For Those of You Who Cared …

Sunday, January 1, 2006, 2:05 p.m.

Yes, I Am Alive

I apologize (for about the third time, I think) that it has been soooo long since my last post.  I probably have lost whatever semi-loyal readership this blog may have enjoyed, but I am back (in a much less dramatic way than No. 23).  If you want to respond with anger or disgust, I understand.  I’ll take it.

Thanks to all those who emailed me or asked where I had gone (or even cared).  For those of my "friends" who sent me nasty emails asking where I had gone, someone once told me not to pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel.  (Of course one of my thoughts in doing this blog in the first place was that the Internet kind of levels the playing field on the ink thing).

So my disappearance was based on the following … 1. needing some kind of break, 2. going to the winter meetings in Dallas with limited time to blog (although there would have been some good stuff … I kept kicking myself), 3. a trip to Disney with the family (we always promised my kids that we would go to Disney if the White Sox ever won a World Series title … finally had to pay up), 4. the untimely death of my mother-in-law just before Christmas (a real downer the family has not yet recovered from experiencing), 5. Christmas and holiday travel related to No. 4 above.

But enough of the excuses (and lack of White Sox info) and on to 2006 …

EpcotSmall World

I still can’t get that song out of my mind, but on our last day at Disney I took my son to Epcot to watch the fireworks one last time.  So who ends up standing next to me on the bridge?  Dan, the Get Up Guy, with his daughter.  And as we talk, the folks in front of us were Sox fans from Hoffman Estates.  Go figure.

Anyway, by far, White Sox hats and jerseys dominated the crowds at the four Disney parks.  Boston was a close second, followed by the Yankees and Marlins, but we DOMINATED the crowds.  It was great to see.  I know it is anecdotal, but I think it speaks to how national the passion has grown.

Postseason Publications

At some point I mentioned reviewing some of the postseason pubs that were printed specially to honor the White Sox.  Without wanting to be too critical (it is New Year’s Day, ya know) …

I think the very best one was done by The Sporting News.  Great, great photos.  A real high quality piece.

1A in my mind (and this is all subjective) was the SI commemorative.  Unbelieveable cover art.  Worth getting the book just to see A.J.’s passion on the front cover.

The books put together by the Sun-Times and Tribune are very strong.  The Sun-Times gives you more of a written record, which is good for reference.  For some reason, all the copies of the Tribune book I saw seemed like the print job ran a little dark.  Still well worth buying, however.

I picked up quite a few others on newsstands, books like Street & Smith, Lindy’s etc. 

All told, I found nine different publications.  Let me know if you all found others I missed.  And my biased advice is of course to buy all of them.  Don’t you think that guy who was 10 years old in 1917 was kicking himself a bit in 1963 that he didn’t take advantage when he could?


By now you probably all have them, but if not, you should pick up both videos, one by MLB Productions on the World Series and the other by them on our entire season.  Both can be had through the Shop.

We had an unveiling party on December 5 for the second video and Neal Cotts and Bobby Jenks attended, along with several thousand of Sox fans.  A special treat was having the trophy there to pose for photos.

I spent several hours yesterday watching the replay of Game 3.  I was more nervous watching it on December 31 than I was at the ballpark that night.  Explain that.

TrophyTrophy Tour

Which leads me to the fact that the championship trophy is out and about town, thanks to U.S. Cellular, who is helping us defray the costs of the tour.  The schedule is listed on line.  We are asking fans to make a small, optional donation to Chicago White Sox Charities if they want to pose with the trophy.  As you know, CWSC does a great deal of good within Chicagoland, so we appreciate anything you donate.

But bottom line, make sure you get that family photo with the trophy at some point this season.

KW Never Sleeps

Which I hear is what a kidney stone will do to you … seriously, during the winter meetings, Kenny, Rick Hahn, Dave Wilder and the entire baseball decision-making group focused on pitching, pitching and more pitching.  It is what made us World Champions in 2005 and it is what is becoming more and more precious within the game.  So rather than rest on 2005, Kenny has kept working to improve this team, adding Jim Thome (who seems like a great, great guy), Rob Mackowiak (a South Sider) and Javier Vazquez.  In addition to bringing Paulie back, AJ and Jon Garland both signed long term deals to stay.  Not a bad offseason, considering ours started just two months ago.  Is anyone else ready to get 2006 started?

KW’s Record

The White Sox have gone 432-378 (.533) under Kenny, which is the best winning percentage for a GM in White Sox history and the 17th best in MLB since 1950 (according to Baseball America).

That Hurt

I didn’t read it, but someone told me Aaron Rowand is taking some flak in Philly for being such a Bears fan and for wearing Bears gear.  If true, give me a break.  Everyone here knows that for whatever reason, Aaron was a Bears fan well before the White Sox ever entered his life.  My guess is that he will be at the Bears playoff game … which by the way, good luck to the Bears.

ST Sales

Season Tickets sales are through the roof and still going strong.  Remember that to get the best seat locations, you may want to consider season tickets.  Packages, like the Ozzie plan, are manageable in terms of number of games and cost.  If interested, I suggest you call ASAP.  312-674-1000 or order yours online.

First Pitch Photo

Many, many fans expressed interest in getting Ron Vesely’s photo that ran in SI of the first pitch of the World Series.  It is very, very cool.  Ron had a limited number of signed, oversized copies made up and they are available through  Proceeds go to White Sox Charities. Here is how the smaller version of it looked on my blog the next morning after Game 1.


White Sox Everywhere

We continue to have White Sox players and staff featured everywhere.  Most recently, Chicago Magazine named the White Sox among their "Chicagoans of the Year" and Timeout Magazine’s current issue has a classic photo of Paul Konerko on the cover.  He has a PK smile/smirk on his face and has just popped the cork on a bottle of champagne.


With a 2006 payroll tentatively in the mid 90s right now, what happened to that criticism about the team being cheap.  We likely will rank fourth in the AL in payroll.  During my time with the club, I believe we have been as high as third.

BlueseatsBlue Seats

If you have not heard, sets of blue seats from the ballpark are available to purchase online.  If you think about it, these seats lasted from Opening Day 1991 to Game 2 of the 2005 World Series.  A pretty good life …

Cleaning Files

In cleaning my files out during the break, I came across the following headlines …

"IR-RESPONSE-IBLE … unlike other team owners, White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf isn’t fulfilling his obligation to serve as the face of the franchise." (May 2004, Sun-Times)

They must have missed October, although maybe you could argue Steve Perry trumped Jerry in face time.  But isn’t it suppose to be about championships?  Like, 7 of them between the Bulls and Sox.

"Who are top Sox?  Chicago’s Not Scaring Boston"  (July, Boston Herald).  Enough said.

"Numbers Say the White Sox better watch out for the Twins." (July 22 The Sporting News).  Must have been the same formula a local paper used to predict the playoffs.

"Don’t Buy What Sox Are Selling." (April Sun-Times).  They sure got that one right.

"Sox Appear Headed for 100 Wins, but let’s not Forget About Those 1993 Giants." (July Tribune).  Wrong on both counts, I guess.  Sox won 99 (unless you want to count the next 11)

Sorry, it was probably a little punkish of me to end/start the year with that, but it was too good to pass up.

Coming Soon

A very cool billboard in the Chicago area.  Stay tuned.

And I will try to post more often.  Promise.

Go Sox!


