Been Awhile

Tuesday, November 21, 2005, 9:03 a.m.

Sorry that it has been awhile since I posted, but things haven’t seemed to slow down.  I need to remind myself that this is a good thing.

Last week, many of us were down in Florida for MLB’s Fall Business Meetings.  These meetings, which are held every two years, give everyone on the business side of the game, PR, marketing, sales, community relations, advertising, a chance to get together and share best practices, new ideas, etc.  They are very worthwhile but took a big chunk out of November.

One of the things that came out of these meetings is the potential of the World Baseball Classic, which will be held for the first time this March.  16 teams, each representing a nation, will compete for the championship, which will be held in San Diego.

MLB will hold a press conference on December 5 to provide more information and perhaps to announce some of the players who will be taking part.

Baseball’s winter meetings will take place December 5-8 in Dallas, so we will be there along with Ken Williams, Rick Hahn and many of our baseball operations personnel.  KW has a lot on his plate right now.


Attended the premiere of MLB’s World Series DVD last night, along with several fans, Aaron Rowand and Joe Crede.  I am biased, but the DVD came out great.  It was fun to watch the postseason again while Aaron whooped and hollered along with fans as they watched the highlights.

I agree with Ed Sherman of the Tribune that the best thing about the video might be the behind-the-scenes audio that was captured by our players wearing mics.

In 2004, we were one of six teams in baseball to take part in a pilot program to test miking players on a regular basis over a couple of months.  I believe this helped get our guysDvd comfortable with the idea.  Of course, having Ozzie Guillen around — he often doesn’t need a mic — also sets the tone.

Anyway, the sound is amazing.  You will hear Ozzie grab Bobby Jenks on the field and tell him to be prepared for tomorrow — seconds after the game.  You will hear Aaron Rowand and Brian Anderson cheering for Scott Podsednik’s home run.  You will hear Tim Raines talking to baserunners.  You will listen to Geoff Blum joke with Astros friends before Game 3 that "maybe I can get in the game and hit a home run."  And you will hear Willie Harris do a play-by-play in Game 4 innings before he scored the winning run.

We have to credit Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell in our media relations department with two home runs of their own.  Prior to Game 3, MLB Productions approached them about whom to mic that night.  "Try Geoff," they said.  "He played for the Astros and should still have friends on the team.  You’ll get good sound."

The next night, their recommendation for miking was Harris, who scored the winning run.

The World Series DVD should be available in stores Nov. 29.  Last year, it sold out quickly in Boston, so plan to act soon if you want one.  Even easier, they can be ordered online at  A DVD of the entire Sox season, which will also include behind-the-scenes sound and extra features like our ballpark opening video, commercials and Comcast’s coverage of the parade and rally, is due out in early December.  So keep both in mind as Xmas gifts for all your Sox fans.

Bears Fans

While in town, Aaron and Joe attended Sunday’s win for the Bears.  Fan reaction to the two was amazing and both were still talking about it Monday.  People didn’t want autographs from the two.  They wanted to thank them for the season.  How cool is that?


Lots and lots of publications are pouring in on the White Sox and the season.  In an upcoming post, I will try to list them all so that everyone knows what is available.


Go Maroons

Part of the reason my life has remained hectic is also very good.  My wife is the head women’s soccer coach at the University of Chicago.  For the third time in the past 10 years, her team is heading to the NCAA Final Four this weekend in Greensboro, N.C.  How great would it be to have a World Series victory and an NCAA championship in the same year?

Given our chosen professions, it is always interesting at parent-teacher meetings when our kids’ teachers discuss how competitive our kids are.  For good and for bad, in our household, winning and losing does matter …


I continue to hear from Steve Perry via email.  I think Steve is now a Sox fan for life …



DVD’s are already on backorder and I can’t wait. Go Go White Sox!

I am really glad to hear Steve Perry is a Sox fan for life. You know the Sox really made it when an old rock star NOW likes the Sox.


I don’t want to come off nasty, I do love reading this blog. It’s just that ever since I have been hearing about Steve Perry it has kinda bothered me. Why didn’t I hear about him back in April?

I am really glad he got to go to the World Series games when the true fans were forced to watch them from their living rooms.

Hopefully another team doesn’t adopt one of his songs next postseason, or else he might not be a Sox fan anymore.

Can we buy the DVD’s in stores and if so where?

I was watching Comcast last night and they were at the DVD premiere. They showed this clip from the end of Game 4 (WS) with commentary by AJ, Rowand and others about what they were thinking about as the ball from Palmeiro bounced over Bobby’s head. I tell you I got chills down my spine watching that. I can’t wait to get my hands on that DVD. It will be played on a continous loop at my household for 88 straight days.

pteryghoi….sorry to hear about your detached “h”….hopefully with time,it will heal on its own…..
to sabes 21….Mr Perry wasn’t the only one that no one was hearing from or about in April of ’05…..the boys weren’t exactly the darlings of the Western World (aka the print media)when the season began.or even for the first eight weeks….However,when they started off hotter than the proverbial pot-bellied stove,then all of a sudden,more and more front runners jumped on board the Good Ship Chisox….It took longer for some of these leaches to latch on,and to this day I imagine that there are still some members of the print media who believe that the entire post season was like that episode of “Dallas” where everything the year before was a dream,and nothing really took place….

Sabes,I like your style in your comments… think just like I do… it, or I’ll sue for theft of intellectual property…..

Just kidding…..

I too would like to wish Mrs R and her strikers the best at the soccer fianls in Greensboro…..but Scott, I wonder…..does your wife ever rub it in to you about the success her teams have had the last decade compared to waht YOU’VE had to eyewitness in the same period?

