First Full Squad

Thursday, February 23, 2006, 4:24 pm MT

First Full Squad Workout

In some ways spring training started today with our first full squad workout.  Position players went through physicals this morning and then Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen held their annual staff meeting in the closed clubhouse at 9:15 a.m.

Exactly what is said in this meeting needs to stay in this meeting, but suffice it to say that it is a mixture of motivational speed, rules we operate by, introductions and stand-up comedy in several languages at once.  It is a meeting like no other.  After its conclusion, I leaned over to Jim Thome and said, "Welcome to the White Sox" as we both smiled.

Juan Uribe was the only player not in camp as he tries to get his paperwork corrected in his native Dominican.  Ozzie said today his arrival may be as late as Tuesday if he can’t get it done tomorrow.

With Tadahito Iguchi in camp, the number of media doubled with the arrival of the Japanese contingent.  It turns our Tadahito is good friends with former teammate and new Mariners catcher, Kenji Johjima.  Evidently, Tad gave Kenji pointers on MLB baseball and living in the states.

It Couldn’t Happen to a Better Guy …

Let’s all cross our fingers on behalf of Minnie Minoso this Sunday/Monday as a special Negro Leagues committee considers "The Cuban Comet" for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  This 12-member committee is considering 39 Negro Leagues and pre-Negro Leagues players for induction.  Nine "yes" votes means a player is in.  The announcement comes Monday afternoon.  See for a press release and for a good story by Scott Merkin.

Live from Tucson

Each spring, we provide a television video feed from Tucson to all the television stations in Chicago (and the nation, for that matter).  Beginning this year, we are able to provide those feeds (or parts) on, so you may enjoy checking out the action and comments from Tucson.  Let me know if you want us to ask the players anything specific.  These feeds make sure White Sox interviews and game action (once games start) are shown in Chicago even if Chicago television stations don’t have crews down here at that time.


We have an intrasquad game scheduled for 11 am on Monday, Feb. 27 on the back field if anyone is in Tucson and wants to check it out.


Thanks for the updates Scott! I’m excited to get this baseball thing started again. Minnie should get in there and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Go go White Sox!

Hello Scott. I love this Blog!! I don’t mean to relive the past (um…yes I do!) but could you repost last year’s highlight video? Thanks.

Sox in Two Thousand and Sox!!

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