Day 2 in Tucson


Saturday, Feb. 18, 2006, 1:45 pm

Day 2 of Spring Training …

Dawned bright and sunny.   Physicals for pitchers and catchers (and staff) started at 7 am and ran through about 10.  No major issues, unless you want to count my exceedingly high blood pressure and triglyceride issue (which my wife and kids do).

I think it was two years ago that Ozzie went over to the local hospital for tests and didn’t come back for a day as they made sure an issue with his heart was not a risk.  A former coach and scout of ours, Ed Brinkman, once went through his tests and ended up with bypass surgery.

Anyway, today’s seemed uneventful.

No Freddy Garcia in camp.  His stolen car contained his papers.  There is a chance he will arrive tomorrow.

Jim Thome did a live segment for ESPN News, and Ozzie Guillen entertained two dozen members of the media for about an hour today.


Golf News

The White Sox and Diamondbacks take part in our annual charity golf tournament at Tucson National Golf Course tomorrow in advance of next week’s PGA Tucson Open.  Fourteen White Sox players and coaches volunteered their time to take part and help raise funds for the Tucson Conquistadores, a local group.  The annual tourney is a blast, as you play with a PGA professional, use a caddie and walk the same course the pros do.

Monday, four Sox players and four coaches are going to match golf skills as The All-Star Big Break comes to town.  AJ Pierzynski, Scott Podsednik, Jermaine Dye and Jon Garland take on Ozzie, Tim Raines, Harold Baines and Greg Walker in a number of skill challenges. 

Preseason Parties

I received a great card in the mail today from the Kamholz family.  They are hosting a party on February 25th where their friends (sorry, invite required) can re-live the 2005 season before the 2006 season begins.  I thought this was a great idea and wondered how many other Sox fans would be joining together in February and March to re-live October.  Let me know if others like the idea …


Spring Training Routine

Because a few people have asked, the general routine in early spring is for us to be on the field at 9:15 am.  Workouts generally begin as early as 8:15 am with … you guessed it, "early work."  The team meets together at 9 am and the main workout then starts with stretching, then throwing, PFP (pitcher fielding practice … there is a reason why Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland deserve Gold Gloves), bullpens (half of the pitchers throw one day and then skip a day while the other half throws), catcher hitting and conditioning.  Workout, which are open on our back fields (parking is just west of the ballpark off Ajo Way) generally end about noon or 12:30.  Conditioning can go on for guys for quite some time after the workout ends. 

Position players who are here early often hit on one field mid morning.  Early arrivals include Thome, Pods and Crede.


Scott, the Kamholtz family is on to something. what a great idea. it won’t work for me though, because i’m the only Sox fan in my family. i know Leo Golembiewski is a fan, and i go to the ice cats on occasion, but i don’t know him. i’m hoping that some of my buddies from your blog will announce themselves when the games start, so i can put a face with the names. beers are on me!! basically, i wanted to get back in the habit of writing regularly,( like you). see you all real soon, j.k. ( in tucson).

Just wanted to tell everyone that there will be a new mini golf hole dedicated to the World Champion White Sox at Golf Around Chicago at Navy Pier this year. All proceeds for Golf Around Chicago go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago. Golf Around Chicago opens in early March and runs for a several weeks. Please come out and see the hole and support a worthwhile charity. If any members of the White Sox organization would like to make an appearance at the pre-opening party, I am sure the foundation would welcome them…

I am glad you are back posting regularly. Your insights into the team have been missed, as has the team.

Have fun, and use sunscreen.

Gotta love spring training, the only thing keeping me going this offseason has been the olympics.

Good to have you back and have the Sox back in Tuscon!

I had to comment when I saw that someone else was having a party. The Korinek’s (30 year season tickets holders) from Berwyn are having a World Series Party in place of their annual St Patty’s Day party. We will watch the series. (worry free becasue we know we are World Champs!) eat ballpark food, and drink beer! I cant wait!

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