If she does, I would not permit her to even get a peek at your ring when you get it next April….that’ll show HER….

To all my friends in White Sox Universe, my wish to you and yours is for a happy,safe and blessed Thanksgiving….

Just watch out for the triptothane(sic)in the turkey….It’ll make you so sleepy,you’ll think you’re at Clark and Addison watching the team from the other side of the tracks…..

Thanks for posting something new. I was hoping that OUTRAGE would not have been your last one until next season, because CELEBRATION is a good FINAL POST title (if you are going to take time off). Seeing the word OUTRAGE every time I checked your blog just didn’t seem fitting given the fact that we are the champs.

As far as Steve Perry goes..who cares? Good for him. Check back a month or so ago and I was pretty hot about not getting any tickets after being a lifelong fan. But you know what, there is still room on the WhiteSox bandwagon in my book.

tomquaid and sabes…not sure if I’d call either of your ideas intellectual…J.K.

You are right JK, Steve Perry doesn’t matter. The only point I was really trying to make is that all over the country there are Sox fans who have been fans their whole lives.

Throughout the postseason we have been hearing about Perry and I just don’t get it. Does our team really have no celebrities rooting for us that we have to be excited about guys jumping on the bandwagon in September, such as Perry?

I really hope fans jump on the White Sox bandwagon. We all know until now we have been the second team in Chicago. I just think it is odd that one of the guys who jumped on the bandwagon is shown holding up the WS trophy?

Hopefully we will be seeing Perry at many Sox games next year. Maybe we have a new season ticket holder in Perry?

Scott, thanks for your posts and your part in running the White Sox. Thanks for this blog. I’ve been wanting to tell my story and I think this is a good place to do it.

I’m 30 years old and have been a die-hard Sox fan for life. I remember Julio Cruz scoring the clinching run in ’83 and my disappointment at Tito Landrum’s ALCS HR. I was at Sox Park in ’93 when Bo Jackson hit the moon shot to clinch the division. I didn’t lose faith after the ’94 strike that took our season away when we had the best team in baseball. And I thought in Spring Training that we had a good-looking team and that the publications all underrated us, although I couldn’t have expected this beyond my wildest dreams.

Well, this year was so much fun all season. But in August, I was offered a promotion by my company (Home Depot). Part of that offer was to move to Boston. It was real tough leaving, I love the Chicago area and I didn’t want to leave a magical Sox season. But as I drove out to Boston on Sep.17, I listened for as long as I had signal as the Sox stunk it up against Kansas City. Maybe it wasn’t going to matter.

Then they turned the ship around in the last week. I enjoyed every minute of the postseason. I was in a local pizza joint when Tony Graffanino did his Bill Buckner imitation. My wife was out with me at the time as we hunted for houses. We made an offer on a house on the day of Game 3. To celebrate, we decided to go into Boston. I thought it would be fun to watch the game at a restaurant close to the park. Well, when I got there and saw a scalper with tickets…it was a no-brainer. Watching the Sox sweep at Fenway was an awesome experience. I will always love El Duque for the 6th inning Houdini act. At the end of the game, I was impressed by Red Sox fans, who all said things like, “Congratulations, you guys have the better team”, “Last year was our year, I hope this year is your year”, and “Just beat the Yankees”. That was special.

During Game 1 of the World Series, I was alone again working, and my wife was back in Chicago. I didn’t want to watch alone in my apartment, how depressing. So I went to a local pub for dinner and the game. To my surprise, my waitress had a White Sox cap on. Julie from Orland Park is another transplant, and we had a fabulous time enjoying the game together. Each game was special. I stayed up until 2:20 EST to see Geoff Blum win Game 3, even though I had a flight back to Chicago at 7 the next morning. I wasn’t going to miss a minute.

This was the classiest team I’ve seen in a long time. The way someone different pulled it out each night showed the depth of the team and the true team spirit. Every player had a hand in this success. They deserve all the thanks we can give. GO SOX!

God I love baseball

God I love the White Sox

It happened –

Rowand for Thome – see

I guess this means Paulie is gone. Unless, KW is just showing us his back up plan in case Paulie doesn’t sign. What about Frank??

Please. Don’t let Paulie go!

Before everyone gets upset about the Rowand trade please look at the positives… Thome gives us insurance in case Konerko or Thomas leaves. If Paulie does come back then we have a solid left handed bat at DH with a proven track record as a great clubhouse guy. Not to mention Rowand’s departure gives Brian Anderson the chance to start. Anderson will be every bit as good as Rowand and Thome is far better than Everett. I loved Rowand in center, but this trade makes sense, especially because Philly will pay a large portion of the contract!

Oh no! Say it isn’t so about Aaron!!!!

I know KW is going to get a lot of criticism for trading away a guy as popular as Rowand, but I want to express my support for Kenny and say that I’m in favor of the trade. I know it’s a risk because Thome was hurt last year, but if he comes close to his pre-injury numbers, this will end up being a fantastic trade.

i am really sad about this trade…im sure it will be ok in the long run, but rowand embodied a true chicago attitude….he loved the city, the sox, and the bears….this ***** rightnow

Aaron, Thanks for the memories! You will be missed!! I will never forget your reaction to SPods WS game 2 HR and the way you played center field. That said, we better sign PK!!

any bets on how long thome stays healthy? thoughts on whether this would be an upgrade over everett at DH?

I am so sad to see Aaron go. If Thome can stay healthy though I think it is a good addition. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of PK. This is truly a bittersweet trade! Thanks for everything Aaron and welcome to the South Side Thome!!

