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Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:22 am

Breaking Camp


Photos/ AP

We break camp in Tucson today and head for two exhibition games in Atlanta.  The last day in camp is always hectic.  The game is moved up an hour to help with flights.  You are trying to pack up the office, prepare for a game and usually have your own luggage to worry about.  Thankfully, this year, I am in Chicago and our media relations staff, Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell, have to deal with the headaches.  Pat will travel with the team to Atlanta, while Bob will return to Chicago as we prepare for Opening Night.

It is hard to describe the feeling as the plane lifts off from the runway.  Some guys are thrilled to have made the team, some guys are excited that the season is about to begin.  It is a mix of emotions that are hard to explain.

As is typical, we will bring a handful of minor league players along with us to Atlanta.  They might end up playing quite a bit because you don’t want guys playing all nine innings right before the regular season starts.

Back Here

In Chicago, we are busy setting up the media facilities and arranging credentials for Sunday Night.  Official first pitch will be at 7:13 pm to accommodate national television.

Earlier this spring, ESPN was in camp taping footage with the team for their open Sunday Night.  You may want to make sure you turn on the coverage right at 7 pm or that you TiVo the game. You can also subscribe to MLB.TV ($14.95 month/$79.95 season) and watch all season live over the Internet if you are among the many Sox fans who live outside the Chicago area.

Also Comcast Sports Net is going to have a one hour pregame Sunday Night and will show a lot of the festivities.  Again, make sure you see it or make sure you TiVo/tape it.

GeorgemasonFinal Four

Everyone is giving Chris Widger a hard time for all the media coverage he is getting for attending George Mason.  Who knew he was such a college basketball expert.

Please, No

Both SI and The Sporting News have us beating the Cardinals in the 2006 World Series.  While I will certainly take that result, please don’t jinx us.


A poster asked about why we don’t provide giveaways to all fans (as opposed to first 20,000, etc.).  I checked with our sponsorship people and their explanation made sense to me.  We try — and hopefully you will agree — to have pretty high quality items as our premium giveaways.  For example, the replica trophy on Wednesday is apparently very cool (I am told, I haven’t seen).  These come with a cost.  If we were to try and give away 40,000 items, the cost would just go too high for a potential sponsor, whose willingness to pay for the items on a given day is how we can pull the giveaways off.  10,000 or 20,000 is a more manageable figure.  Make sense?

Soxindians_1Cleveland and Minnesota Fans

A Tribe fan posted saying they are a frequent reader of the site.  We always appreciate anyone who wants to stop by … maybe we will even convert you

What I really like is that you guys (the readers) have seemed to create a community here that enjoys one another, loves the Sox and doesn’t need to scream at one another or lower the conversation to sharing insults.  Thanks, because we all benefit from it.

All I am trying to accomplish is to give you an inside look at the team, provide a live face for the organization, maybe give you our side of the story now and then and try to answer your questions when I can.  I try to be funny every now and then, but that is subjective and my three kids would certainly tell you I DEFINITELY am not funny.

Everyone seems to enjoy the mix right now — I thank you for all the compliments — so let’s try to keep this going.



Nice try Scott, you won’t convert me ever, was born a Tribe fan, and will die one as well.

But I appreciate good clean discussions. I do frequent a Tribe blog alot, just not on And I like the RedSox Chick and Bleeding Pinstripes blogs as well. That is why I frequent them (is always good to know what the competition is up to😉 ).

Can’t wait for opening night, should be a blast, will be watching from my couch in San Jose with a brew in hand.

Does anyone know if the 1 hour pregame special on Comcast Sports Net will be available on the web? Thanks Scott – this blog is great!

3 more days Sox fans till the quest begins!! So excited I can hardly stand it. Running the Shamrock Shuffle that morning then going to enjoy the day, then sit back and enjoy the pregame pennant raising and another great season of White Sox Baseball!!

I watched the last Sox D’Backs game and got exasperated with the discussion, inning after inning, of Darren Jackson’s hitting history with certain pitchers. I don’t mind it of former major leaguers who are broadcasters talk a little about their careers, but Hawk and D.J. overdid their history lectures.