Well, welcome back old friend!! First my sympathies for the loss of your mother-im-law. I know from experience how hard that loss is, let alone before the holidays. Us true “blogees” knew you’d be back!! It was truly a Sox Christmas in this house and we are all looking forward to SoxFest later this month….I’m hoping the trophy will be there so we can get our family shot. We went to Cooperstown last summer and are wishing we waited a year to see the Sox display!! Considering a trip to Tuscon the beginning of March. Anyone who’s been there for Spring Training?? Is there any good opps for my kids to meet players?? Hope everyone had a good holiday!!


Happy New Year, and thank you for taking some time to write. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mother-in-law. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Although the season ended 2+ months ago, I’m still on a high. Comcast’s rebroadcast of the playoffs (I’m watching Game 4 as I type this), as well as the 2 videos, have been a great way to keep the excitement going. Now that SoxFest is just around the corner, the ’06 season doesn’t seem so far off.

As I was doing my Christmas shopping this year, I marveled at the selection of Sox merchandise out there. Living up in the northern ‘burbs, it can be difficult finding good Sox gifts…. but not this year! Not to mention the number of people roaming the malls in Sox attire. Gotta love it!

I’m pretty excited about the roster changes Kenny has made, and am eager to see the guys in action in Tucson. For anyone thinking about a trip to Arizona, United’s fare was only $197 round trip – direct to Tucson – this past week. I think that’s pretty reasonable. (We’ll be there from 3/2 to 3/6.)

Scott, I do have a few questions, when you have a spare minute: 1) During which game will the ring ceremony be held? I had heard that it might NOT be opening night. Just curious. 2) What changes are being made at the park during the off-season? I know the blue seats are being swapped out, but was wondering if the dining area for the Scout Seats will be ready for the ’06 season. Also, was Roger able to replace the field?

Thanks, Scott. Looking forward to another great year! Go Sox!

Maria…. If I’m not mistaken (which I am most of the time)the rings will be handed out prior to the second game of the season on April 4th….

Scott,my condolences also go out to you and your family on the loss of your mother-in-law….As you’re well aware, the media world recently lost one of its best in Norm Potash from CBS 2….I believe that the organization sent along its condolences at that occasion….As I always believe,if your memories of her are strong in your mind and heart,she willnever be completely absent…..

Now,getting to the playing field,Maria….I doubt that Roger would let the sod go unkempt for no more than a millisecond…..Also,the seats were supposed to all be changed to green,which is totally appropriate,because we won’t be able to see the seats most of this year,because there will be people in them….and they’ll be spending the green to sit in those green seats….(see,dear,the kid hasn’t lost his touch for clever remarks….)

Scott….you don’t need to aplogize for your absence from this location….my goodness,knowing what I do about the life of a PR/communications person for any sports organization,you hardly have time to breathe,let alone take time off for a respite….especially after a year the likes of which you folks down there had….You have excellent assistants in Bob,Vivian,Katie and the others in the office,but the end result has YOUR name all over it….so,of course,you’re going to be all over it as best you can….So you deserve to have the time off…..we were able to amuse ourselves during your absence…..and I would imagine that the same thing will be happening now that Sox Fest is right around the corner,followed by the final preps for Year 9 in Tucson….then the regular season,when there will be even more media around than last year,because of the old “cause and effect”…..So,don’t worry,sir….we know how to take care when you’re not taking care of this space…..

Glad to see you back Scott. My condolences to you and your family. Best wishes to you and them.

Although I am a Tribe fan, I really do enjoy your blog, one of the best, not to mention some of the diehards here. (I only wish there was a good Tribe blog on – maybe I can convince myself to do one this year – LOL)

I give kudos to Kenny for his offseason so far. Looks like the Sox will be tough again in 06. I look forward to our 19 meetings this year. Hopefully the Tribe will be able to win a few more of those 1-run matchups. But I do enjoy the competition. I hope it us both fighting to the end like last year (obviously with us winning, but you all should understand that). I just don’t want the Twins, Tigers, or Royals disturbing the rivalry that has re-emerged between us.


p.s. miss our discussions tom, you know I want to keep in touch in a friendly way – am not a hatemonger blogger like others, I prefer civil discussions

Hey deanklub,

It is nice to hear from a Tribe fan who can actually write a full sentence! (Just kidding!) Our rivalry is great. If the East-Coast- biased-press would stop and take notice, they would realize that the AL Central is where all of the action will be for some time to come.

Welcome back Scott. I am truly sorry about your loss. Although we have never persoanlly met, I feel, as, I may safely assume, does the Sox Pride bloggers in general, a familial tie to the organization and to you through this blog. All of us share a common bond through the Sox. May your family enjoy happier times this coming year, inlcuding, a Sox repeat in two thousand and SOX!

Welcome back Scott. Obrnmac — spring training is a blast I went last year and am going again. I think it will be a little crazy this year, though. I planned on 2 “away” games in Tempe/Phoenix which may make getting better seats easier. Also, watch out for the WBC – it drove the hotel prices way up, luckily I got mine before they announced the schedule. The players are more accessible before the games than during the season. It is also nice to see the young AAA players who seemed more eager to sign or say hi. Maria — I have also heard the banner will be opening day and the rings on Tue. 4/4 but it would be nice to hear for sure from someone who knows.

Deanklub…..good to see you are in fine health and are ready to commence the ’06 season…I actually give Eric Wedge and the Indians all the credit deserved for holding the Sox “feet to the fire” during late August and most of September last year….In years past when the Tribe was dominant in the division,and were prety much coasting in to post season,there was not much of an effort put out by the Sox,Twins,Tigers and Royals to get back into the fight….pretty much playing out the schedule,as it were….Well,last year when the Sox were coasting,all of a sudden from the back of the pack,here comes Cleveland,bound and determined to give the boys a scare—-which they accomplished until that fateful Sunday for both teams when the Tribe lost to KC and the Sox found the will to win again….only to tease us with the first two games of the Detroit series….but by that time,the Indians tank ready “empty” and the rest is history….I fully expect that Cleveland will be the only team in the division to give the Champs(boy,does it feel strange writing that,still…..)a run for their title…..
One question,though,Dean….The first time that Jim Thome is announced at the Jake,in the uniform of the enemy,how will he be received? Sox fans gave Magglio Ordonez what-for when the Tigers came in for the first time,unjust as it may have been…..and kept it upon each of the Tiges’succeeding trips in….Will the Indians fans treat Thome the same way? I can remember clearly when Albert(don’t call me Joey)Belle came to the Jake with the Sox the first time….if there had been a roof on the place,it would have cracked with the volume of the “serenade in boo”that he got….. Will this happen again when Sock-It Thome steps in?

Did Thome leave Cleveland on bad terms as did Magglio? I was kind of under the impression that Cleveland was cutting salary a few years back and planned to rebuild with their minor league system. I think Thome will not/should not be vilified as much as Maggs is now. However, I hope they do give Thome a hard time at the Joke. That will add more fuel to his fire and force him to punish the little indians.

Go Go Sox

In addition to my above post, Albert “Joey” Belle was much more of a jerk than Thome will ever be.

kr-trepac….Saying that Albert Belle was more of a jerk than most would be like saying that the Grand Canyon is a small hole in the ground in Arizona,or that Eva Langoria is quite lovely to look at….

I agree. I was merely saying that because one would think that if anyone should get booed, its Joey. On the other hand, from what I’ve heard about Thome, he should not be booed.

kr-trepac….We cannot know what tyhe response will be to Jim’s first game there….If you remember,there were other occasions when popular players in one city were dealt away,or left via the free agent route,and were cheered and huzzahed when they first came back in the uniform of the opponent…I was just curious as to what the reaction to Thome coming back to Cleveland would be….How about it,deanklub?

