Friday in Tucson

Friday, February 24, 2006, 2:15 pm MT

Tucson Weather

My dear friends and co-workers in Chicago have requested that I post the weather at the start of each blog … so, today’s Tucson weather was sunny skies and a high of 72.  Makes their day thinking of us down here.


One of the great things about Tucson is the Old West flavor the town still features.  For example, the annual rodeo is huge here.  How big?  Well, all the schools in Tucson close Thursday and Friday so that kids can attend the rodeo.  Thursday, the weekend’s events began with a parade.  It was front page news here, but one carriage bolted out of line when it’s horses got spooked (it just so happened it was a local news station’s carriage).  It raced up the parade route and slammed into the back of a carriage pulling the mayor and his wife, sending both to the hospital with minor injuries.  Sounds a lot like the South Side Irish parade.

A Good Day

"Today was a good day, a very good day," said White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper.  Sox staffers were joking that a pitcher with the stuff of Javier Vazquez is now the team’s "fifth" starter after years of searching desperately in vain for someone to fill the fifth hole.


Cliff Politte left camp today to return to his wife Jennifer in St. Louis.  Jennifer is expecting the couple’s second child this weekend.  "See you Tuesday," Cliff said as he headed for the airport.

Napoleon Dynamite

"Gosh," Ozzie Guillen said this morning, "Gosh, Gosh, Gosh."  Then he bounced into a hysterical, jerking dance.  Ozzie has been watching "one of my favorite" movies, Napoleon Dynamite.

"The first time I watched this movie, I thought it was the dumbest movie I’d ever seen," Guillen said.  "And my kids were laughing hysterically.  ‘Dad, you don’t know enough English to like this movie,’ they told me.  The next time I watched it, I thought it was pretty good.  The third time, I thought it was great."

Guillen likes the movie so much he went to a local Best Buy to pick up his own DVD for Tucson.

Vote for Pedro. (or Vote for Scott … not me, Podsednik)


Thanks to some last minute work by Grace Zwit in our baseball operations department, Juan Uribe was expected to arrive in Tucson tonight and be at tomorrow’s workout.

Left-Handed Competition

With nine left-handed relievers in camp competing, in a sense, for one open spot in the bullpen, a lot of attention is being paid to the battle.  But Ozzie Guillen is waiting a while to pick any favorites.

"Not yet, it’s too early," the Sox manager said.  "It looks easy sometimes when you are facing guys with the same uniforms on.  I want to wait until we start facing the enemy before I start picking favorites."

But Guillen also stressed that he wanted a pitcher who could get guys out no matter if he is left-handed or right-handed.

Special Hello

To Janet Schneider, who I understand is a frequent reader of this blog (an amazing admission by anyone).  Janet, Hermie says hello and sends his love from sunny, dry Tucson.


Scott: Thanks for taking the time to post daily updates. It’s great to have that connection to the Tucson activities. We’ll be heading down there in a week. Can’t wait. –Maria

Hey Scott — can’t tell you how great it is to have you back on blog duty.

I also heard a rumor that Chelsea is coming to Chicago on tour this summer…..Might want to check that one out before you go getting anyone’s hopes up, though…..

Take care, and welcome back!

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