You guys have a gem in Jim Thome.

I’m not into predictions either, but I am rooting for the D’Backs. Probably the last team the White Sox would want to meet in the World Series. (Beware the Mets, too!)

Opening Day can’t come fast enough.

Easy there Kellia, let’s settle down. Just because the Diamondbacks win something in Spring Training doesn’t mean they have a chance in h#ll of beating the World Champion White Sox in a playoff series. The Mets aren’t scaring anyone here either. As long as the White Sox pitching staff remains intact, nothing will worry me.

p.s. Thanks for Vazquez!!

Thome is looking awfully good, and Vasquez certainly is a welcome addition. Can’t stand the D’Backs logos and colors, glad I don’t live out there because I’ve always believed in rooting for the home team. I just couldn’t bring myself to root for a team in those hideous uniforms.

Could be a tough year in the Central, but bring it on! Funny how the “weakest” division is suddenly shaping up to be one of the toughest. (the Royals don’t count, everybody has to have a doormat)

Taking a trip to NYC with my son in June. Funny, was able to get tickets for the Yanks/BoSox game just two days ago, face value on their website. Can’t touch a Sox/Cub ticket in Chicago at face value.


Will us out-of-towners without access to Comcast Sports Net be able to watch the pregame festivities in any way? I’m hoping ESPN will at least carry the flag raising, but I’m not holding my breath.

While I can’t wait for the first pitch, I’m equally excited for the championship pageantry. Short of driving back to Illinois this weekend, what would you suggest?

“p.s. Thanks for Vazquez!!”

You’re welcome, kr-trepac. Thanks for “El Duque.” Every staff needs a vet who can teach the younger pitchers about pitching under pressure.

I hope Vazquez enjoys his stay in Chicago. The trade didn’t exactly get him closer to Puerto Rico, as he had claimed he wanted. What he gained moving east, he lost moving north.

You should be saying thanks for Chris Young. He was the trade, not Duque.

Took the words right outa my mouth kr-trepac…I’m not about to delve into another mid-January rant about Chris Young (trying to keep that page turned). All I can say is Kenny made some really good moves this offseason. Vazquez looked unhittable in the WBC and Thome is looking like the Cleveland Jim and not the Philadelphia one.

I feel really confident about this season, which isn’t anything new. But a feeling I’m still not accustomed to is this feeling of absolute ease. I feel like this 1,000 lb. gorilla has been lifted off my back and I can enjoy this season as a sane and balanced fan without all the angst. Without that overwhelming feeling of “when are the stars gonna misalign and when are the wheels gonna fall off” here. There’s no longer that siren’s song of superstition. There’s no longer that feeling of desperation. There’s only this calm that comes with vindication and a brand new season of baseball…..

and I’ve never been more excited .

Oh yeah…
Bud and the boys picked a real swell time to begin this whole ‘roids investigation. The baseball world should be focused solely on Opening Day, not on the spectacle that is Barry Bonds. In all honesty I don’t care whether or not former “heroes” of the game were getting all juicy in the 90’s. I want to hear about what’s going on now. This investigation will prove nothing the average fan wasn’t already sure about back in ’98. Don’t know why MLB took so long to catch up. In any case, stop dragging that garbage into this season at the expense of real baseball stories.

First the congressional hearings, now this ****. I think what needed to be accomplished was the tougher, new policies which have already been put in place. Sure, the hearings were a pain, but at least they got the job at hand done, where you and Feuhr couldn’t. Bud, you winked an eye when the bombs were blasting over the walls and got the fans attention after the “no series” debacle, so why investigate now? You didn’t even make steriods against the rules until 2003, you can’t cover up your negligence by an investigation now. If the law wants to make any kind of arrests for illegal drug use, leave that up to them. I never have understood how a player such as Strawberry is suspended for illegal drug use over and over, but never received any criminal charges until baseball is over for him, or Gooden and how many others, for that matter.

Palehoses, you’re right. Bud, thanks for dragging your smelly garbage into opening day. Too late to save face, old man, move on out and just let the game move on, preferrably without you.

The asterisks was just the “C” word, in case anybody cared.

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