Whatever terms a player leaves a team on, you’ll always have a mix of both boo-birds and cheers. But, if the player was a good guy like Thome and a fan favorite, and he didn’t leave the former team with any “war of words” like Maggs did, he should receive a majority of cheers from the fans at the Jake. I think if Maggs would have just left for the money, and generally kept quiet, he would’ve received a more welcome reception at U.S. Cellular.

For the moment,let’s shelve all the talk about who will be cheered,who will be booed,etc….For I have just spotted the greatest seven word phrase since “Yes,I’ll go out with you tonight….”(and it’s been a loooooooooooooong time since I’ve heard that….but I digress…..That seven word phrase? Very simply…..
Pitchers and Catchers report on February 17th…..

Both phrases make me feel warm and good,but only the latter is true…..

Now to timothy tuckers’comment….I believe it wasn’t so much Magglio who spoke out as it may have been through his agent,Scott Boras….who absolutely adores tweaking Mr Reinsdorf at any time…..

I guess you must be more like Randy, than Dennis. 🙂

BUT, February 17, 2006 will be a welcome date, since we don’t have a holiday to look forward to until Memorial Day. (Unless you work for the government or a bank.)

Speaking of pitchers, is anybody checking 20 times a day like I am, to see if Tejada will actually be moved for a top-line pitcher? I guess it would only be greedy to want to see him come to the South Side, but 2005 has left that “greedy” taste in my mouth, looking forward to that WS patch showing up on the Chi Sox uniforms again.

I can’t help hoping that Kenny is keeping things close to the cuff as usual, and that the Sox are still in the running for Tejada, even if it means losing one of our starters.

I just found out The Trophy is coming to RUSH UNIV. MEDICAL CENTER. I’m pretty pumped, as can be imagined, since that is where I work.

Glad you’re back Scott. I check 3-4 days a week for an update and to my surprise there you were today! My thoughts go out to you and your family for your loss. Great offseason…can’t wait for spring training!


Sorry to hear about your loss.

Tim… I am guessing it will be under tight wraps about Tejada. There are rumors everywhere and the super trade with the red sox, mets, marlins, etc… looks possible before we would see Tejada here. someone reported today that they thought we would be looking for more pitching before adding a stud like Tejada…

Great to have you back Scott, you and yours have my deepest condolences for your loss.

Sorry tom and others, I was offline for a few days …

As for Thome being booed, yes he’ll have some of that, but I think he’ll get a good number of cheers as well, maybe 50-50 or 60-40 cheers … who knows, I don’t live in Cleveland anymore (have been in Cali since ’78), and don’t follow the local papers anymore, so I can’t say what the reaction will be since I don’t talk to anyone back there.

However, he was my favorite player, it hurt when he left (and that was only because the players association practically forced him to take the deal with more $$ and years), but right now I’d rather have Hafner than him. I’ll cheer for him, except when he plays us (or against me in Fantasy😉 ), but I won’t boo him either ….

see ya all real soon …

Also, one last note, although I couldn’t stand Albert as a person, loved having him hit clean-up for us all those years.

I know he’ll not make the Hall of Fame because of his temperment, but I feel he should just because of the sheer numbers he put up. If you compare him to Kirby Puckett (similar circumstance, injury ending career), he was a way better hitter, and probably the most feared hitter for 3-5 years in the AL (not to mentioned robbed of at least one MVP by Mo Vaughn). Granted Kirby was a much better defender, but had his personal dirty laundry been aired before his election, he may not have gotten in either.

Just a few thoughts …


Great to hear from you! I’m very sorry to hear of your family’s loss- my prayers are with you guys!

I think the part of this blog that made me smile the most was hearing about all the White Sox Pride in Disney favorite part since winning has been seeing all the pride! I’ve traveled out of state a few times for bball, and I always make sure to wear my White Sox gear- and I love the comments I get! Its great to be a White Sox Fan!

Hope all are doing well and enjoying the new year- its finally 2006, and that much closer until Opening Day!

Buehrle and Gooch are out of the WBC!!!! To me that is great news. I don’t want any of our players getting hurt in some other league other than MLB. And reading their quotes on why they backed out was good to read as well.

Welcome back, Scott..We do care =) Condolences to you and your family. Having to go through that during the holidays is so difficult. I don’t even know where to start. Great videos, great commerative books, great to see the Postseason replayed on Comcast…WOW! It was as emotional the 2nd time through. A prosperous and healthy new year to all my fellow bloggers. -Dawn
P.S. Just found out my cousin owns a sports memorabilia shop…those Cooperstown WS bats are something. I think there will be one in my ever-growing shrine =)


I am not sure if you are the correct person to hear this plea, but PLEASE persuade the proper decision makers at the team that the Sox should hold the ring ceremony Opening Night and NOT before Game 2 of the season. First, moving the ceremony to Tuesday smacks of a greedy attempt to ensure another sell-out, sending a bad message to the fans (especially the newly converted fans). For a team that has had the reputation (fair or not) of making short-term moves for monetary reasons at the expense of its long-term reputation, it is a move that practically begs for critics to call the Sox bush league.

Second, why be shortsighted and lose the opportunity to hold the ring ceremony on Opening Night. Media attention will be at a peak that night given that it will be the only game in the country and on national TV? For a team that has received so little media attention in the past, why lose a chance to maximize exposure by having the event during the day when people are at work and when a slate of other games will be scheduled? This year is a chance to gain Sox fans across the nation and the Sox need to be savvy about every chance they have to be the center of attention.

Third, something special will be lost by burying the ceremony on a weekday game. It has been 88 years since we have had the chance to celebrate, why not make it truly special by combining the pageantry of opening night along with the ceremony? By way of comparison, check out the dvd for the spectacular Red Sox ring ceremony from opening day last year. I am White Sox fan living in Boston and jealously attended the event at Fenway. It was a classy occasion in every way. In fact, the event was such a signature celebration, the Red Sox even sold a significant number of dvds to their fans of the telecast. Sitting there during the ceremony, I hoped for the day that the White Sox would have a chance for a similar ceremony. I fear that a Tuesday morning celebration at U.S. Cellular Field will amount to a mere footnote rather than an exclamation point to the success of last year.



Well put ksmoller!

I agree with my friend from Macomb regarding the comments of our blogger from Beantown….. For those of you who do look at the heading of this particular section,it is entitled “For Those Who Care”….I have seen and found out that there are a whole group of fans out there who DO care about everything that the White Sox and their employees do for the benefit of the fans….and if enough noise is made, or enough people make petition that something as special as the raising of the championship banners and the awarding of the rings to the players and front office people be held at the exact same date,the front office may pay attention to those feelings….Besides,it would be nice to have the entire country who would be viewing that night see the response that would come from the fans who would be in attendance….provided,of course,that ESPN doesn’t screw it up by going to a commercial break right before,or one of those “up close and personal” tape pieces with the inner most feelings of Herm Schneider(no offense,Hermie)regarding last season and this,or by going to a Sports Center update from some jamoke in the studio who informs us about what we already know…..
For those of us “great unwashed” who don’t have easy access to cable,I have a request to make for that night….Please,White Sox, try to get some station,like Channel 26,to put the game on their airwaves that night aas well…..I believe it did wonders for the station when they put the Bears-Atlanta game on late last month,when it would normally have been only on cable…..Why not try to work out some sort of deal whereby the game would be on free TV as well as not-so-free TV…..If nothing like that would be possible,well,folks,there’s always radio…..You folks know what radio is,don’t you? It’s what Howard Stern isn’t on any more……

The WBC is falling apart like a cheap suit….or the Cubs in August(deserved cheap shot there…..)I say…..GOOD….Let the experiment die, Mr Selig….Spring Training should be fro getting ready for a long,grueling season….not some cockamamie tournament that the free world doesn’t give a (all together now,Dawn and others) rat’s rear aperture about…..Try again next decade,MLB,to pull a David Stern/NBA type of globalization stunt…..In other words,leave baseball the h***alone……

hi guys!! my first post in a month. i have to agree with ksmoller in boston. his was a well thought out idea that should be given some real consideration. sunday night would also allow aaron and others not still with the team to petition for inclusion. great idea, and as tom said, if we make enough noise, then maybe someone will take note. see you all in about two months. go SOX!!!! j.k. in tucson.

