2005 Redux

In the spirit of whitesox.com and the day-long "Soxabration" that will happen there today, a bunch of us (I can’t take sole credit) sat around and listed the top moments from 2005. Our intention was to make it a Top 10, but it soon became apparent that our list was much longer. So, here is our unofficial list in ascending order:

Homers_122. Brandon McCarthy’s start and victory in a makeup game at Boston on Sept. 5.

21. A.J. Pierzynski’s walk-off home run wearing 1959 replica uniforms as the Sox beat the Dodgers on June 18. 350K

20. Hitting four home runs to beat Randy Johnson and the Yankees on Aug. 21.

19. Aaron Rowand’s defensive gems
( 350K) in our series win at New York Aug. 8-10.

18. Mark Buehrle’s 1-0 win over Cleveland on Opening Day.

17. The four-game sweep of the Indians to open the second half.

16. Scoring five runs to make a statement in Game 1 of the ALDS vs. Boston. 350K

15. Tadahito Iguchi’s three-run homer to beat David Wells and Boston in Game 2 of the ALDS. 350K

14. Joe Crede’s 10th-inning home run to beat Cleveland on Sept. 20. 350KElduque_1

13. Four consecutive complete games to win the American League pennant. 350K

12. Freddy Garcia’s performance in Game 4 of the World Series. 350K

11. Mark Buehrle’s save out of the bullpen in Game 3 of the World Series. 350K

10. Clinching the AL Central division title in Detroit on Sept. 29. 350K

9. A.J.’s ninth-inning dash to first base in Game 2 of the ALCS ( 350K), followed by Pablo Ozuna’s steal of second and Crede’s game-ending double off the wall ( 350K).

8. El Duque’s magical sixth inning ( 350K) in the Game 3 win over Boston in the ALDS.

7. Jermaine Dye’s single as the Sox took a 1-0 lead in Game 4 at Houston. 350K

6. The next-to-last out of Game 4 as Juan Uribe dove into the stands. 350K

5. Geoff Blum’s 14th-inning game-winner in Game 3 at Houston. 350K

4. Paul Konerko’s grand slam in Game 2 of the World Series. 350K

3. Scott Podsednik’s game-winning home run in Game 2 of the World Series. 350K

2. The final out of the World Series. 350K

1. The moment in the celebration parade when the buses turned north on
LaSalle Street. 350K


Obviously, this is extremely subjective and maybe we forgot something. We’d love to hear from you if you want to comment on this post to make additions or argue for deletions.

What was your best moment from 2005?

Jerry Reinsdorf: "When Paul Konerko presented me with the game ball from the final out of the World Series."

Kenny Williams: "For me, it was as the National Anthem was being sung before Game 1, and I stood and watched the crowd at U.S. Cellular Field surge and swell."

LastoutOzzie Guillen: "Believe it or not, when we won the division in Detroit because I told people after that, we were not going to be stopped."

Harold Baines: "There really were too many moments to pick just one."

Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland: "Had to be the final out. As players, you always want to be able to charge the field after the last out of the last game of the season."

Scott Podsednik: "Celebrating with my team after we won Game 2 of the World Series."

Joe Crede: "Scott Podsednik’s home run."

A.J. Pierzynski: "There were almost too many. The four straight complete games in the ALCS were pretty amazing."

Jermaine Dye: "The parade."

Juan Uribe: "I am most proud of the catch falling into the stands."

Bobby Jenks: "No question. The last out of Game 4."

Pablo Ozuna: "Scoring the run to win Game 2 of the ALCS vs. the Angels."

Tadahito Iguchi: "The feeling when the ball left my bat for the ALDS home run against Boston."



Mine would be Scott’s walk-off!! I was at that game and man we were going crazy, all the way home everyone was honking their car horns, and we were just acting like idiots! And i know the guy who got the homerun ball.

I have two favorites. The first is Scott’s walk off home run in Game 2. I was at the game and it was pure magic. Second, the parade/rally. It was such a happy day and sharing it with the players and the rest of Sox Nation was amazing.

Scott- Great compilation by you and the team- thanks for ALL the indelible memories. I think AJ said it best that “there were almost too many” great moments!! And certainly one to be added to the list is the team’s arrival back in Chicago at Midway!!!! Go Sox in 200Sox!

