Game 1: Rockies 6, Sox 1

Wednesday, March 1, 2006, 4:15 pm

Well, It wasn’t 1-0

The Rockies handed the White Sox a 6-1 defeat today in the Cactus League opener for each team.

Jose Contreras and Jon Garland both pitched well for the Sox despite the loss.

"Last year in spring training, Jose couldn’t find the strike zone," said manager Ozzie Guillen.  "Today, he threw the ball real good.

"Gar (Garland) looked like he was ready to go."

Worth a Laugh

The first two questions asked of Ozzie (tongue-in-cheek) after the loss was …

"Are you under fire?  Is your job on the line?"

It Didn’t Take Long

After Rob Mackowiak led off with a single, Ozzie Guillen put the hit and run play on with Juan Uribe, the very next hitter.  Uribe grounded out and Mackowiak moved up a base to second.

Key Plays

Catcher Chris Stewart made a strong throw to second to nab a would-be Colorado baserunner … Jerry Owens tripled to right center and scored the Sox lone run in the ninth inning.


The White Sox are close to signing Japanese pitcher Hideki Nomo to a Triple-A contract.  If he does sign with the Sox, Nomo would be in minor-league camp, which begins on March 4.


The Sox play two, one at TEP against Arizona and the other at Colorado.

The lineups:

At Colorado

Owens, LF; Mackowiak, CF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Gload, 1B; Iguchi, 2B; Grieve, RF; Valido, SS; Vazquez, RHP.

vs. Arizona

Sweeney, LF; Ozuna, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Borchard, RF; Fields, 3B; Anderson, CF; Velandia, SS; Molina, C … Freddy Garcia will start.


Of course it had to drizzle/rain during our very first spring training game.

One Down …

Congrats to Chris Singleton, who finished his first game on the radio.  After doing the open (lineups, etc.), Singleton fell onto the floor of the radio booth laughing as Ed Farmer, Brooks Boyer, Darrin Jackson and Bob Grim looked on applauding.


Scott, is Scott Podsednik going to be ok soon? I noticed that he’s not on either roster for tomorrow and I’m hoping that he is hurt past having a sore shoulder. An update would be much appreciated. As for the loss, I’m not worried, we’ll go get ’em tomorrow. Go Sox!

Ammendment to my last post, I’m hoping that Scott is NOT hurt past having a sore shoulder. Just thought I’d clear that up.🙂

Great to see the blog is back in full swing, Scott. As always, the insider view is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your effort. Looking forward to a fun season!

I thought Chris Singleton did a pretty decent job yesterday. Sure there were some awkward moments, “that’s a name you can Choo on”. But overall it wasn’t a difficult broadcast to listen to. Farmio kept the pace up, peppering the young Young with questions to avoid lulls in the broadcast. I think this will work. I also am going to keep an eye on Haeger this Spring, wasn’t the best outing yesterday but that wasn’t entirely his fault. Can’t wait to see Broadway in action.

i wonder if uribe knows on a hit and run you are supposed to find the hole between 1st and 2nd. not a big fan of uribe in the 2 hole. mark my words…. this experiment will not work.

Glad to see someone ^^^^ is so optimistic at the very beginning of Spring training.

Why is everyone so shocked that Minie didn’t make it to the Hall? The White Sox and their players never receive the proper respect for their accomplishments(rememebr the Ken Williams Exec of the Year snub?)! Hopefully, this latest snub will fuel our drive for the Ring II.

And to Minnie – I never saw him play, but my dad and many other fans out there can’t stop talking about him. No question – he is a baseball legend. Hopefully, he will take some consolation in the legions of fans who adore him. Perhaps a second trip through a confetti-filled downtown will also help him deal with the loss of an honor which he unquestionably deserves. Chicago loves you Minnie!! Go Sox!!

Scott or anybody who knows: I saw listed to play today “Molina” catching Garcia against the Diamonbacks…is this another one of the famous Molina brothers?

hi, guys…. i just got back home from my first game of the spring. as you all know, we lost. Fields looked good at the plate with two hits, but he cost us with an error that turned into 3 runs for the d-backs in the 7th. joe borchard didn’t look too good. the regulars stayed in for a couple of AB’s and then left so most of our game was with scrubs. i’ll let Scott go into the detail later today, and maybe we can get a W with the other part of our split squad playing at Hi Corbett against the rockies.. but i heard it was 35 degrees today in the city.Brrrrrrr. shorts weather here:70 at game time going up to about 76 by 3.30 when i left. basically another day in paradise here in the desert. and i made it home safely ( thanks for the well wishes TQ). talk to you all later. j.k.

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