Tomquaid…my friend, you have a way with words that always gets the point across, and leaves a smile on my face..I couldn’t agree more. Finally, speaking of pleas, could someone PLEASE, PLEASE arrange for a tour stop somewhere in the northern/northwestern burbs? Nothing against the city proper, or the southside, but there are some die hard fans up this was as well… I can’t think of anything better than getting a picture with my daughter and the trophy for her to cherish for posterity….

Does anyone know when the Sox are coming to the White House? Any information… PLEASE?!

Ira – Sox fan transplant in Baltimore

Ira…the way that W’s approval rating has been going downhill,he better be happy that the boys may not come to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this year…..With everybody liking Ozzie so much,there could be a coup d’etat if no one is careful…..
Seriously, I would imagine that whenever the only trip to Baltimore is this season,that’s probably when they’ll get the invite…..

Hey, all you transplants, how about a permanent pilgrimage and just move back to Chicago? 🙂 It’s even better living here now that the SOX are taking over!

I have been following this blog basically since its inception and was just wondering if anyone would be able to supply me with Scott’s email address? I was considering submitting an application/resume to pursue an internship if possible for this summer. I know he posted information on the best way to do this at some point last year…I just can’t seem to track it down again. Thanks.

Congrats to Chris Singleton, he’s no Rooney but I think he’ll grow into a fine color commentator.

Isn’t Singleton replacing Farmer and Farmer is replacing Rooney? Neither of whom are comparable to Rooney. Thanks a lot WSCR.

I will be back shortly with thoughts on these lasts few posts… the gremlins who operate this currently have decided to f- – – me over…..

Now that the gremlins have gone away(we hope)to get ready for the Cub convention this weekend, I can answer these last few posts…..
First,to kr-trepac and palehoses…..I have before me the official press release issued by the Sox and WCSR regarding the hiring of Chris Singleton today…..I’ve read it over and in all honesty and candor,may I say regarding the statement from the GM of the Score,Paul Agase…..bull—-….. Mr Agase says,and I quote,…..”Chris understands today’s game and today’s players….He will give our listeners the proprietary insight that the fans have come to expect…..” May I repeat,bull—-…..I think it’s pretty well known that the Score wanted to pair down expenses on their broadcast rights package,which is the main reason that John Rooney left to go with the Cardinals…..Chris Singleton never was one of the highly paid outfielders throughout his career…..therefore,in my opinion…..he came CHEAP by broadcast standards…..the Score hopes and prays that he develops(sic)over the course of the season and provide a parallel to Farmio’s drollness….otherwise,the listeners are going to retreat to Hawk and DJ by the thousands…..

Next,to armour 248…..If you try “reifert s @”,you might be able to contact Scott….but good luck going for an internship with the team,especially after what occured in ’05….Every Sports Management major in captivity is going to try to get their foot in the door with the champs….Lotsa luck,my friend…..

Next,to Dr Tucker at Rush….I do believe that the esteemed Mr Kenny Williams said thgat the Sox would ahve to run off a string of successive titles before claiming that they are taking over…..Keep that in mind before you start bringing the prodigal sons and daughters back from the hinterlands…..and finally,to dear Dawn….my friend,if I had the money,which I don’t,I would hire both you and bconrad to be my official “cheerer-uppers”,whose main duty would be to write or say something that would make this old man feel a whole lot better about himself and the world in general….which you both would be wizard at accomplishing…..May the “higher authority” continue to bless you both,ladies…..And,Dawn,if you and your daughter are going to be fortunate enough to be at the Hyatt for Sox Fest in a couple of weeks,I think that a certain trophy will be on prominent display to be adored,gawked at and to be available for picture taking memories….In other words, the trophy will be the hardware equivalent of Eva Longoria…..(sorry about the repeated references,but the old man has a jones on for Ms L…..)

tomquaid- thanks for the special mention!! I’m just sitting here on this cold day (weather in Chi-town NEVER seizes to amaze me)reading all the latest on…and I’ve got to say I’m more excited than ever for 2006. The letter from Pauly was fun to read, and Spring Training is just about a month away. Life is good during baseball season, and we are getting closer every day to the second best day as World Champs- raising the banner! Hope all is well with everyone! Go Sox!

p.s.- I’m still so mad at myself..kept putting off getting my SoxFest tickets until it was too late. So for all of those who are going- ENJOY it for those of us who were stupid enough to be such a procrastinator! And if you stumble upon a ticket..let me know!

b conrad….Brittany,don’t blame yourself,dear…..It could have been predicted from the time Orlando Palmiero made the last out of Game Four,when the tickets and packages were still available,that the phone lines were going to be buzzing regarding the availability of Sox Fest tickets and accommodations….You and me and a lot of others got shut out…..It just goes to show that the old adage remains true…..You give the public what it wants,and they’ll buy it every time…..If you don’t like dealing with massive amounts of humanity,though,be glad that you’re not going to be able to get there…..It will be an absolute circus,I’m sure…..And security will see to it that “up close and personal” doesn’t happen….Just keep warm and study hard and keep those Vikings going well on the basketball court…..Remember,March 1st is not all that far away…..

By the way,if anybody has TWO tickets for gratis(Latin for “take them,they’re yours….),Ms Conrad and I would be most grateful to hear from you…..The chances of that happening,however,are slim and none…..and slim is making plans to contact Klein out in Tucson to see about bunking down out there in another six weeks……

As the heading of this section states,for those of you who cared,the old man made a dyslesic switch of the call letters of the new flagship station about five posts up from this one….The call letters should,of course,be WSCR…..but the opinions expressed by yours truly haven’t changed…..
Now,maybe I can sleep better tonight…..

AMEN bconrad…I did the same thing. Friend of a friend is a ticket broker, so I’m trying that avenue… On a less optimistic note…OUCH!!!! I just took a few minutes to begin pricing a trip to Spring Training… $400/person for 3 days (not including tickets, food, rental car if needed, etc) Yowza..I want to go, but I can get 5 days in Vegas for that… Although I’d prefer the Sox, hubby probably won’t agree.. sigh

hey Dawn,
i’m not an employee of southwest airlines, but check out the possibilities of flying into phoenix from midway and returning the same way. there are several flights available from each airport from $89-$117 one way. rent a car in phx and i can point you to a reasonably priced hotel for the three of you in tucson. it would be a hoot to see you. the dates i checked were in mid march, and yes, into tucson and back was pricy. try phoenix, it’s only about a two hour drive. let me know if i can be of any further help. i haven’t purchased any tix yet, but will probably go to 5-6 games in mid week. it’s nice not having to worry about working for the man anymore. if i can be of any help, please let me know. j.k.( in tucson, in case you forgot).

Sox & Crede agree to terms. 1 year, 2.6 mil

Looks like they can work with Boras when they need to.

kr-trepac….Did you ever hear about a man named Faust?
And I don’t mean the former head coach at Notre Dame…..Sometimes,you have to deal with the devil to accomplish your final task….