Thome is an IL boy! He went to Bradley (not like that is a outstanding baseball school or anything)…

I am no fan of this trade. This is mind-boggling. The only way this trade gets mitigated is if we resign Konerko. No way in **** is Thome playing first the entire season. This trade flies directly in the face of the three tenets that made us a Championship squad. Thome can not pitch, Thome can not defend and Thome has got no speed. As a left handed DH he can be servicable (if he stays healthy). But this move neither makes us quicker or more versatile. We may be putting too much faith in a reputation, and not on present-day product. And to throw those two young pitchers in to boot, I’m wondering where the punch-line is. Either way, Paulie (the postseason hero) or Frank (the franchises best player) or maybe both aren’t coming back and for what? For who? Thome better play his balls off because whoever he replaces is firmly entrenched in the fan’s hearts. I know it’s a business, but if we’re getting rid of Aaron let’s get something dependable in return. Not some broken stranger in the twilight of his career. Can’t think Ozzie’s too thrilled about the addtion of a sprinter that makes Konerko and A.J. look like Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson.
Anyway what’s done is done. Welcome to the Sox Thome. Prove me wrong. Thanks for everything Rowand. You showed guts and reckless abandon for your safety. The Phillies are fortunate.

i have been a fan of aaron since he had his mlb debut in june of 01. i never thought that this kinda trade would happen, EVER! i’m still a white sox fan for life. i can’t even express in words how much im gonna miss aaron and how much he meant to the organization and the fans. is there anyway you know of that we can send aaron a letter? thanks!


I feel so bad for Aaron. He was a great team player and he loved playing for the WS. I also would like to send him a letter. This trade really upsets me.

I need some time to process this, my heart hurts for Aaron! I recognize that this is not their “life” like it is for most of us- I understand its their “job” and in the business world- trades like these go down, but I still can’t help but hurt. Aaron was the epitome of Grinder Ball, epitome of a team player- the epitome of White Sox Baseball. Of course his talent on the field will be missed, but more so we’ll miss just Aaron and all he did for our clubhouse. He was our stooge. Thank you for eveyrthing you brought to Chicago Aaron, you will be missed greatly- and will always be remembered as one of the key parts of the 2005 World Champion White Sox.

Its hard to to say when something like this shocks you- but welcome to chicago Thome, we greet you with open arms and can’t wait to see the part you’ll play in returning us to glory in Two Thousand and Sox!

Ouch! That one hurt! We might be able to replace Rowand numbers-wise, but we’re never gonna find someone willing to dive headfirst into the center-field wall or someone who takes so much pride in his defense that he’ll dwell over an error like it was a treasonous act. Whose replacing that? Poddy doesn’t have the arm, Brian doesn’t have the range.

I remember when Rowand crashed that dirt bike or whatever and broke his clavicle. He came back like a man possessed. He had a chip on his shoulder (not just a shard of bone displaced from his clavicle) and was determined to prove his worth. Well he more than did that in my eyes. I hope the Phillies let him come back for the ring ceremony cause there’d be none if it weren’t for Row-dog. Thanks for leaving it all out on the field Aaron. You are what young baseballers should aspire to be, not no roided up Sosa or Giambi, hitting homeruns with one hand and ****. I’ll be wearing my World Series black today cause it feels like a funeral.

I think the thing that hurts the most is what was in yesterdays Sun-Times…

t didn’t take long for the real world to intrude in this happy fantasy, though, and Rowand seemed in almost physical pain as he described what it’s like to read his name in trade rumors day after day.

”It’s an ugly reminder of what kind of business this is,” Rowand said. ”After doing something great and enjoying it with so many people, it’s something you don’t like.

“It’s definitely flattering to be sought after, but I’m perfectly happy right here. I’m living the perfect life right now. I love the city. I love the fans. I love the organization, and on top of that, my favorite football team is winning. If I had my way, I’d spend the rest of my career here. I hope I wear a White Sox uniform the rest of my career. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Sad to see you go Aaron.. hopefully Thome stays healthy and this trade works out.

The DVD premiered on Comcast last night, and there are no words to describe how amazing it is to revisit the glory. Great compilation of all the big plays and huge hits….but I enjoyed the most listening to all of the guys who wore mics during the games, the reactions are priceless.

This DVD is a must have, great work!

1 reason its a bad trade ,age ,age , age . Sosa for George Bell remember that gem. JT welcome to Chicago prove me wrong.I know hes a positive asset to the team.Aaron Good Luck in Philly ,just don’t kill us to badly when you guys play us.You were fun to watch played like a true grinder,and we appreciated that,thanks .

Well, i think that Thome had his rest last year and i think he will come up big for us. However, I didn’t want Aaron to go , he was a hard center fielder that we can’t find everyday.Over all, i think Ken did the right decision and I am sure that he measured it right like he did last year, and by the way this trade makes Paulie’s return around the corner because i guess we have a little more money now…Anyways i am sure that Ken and Ozzie know what they r doing and i trust them…. GO SOX… I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE OUR NEW TEAM NEXT YEAR….

Good to hear from you again manausa. After letting some time elapse I’m coming to grips with Thome for Rowand. What really irks me though is throwing Gio Gonzalez in the mix. This guy is going to be good and a 35 year old Thome just isn’t worth that much. You can never have too much pitching in the system. But what is done is done. Hopefully Kenny can resign Konerko because that might surplant Manny/Ortiz as the new terrible tandem. I still like to get an alternate number 2 though. Go hard for Pierre or ask Tampa about Crawford. We got the capability to turn this offense into a well-oiled machine without giving up any more significant major league ready pitching. Dangle Marte and Hernandez.
After the job Kenny did last year I’ll trust his insight (I also was a staunch opponent of letting Mags go, shows what I know). However, if there’s any note of caution about Kenny it might be that he’s too ready to sacrifice the future for a shot at today. Please do not touch Jerry Owens or Young, especially Young. I’m beyond anxious to see this guy in some black and white and can’t wait until Spring Training.

