren’t into the game more, that we didn’t have more of a national following. This surprise continued when I rode the train into the city for the parade. I wondered where all of these people were during the season? Where they were in Sept/Oct?

I also was one who stood behind the team all season and kept a few other people believing when they started to lose their faith!

So yeah… It is disappointing to see the management of the team overlooked. It is disappointing to see that national media is more interested in ignoring this team and their accomplishments. (Though isn’t it ironic that all of the people out to make a buck are fully willing to create everything and anything a sox fan could fancy?)

Not that one necessarily has to do with the other, but the Sporting News ranked Ozzie at the bottom of playoff managers before the postseason began. I don’t have the issue in front of me, but the bullpen was also ranked very low.

Too bad Tadahito had to have a Rookie of the Year campaign in the face of Japanese pro backlash. What was good enough for Ichiro, Sasaki, and Matsui wasn’t for Tad. What’s next, rookie backlash against guys who played four years of college ball?

Kenny’s slight is the worst of all. As Scott said, it’s not as if someone in the NL or even another AL division was selected, but a GM from the division we dominated. It might be a TOUCH early to herald a guy who’s wrapped up CC Sabathia and Coco Crisp to extended deals…and has yet to guide a team into the postseason, I’m no TSN expert, but in my book, signing Juan Gonzalez to a contract to start in your outfield is grounds for automatic disqualification.

I guess it’s good that “they” don’t vote for World Series winner.

This just in…some VINDICATION at last!! Ozzie wins AL Manager of the year!!

Let’s see here….the Baseball Writers Association of America determines that Tadahito Iguchi is the fourth best rookie in the American League in 2005….and they also rate Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland 5th and 6th in pitching excellence for the Cy Young Award in the junior circuit….The rookie of the year is from a team that did not make the post season Elite Eight….the Cy Young winner hurt himself against the Yank-mes in the LDS and would have been out of the LCS regardless,due to his injury…..Meanwhile,the former “Bible of Baseball”,the Sporting News(no longer even a good read for any sport,by the way)thinks that the General Manager of the Cleveland Indians deserves their Executive of the Year award for his teams improvement over the year preceding,as well as putting the fear of God into the White Sox down the stretch….placing him over the architect of the best season the White Sox have known in 88 years…..and the Clevelands did not qualify for the Elite Eight either….. All that the above snubbed did this year was go wire to wire in their division,and dominate the post season…..But the BBWAA and TSN don’t see it that way…. Well,too bad,White Sox….all you get out of the deal is a nice little trophy,with a lot of little flags sticking out of it,signifying….THE WORLD’S CHAMPIONSHIP OF BASEBALL…..
Damned nice consolation prize,ain’t it?

And Dawn, a letter-writing campaign would not do any good….Know why? Because none of these dopes can read…..

At least they got the Manager of the Year right,right….WHAT! You mean Dusty Baker didn’t walk away with it?(Oh,sorry,wrong league….that’s tomorrow)Or Eric Wedge,since the BBWAA likes giving “close but no cigar” kudos…..

brettballantini…..sir,as stated before,the Sporting News used to be known as “the Bible of Baseball”…..used to being the operative phrase…..today,it’s on about the same par as the columns on the back inside page of the sports section of the Bright One…..(I apologize for invoking bad memories of what’s-his-name to those of you getting over his ignorance)…..For every east coast scribe who participates in this exercise,there are a bunch from the South,Southwest,Midwest,Rocky Mountains and the West who all uniformly have their heads squarely fixed up their rear apertures(hi,Dawn)when it comes to predictions…..
As to predictions, I have one hard and fast rule…..there is only one prediction that is absolutely,100% accurate….and that is that we will be born,live and that we will die…..ewerything else is a crapshoot…..

bconrad….regarding your post of a couple of days ago regarding da Bears….what they are doing right now,my dear,is showing how mediocrity can pay off in this years NFL….what the Sox did was something akin to what an earlier Bears team did so well 20 years ago…I know,kiddo,you weren’t around for it…..Trust me,pretty,it was worth watching….Anyway,I
happen to be of the belief that everything started to turn around,sports-wise,here with the Fighting Illini basketball team in their quest for the NCAA title,followed closely by the Bulls waking up from their six year nap to make the NBA playoffs,and then,last but not least,the Miracle on 35th and Shields(copyright STILL

patent pending)….which will easily be the story of the year in Illinois….except if the Sporting News and the BBWAA vote on it…..