I’m not sure,but isn’t the big Cuban horse(Contreras)the only one left? If they can agree with him,off we go to Tucson with a full,happy boat…..

I stand corrected…..according to the release from they wouldn’t lie,would they?),with Joltin Joe from Westphalia Mo.’s signing,there are no more arbitation eligible players on the roster….You know what that means,folks? On to Sox Fest,on to Tucson,on to the defense of the crown…..It’s just a month away till pitchers and catchers report…..position players on the 22nd of Feb.,I believe…..
Let’s rock and roll…..

Dawn….there’s a link on as to where and when the trophy will be shown off…..Just look on the home page,and you might be able to locate a spot close to you and yours…..

Another big step in the right direction for a repeat by signing Crede! I love being a White Sox fan!

There is a letter to Sox fans from Jim Thome out today. For anyone who hasn’t read it, here it is:

Dear White Sox Fans,

Growing up in Illinois, it’s a dream and a privilege to come back home and be a part of a great organization like the White Sox. To be a part of this now, after winning the World Series, is really an honor. To come to a team that is so close to home, and to play in front of my family and friends, is really exciting. Baseball is a great game because it brings people together, and my wife Andrea, our daughter Lila and I are really pleased to be here.

This winter has been really crazy for us. Everything seemed to go so quickly, and the holidays flew by. But we’re excited about moving here, and we’re hoping to be able to call Chicago our permanent home.

My offseason training has been great, though it’s been a different kind of winter than I’ve had in the past. Because I was injured and didn’t play during the second half of last year, my training has been really intense and regimented since August, as opposed to other years when I’d take a break after the season. I’ve worked out here at the ballpark a few times, and I’ve enjoyed meeting head trainer Herm Schneider and getting to know the front office a little bit. It’s been a pleasure to realize that everyone is invested in making sure I’m healthy and ready to go for spring training.

For my entire career I’ve been asked about my favorite road city, and I’ve always said that players should take any chance they have to play in Chicago, even as an opponent. To have the opportunity to play here for the next three years is a dream. Chicago is a passionate, hard-core, championship-hungry city, and I imagine that now the fans are more focused than ever. You add the success of the Bears this year and it’s pretty awesome to be here. I think the Bears have the right tools in place to be a great team for many years to come!

I’ve been blessed to have good people, starting with my wife, who help me understand what opportunities exist to be involved in the community. We signed up to be in Chicago for the long term, and we truly want to form a relationship with the people of Chicago. As an athlete and a role model, I want Chicagoans to know that we’re trying to do just that – to help different causes, to make a difference at the end of the day, and above all to have fun and enjoy our time here.

I’ve always known that to be successful, you have to know how to be part of a team first. It’s not about me, it’s about we – and that’s as true in life as it is in sports. I understand the impact that athletes can have on people, and I’ve worked very hard to make sure I leave something meaningful behind. I grew up in Peoria, so I’ve always been involved in the community there. I’m excited to have the chance to do the same thing here in Chicago.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m looking forward to seeing you at SoxFest, and of course to beating the Indians on Opening Day.

Jim Thome

Good to hear that he is excited about smacking the Indians around come Opening Day.

That was a great letter to read, I’m real excited to be able to call Thome one of our own! He is a perfect fit with us here in Chicago, and we’re lucky to have him! Now its all about gettin this season started so we can see the impact he’ll definitly make!

I couldn’t agree with you more bconrad.

There’s a reason Mark Shapiro won GM of the year. Don’t look now but he quietly solidified the hot corner for the Tribe for years to come. Coco Crisp is a fine player, but fans the like of deanklub gotta be ecstatic about picking up Andy Marte. We got ourselves a bonafide rival in Cleveland for the next decade or so.

Getting CoCo Krispies for 2006 shouldn’t factor into why Shaprio won 2005 Exec. of the Year.

I agree with that KR- still no reason to justify Kenny getting boxed out of an accolade he clearly deserved. But who cares- we’ve got the ring. That’s really all that matters, right?!

KR- they didn’t get Coco, they traded him FOR Andy Marte. Getting the ring is truly all that matters, and surely took the sour taste out of Kenny’s mouth, if he even had one. Anybody would give up 100 exec. of the year awards for 1 ring. The Sox winning it all just proved that they chose the wrong man for the award, and everybody knows it. The Tribe was picked by many of the “experts” to beat the Sox out, that’s why Shapiro shouldn’t have ever gotten that award. Kenny was the one who made so many moves nobody knew what to think on opening day of 2005, but voila! Those moves kinda worked out, didn’t they?!?! Shapiro hasn’t won anything yet, not even the division. Maybe a “repeat” is what will be needed for Kenny to get his recognition, so I guess his team will just have to go and do that in 2006!

Yes, I did post “getting CoCo” but I do know that they traded him. That was just a slip in my train of thought as I was typing.

Yes palehoses, I am excited about the possibilty of getting Marte, however that is tempered by the fact we’d lose Crisp and am unsure his replacement could put up the same production this year (which obvoiusly could hurt us in competing for the division title this year, but would make us much stronger for the next few years).

Not to mention Mota just failed his physical so the trade as “rumors” go is on hold until another 2 or 3 way deal can be worked out. I’ll be happy if we get Marte, or if we keep Crisp, just a bit more worried if we lose Crisp … that’s all for now

Hey deanklub, just look on the bright side. Your “Executive of the Year” should be able to figure something out to make your team better. Ha ha ha.

Two Thousand and Sox

Let me clarify a previous post: If I had a vote for GM of the Year I would have given it to Kenny. Then again I’m biased. Looking at this from an objective standpoint, you have to take a couple things into consideration, Shapiro is doing an fantastic job with a payroll that was ranked 26th out of 30 teams last year (we were ranked 13th). Cleveland’s payroll was around $41 million (Thome makes roughly 1/3 of that, even though we’re only paying $8 mill). They’re able to do this primarily because they’re willing to nurture their young talent. Look at some of these salaries Sox fans and tell me they’re commensurate with the talent we saw from these guys: Peralta $316,700, Sizemore $318,300, Victor Martinez $700,000, and the most shocking Hafner at $377,400. That’s stretching a dollar for all it’s worth.

You guys are right about one thing though and that’s the ring. Kenny delivered the goods and that’s paramount to anything else. My concern, and I’ve voiced this before, is our payroll may be getting out of hand. I trust Kenny knows what he’s doing. But the players I’m most excited about next season aren’t your Konerko’s, Vasquez’ or Thome’s; it’s our Jenks’, McCarthy’s and Anderson’s. That’s the future of the Sox, kudos to Shapiro for cultivating the future of the Tribe.

The only reason that those players named above are making such little amounts of money is that they are still young. When they hit free agency they will command much more. In baseball, a players rights are owned by the team for like 6 years or something crazy like that. So unless they are drafted high, they won’t make much for many years in the league. We did that same thing with Crede, Paulie, Aaron, Garland, Beuhrle, and so on. Shapiro isn’t doing anything that Kenny has ALREADY done.

Also, the only reason our payroll is getting out of hand is because we are signing our own players. Yes we’ve picked up 1 or 2 more, but for the most part we are just rewarding players that we’ve groomed. It’s not like we are getting these huge free agent contracts.

We’ll see how good Shapiro does when all his Tribesmen are free agents.

And 1 more thing, those Tribesmen who are the “future” and are so good for making such little money, blew it during crunch time. Sizemore #318,300??? Isn’t he the guy who dropped the ball against the Royals and then laughed???? Yes it was. I guess it’s funny when you make season ending errors.

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve had enough of the Tribe/Shapiro/future Tribe players love.