As a White Sox fan in Philly this trade is a bittersweet moment for me. It hurts to see Aaron leave, but I will love being able to go to Citizens Bank next year to watch him play his heart out.

I can’t wait for 2006! Go Sox!!

scott – sorry about the maroons loss.

go sox… jimmy

Hi Everyone –

Does anyone know when the ring/flag ceremony will be held? I assume it will be on Opening Day, but can anyone confirm this?


He’s back! Yeah, yeah I know Tom, root for the uniform, root for the team, not an individual player. Hopefully this makes the team that much stronger now that Paulie is back!

IT IS DONE!!! Paulie will be back!! I’m glad to have PK back for a while. Our club has greatly improved since last year and the offseason has just started. I am sorry to see Aaron go, but we needed to make some changes because the rest of the league would have adapted to our club. Now we just need another bullpen lefty and some more speed. GO GO White Sox!!

Okay,White Sox Universe….it’s okay to come in off the ledge and in from the cold….Your first baseman is back for the next five years…..He showed that loyalty to an organization and its fans can be rewarded in the long run…..But, you also know what this signing means…..It means the finish to the career of Frank Thomas,at least in Chicago….Now that Sock-It Thome has come onboard and now that PK is coming back,unless Ozzie loses his mind completely and wants to platoon DH’s,there is no more room at the table for Frank…..And I seriously doubt that Frank is going to stick around long enough to see if Thome gets hurt and can’t perform,just so he can step in and get his old job back…..So,sometime in the summer of 2010,look for Number 35 to stand on the stage in Cooperstown to accept his plaque and his well deserved spot in the Hall Of Fame…..
Thank you,Frank,for what you did for the Sox…..

Thank you Pauly! Imagine the force we’ll be now, things are surely shaping up for our year of defending our glory! Pauly’s loyalty speaks volume of his character, I’m so proud to have him as our own!

hi, guys.
it’s been awhile since i last contributed. first i must say, way to go Paulie! you are a classy guy who places team ahead of personal gain. that’s the way a true professional acts. secondly, i don’t think Frank will be back and i’m not sure if he will catch on somewhere else. i only hope that he is of the same ilk as Paulie and realizes that it’s not personal, baseball is a business. Frank was my favorite player for most of his 16 years with the sox. his accomplishments at the start of his career are benchmarks that will be hard to duplicate.(100 rbi, 100 walks,30hr,300ba). with the career he has had i hope he is enshrined, but another good year or two would cement the deal. i hope he doesn’t go to anyone in the central though. third, win or lose in ’06, it should be a fun year(although there is no way it can top the ride we were taken on this past season). what is clear is that the White Sox organization has turned a page. Kenny and Ozzie Definately have a plan for our team and regardless what happens in the future ( injuries or other disruptions can hurt the greatest of teams) we can be proud to be SOX fans.but just for the sake of argument, i once said that there is no dominant team since the turn of the millenium, so it might as well be the White Sox who turn the trick. other than the yankees, you have to go back to the A’s of the 70’s for a team that was a dynasty. well, have a great Christmas you all, enjoy Soxfest, and i’ll see you all in march.

j.k. in tucson

Well put klein. Welcome home Paulie. I hope with the exception of a couple salary dumps, the moves are done. We made an improvement at DH and now we need to see what are future outfielders are made of. Paul’s actions spit right in the face of that notion of the modern athlete who values monetary gain over team chemistry and loyalty. Good for you Konerko. Thanks for coming back.

Christmas came early for me. Knowing Paulie is in a White Sox uniform for the next 5 years is just what I needed. Somehow I knew he’d be above the material issue and recognize that although it may be important, at some point job satisfaction, loyalty and respect outweigh that. Glad to have you back, Paulie!! A joyous, warm and healthy holiday season to you all!! -Dawn

The World Baseball Classic is going to take it’s toll on our starters. Freddy’s in and Buehrle’s in (Don’t think we have to worry about Jose getting a call from Fidel at least). I understand the allure this tournament must create for a lot of players, especially for foreign born players whose successes reverbate loudly in their nations. I just hope that we don’t wear out our starters for the MLB season. That being said I would love to see the US against Venezuela, Japan vs. Cuba, Australia vs. Netherlands? Can’t wait for baseball’s return, in any incarnation.

I’ve just got a few things…

I understand that this is all up in the air, but anytime that I can learn about where I could possibly see the World Series trophy in a few weeks would definitely be very appreciated. Except for Game One of the series itself (for which I’ll be forever greatful), I’ve had to enjoy the entire postseason and offseason (or should I say post-postseason) away from Chicago at school, but seeing the trophy itself would be the icing on the cake in a dream come true.

Also, I’ve been closely following the updates about the WBC, and I have to wonder about the relatively small amount of members of the Sox organization involved. Is this simply because commitments haven’t been made and announcements are forthcoming, or is this it? Are other Sox players not interested? Or are other nations not interested in these players? To be quite honest, I’d be just as happy seeing Sox players getting regular Spring Training (selfish South Sider in me, I guess), but as a baseball fan, I would think that on such an international stage, MLB would want to show off its World Champions (this includes Rowand, who I’m still sad to see leave, even if it is in the club’s best interest).

