Counting Down

Friday, March 31, 2006, 5:18 pm

Busy Times

Crazy here at work today, so sorry to post very late in the day.  (My wife wanted to know where my post was since she finally bothered to check this blog out).  Finishing touches are going up around the ballpark and things look very cool.  Inside the re-decorated reception area is a lighted trophy box and also some memorabilia from the postseason.  A must see for all.

Also very neat is the new Scout Lounge, which features a wall full of memorabilia and museum items on display.

A few of the other things we worked on today:

Arranging for a media walkthrough of our home clubhouse for tomorrow and a tour of the new Scout lounge. Our 2006 home uniforms feature a World Champions patch on the sleeve.  I joked with a couple people that some teams — think Astros — might see the patch as a target.

BillyWe also are arranging to bring into town the last 10 World Series rings for all the morning shows Tuesday AM, thanks to the Hall of Fame.  We have called Bill Pierce to see if we can borrow his 1959 AL Championship ring as well.

By the way, make sure to wish Mr. Pierce (he hates it when I call him that) a Happy Birthday on Sunday night.  Nice Opening Night/Birthday treat.

KW at the Mic

Kenny Williams will be on the air tomorrow at 11:30 CT on White Sox Weekly on WSCR Radio (670 AM).


Be forewarned that no one knows what to expect with the Dan Ryan Expressway construction beginning this weekend.  We have warned the players to add time to their trip and fans planning to attend games this series should see our website and for updates and recommended alternate routes.  Be prepared.


We announced a very nice offer yesterday, called the Sox Pride Club.  We are trying to build a White Sox fan club.  By becoming a member, you get a number of perks, including access to tickets set aside especially for you, