Day ? in Tucson

Tuesday, February 21, 2006, 3:45 pm MT

Catching Up

I missed posting the past two days because I was on the golf course (collective pause for everybody who is sarcasticly saying, "We’re sorry for you.").

Sunday afternoon, 14 Sox players and staff took part in the annual White Sox/Diamondbacks Charity Golf Outing/Pro-Am at Tucson National Golf Course.  The PGA is in town this week, and our tourney kicks off the festivities.

Pitcher Charlie Haeger’s team won the entire competition with a 53, while Scott Podsednik’s name finished second.  Other Sox players to donate time included Freddy Garcia, Jermaine Dye, Sean Tracey, Tim Redding, Brandon McCarthy and Chris Widger, and staff members Ozzie Guillen, Joey Cora, Harold Baines, Ken Williams and Greg Walker also took part.

Matt Hansen was the pro in our group and it truly is amazing what those guys can do.  Golf for a PGA player is a much different game than for the rest of us.

Bragging rights … allow me a moment because I came as close as I ever have to a hole in one on No. 12.  My six iron into the wind rolled past the cup and finished just outside the closest to the pin marker.  I would have loved to beat El Duque’s shot.  Of course, I three putted from two feet away.

After walking the 18 holes, I always have a better appreciation for pro golfers.  By the way, I think it was 10 degrees in Chicago on Sunday.  Sorry.

Aj_3Yesterday, we headed out to Starr Pass Golf Course after the workout ended to tape an episode for the Big Break’s All-Star Challenge.  A four-man players team took on a four-person coaches team with big time bragging rights on the line.  I can’t tell you who won, but the afternoon included some horrendous shots, a few great ones, a hole out from the fairway and the worst putting performance in Big Break history.  You definitely need to see the show, which will air sometime this summer.

I’ve said before that during spring training one day seems just like another.  You very easily lose track of the day of the week.

A few noteworthy items:

During bullpen sessions, seven pitchers throw at the same time to seven catchers, all in a row.  Today, we had seven left-handers, all battling for one job, throwing at the same time.  You don’t see that very often.

Like everyone, we practice sliding each spring … even the pitchers.  It was painful watching (and it looked like participating).  At least no one was hurt.

Charlie Haeger (world’s greatest golfer … see above) is a knuckleball pitcher.  Yesterday, Man Soo Lee tried to catch him as everyone stood, watched and laughed.

More position players arrived in camp, including Rob Mackowiak and Tadahito Iguchi.  Jim Thome has been here every day and looks great.

A few days ago, AJ Pierzynski handed out t-shirts from his professional wrestling event this winter.  You know you’ve arrived when you have your own t-shirt.

We continue to size our players for their World Series rings … what a great feeling.


Scott, just reading your description of life in Tucson makes me yearn to be at Spring Training! My family got to see four games at TEP last spring…and wish I was there again! What a beautiful area the high desert is…and what a great time spring training is, too! I hope a lot of Sox fans can get there and pack the place for games this spring!

Scott, your site is excellent and I look forward to your blogs each day. I will attend spring training March 18th for two weeks so keeping up is certainly getting me excited about the trip.

Jealous in sooo many ways, Scott. Looking forward to the best team in baseball showing the rest how it’s done again. Only thing better than White Sox baseball on the horizon, is following it all with the inside scoop from the blog! Thanks again for making this happen! -Dawn

Great to hear the players are getting fitted for their rings Scott. However, I suggest we take it to the next level. As Champions of this great city of Chicago, I would like to see World Series crowns made. Not anything gaudy with jewels on it. Just a condensed replica of trophy hollowed out to fit snugly on the head. Maybe that’s somewhat blasphemous, but it be quite fitting for the Champs.

I’m dying to know what the rings are gonna look like? I’ve scoured dogpile. I’ve seen everything from “key rings” to “3-RINGed binders.” I still can’t believe I was in Vegas before spring training and didn’t bet on the Sox. I gotta feel better– tell me something good on the ring info and let’s go go go Whiiite Sox…

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