A Boring Sunday in Tucson

Sunday, February 26, 2006, 1:30 pm

Parting Shots, Part Two

Williamsthomas_1Former White Sox star Frank Thomas sat down and spoke with Phil Arvia of the Daily Southtown for an interview published today.  While there doesn’t appear to be anything overly new among Frank’s comments, they did touch a few nerves in White Sox camp today, including those of general manager Ken Williams.  You certainly will read Kenny’s response in the newspapers on Monday, but they amounted to … "Idiot.  How can he make those comments after all the White Sox organization and Jerry Reinsdorf have done for him over the past 15 years … he needs to worry about the Oakland Athletics."

As you can imagine (at least those of you who know him fairly well), nothing I can print here will match the intensity with which Kenny spoke.  You had to be here to see it.

Ozzie Guillen and several others spent the rest of the day egging Kenny on and giving him a hard time.

"Maybe you just need to say ‘No comment’ more often," Guillen said joking.  Of course, Kenny had said the same thing to Ozzie about his ARod comments from earlier this month.

For the record, we never advise players or staff to say "no comment" because people generally assume you are guilty.  You always should comment in some manner or form.


By noontime, the Thomas/Williams fireworks were over and the biggest bang in camp came from a television crew from Total Nonstop Action.

In camp to film a followup to A.J. Pierzynski and Dale Torborg’s (aka Demon) winter pro wrestling appearance, today’s skit featured Simon Diamond appearing at White Sox camp to challenge the two to the legitimacy of their title belt.

Ozzie Guillen plays a key role in the skit, and the White Sox manager was a bit concerned about hurting someone (or himself) in the role.  Many Sox players, media and staff watched and cheered the taping, which will air on TNA in coming weeks.

"That’s the most solid contact Ozzie ever made," said hitting coach Greg Walker.

I can’t give away too many details, but the episode is funny, as was Guillen’s reaction.


My bad.  I failed to list our pitchers for Thursday’s split squad game at Colorado … in order, our pitching will be:  Vazquez, Redding, Jenks, Randolph, Almanza, Tracey and Montero.

Special Thanks

To avoid bothering players during the season, our Community Relations staff brings down hundereds of photos, jerseys, baseballs and bats for our players to sign during spring training.  Guys sit in our lunch room and sign following their workouts.  These items are used throughout the year as donations to Chicagoland charities and great causes.  We truly appreciate the players’ willingness to contribute in this way.


and to conclude Scott’s post,if i may be so bold; it was a balmy 83 degrees at 4.30 pm with a mild breeze from the south-east. see you all soon( i hope), j.k. in tucson.

Good for Kenny Williams for not keeping quiet while he was being attacked. It’s nice to finally hear how he really feels. He is right. If Frank was a real man he would talk to Kenny and Jerry about his “hurt feelings” instead of cowardly going to a newspaper. I was always a Frank Thomas fan (in up and down years), but I will not miss him. He should be grateful to the White Sox. He says he’s moved on, but obviously not. How could he honestly think that the Sox are going to make decisions about the team based on him and not based on the team. He even sounded angry that they signed Paulie. Frank, enjoy your new team and if you really want to prove the White Sox wrong, do it with your actions. Last time I checked, Thome is looking like he is 100% and you are still just “on track!”

Hey Scott can we get those grinder rules printed up?? Similar to those motivational posters you see in the offices.

This is my first time posting and I just wanted to let you know that this is a great part of the site that I have never taken a look at. I have also been a life-long “Hurt” fan and was very upset about his reaction to the team that will hopefully be representing him in the Hall of Fame. Is this guy just bitter that he didn’t get to swing a bat in a Series game? It makes me upset to see that this is a guy who had Chicago fans standing up and screaming for him in all 105 at bats he had this past season and this is how he repays us? I was up in front during our Championship rally (where he wasn’t even scheduled to speak) and as you probably know, Frank got the loudest applause of any player up on that stage. Ofcourse the fans were sad to see him go, but this is a business and now the White Sox are finally in the business of winning! After the Thome pick up we are no longer “under dogs” and now we are the guys who everyone is going to chase. And we all know, from watching last seaon, that being on top the whole way is exactly where this team needs to be. That’s all I have to say about this matter and I look forward to reading more on this blog as well as contributing every once in a while.