Now that the boys are almost out of Arizona,where the cactus and the earned run averages both grow considerably in the spring, I can safely say that my most memorable moment was seeing the ball go into Konerko’s mitt ahead of Orlasndo Palmiero’s foot at 10:01(or was it 11:01?)PM on October 26th to complete a conquest that I never thought I would see in my lifetime,or anyone else’s for that matter….In a wordy way,it was the final out of Game Four….But now that Opening(b-r-r-r)Night is within viewing distance, I just hope that all the kinks are out,and that we can sit back on the edge of our seats and view the 2006(Defending the)Championship season in the true fashion of all long-standing White Sox fans–with our fingers covering our eyes….Just kidding….
To Dawn,Brittany,kr-trepac,j klein and all the rest of the folks who make this the best of the blog sites,I have but one last thing to say….

Let’s rock and roll, kiddies…..

If I could spell Orlando Palmiero’s last name correctly,I would be a serious threat…..

And if I could remember that I screwed up his FIRST name two posts ago,it would have been even funnier….maybe….

Great re-living all the magic- it sure was something special.

Good to see you’re back tomquaid!

Another 2 home run effort from Thome today- I love it!

I have two more to consider. They’re up there in my book. But, heck… it’s ALL good.

1. Rowand’s 10th inning 3-run homer off Trevor Hoffman in San Diego. (6/12)

2. Anderson’s two homers off Felix Hernandez in Seattle. (8/27)

6 days and counting.

Besides all of the playoff highlights that clearly take the title, my favorite was #20- the four home runs off of Randy and the Yanks in one inning. I was there that afternoon, and the place was going crazy. Great memories all around!

you all sound as if you’re reving up for another season, while i’m saying farewell to the team i’ve followed/loved for the past 47 years. while nothing will approach the excitement of the ’05 season, i too would love to see another championship banner hanging at the Cell for this year. there is a lot of fun, pain, laughs, trials and anxiety to go before we can collectivelly celebrate that milestone though. here’s to the 2006 World Champion Chicago White Sox, and may we bring home the first dynasty of the new millenium!!
thanks TomQ for including me in your short list of contributors to this blog. and Scott, your list… you nailed it!!! j.k. in tucson…

I think Bobby striking out Bagwell to end the 8th in game one should be somewhere up there.

About the only thing I’d do is flip-flop #1 and #2. Winning to me was more important than anything. Of course I’d been waiting for that for fifty years, so that might have something to do with it. Great list!

Congrats to Boone Logan, you earned it.

Iguchi’s homer off of Wells that eventually won Game 2 of the ALDS for us. Also, Crede’s walk-off bomb against the Indians in the last few weeks fo the season. Oh, oh, and I guess Podzilla’s walk-off bomb against the Astros(I was there too!!) I will never forget these and all the other moments of the 2005 season. I can’t wait to get this season kicked off on Sunday night. Anyone else braving the cold on Sunday?

Iguchi’s homer off of Wells that eventually won Game 2 of the ALDS for us. Also, Crede’s walk-off bomb against the Indians in the last few weeks fo the season. Oh, oh, and I guess Podzilla’s walk-off bomb against the Astros(I was there too!!) I will never forget these and all the other moments of the 2005 season. I can’t wait to get this season kicked off on Sunday night. Anyone else braving the cold on Sunday?

Sorry about the double post, I was logged in under someone else by accident the first time. Go Sox!

How about a few “Honorable Mentions”: For the pure RELIEF- Konerko leaping for the final out @ Detroit to clinch the division. For the TEAM- Buehrle plunking a Baltimore hitter in retaliation for our batters getting hit and getting tossed with 1/3 of an inning to keep his 6inn+ streak alive. (also one of the most ridiculous moments of the season). Uribe from deep in the hole throwing out Coco Crisp by a hair in a HUGE game at the end of the season.

I was at the 11 inning game in New York when Uribe got on to score the winning run with an extra base hit that Bernie Williams could not run down in the gap. One of the Yankees fans sitting close to me cursed and said ” Rowan would have caught that. He’s a freaking vaccume!” I just smiled.

Joe Crede’s 10th inning walk-off home run on September 22nd against the Indians has to be one of the best from the regular season. Another good regular season one was A.J.’s walk-off against the Dodgers. From the postseason, I would have to go with either Pods’s walk-off or Geoff Blum’s homer. Paulie’s grand slam was pretty impressive as well. The whole season was magical.🙂

Amendment to my last post. Joe Crede’s homer was September 20th. Sorry about that.🙂

Hello, I love this blog, I check it out daily to see what is going on with our favorite team. Has anyone heard if Aaron Rowand, or any of the other departed champs is going to be around for the ring ceremony or banner unveiling? Thanks,

Hello all my cyber Sox friends!! I’m sooo ready to do this again. Truly excited for the season to begin. Let’s do it again! -Dawn

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