Finally, do you know Santa’s e-mail address? Because I’d love to have a couple of World Series DVDs (along with as much other memoribilia as possible) come December 25th.🙂

Where can one download the highlight video on Scott’s blog? Anyone??

I’m not sure where to find an entire listing of where the WS trophy will be, but I do know that it will be at Navy Pier until December 11.

I do not know where to find an entire listing of where the WS trophy will be, but I do know that it will be at Navy Pier until December 11.

Sox Pride was excellent! I enjoyed it more than the World Series DVD. It hurts a little bit to see/hear Aaron on both of the DVDs though. Life goes on however. Jan. 27th is creeping up quickly. Who else is gettings tickets for Opening Day?

kr-trepac….Sox Pride would be a greater video because it is focusing on the Chicago White Sox from a team point of view….the World Series DVD is for the baseball fan in general,not just of the Sox or of the Astros…..there is a little more silver and black tinge to the Sox Pride DVD….
As to who is getting tickets to Opening NIGHT….thank you,ESPN 2…..ah,yes,opening night,April 2nd….first pitch temperature down around the average IQ of a member of Cubs Nation,or a reader of Mariotti’s…..only 115 shopping days till you can sit and freeze in the glory of seeing the banners raised and a group case of pneumonia occur….Don’t get me wrong,I still love the boys with all my heart,but…..I’m getting a little old to be sitting out and freezing my rear aperture(hi,Dawn—merry Xmas to you and yours,dear)off to pawith my health for a once in a lifetime(perhaps)event….

My last thoughts should have come out…”….to PLAY with my health for a once in a lifetime(perhaps)event…..
That’s what I get for buying a keyboard at the Tribune’s “Going Out Of Business,Must Liquidate Equipment” sale…..

Solid pickup with Mackowiak. It effectively fills the utility spot for the outfield and the infield making Willie and Timo expendable. I don’t know what that means for Pablo but I’m hoping either Owens or Young comes up to see a little major league action next year. Look for the Tigers to be stronger next year fellow Sox fans. They were a good squad to begin with offensively (Maggs will be healthier) and putting Kenny “the camera-killing” Rogers on the roster with Bonderman and Robertson give them a pretty decent rotation. I love the AL Central. It’s going to be another hard fought, contentious season.

Hello to all my friends in cyberSox land. I hate the cold/snow. Which is why I probably won’t be at opening day =) You never know what the weather will be like. I was at a game late last April and wore a winter coat, gloves and still nearly froze my rear aperture (a nod to my friend tomquaid) off. I shall miss Aaron and Frank, but I understand the needs of the organization. I’m not sold on Thome, but couldn’t be happier about Paulie and Mackowkiak..although, I see great potential in Pablo and hope he still can be used often. At this point, I’m placing my trust in Kenny and Ozzie…their plan has not let me down yet! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…Or Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Hannukah..whatever applies and offers the sentiment of the season!

What’s up everyone? So now El Duque is gone. I think Vazquez has a lot of talent. I’m just wondering what we are going to do now with our 6 pitchers. I have all the faith in Kenny after last year.

I do think our team is getting better. I wouldn’t be surprised if they now traded Jon for another position player. It’s hard to see these guys leave, but at least they are improving the squad.

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. Somebody please tie Kenny up and disconnect his phone. What the **** are you doing? Javier Vasquez, you mean that Javier that went 11-15 with a 4.45 ERA in the NL? What pisses me off the most is that we traded Chris Young. That dude should have been untouchable. I follow the minor league affliates very closely and I’m sick and tired of seeing our best prospects discarded as an afterthought. In the span of a month and a half we’ve dealt away our best minor league arm and our best minor league athlete and for what? Another pitcher who’s due 11.5 million? Awesome. I have faith in Kenny but I truly like to see us value the farm system more. We just throw these guys around like garbage and are becoming more and more like the Yankees. Pretty soon our minors are gonna be barren. When are we getting rid of Lance Broadway. Why Chris Young Kenny why? Trade Sweeney, Borchard **** even trade Anderson before you trade Young. We are gonna regret that one for years to come.

I disagree with you pale. Yes Javier had a bad year last year, but he was on an awful team. A better defensive squad and a change of scenery will do him well. Kenny has done marvelous things with guys getting a change of teams. As for Young, this kid was in the minor leagues, not big leagues. We don’t even know that he will pan out for sure. I’m willing to trade anybody in the minors for big league talent. This team keeps improving and you have to believe Kenny is up to something else. This is not the last move. And what if this gets us Tejada? That will make the trade even better and even more worth it.

Gotta disagree with those assertions Kr. First Javier. This is a guy who from all accounts is an underachieving, malcontent of a fourth starter at best on our squad. Your telling me we couldn’t find a quality fourth starter for less than $9.5 million? I doubt that. And as far as Tejada, I’m fine with Juanie. Tejada wouldn’t never have dove into the stands to catch that ball unless a bottle of B-12 was sitting there. Kr-trepac, take away the names of our most recent acquisitions and what do we have: (.207, 7, 30 for $8 mil) and (11-15, 4.45 ERA for 9.5$; and that was in the wretched NL West, what’s he got for guys like Hafner!). Seems like a bargain to me! No what this seems like is something that runs counter to what made us successful last season: we rely on production not on reputation. I hope to GOD I’m wrong about this. But it seems like Kenny’s trying to prove he’s deserving of GM of the year by making all these drastic changes. In any case I’m sure about Chris Young. This was the fourth rated player in the Southern League (Double A). This is no Borchard. He’s the real deal and we’ll all see that next season. His only weakness is a penchant to strike out too much (he’s only 22 though). What ever happens though, I don’t want to hear us complaining in 2-3 years about having no flexibility financially. We dug our own grave by over-paying outsiders who haven’t proven anything in a White Sox uniform. On paper this team looks awesome, I can never begrudge Kenny for being aggressive. Me personally though would rather we cultivate our young players (Gio Gonzales, Young) rather than trade em. That’s how you build dynasty’s, not one-hit wonders.