Yep, just like before we won the 100th World Series, all the nay-sayers are back. All the award snubs are ridiculous, but you know what? It doesn’t matter.

What matters are the real White Sox fans who are getting up in arms (and yes, we have the right to do so) about the misplacement of deserved recognition for a hard-played, managed & organized season.

So you know what? Bring all this emotion to the 2006 season. Come to the games. Make lots of noise. Make lots of signs. Keep talking up the White Sox to everyone you meet.

Don’t wait until April to start. Start now. Keep going through next October. Wear your White Sox apparel as often as you can. If you go to a Bulls game, wear your Sox shirt. Visting Soldier Field? Wear your Sox hat. Walking to the post office? Keep your Sox jacket on! Do your part to keep the White Sox up front and on everyone’s mind.

The people who count know what the entire team & staff have accomplished. The fans know. Who else matters? Do you really want awards from people who can’t tell the difference between spectacular and average ball-playing? Sure it’s great to be recognized in the national spotlight, but if you’re undeservedly passed over, just bring all that emotion to the game in 2006. Show the world again how great Chicago American League baseball is. Then we’ll make the world’s biggest omelette from all the egg on the naysayers’ faces.


I’m a St. Louis exile, living in Chicago and forced to follow my Cards long distance. I’ve been aware of the absolute blindness of Chicago toward the Sox for a long time, but I never believed it extended out into the rest of baseball as well…Shapiro????? You have got to be kidding! What does Kenny and the rest of the Sox have to do to gain the respect they deserve – walk on water? Kenny is in the same class as Walt Jockety as a GM.

P.S. I still can’t adjust to the thought of Ozzie as a manager instead of Ozzie the player that I watched all those years….strange!

Yes Tomquaid, unfortunately I was a year late for the Super Bowl celebration- but I can’t imagine it was any sweeter than the Sox winning!!

And Anastasia, you couldn’t pry my White Sox stuff off of me! ha I take such great pride in wearing it and getting all the reactions- thats the best!

With each day that passes, we’re one day closer to what someone on here referenced to be Two Thousand and SOX, and I really liked that!

Congratulations to Ozzie, the manager of the year, and as always- to Kenny- OUR executive of the year- and yes the ONLY executive with the 2005 World Series Ring!


Can anyone tell me what is up with the “Quest for Respect” production? I oredered it about a month ago and have received no word on when it will be ready or, if it is ready, how I could access it? Anyone?

Hey, just another beef to bone – my dad was at Game 1 and he said he saw or heard George Wendt (NORM!) was at the games. Also, John Cusack was shown in a picture attending the games, wearing his Sox hat. What gives??!! These guys are fans of the Tripe A team on Clark and Addison! Do we let ’em in to the hallowed halls of 35th and Shields, wearing their Sox regalia when conveneient?! I say not!

I have already looked beyond the disappointment of Kenny being snubbed for an award that he had clearly earned, and that is this. He gets to keep that chip on his shoulder, that has served him and the White Sox so well. Ironically, I was hoping that Ozzie would have been snubbed too.

In my opinion — and I have a lot of historical world leader behind me on this one — true greatness is not concerned with gaining respect. True greatness transcends the very idea of it, for it is working at a higher level. Ironically, along the way, respect just “comes.”

Scott –

I am a professional marketer and life-long Sox fan since my dad took me to my first game in 1968 (I was four at the time).

I have written five TV commercials for the White Sox plus have outlined five new directives that are designed to both build the Sox fan base and to extend it through North America and Latin America.

The five commercials fit into this strategy as well, and I would like to share all of this with you, but will need your contact information to do so. I think you’re going to be blown away with what I’ve put together, and how it will not only build the fan base, but will do so as mainly a profit center.

