Last Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2006, 4:30 pm

Final Day Before Games

Today’s weather, sunny, highs in the low to mid 80s.  Spectacular.

The White Sox open Cactus League play tomorrow against the Colorado Rockies in a 1:05 (MT) game at TEP.

The game will be broadcast on WSCR Sports Radio with Ed Farmer and Chris Singleton teamming up for the very first time.

Ozzie’s lineup for tomorrow:

Mackowiak, LF

Uribe, SS

Thome, DH

Konerko, 1B

Dye, RF

Iguchi, 2B

Crede, 3B

Widger, C

Anderson, CF

Today’s final workout focused on fundamentals.

"Today we stressed not being selfish," Guillen said.  "That we need to help each other and take advantage of RBI situations.

"I told them that we will make mistakes on the basepaths because we will be aggressive.  I want our team to play that way from the very first day of spring training.

"I told them ‘don’t be afraid to take the extra base.’  We want the opposition to think, ‘here comes the White Sox.  They are going to run, take every advantage and do the little things to win games."

Guillen was asked which players would be given "green lights" on the basepaths this spring.

"Everyone is on their own," he answered.  "Just to see what we have and just to stay aggressive.  The worst thing that can happen (if you run into outs in a spring training game) is that the game will get over quicker."

Bad Photo

They made me pose for a photo today, sitting in a golf cart next to Ken Williams with a laptop balanced on my knees.  Bad image.  Needless to say, I took a fair amount of ribbing from my "friends" in the front office and my "friends" in the media, who complain that all I do on my blog is bash them.  I tried to point out that I think I compliment media as often as I criticize, but they didn’t want to hear it. 


What a shame that Minnie did not get into the Hall of Fame.  How sad for he and his family.  I must confess annoyance that Minnie and Buck O’Neil did not merit induction, yet 17 others did.

I really struggle with how anyone can look at Minnie Minoso’s career (and the fact that had he been a white American born in the 1920s he would have been in the big leagues much, much earlier) and argue he is not a Hall of Famer.


What’s up Scott and fellow bloggers! I’m so glad to be able to listen to baseball this afternoon while at work. Mack leading off, I’m interested to see how that works out for us. Good to know they will all be running this spring.

Minnie not getting into the Hall is a crime!

Where’s the photo Scott? Post it for us.

Thanks for continuing this blog, we all love it!

I am a 63 -yr old white, non-Latin who still thinks Minnie Minoso “got robbed”. He should have been selected long ago, just for his contributions as a ballplayer, irrespective of his leadership role in breaking the color bar or his role in assisting Latins in getting into the game. I just wrote the Hall of Fame, for what it is worth (probably nothing, but it made me feel better), to the effect that I won’t ever visit there again until Minnie is somehow selected. I hope Minnie knows that there are a lot of Sox fans who KNOW he deserved to be selected. Art Harrison

Maybe the Hall got our Minnie mixed up with The Moocher, that low down hoochie coocher.

Hey, gotta hand it to the Sox organization, winning it all, but still making the game affordable for families with Kids Days and half-price nights. Cubs rewarded their fans with a fourth place finish, and put a few more seats in the outfield, with right field going for $60, and the bleacher seats going for $40 most of the summer.

I like Borchard and Gload, would hate for either of them to go, but it looks like at least one of them will not be on the team, not having any options left, and the team likely taking 12 pitchers into the season.

Is it time for the first pitch yet???

Scott, you mentioned the other day that there will be a video feed provided to watch the games, were you referring to the MLB.TV service or another raw feed of the games? Also, I remember MLB.TV being provided as a free trial last year during spring training, any word on that?

Hi Scott, Love the BLOG. I want to repeat a request regarding publishing the grinder rules. I know most Sox fans would love to own a copy of the grinder rules. Especially how well they fit our World Championship Team. You could also include some of the other great marketing items that were out last year. I’m thinking of the “El Duque” pitch sequence in Boston. A great collectable that all White Sox fans would treasure as well as the one that showcased the 4 complete games against the Angels. Thanks….

Anyone else hear on 670 the Score that the spring training games will be heard on the radio station AND the streaming feed? They promoted it for months on the radio and on the internet. Guess who was lying?

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