Sunny Saturday

Saturday, February 25, 2006, 12:20 pm

Today’s Weather

Absolutely beautiful.  Sunny with a few thin clouds (not enough to impact our sun tans), high in the mid to high 70s.


Congrats to the Polittes on the birth of their second son, Michael, this morning.  Rumor has it that Michael weighed in at over eight pounds prompting manager Ozzie Guillen to quip:  "I sent a text message to Politte telling him that in two days his son is going to be bigger than he is."  Cliff is listed at a liberal 5-10, 200 pounds.


GM Ken Williams and Ozzie were all over minor league instructor Nick Capra.  "Cappy can’t be a hitting coach because he can’t see over the crossbar of the cage," Williams joked.  "We need to do a budget revision to buy him a step stool or something."

Tough crowd.


Tucson native and White Sox rookie Brian Anderson is a bit of a lightning rod for good natured ribbing.  Today, a MLB Productions TV crew in camp put a microphone on Anderson during the workout.  Williams took note.

"We have all kinds of World Champions walking around here and they put a microphone on you?" he kidded Anderson.  "Did you have the mic on when you collided with (Ryan) Sweeney in the pop up drill?"

"No, he didn’t," said the loquacious Harold Baines.

"Don’t hurt the prospect (Sweeney)," Guillen chided Anderson (who is one of the club’s top prospects. "We can replace you, but don’t hurt the prospect."

Everyone walked away laughing, including Anderson.

Pitching Schedule

From the desk of Don Cooper …

Monday’s intrasquad game will feature:  Mark Buehrle, Brandon McCarthy, Lance Broadway, Ray Liotta, Bobby Jenks and Neal Cotts.

March 1 vs. Colo:  Jose Contreras, Jon Garland, Charlie Haeger, Javier Lopez and Arnie Munoz.

March 2 vs. Ariz:  Freddy Garcia, Jeff Bajenaru, Chad Bentz, Rusty Tucker, Paulino Reynoso, Cotts and Corwin Malone.

March 3 at Ariz:  Buehrle, Dustin Hermanson, Liotta, Broadway, Cliff Politte.

March 4 vs. Ariz:  McCarthy, Lopez, Munoz, Haeger, Tucker, Bentz.

ElduquedbacksA Different Color of Pinstripes

I saw El Duque yesterday and told him he just didn’t look right in purple pinstripes and purple socks.

Uribe Arrives

Shortstop Juan Uribe arrived today and took part in workouts.  When told that Uribe assured reporters that he had been working out in the Dominican and was in shape, Guillen let out a loud, long laugh.

"I don’t worry about Uribe," Guillen said.  "He can pick up a glove and go get it.  Guys like Juan are gifted by God with the talent they have."

The Kid

Frustrated with trying to say Rob Mackowiak’s name, Guillen has taken to calling him "that guy, the kid from Pittsburgh."

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hi Scott, thanks for the post. it’s just another day in paradise here in tucson. i plan on taking you up on your invitation of visiting. i’m looking forward to it this thursday when i will be wearing my new White Sox World Champion polo shirt! but as Ozzie has said, it’s a new year ( but we’re still champs until someone takes it from us) let’s start the first dynasty of the 21st century!! go Sox. j.k. in tucson beers on me still goes for anyone from this blog who comes to spring training… Dawn?

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