CHICAGO — Individual-game tickets to 2006 Chicago White Sox home games at U.S. Cellular Field, originally scheduled to go on sale on Friday, January 27, will go on sale Friday, February 17 at 10:00 a.m. online at, through Ticketmaster phone lines at (312) 559-1212 and (866) SOX-GAME and at Chicagoland Ticketmaster outlets.

Looks like they want to squeeze every last drop of money out of the season ticket people before opening the tickets up to smaller bank account fans.

For those of you just tuning in,let this old man let you in on what is not exactly a state secret…..The Chicago White Sox baseball team is a BUSINESS…..And any business that has a popular commodity attached to it is going to do whatever it has to,whenever it has to,to get the last drop of money out of its prime consumers before trickling down to the remainders,aka Joe and Jane Average Fan…..Sheesh,if this b—-ing and maning comes from Macomb way NOW,just think of the b—-ing and moaning that will come up if this team falters out of the gate and does not live up to last year’s standards…..
Andwhile I’m here,kr-trepac…don’t worry about what the folks on Lake Erie are up to…..just relax for the moment…..there’s plenty of time for panicking and second guessing and “what iffing”…..

What I’m surprised at is that none of us have taken the time to congratulate the Guillens on becoming American citizens last week…..quite an achievement…..and a classy gesture on the part of Oswaldo’s employers to present the family with the Stars and Stripes what flew over the Cell during the Series…..very nice…..

Good to see you back tom😉

As for the Exec of Year, can we drop that subject (it was covered ad nauseum in prev chains). I would not have complained had Kenny got it, he did a fantastic job last year (this from a Tribe fan).

And yes, the palehose got the ultimate prize, Congrats again.

I just hope noone thinks I am stirring up anything since most of the Tribe love is coming from palehoses, not me😉

I root for my team, just as you all do. I look forward to a very competitive 2006 with the WS champs. I personally give the WSox a slight edge going into this season for the division, but as always, the season will come down to who survives the injury bug better, and who makes the better in-season moves (minors and/or trades).

I personally think the WSox and the Tribe will dominate this division for the next 5 years (ala Bos/NY) with all the good young players both have (I already have McCarthy in my fantasy league and would love to have Jenks and Anderson – except I already have Sizemore and Tori Hunter) ….

Can’t wait for opening day!!!

The topic of Shapiro was brought up by someone else. I merely responded to that garbage.

Also, if there is something bad about the Sox that I don’t like, then I can voice my opinion. Why are you getting on my case for that? I know they are a business, but they’ve had the Jan 27 date set for about 2 months. So when they change the date to 3 weeks later, it reflects badly IMO. I shouldn’t be accused of b—-ing and moaning for posting 2 or 3 sentences about what I thought.

kr-trepac… apologies to you,squire…..It also reflects badly when no statement is issued at the start from the ballclub which states “The period of time which we set for the sale of individual tickets may be changed,at our discretion,but our fans will be suitably notified should such a change take place…..” Would that have been better?

Well then let’s do it your way Tom. From now on we should blindly agree with whatever they do. Let’s never raise any suspicion or ask why on anything.

deanklub…..How goes things in Cali,pally? From what you’ve written,this should be a return to the “good ole days”of the ’90’s,when such an occurance took place every year….. I like talking about things like this,because it’s been a slooooooooow week in the toy department of life here…..The columnists here have been writing up Kobe Bryant’s 81 point outburst against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday as the second coming…..Heck fire,folks,let’s get stoked for something important….To those of you going to Sox Fest,have fun…..but please don’t act like the yokels at the Cub convention do…..And also, don’t be hypnotized most of the junk that will be on sale at the booths down in the basement of the Hyatt….unless the seller is Dawn’s cousin…..He could use the biz…..

kr-trepac….don’t go into it blindly…..just go with them,until you’re the one who sets policy…..They should apologize for what they did,however I doubt that they will…..You could always write to them yourself with your complaint…..

hey tom, things are great in cali, no rain so far this week, temp is in the 60s …. and I can’t wait for spring training (not to mention my fantasy draft)

With you being a biased (semi?) observer, what would be your take on the following “rumor”:

Cle trades Crisp, Bard, Riske to Bos for Marte, Shoppach, Delcarmen …… and Cle trades Westbrook to Cin for Kearns …. with Cle signing Weaver to a one year deal

Does that make us better or worse overall?

TQ, I won’t go into it blindly and I’m not expecting them to apologize. It just seems that you are taking a cheap shot at me for saying, in 1 sentence, that I think what they did was wrong. You claiming that I’m b—-ing and moaning is wrong.

deanklub…..too many names to sort through,but that is the glory of baseball….every fan that follows the game as closely as you can make their own deals on paper,with the hope that,through osmosis,the real GM will do the same thing that was dreamt of…..
As far as being semi-biased,kiddo,all of us have our colors that we deal with….and that’s just how it should be…..

To partially answer your question,Kearns strikes out way too much,Manny Delcarmen has a future,Shoppach I don’t know from Adam’s rib,and if you’ll recall from last season, I lost all confidence whatsoever in Damaso Marte down the stretch…..Besides,don’t the Tribe need Crisp,Bard,Riske and Westbrook for their team as is?

I think he is referring to Andy Marte. Not our old bullpen arm.

kr-trepac…..Again,I apologize to you… cheap shot was intended on my part…..What they did WAS wrong….Once something is set down,it should stay that way…..but we all know it won’t…..

Anyone else hear that the Big Hurt is about to sign with the Fightin’ Billy Beane’s?

If it is Andy Marte that deanklub is referring to,he goes into the same category as brother Shoppach….that is,unknown by this corner….A refresher course is needed before the start of the season…..

I think Kearns can replace Crisp (in theory) better power, less speed (moving Belliard to #2 in lineup), Riske is a long reliever on our team, so Delcarmen is an upgrade, Bard and Shoppach are a wash (with Shoppach having more trade value next year), and from Westbrook to Weaver is a downgrade, IMO … if deals goes thru Sizemore CF, Belliard 2B, Peralta SS, Hafner DH, VMart C, Kearns LF, Brousard/Perez 1B, Boone 3B, Blake RF – (more power, less speed overall); Rotation: Sabathia, Lee, Byrd, Weaver, JJohnson (weaker than last year, but still fairly decent); Bullpen: Wickman, Betancourt, Rhodes, Cabrera, Sauerbeck, Delcarmen (pretty solid) …. again just my opinion

And then we’d also have Andy Marte for 3B next year (or midseason if Boone flops again)

Just what Oakland needs….a future Hall-Of-Famer on his last leg,looking to continue past glories…..

I have a feeling our downward spiral in Oakland is about to change course.

I highly recommend the article on the ChiSox website about Pauly and all the talk of being a captain. What a selfless guy- even when you think it can’t be done it becomes more and more apparant everyday that he is truly the epitome of team player. Its clear the huge role he plays for us on the field, but his role off the field is what I truly love about Pauly!

Thomas went to the A’s for 500,000??!!! Is this for real? Doesn’t this bother anyone? Look, I love Kenny for what he’s done and I believe he is probably the shrewdest GM in bsaeball, but IMO, this was a colossal blunder. We couldv’e kept the greatest SOX player EVER for Jerry’s pocket change! What gives? Tomquaid, you constantly stress that this is a business. Well, the decision not to sign Frank for the cost of home in Skokie appears like a personal, not a business, decision. We could’ve had another monster bat on the bench. Heck, even if he were to play in 34 games like he did in 2005, the money would be well spent, considering what he did in those games and what he is capable of doing! We shouldv’e followed the Yankees’ lead when they signed Bernie. You don’t let a franchise player like that walk for 500,000!