I must worn you, however, that my plans are rather daring and bold, which should fit comfortably with the personalities already assembled, i.e., Ozzie and Kenny.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Cheers! John




Hey Tom (and gang), your Tribe buddy here …

As for postseason awards, DO NOT blame TSN for any of them, they do not give the awards out based on their staff writers. All awards are voted on by the players/executives/managers etc. in baseball. They only tabulate the results and print them.

As for the awards themselves, they have ALWAYS been very subjective, noone is ever happy with their results. And usually they are polled at the end of the season for few a reasons. 1)Before the season has ended/just ended, all of the personnel are “under one roof”, otherwise they would have to mail it out worldwide to every person’s home. 2)They do not want the postseason to skew the awards to the World Series Winner. If that happened all the awards would be awarded to the personnel in the playoffs and the non-playoff personnel wouldn’t get a fair shake.

As for Shapiro over Williams, I’m happy about it (being a fan), but I think it could have gone either way and would not have been disappointed if Williams got it, he did a whale of job this year (I think Shapiro got it based on some of his previous years trades coming to fruition – but that shouldn’t be weighed into this year)

Congrats again on the WS title … looking forward to a great ’06 season in the AL Central


Deanklub, the problem is that we don’t see it that close. The White Sox were picked by everyone to finish behind the Indians. Not only did we finish ahead of them, we dominated them, swept them in the final regular season series, and knocked them out of the playoffs.

Kenny traded away 1 All-Star(C. Lee) for Pods and Luis. Pods changed this team and brought it to where it finished in October. Then he decided not to re-sign another All-Star(Maggs), who turned up lame for half the season. Good call Kenny. Oh, by the way, Maggs’ spot was then filled by Jermaine Dye, who led AL right fielders in homers and was the eventual MVP of the World Series. And guess what else Kenny did with Dye??? He got him to take less money to come here too!!!

Kenny also brought in the “clubhouse cancer” This “cancer” was a sparkplug for this team, gave it a new attitude, had careers highs in more than one category, and played huge for us down the stretch. Not to mention aquiring the Yankee cast off pitchers. Did you see what El Duque did in Boston?

Kenny went against the grain and designed THE team. How can Shapiro be the winner??

He can’t.

Hey kr,

I never said Kenny didn’t deserve it, he may have (like I said, Shapiro may have gotten it for the cumultive work over the last few years, not just this year, is that right? I’m not sure because am not sure what the exact timeframe they are judging on, but I would assume it would only be for the last year, but I don’t know).

My main point of commenting was everyone ripping TSN when they don’t actually do anything but conduct the voting. The voting for all the awards (as far as I know) is the players themselves (for player awards) and team executives (for GM), etc. Kind of like everyone yelling at TD waterhouse for the Oscar results when it is the actors/directors, etc. who actually do the voting.

See ya in ’06

I never ripped TSN. I do know that 2 execs from every team vote for those awards. I am saying though, that there is no way Kenny should have been snubbed, that’s all.

Deanklub and kr-trepac….I wish on behalf of myself(and no one else,since I wrote it myself)to apologize to the Sporting News…..not for the way its coverage of baseball has gone downhill and disappeared from where it once was,which it has,but for suggesting that they themselves did the voting for Exec.of the Year….As has been noted already,it was the executives from the clubs themselves that did the voting….Well,now it makes perfect sense to me,because these jamokes make dunb-a**ed decisions ALL YEAR ROUND….They were just staying in step, that’s all…..

mreifer….hello to the few members of White Sox universe living in the commonwealth of Maryland…..Regarding your beef over the celebs seen at the Cell during the Series,to the best of my knowledge,George Wendt has always been a follower of the boys…..and,working in DC as you do,you know about the art of compromise…..Jerry Reinsdorf wasn’t going to let young Cusack in because of his ties to Clark and Addison,but then they had a
lunch,I believe,and their reps got together and before you could say “Karl Rove”,Joan Cusack’s brother had his primo tickets and his Sox cap and all was right with the world of glitz and glamour…..which just goes to prove…..Baseball is politics as much as show business is politics,as much if not more so than politics is politics…..