So what your saying is that you’d rather have El Duque back and some guy who isn’t even on our big league team, rather than Vazquez??? Ok, to each his own.

In my opinion, winning now is the most important thing, not holding on to minor league talent for the “future.”

Go Go White Sox!!!

No my friend, what I’m saying is I’d rather have Garland for the long haul and Young. Everyone knows Vazquez’ acquisition is greasing the wheels for Garland’s departure. I know what Garland is capable of because I’ve seen that young man blossom. Javier could very well turn it around in the White and Black, and I wouldn’t be suprised if he does. My whole caveat is be careful what you wish for. The Yankees have proven how futile it is to trade away your farm system for a shot at today. One, it isn’t really feasible financially in today’s free-agent driven market to sign big names to lengthy, expensive contracts every year to stay competitive. Look at the teams on the rise in the AL: namely Oakland and Cleveland. You don’t see them inflating their payroll on a roll of the dice. Two, when you deplete the farm system you weaken the foundation of the franchise; it makes you stagnant, one-dimensional ballclub. I know you know what you’re talking about Kr-trepac so I’m not out to convince you otherwise. Just a difference of opinions. Suffice it to say, it’s glorious to be complaining about such mundane matters in the afterglow of a World Championship.

I completely understand your Yankees example. I agree that the White Sox should not trade away all of our farm system for high priced veterans; eventually we’ll need those young guys. However, when you have a log jam of good young outfielders, I don’t think it is a bad idea to go out and strengthen the big league club at the expense of some of the minor league talent.

Also, I think Kenny is going to turn some of this around into another trade. We still don’t know the complete outcome of this and other trades. Don’t we owe it to Kenny to see what becomes of this? I mean he’s made some exceptional moves for our squad.

It is quite pleasing to know that we are discussing our opinions in the wake of the Wrold Series.

You’re right Kr-trepac, we do owe it to Kenny after his brilliant off-season last year. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. I’m sure Kenny has at least one more trick up his sleeve.
On another note, I find the lastest WBC development intriguing. Based on the latest information, we are not letting Cuba send players due to the embargo. I suppose the alternative would be to use stateside Cuban-born players. This presents an interesting conundrum due to the fact that Jose would most definitely be selected. And suprise of all suprises, our newest pitcher, Javier, is slated to pitch for Puerto Rico. Correct me if I’m wrong but that means four of our starting pitchers are involved in the WBC in a major way. That worries me. All those guys threw over 200 innings last year, not to mention postseason efforts. I know they say they’ll regulate pitch counts tightly but you know the competitive spirit of our guys. We are gonna have some dead arms. It’s imperative Coops and Herm Schneider get these guys on a strict regiment to avoid any devastating injuries. Also with the departure of Vizcaino and Marte, not to mention Dustin’s back, our bullpen is looking a little depleted and we’re gonna need them in a major way next year. I look for Kenny to strengthen that Achilles heel pretty soon.

the only thing i remember of javier is when he faced us in a yankee uniform. and he didnt look like an 11-15 kinda guy then. not at all.

trust in kenny and ozzie.

Hey Scott,
Why was the Dec. 15 “Javier dialogue” between me and Kr-trepac censored like that? I know not everything I said followed the company line but I thought that was kinda the point of having a fan blog; to hear the fans comments. It’s a little perplexing.

Nevermind, it’s back now. Thanks

Ho,ho,ho,to all my fellow quick frozen Chisox friends….Did any of you ever hear the expression “an embarassment of riches”? That,simply put,is what our friend Kenny Williams has right now….Rather than keep these young talents in the minor league system to stay because they are not good enough to displace any of the current major league crop,Kenny is putting out feelers for them to other teams who have talent to give up that would be helpful to the ’06 edition,not ten years from now…..As to the WBC, I think it is a serious mistake on the part of Bud Selig and the usual gang of idiots to put this tournament on at ANYTIME,not just at the beginning of Spring Training….Mr Selig is trying to make like David Stern and the NBA and believe that global baseball is the next big thing….There will eventually come a time when the aura of baseball in this country will not be as bright as it is now…Then,and ONLY then should such a publicity stunt as a tournament like this be used….The problem will not come up in the first three weeks in March,but later on in the year when players from the ML teams are going on disabled lists or burning out just when their teams need them because they have been going full tilt for some cockamamie tournament that has no actual reward to it….It just doesn’t make any sense at all….
On a much lighter note, my seasons greetings go out to all the members of White Sox Universe whom I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with over the course of 2005….I hope you and yours ahve a safe,healthy,happy and blessed holiday and that 2006 brings every good thing your way,because,lets face it,folks…we deserve it…..

Dawn…thanx so much,dear,for keeping the rear aperture line alive…..I hope and trust that you,your husband and daughter will have a very happy holiday….If you’re still planning on invading Tucson in three months,please go to the regular team website and click on the Spring Training icon….It will give you all the skinny on where and how everything will shake down for the boys….
Just remember,folks…Comcast is still replaying the post season run,with the grand climax coming at the start of the New Year with the replay of Game Four….It does not seem like three months have passed since that magic night,but it has…..

