Ladies and Gentleman … The President of the United States


Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2006, 1:13 pm

Washington D.C.

Talk about putting an exclamation mark on your Championship season.  Jerry Reinsdorf, Ken Williams, White Sox players and staff members (including me), visited the White House yesterday as the team was honored by President George Bush. View my Photo Album.

Everyone can read the newspapers for the general tone of the day and the President’s funny and kind remarks.  He went out of his way to compliment Harold Baines, which meant a lot, even to the point of stopping on his way out of the room to shake his hand and whisper into Harold’s ear.

When the President mentioned Ed Farmer, one person in the room of 200 or so applauded.  "Well, at least one person appreciates you being here," the President quipped.  I have never seen Ed’s face so red.

Also in attendance were Mayor Daley, Senators Durbin and Obama, many of Whitehouse3the cabinet (one of whom kept blocking my view) and even the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Carmona, who nine years ago served as one of our team physicians in Tucson.

Herm Schneider was talking to Dr. Carmona when I walked up to say hello.  I mentioned that his credentials have gotten a lot nicer than what we gave him in Tucson in March 1998.

The team arrived in Washington on Sunday night and Monday am, staying at the grand Mayflower Hotel.  Guys hung out in the hotel Sunday night, reconnecting.  Monday around noon, everyone congregated in the lobby, where we tried to get as many guys sized for their World Series rings as we could.  It was great to see Aaron Rowand, Carl Everett, Willie Harris and El Duque again, and we figured this was the best time to size everyone.  Sometimes, it is difficult getting the attention of 25 guys.  Amazingly, it was not so hard when you are sizing them for World Series rings.

We headed to the White House in two buses.  Working our way past the security checkpoints, we entered the WH on the east side and climbed the stairs to the East Room, where the ceremony was held.  WH staff walked everyone through how the event would run and then we all had a chance to walk through the first floor of the WH.  It was unbelieveable and fun to see players and staff acting like tourists, snapping photos of the rooms and one another.

To prepare for the event, our players gathered in the State Dining Room where the President met with each guy.

Whitehouse15The players entered the East Room and took the stage.  The room was packed with guests and media, who were stationed at the back of the room.  The President then entered, made his speech and then accepted a jersey from Paul Konerko and a jacket from Jermaine Dye.

After the official ceremony, Jerry Reinsdorf, Ken Williams, Paul, AJ and Jermaine went outside onto the north lawn and spoke with the media.  We then headed to the buses and to the airports.  One funny incident on the way out of the WH complex … there are security posts in the road that lower to allow vehicles to enter and exit.  As our players bus began to cross these, they suddenly elevated and struck the bottom front of the bus.  So members of the World Champion White Sox walked to the corner of Pennsylvannia Ave and waited for the other bus to go around the WH and pick them up.  Had you happened to drive by at the right moment yesterday in DC, you could have seen Paul, AJ, Joe Crede, El Duque and others standing on the corner waiting for a bus.

Starting Friday, I will try to get back on the blog horse and begin giving you updates from Spring Training.  I know I have promised (and disappointed) before this offseason, but now that Spring Training is about here, I am going to force myself to make time to send you news and notes each day.  Hopefully, you will enjoy.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or topics you would like me to cover or research on your behalf.  Here’s to 2006!



I know it’s a little late, haven’t been on the blog for a while, but sorry about your loss. I have a comment/story about all the Sox memorabilia that has been floating around. Myself and six of my buddies took a trip Ireland. We took the Guiness Factory tour and took the liberty of having a few fresh Guiness in the process of course. While we are having a few drinks in the bar on the top floor looking out over all of Dublin we seem to notice a few people looking over and pointing at us. We all pretty much either had on Sox hat’s or sweatshirts(not even realizing it, because it’s natural). Anyway, this gentleman with his brother and elderly father come over and buy us all a pint. It turns out they were from Oak Lawn and are die hard Sox fans like us. I should point out that my friends are from Beverly, Mt. Greenwood, and Midway areas of the Southside. I didn’t think I would be going across half the world to do something I do almost everyday: Talk about the World Champion White Sox, not that I was bothered about it.

Scott: Great to read about your visit to the White House. I was able to do that back in 2000, and shook President Clinton’s hand when the members of the 2000 Olympic Team paid a visit.
Did they take your photo shaking Bush’s hand? They did for us, and I still have mine on my desk. It’s like a Forrest Gump picture, my wife always teases me about it…..anyways, just wanted you to know that after I saw your blog during the World Series, I decided to start one to write about Team USA during the WBC. I’ve posted twice – started it last week. Check it out, if you have time.