Greetings Friends of the Champions. Life has been good these last couple weeks. Basking in the glory of October has been so time-consuming, I’ve barely noticed that basketball’s started up again and the football season is half-way through. They both seem so insignificant compared to that season we just enjoyed. Anyway, whispers about the Paulie situation have been circulating. Some parties would like to replace him with Thome. I am not a member of that party. No way should we bring that man here. He is the poster-child of injury-prone. And he comes with an appalling price tag. No, what I’d do (if we can’t get Paulie) is insert Gload into the lineup until Casey’s (probably gonna be awhile) ready to go. Gload is no Konerko, but he’s waited patiently for the chance and has proven to be an efficient hitter. He won’t provide the pop that Paulie does but maybe we can compensate with the return of Frank and if not find a more viable solution at DH. Personally I’d like to see someone in the mold of Juan Pierre or Carl Crawford at DH to maximize our strength and make us a more lethal version of the ’03 Marlins; imagine having two bonafide leadoff hitters at the 1,2 slot. Iguchi’s got more power than he let on to; drop him to three or five.
Anyways that is just the musings of a delusional fan. I know Kenny isn’t no GM of the year (the BS-storm continues) but I’m sure he’ll think of something…just please don’t trade for Carl again or entice Robbie Alomar to come out of retirement.

palehoses…..you really don’t need to worry about Mr Williams pulling the trigger again for either Alomar brother…..I believe that he would have to check with Social Security first to see if either was still eligible to receive both benefits and a paycheck together…..I also believe that,as much as Mr Everett did when Frank was hurt,he is not going to be voted Mr Congeniality by the people whom he worked for and with during the last few seasons…..There is a lot of time for a lot of things to happen between now and either SoxFest or the reporting date for 2006…..let them try just to emulate the ’05 White Sox instead of the ’03 Marlins or any other of the one-hit wonder World Champions of the 21st century to date…..
By the way….Konerko 6th in the balloting for AL MVP? Sounds like another in the series of snubs which were voted on before the post-season run began….Well,next year there is no excuse whatsoever for the players who should be the “stars” of the team regarding the honors and hardware outside of the World Champions Trophy…..

Could someone PLEASE HELP ME??!!

First – When will the “QUEST FOR RESPECT” production be released??!!

Second – Does ANYONE have a oicture or a link to a site that has a picture of the Wrigley Field Sign Congratulating the White Sox??!!


mreifer2, sent the sox at wrigley picture to you via e-mail

Thanks, obrnmac for the pic. I can’t wait for the Sox-Cubs series next year – I hope to make a huge blowup of the pic and bring it to Wrigley.

And so it begins…

Blum is gone back to San Diego… (SAN DIEGO???) So yeah. Any bets on who is next?

I’m glad Blum went back to San Diego. He served his purpose in the playoffs and deserves to be with his triplets. I think Marte is next up to go, though with our surplus of outfielders I wouldn’t be suprised to see Rowand traded.

I think Aaron or Paulie will be the next to leave. We have a log jam in the outfield and if we could get soemthing good in return, I think Kenny will make that move. Paulie will be gone because we do not need to pay him what he will probably get from another team. I think Paulie is a great player and was great for our team,but I don’t think it will be a problem filling 1st base and then having money to work with on other needs.

why rowand? he is our best outfielder… Dye probably hits better but rowand is our best outfielder by far…

I don’t think they should leave, I just think they will end up on another team. Rowand is good and has alwasy been part of our team, however we have many many OF’s and he could be a valuable asset in some kind of a trade. It’s not something I’m hoping for, just how I think it will unfold.

And just in case you think I’m crazy list@f-ox.com, here’s a link to what others are thinking as well.


Kr-trepac speaks the truth. You take a gander at our minors and we got talent to spare. Not just the names we all know like Borchard and Anderson, but we got Young, Sweeney, and Jerry Owens lurking in the midst. Rowand is awesome, that’s why I can see Kenny entertaining proposals for him. I think an outrageous and totally improbable move I’d like to see happen if we don’t get Paulie back is to move Dye to first and trade for Ichiro. You all heard how disgruntled he sounded this week about playing on a team with no drive and no tenacity. He’d look great in a White Sox uniform. And he’d be embraced by the Japanese community in Chicago just like Shingo and Tadahito were. That’s one thing winning the Championship has done, it makes you believe anything is possible with this franchise. Find a good home for Willie!