Just a cyber shout-out to my other compadres during the run of the last few months….
bconrad…..I hope your grades are well at North Park,and you as well…Same goes for manausa at UIC and,if needed,for kr-trepac at Macomb…..

Hey,Navy Lifer in Italy…I hope that some of your friends can get in touch with you,paisan,to let you know that at least an old man in Chicago is thinking of you at this time of year….You may be able to pick up the broadcasts in ’06 on your computer by going to…..I do believe that they are up and active with that capability….

To the rest of you,as was stated before,thanks for the ride and thanks for the fun this year…..If I don’t post again in the next few days….See you next year! And just remember,only 73 shopping days left till the Cactus League opener on the first of March…..

I’d argue that any of these three (Anderson, Owens, Young) have enough talent to have made it on the ’06 roster, tomquaid. I’d also argue that Young had the biggest upside of the lot. In addition to that, I’d wager Young has a better career (in the majors) statistically than Anderson does, if not this year then certainly the next 10 years down the line. We gave up a potential future All-Star but Kenny did what he had to do. I don’t begrudge him that, that’s the nature of the beast. But that said don’t cry when that beast grows up into a feral monster and bites you in the rear aperature…
One move I’m in total agreeance with is the resigning of A.J. He proved his mettle last year and I’m happy to have in back in the fold.

We needed AJ for the long term and Kenny made the deal. I couldn’t be more pleaed to have him remain with the White Sox for the next 3 seasons. And to TomQuaid thanks for the well wishes. I am doing well. i only work at WIU, not take classes. Happy Holidays to all the Sox fans out there.

thanks a lot tomquaid for the well wishes- and I’m proud to say the grades are good! I am elated that AJ is on board for another 3 years- thanks a lot Kenny, he’s a huge and in my book an irreplacable factor in our clubhouse. I am excited for 2006 to come with the team we’ve built in the offseason, thinking that it has only just begun is pure excitement at the least! Hope all have a very Merry Christmas!

Well, just finished a stellar Christmas with a viewing of the “Sox Pride” on Comcast. After all this time, I still get goosebumps and teary-eyed watching the culmination of a fantastic year. Happy Holidays to all my fellow White Sox fans. BTW.. Santa gifted me with a magnificent pink and white White Sox World Series hat =)

“Should auld aquaintence be forgot”,etc.,etc…..I’m sure that everyone,with the definite exception of Cubs followers will agree that the year 2005 will have been the most magical in any of our lifetimes,as far as sports and the great sport of baseball are concerned….

The Sox and their magical run helped us to take away the problems of the real world for a couple or three hours, as the late Jack Brickhouse used to tell us…..But let’s not kid ourselves,folks….This story, as great and as fun as it was….pales in comparison to the real world out there….So, I hope that sometime during the past few days and in the last four as well before we put ’05 to bed, we thank our “higher authority” for giving us the opportunity to be around to share whatever blessings he has bestowed upon us with those less fortunate than us, not only in the Gulf Coast but in areas around the Cell and elsewhere within the contiguous 48 states….There are a lot of people who could give a rat’s rear aperture(Hi,Dawn,Happy New Year,dear…)about the retention of Paul Konerko and AJ Pierzynski or the acquisition of Jim Thome and Rob Mackowiak….They’re concerned where their next meal is coming from,or where they’re going to live or work or how they’re going to support their family….you know, the stuff thgat’s not covered by the “toy department of life” that is baseball…..

We have a long time to celebrate what took place in October in Houston….What is more important now is to,if possible,make someone else’s life rewarding and worth while,with perhaps just the slightest gesture of “good will towards men”…..

Happy New Year,White Sox Nation…..I love you all,and want you to bring in the next championship year coming up in the same manner in which you celebrated after Game Four….Be safe,don’t be stupid…..

We’ll talk next year….that is next week…..

P.S.:Pardon mmy getting on the soapbox with the above commentary…..

To the proprietor of this space….I know that you’ve been busy getting all the materials ready for Sox Fest,spring training and the start of the new season,but I hope you have the time to include some sort of new message or reflection of some kind upon the year past here on the site…. To yourself,Bob,the lovely Vivian and Katie and all the others in PR and communications….All the best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday from this little corner of White Sox Nation……

And the good news keeps on coming…..Jon Garland agrees to a three year contract….For people who used to accuse Jerry Reinsdorf of still holding onto the first dollar he ever made from baseball,well,folks,they can’t say that anymore….And to the people who thought that Kenny Willliams was not a good general manager,the same applies…..Now all that has to happen is to get the big Cuban horse,Contreras,to a new contract and to tidy up the arbitration eligibles,and we can roll into ’06 on the same high that occured two months ago…..

Couldn’t agree more. Great move Kenny, Garland’s just scratched the surface.

AMEN. Glad to have Big Jon wrapped up. A safe, happy and prosperous New Year to you all!! -Dawn

Why slam the team or Steve Perry for his presence at the games? Haven’t you ever been inspired by anything be it a song or a person? If so, wouldn’t you feel blessed to have that person in your corner during one of the most exciting times in your life? So the team found strength in “Don’t Stop Believin'” WRITTEN and PERFORMED by Steve Perry. The guys WANTED him there and it appeared it was therapuetic for both. Besides he didn’t take any tickets away from the fans. Honestly, you sound bitter and that’s just ugly. Steve Perry is a legendary rock star not an old one. Hope to see him with the team again next year. Maybe just maybe the guys will inspire him to take the stage again. Julie

Let’s change the subject a little, when is the Sox banner being raised and which game are they getting the championship rings at? There has been so much confusion.

kslottag…..The championship banner could be raised on Opening Night,which for those of you who have been living underground to avoid all Cub fans since the end of October has been moved to (b-r-r-r-r) April 2nd…..thank you ESPN 2—what,there isn’t another celebrity poker tournament going on that night that you could show? Leave us alone! We’ll get enough publicity during the year from umpteen appearances on Fox and ESPN as it is….We don’t need to freeze our rear apertures(hi, Dawn)off so that Joe Morgan can further educate us on how he single-handedly changed the game of baseball,all by himself…..
Sorry,kslottag,got off on another of my rants there….