By the way –

Where is the SOX video? Why was it removed from this site?

23 days until pitchers and catchers……YEESSS!!

FYI dreifer, just so you have all the facts. The actual contract has a lot of bonuses built in ($2.6 mil to be exact). From

“Thomas can earn $1.4 million in roster bonuses if he is on the active major-league roster or not on the DL related to a left foot injury. He would get $325,000 each on May 1 and June 15 and $375,000 apiece on July 15 and Aug. 15.

He can also earn $1.2 million in performance bonuses: $200,000 each for 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 and 550 plate appearances.”

Granted $3.1 mil (I’m betting he gets most of the bonuses) is still cheap, but just wanted you to have all the details😉

And the reason Thomas signed for the 500K is because he HAS the opportunity for those bonuses. If he were on the Sox he wouldn’t have enough at-bats to kick in some of the bonuses.

I’m about to kick a sleeping dog quick fast here….”The topic of Shapiro was brought up by someone else, I merely responded to that garbage”. Well annoit me the garbage man, guilty as charged. I am the dispenser of Tribe love. It be myopic not to notice the white elephant adorned in a feathered headress sitting in your living room. And unlike the loathesome Twins, I actually admire certain parts of their organization. If that makes me a traitor in some peoples eyes so be it.

It’s better to know your enemy than to be ignorant of them.

As for Thomas, I gotta side with dreifer. I was shocked when I heard what Oakland paid for him but happy for Frank nonetheless. I was starting to think he might have to go the Spring Training invitee route. He’s a Hall of Famer already and a lifelong Sox in my book. I wish him the best in Oakland…until our first West Coast swing.

I didn’t mean that as a slight to you palehoses. I just don’t like the Shaprio love. And its probably irrelevant anyway due to the fact that the trade is basically dead now.

I guess the tribe trade is back on now.

And a happy opening day of Sox Fest to you all…..the other thing that seems to be opening is Frank Thomas’s mouth…..and,as usual,Mr Diplomacy has hit the nail on his foot again…..Did anyone see the press conference that the former #35 gave to the Bay Area? He couldn’t understand why the White Sox did what they did…..letting him go and signing Jim Thome….I can give you a few years younger and more potential production than you can give as a couple of reasons,sir….but what can you expect from a player whose tank is flirting dangerously with the “E” for empty…..I wish Frank nothing but the best,as should all Sox fans,but I really expected this kind of Thomasian outburst earlier….

No harm, no foul kr-trepac. I’m a glass half-empty sort of person and quite frankly there hasn’t been much to ***** about this offseason, I gotta stretch to find anything to be critical. And if the best I can do is “we’re spending too much money”, life must be pretty good.

hey,deanklub and palehoses…..looks as thopugh you both got your wish…..I just got through skimming the stories off of,and so I now can give my (semi-biased)observation…..Rhodes our,Mota in….push…..Michaels in,if he stays out of trouble,he could be a plus….Shoppach for Bard,push….neither one was going to overthrow Victor Martinez as Diaz’s backup….And,if what you guys say and what I read about Andy Marte is proven correct,third base…..still could be a problem area in Cleveland…..Marte doesn’t have the “rep” yet,so they better stick with the incumbent for the time being…..
Now,moving on to other issues…..I wasn’t aware until I saw it in the papers that the former #35 of the White Sox was the assistant GM to Kenny Williams….by that,I’m referring to Frank objecting to not asking his opinion before dealing Rowand to the Phils and picking up Thome…..Quite honestly(I resisted the temptation to say “frankly”),Mr Thomas, i don’t think that anyone in the White Sox hierarchy gave a

(okay,Dawn)rat’s rear aperture about your opinion…..Kenny said yesterday that “….Frank is not a bad guy at all…..” I never thought that,either…..I just wish he would have used the old adage,”think before you speak” more often…..As with Senor Sosa,ther is no “I” in team,but there certainly is one in Frank Thomas…..

Frank expected a call regarding the decision,Kenny made the decision and the call,Frank never returned the call…..You make up your own mind about what that signifies…..

deanklub and palehoses… that Covelli Crisp has gone bye-bye,who is the most marketable Indian,as far as fan attraction? I would have to think it’s Travis Hafner…..not that I have to be concerned with how the Indians market themselves…..As the late Harry Caray used to say,”….I got my own troubles to deal with…..”

allright,White Sox Universe…..those of you who may be saying to yourselves,”Stop talking about the **** Indians….this is the WHITE SOX blog site…..”I can guarantee you that those comments above will be my last concerning moves by any other team except the (still feels weird to write it,say it or think it)defending World Champs…..whose manager,the newly Americanized Ozzie,said correctly yesterday at the christening of Sox Fest,once February 17th comes around,and the players report for the start of training,the ’05 season will be officially put to rest….And the focus will be on ’06 and what can happen then…..

Sizemore’s the most marketable Indian. I feel our new center fielder is not only gonna give Sizemore a run for his money but also the reigning AL Gold Glover in Minnesota. Anderson has got tremendous range and will catch balls standing upright that Rowand had to dive for. I also think Brian’s got more of a cannon than Rowand. The intangible where Rowand can’t be matched is his heart and tenacity. That man was a grinder in the purest sense of the word. We can only hope that rubbed off on Anderson. Offensively I think Brian is an upgrade, maybe not right out the gate but I think he’s gonna develop into something special.

I think the AL Central is breaking down like this:

1) The good guys

2) The Tribe

3) The Tigers – they’ve got a potent offense and will suprise people (Carlos Guillen’s keeps getting more and more impressive)

4) The Twinks

5) sorry KC but…

I’ll agree with palehose, Grady will be the “face” of the Indians for years to come.

And yes tom, I am still a apprehensive of the deal right now. But from what I’ve read, Michaels should have better OBP (but less steals) then Crisp and have similar D. But he isn’t a proven everyday player, so that is my major concern right now. Swapping Riske for Mota is no biggie (health aside) because Wedge lost faith in Riske last year and Mota has closed before (if Wickman goes into the tank). As for the catcher swap, we made out because Shoppach is younger, cheaper, and sought after by other teams (so he may be dealt for something else). So the key then becomes Marte. I believe he’ll be a Baseball America top 10 player (in their top 100). Granted that means nothing, but the numbers he put up last year in AAA were impressive. But if you factor in that he did that as 21 yr old, that is why he was a hot commidity. Even if he isnt Chavez, he’ll replace Boone more than adequately next year and at a very cheap cost.

So if Shapiro is done (I think he has one more thing up his sleeve), we are the same as last year (Michaels depending of course) and improved for next year. So the trades accomplished what we needed them to.

And I agree with palehoses initial take on the AL Central order (except Det and Min reversed). But I will caution that I doubt the WSox will get off to that incredible start again (unusual to do that 2 yrs running) and the record in one loss games should equalize a little bit back towards .500. But you guys are the Champs, and until otherwise proven, you get first nod in the division.

See you all n Thome opening night (via TV of course). May everyone stay healthy through Spring Training …. out for now!!


Scott, I meant to ask at your seminar at SoxFest…thanks for the blog, but is there ANY CHANCE YOU WILL EVER UPDATE IT AGAIN?!?!?!?!

projek21…..I do not attempt to speak on behalf of Scott,but you have to realize that there is much that has to be done by the opening of Spring Training in just a few short weeks,at least on the part of the public relations and communications department…Scott is but one man,even though he does have very capable assistants….however,there are a lot of tasks ahead,so please be patient with him as the rest of us who regularly participate in this exercise have been…..
Now,onto other matters…..Now that the Fest is over,the year of 2005 is officially “in the book”…..