Thanks Scott,


Believe me or not, I had the feeling that since Frank was signed by Oakland for such a paltry sum, that the Sox were simply glad to be rid of him, to be done with the whining and crying. It wasn’t the same as with Mags, where the Sox weren’t willing to take the risk on paying an injured player the money he demanded, since Thomas signed for such a small amount. Look at the risk they’re taking on with Thome, coming off an inury hampered season. But, management wasn’t saying much, not wanting to give Frank a black eye on his way out, even put him in a place of honor at the parade, but he had to go and force the issue, and said all the wrong things again, until Kenny just had enough. Frank, you should just let your stick do your talking, because your mouth sure has never done a very good job at it. I’ll be putting away my number 35 jersey now, with a bad taste in my mouth, instead of hanging it up with pride.

completely off topic but…Scott, since you’re one of the only professional people I can somewhat “contact” that is in the sports industry, I was wondering if I could ask a quick question. I’m finishing up my junior year at Northern Illinois University and am looking at the possibility of getting a Master’s in Sports Management or something along those lines. Do you know of any decent websites/books that have more info about possible job opportunities etc.? I’d appreciate anything but I know you’re busy. Go White Sox.

Rumors of my demise,if any,have been greatly exaggerated…..Now that we have that old Mark Twain wheeze out of the way,let’s get down to business,shall we?
First off,there are two new small books coming out soon…The first is titled Great Accomplishments of the Chicago Cubs from 1946 through 2005….the second is entitled How To Make Friends and Influence People,by Frank Thomas….

I looked up the word “ingrate” in the dictionary,and what do you think I found? A picture of Frank….. I think that Mr Thomas still doesn’t get it….His shelf life in baseball is about up,the ’90’s are over,and unless someone gets their jollies out of doing it,NO ONE is around to kiss Frank’s a** anymore….I do not blame Kenny one bit for doing his impression of Popeye the Sailor,who famously said …”That’s all I can stands,I can’t stands no more…”

Now,this morning,I read the Weathervane in the Bright One(wondering as I did who the b****** was that let HIM back into the country after the Olympics….)and who is he taking to the woodshed for this debacle? Both of the combatants….As usual,Jay,you are dead…WRONG!….Kenny does not have to defend Jerry,and I don’t think he was….I think that he was defending the entire **** organization from the attack of the whining ex-superstar….FRank should be grateful that he found an organization that was willing to pay him minimum wage to make a token appearance now and then to add on to his credentials for Cooperstown,which is self-serving at its worst….

I have also heard a rumor that Frank has hired Shani Davis’s mother as his new media advisor…..

Now,to something much more important than the changing of Pampers for the former No.35…. Tomorrow afternoon at this time,the auditions that overwhelm American Idol will begin…that is,Spring Training 2006….I do hope that all of you are ready to begin preps,along with the team,for the real thing which begins in about four weeks,give or take a few days….

As for you,j klein,out there in the valley what don’t see any rain anymore,when the snowbirds do come down,have a cold one of whatever the sponsor’s product is for this old man in Chi-town….but be careful…I understand that the Arizona troopers can really be a b**ch about drunks….

The thoughts,feelings and comments will be coming more periodically,I promise…..

Had great time at spring training March 6-10. Hitting is coming around but the infield looked awful. I think it takes those guys a little longer to get their stuff together. Tuscon is a great place for a vaca this time of year. I was very happily surprised at how nice the players and coaches were in giving autographs. I got Garland to sign the Tribune’s photo of him after game 3 against the Angels in the ALCS. A great keepsake. Thanks, guys. Very much appreciated.

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