To answer your question,the banners might go up April 2,but I do believe that the rings will be given out prior to the second game of the season on April 4th….

Now,for anyone who has been with this space since its inception or people who want to get a laugh at how this year went for us and the team,and how we over or under reacted to games,moves,non moves,etcetera…..Just go back to read some of the posts this year…..I did,and brother,are they something…..The overeactions are priceless…..

mizrahi96…..I had to scroll up to nearly the beginning of these posts for the reason behind your protest…..Unless you work for the people who represent Steve Perry,or are a relative,it really shouldn’t be such a big whoop what anyone says about anyone else….You like him,Sabes didn’t—that’s what makes this such a great location….People have the ability,as long as they don’t slander or write something that causes the servor to go apoplectic,to write how they feel,if they feel at all…..

tomquaid73…You certainly have a valid point. Thank God we live in a country where free speech is coveted. Perhaps I was too harsh on Sabes. I feel so much I probably make up for all those who do not! For me the mutual respect and affection between the team and Steve Perry was a positive image in this all to often negative world. So I am not a Perry family member (doubt there are any blondes in that clan)or part of the “Perry’s people.” I’m just a fan of all things inspirational. Thanks for admonishing me in a kind way.

That is part of my plan for the new year….to be kinder in my admonishments to all the people who need to be admonished….Let’s put it this way,my dear mizrahi….Life is too short to always be agitated by things,either real or imagined…so cut some slack for people who say or do things that you may not be in agreement with all the time….In the coming year, there is always going to be the possibility that things are not going to go as well for the team,and for us as a collective,as it did in the year just past….If that happens,folks,please be more tolerant in your criticisms and your admonishments….as ms.mizrahi’s favorite singer says “Don’t stop believin'”Consider yourselves lucky that the things going on on the field are not life and death struggles,JUST A GAME…..
So,Julie,keep your inspirations,your intelligence and your blondness all together…You have a good head on your shoulders…..

Of course,four months and a day from now,that could all go out the window as the regular season starts,yes?

mizrahi96…..don’t misconstrue what I’m writing here,but I just took a look at your business website,and all I can say is…..HOLY TOLEDO!….You can write,say or do anything you like,not just because of your beauty but because of your passion and your beliefs…..This proves that not all blondes are dumb….even the ones who come from Ohio….(just kidding…..hopefully your family comes from the Cincinnati side,not the Cleveland end,because if it is Cleveland,you got away just in time…..they’re going to be back on the rampage,I fear,in ’06)

I beg pardon for the detour from baseball thoughts,folks….We now resume our regular service…..

OUCH!!!! I just took a few minutes to begin pricing a trip to Spring Training… $400/person for 3 days (not including tickets, food, etc) Yowza..I want to go, but I can get 5 days in Vegas for that… Although I’d prefer the Sox, hubby probably won’t agree.. sigh

I and my family have had a magical 2005 baseball season.We have over 4 eras of Whitesox fans.From my great grandparents enjoying Nelly Fox and Luis Aparicio, to my parents enjoying Richie Zisk, Lamar “the star” Johnson, Chet “the jet” Lemon, Wilbur Wood, **** Allen, and my era of “Winning Ugly” Harold Baines, who I am his number 1 fan, Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Guillen, Frank Thomas, Robin Ventura, and my kids era with the players of today mainly Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle, John Garland, Joe Crede, Juan Uribe, Jermaine Dye and all of the young guys to come.I was in the video made buy the White Sox with Hawk Harrelson narrating.I am on the Sox and MLB Websites holding the “Home Sweepppppp Home!!” poster, front page of the SuntimeS, Daily Herald, and Southtown because of my poster I held, when the Sox returned from Houston.Best of all, I was on Channel 2, 5, and 12 for being at the Airport when the Sox clinched the American league Pennant and the World Series Pennant.My dad and I shared our 15 min of fame as we shared our liftime of memories attending a lifetime of games at the Old Roman stadium Comiskey Park and the new US Cellular.Yeah I’ve gotten used to calling it the Cell now. And I’ve definitely got used to smiling and keeping my chin an inch or two higher in the air because we’ve attained what every fan who is a die hard seeks. The chance to be donned as a bonafide Champion!!!! Thanks to all of the Men and Women who made 2005 very special to me and my family. And that family includes not just my relatives, but the family of SOX FANS all over the world.We’ve achieved the Big Cheese status and it feels **** Great!!! Let’s REPEAT and 3PEAT and on and on and on again. Because no matter how good a great song is…You just wanna hear it over and over again!!!!Live large Ozzie and the men who make it happen on the field.The men who between the lines every week button up those uniforms and clinch that chin when o’l blue yells Play Ball!!! Go White Sox Go!! And in honor of Thee honorable fashion of “Andy the Clown”, who I always raised my voice with his vocal cords, COOOOMMMMMME OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!!!! GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!

Alfonso J. Ferreira, Jr.

I am coming to Tuscon In the neat future. I am also doing research on the Black Sox Scandal. Any good things to do??


Marley R.

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