The job now is to get ready for the assault on the 2006 season… always,the health of the team will be paramount as the weeks go by in Tucson…..If the Sox do not have any serious ailments during their stay out West,that would seem to bode well for them come the start of the regular season…..

kr-trepac…are we still cyber friends after our back and forth concerning tickets? I would hope so,because to ask “why?” if something is not as it seems or should be is only natural…..You were right,we should not go around blindly accepting things that we’re told that turn out to not be the case(Hello,Clark and Addison…..)

By the way,to those of you out there who complain that you can’t see the Sox enough on Channel 9,and that Channel 26’s picture is too “fuzzy or ghostly”,be glad that you have TWO commercial TV stations that put the games on…I just saw that,except for a handful of games on Fox,there will be NO,repeat,NO commercial TV for the Boston Red Sox in ’06…..and unless I’m wrong,they were the World Champions just a couple of years ago…..One of the Red Sox owners,Tom Werner said,and I quote,”…We don’t want to exclude people who can’t afford cable,but we don’t want to give FREE tickets to people,either….We have to balance that concern…Ninety-five percent of people in Boston have cable…..”
So then,Mr Werner,the other five percent are non-existent people,is that what I’m hearing you say?

Thank you,thank you to Chs 9 and 26,and also thanks to Mr Reinsdorf for knowing that there are people here who still want to see their favorite ballclub on the tube of free….

By the way,Mr Werner use to produce comedies for Bill Cosby and Roseanne….but what he’s done is not that funny…..

Water under the bridge TQ. Although we may have had a back and forth earlier in the month, we both still care about the same thing… THE SOX!!

Can’t wait to see how Crede does offensively this year, could be his break-out after the finish of last year. Can’t wait to see Iguchi in an RBI role down in the lineup, can’t wait to see if Contreras picks up where he left off, too. And McCarthy? Real excited about seeing him on the team all year, also. Anderson? How did he move to “it’s his job” from there’s going to be competition? Anybody remember Ben Davis? Widger pretty much erased Ben’s memory and his illustrious career (which equals mediocre in this case) from the Sox fans minds, even though we had just signed Davis for over a million dollars. What about Jerry Owens, I’ve only heard good things about him, and now we hear nothing about him lately.

Dr Tucker….that is what Spring Training is for….to answer questions about players,to see what they can do,to light a fire under the backsides of those who come to camp thinking they’ve got things sewn up…..Don’t concern yourself,Timothy….there’s a lot of time for a lot of things to happen…..

Timothy C Tucker, are you aware that there is a song named after you?

Title: Timmy Tucker

Artist: moe.

Where’s the video? You know, the awesome highlight video? Where did it disappear to?

dreifer…..As to the whereabouts of the awesome highlight video,I know not….All I do know is this…that was a part of last year….Now,it’s this year….and all of us are getting ready,stoked and primed for what is ahead of us….not what is in the rear view mirror…..In just thirteen days,the pitchers and catchers are due to report….nine days,I believe,after that,the remaining position players are going to be in camp,if not sooner….Then there can be the beginnings of possibly a new awesome highlight video….

Nine days until we begin our quest for a repeat. Its going to be a lot harder this year, but with the team Kenny has put together- I take us anyday, everyday. I am so excited..Opening day is pretty much 3 months away..and I’m counting down every single day until then!

Love the billboard!! Go Sox!!

Where is the billboard? Can you describe it for those of us who probably won’t see it? Thanks.

The SunTimes reported that the Sox will be visiting the White House next Monday. Does anyone know if this event is open to the public?

Tomquaid, with respect to the video, you are correct. Nevertheless, it is also important to relive the drama of last year, to continually maintain the hunger for a repeat. As the saying goes, one who tastes a sirloin steak, can never return to eating hamburgers. Thus, let us look forward to the coming year with the taste of sirloin on our brain’s palate. I believe that viewing the video is a tremendous inspiration and reinstills the hunger for The Ring II. SO, I ask again, does anyone know where one can find the highlight video of last year’s “sirloin season”?

Its right near O’Hare basically and it reads “Grinder Rule #71- If at first you suceed, Repeat.” It also feature thes World Series Trophy being hoisted up! I also love the one at the Cell- “Grinder Rule #88- Make history, history.” Is it just me, or are the Grinder Rules really the coolest thing? ha Go Sox!

I really enjoy the Grinder rules as well. Are they going with the same marketing scheme again? I think it could work out just as well with a few tweaks and additions.

Thanks for your help bconrad.

There is also one on the Stevenson: Grinder Rule #??
Pitch. Hit. Win


There are some advertising campaigns that never go out of style….they are timeless…I think that Brooks Boyer and the marketing department at 35th Street have locked onto one of those with the “Grinder Rules” campaign….A good marketing campaign does not need to hit you over the head to get the message across…The ability to be subtle speaks volumes….
Now,dreifer,to your point….Yes,the hunger still should be in the belly of the beast….and if you have the ability to relive in your minds eye,and picture things as they were and as they can and should be,do you really need visual stimulus provided by something like you’re requesting?

Now,dreifer…to your point…

As I started to write,dreifer,as to your point regarding the visit to the White House that is in the planning,I do not believe that the public would be invited to attend….This is simply a get together for the baseball loving President(the only thing that I have any use for him at all for,by the way….off the soapbox,now,boy)and the defending (still is strange to refer to them this way)World Champs…’s a photo opportunity for the boys and for Mr Bush at the same time….nothing more,nothing less…..

Speaking of going to the White House (the prince of segues,at it again,kids….)I see by an item in the mini-Trib,aka RedEye,that the Mayor is slightly miffed that the manager of the team,the new American citizen,Mr Guillen,is not among the traveling party for the visit this Monday….And I quote,
“….I don’t know who you are,”he said. “maybe you think you’re too important. I think Ozzie is on vacation or something. I mean,that is up to him.But you don’t realize how precious that is,and very few Americans have ever been in the White House.To me,that is a privelege for anyone to be.”

The item goes on to mention that the Mayor will be with the team,and the traveling party of 50 to 60 people….

No disrespect to you,Mr Daley ,BUT….I had no idea that you were a member of last year’s winners,on the field or in the front office….The nerve of that Mr Guillen,trying to get away for a little rest and relaxation with his family after a short but grueling off season,and before taking on the new season and its twists and turns…..Doesn’t he realize what an honor this is for the mayor….I mean,for the team,to be honored in this respect?

Keep politics the h@#$ out of this,Mr Daley…..Let the White Sox organization have their moment in the sun with the President….Stay here in town and worry about who’s next to be dishonored from your staff and indicted in whatever misdeeds are afoot…

In other words…..stow it,Richie….Give us all a break…..

Camp opens in total in 13 days….Let’s rock and roll…..

Not to mention the fact that Ozzie has been there after a World Series already. He already has the “honor” of meeting that guy who lives in the White House.

Furthermore, I couldn’t give a $h!+ about what Mayor Daley thinks. IMO, Ozzie has worked hard and the most important thing to me is the World Series Championship. He can do whatever he wants, he gave us the trophy! Why is Daley even invited, now that’s the real question.

Couldn’t agree with you more about this White House fiasco, tomquaid and kr-trepac. Besides, Ozzie already had an audience with a President named Bush…it was called the Houston leg of the World Series. Besides, it looked to me like the Bush clan had all it could take of our man Ozzie for the time being. Maybe next year…

Sorry that I’m a few months late getting in, but I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your mother-in-law. Best of luck to the Sox in the coming season.

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