I think that this is what is called “an embarassment of riches”,isn’t it?….Fans so often really don’t see beyond the faces that they know every day,as far as a minor league system is concerned… But the people who know all about the inner workings can make a HUGE contribution by suggesting that if Team A is looking for something immediately,and we happen to have that thing and can sell it without hurting ourselves,we can do just that….
I’ve said it before and will continue to say it…If fans ran baseball clubs,there would be two kinds of business….1)there would be trades made so fast to get rid of trash and undesirables that rub people the wrong way that it would make the traded party’s head swim, or 2)No one would ever be dealt away for any one,at any price,because they are so beloved…..That is why I believe that fans should root for the uniform,and NOT for the person in said uniform,because these players have proven to be dispensable to serve the ultimate purposes…..also, you cannot predict what will happen next season,in defense of the title….the whole thing could break down…..So,therefore,see what you can do and what you can get to make sure that does not occur…..

Jerry Owens and Chris Young just were added, among 3 others, to the 40-man roster. Pablo was re-signed as well.

Isn’t it funny how the slightest bit of news about the White Sox can get you excited?

Two Thousand and Sox

kr-trepac….I could do a cheap shot about what gets people in Macomb excited,like watching the stoplight change,or seeing the prices go down at the Sunoco station….but I won’t,because I’m a nice guy and want everyone in White Sox Universe to like me and appreciate whatever it is I bring to the table on these sites……See,in these cases, I’m just as bad as some of these players who don’t say “BOO” about how unhappy or unfulfilled they are at contract time,because they are seeking the universal approval and admiration,and at times,other more,perhaps,literal things from their fandom…..

Can’t wait to get the next bit o’news from the Home of Champions,such as the announcement of the Spring Training Schedule at TEP for ’06, so Dawn and jklein can get their plans together for the invasion from the frozen tundra of Chi-Town…..

From the “if you want it,we got it” department…..Mark your new calendars,White Sox Universe…..Wednesday,March 1st,2006 is the date when the boys open Electric Park in Tucson against them Colorado Rockies…..only about 103 days away…..
It won’t be long now…..

Hello fellow bloggers, long time no speak. I’ve been away for some time due to some scoundrel infiltrating my account and sending viruses to half of the free-world (gotta love Angels fans) so I had to set up this new account…same bitter pterygoi only now he comes with a detachable “h”. So much has happened since we’ve been crowned King I’ll pick it up from this week. I was listening to the Score this Saturday (they got a new show dedicated to the Sox at 11 am) and Mike North had Rowand on. Apparently there’s been some talk of sending Rowand and Marte to Florida for Juan Pierre. Rowand said he wanted to end his career here and I second that. Nobody epitomized the prototypical Sox player like Aaron. Sure he didn’t have a banner offensive year but he brings so much to the table in terms of intangibles. I hope he’s back next year. And has anybody heard about that young knuckle-baller we got in the system? What’s his name and when can we see him? I’d love to see him in Spring Training. I never understood why more pitchers don’t try to master that pitch, it’s devastating.

The knuckler was added to our 40 man roster and he will be in Arizona this spring. I can’t seem to remember the guy’s name though. I’m sure someone will post it.

I too like Aaron, but if he can be traded to improve our team, I’m all for it. He was one of our homegrown talents, but Juan Pierre would fit into this team nicely. He is quicker than Aaron, would steal more bases, and can lay down better bunts. Ozzie did call for more speed next season and he would add to the speed.

I don’t like giving up age especially 7 years .I remember a trade George bell giving up Sammy Sosa .See how that turned out.

Am so proud of the White Sox and their accomplishments. Love the way next year seems to be heading. Can hardly believe Kenny Williams did not get Executive of the Year…..he is the brains behind it all and feel he was slighted. He is too classy and respectful to state any displeasure. Well perhaps next year!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

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