Take care, and have a good Cactus League down in Tucson – my ole stomping grounds.

Dave Fanucchi – USA Baseball


Awesome pictures. Good luck to the Chisox this season.

Joe Boesch

i agree, great pictures there. Hey Scott, I dont know if you recall my comments last year or not, but Ive started ‘the cheap seats’ blog and will probably be weighing in on the Sox more times than not over there. Im trying to do 6 a week, so there should be pretty frequent updates. Check it out when you’re not too busy rubbing elbows with world leaders.

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and the recap. How exciting!

Spring training is so close and I am so excited!

Scott and everybody, thanks for the pictures,and your account of the proceedings. what a special day for everyone. who was shut out of the event by the storm? the only thing better than going to the White House for this ceremony, would be going next year as well. with six different winners in the last six years, it’s time to grab the (next)ring and repeat!!! at the risk of jinxing our team, i’ll go out on a limb and say it here first, the White Sox, BACK-TO BACK CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!! see you all in town in a couple of days… j.k. ( in tucson, in case you all forgot).


What an awesome way to officially end the celebration of our 2005 World Series Champs- this was a great honor for our guys! The pictures are awesome Scott, thanks so much!

I saw another great billboard yesterday-

“GRINDER RULE #71: Heroes aren’t made. They’re rotated!”

Here’s to our year of repeat: 200andSox!

Well,I thought that the visit was going to be more political than it turned out to be…. Mr Bush was very much at ease with all of the people who were there,and was a utterly amiable master of ceremonies….unlike some of the other times when he has to speak in a somewhat impromptu manner…..Maybe it was because at one time he was a member in good standing of the fraternity known as MLB….

As the President mentioned,the last time the Sox won the World Series,it was 1917,Woodrow Wilson was in office,and the country was at war,so visits by dignataries such as athletes were not common….what he should have mentioned also was when the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series,they could not go to the White House either…. but only because it hadn’t been built yet…..


Brittany,make sure that you get 200andSox copyrighted before some goniff(Yiddish for thief)takes credit for it….

jklein…take good care of all the snowbirds that may be coming out to experience Tucson in March….

As for your obediant servant,I’m going to go get some more scoresheets printed up and pencils sharpened and ready…the first game is three weeks from today….and it’s spring training for the fans too…..

hey TomQ. thanks for the mention in your previous post. i will look for any members of this blog on the days i go to see the Sox, and offer them a beer. the reason the Cubbies didn’t go the the white house in ’08 was because they didn’t take a “Chance” on that sort of thing back then ( you remember). also, the white house was burned by the british during the war of 1812 but was rebuilt shortly after that, so it was there in 1908, but as i said, the country didn’t give a “tinker”s darn and would n”Ever”s chance such a show from a group of bears.
j.k. (see you on the 2nd of march) from tucson….

and there is that other thing, the bulls of wall street apparently also like the Sox visiting the white house. GO SOX….
j.k. in tucson.. it won’t be long now.

See what you get here,kids….you not only get the views of the members of White Sox Universe on their favorite topic(besides Eva Longoria,for some people who will go unnamed,ahem…),you also get a history lesson punctuated by bad puns(no offense intended,jklein….)
Now,for friend Dawn and the others who are looking to get a look-see at the trophy….The good news/bad news is this….I believe that the team during the first series of ’06 versus the Indians will be giving out replica championship trophies and replica rings for the first 20,000 lucky folks who barrel through the gates at the Cell….The bad news part is I think that the replica ring game is already sold out,due to the fact that the real rings will be passsed out on the same date…

Oh,well,the spoils of victory…..

After re-reading my last post,I discovered that the Sammy Sosa principle was in effect on the word “passed”….What Sosa principle,you ask? If you look closely enough at the spelling,there is one “s” too many….Now,think of Sammy and a certain part of his anatomy that would be on a bench somewhere this season if he signed with anybody….
Subtle as a freight train,ain’t it?

Its not such bad news if you already have tickets. It is good news to me because I did not know about the give-away prior to the game. Thanks for the info TQ!

What time is the team workout tomorrow, Sat. the 18th, and is it open to the public?

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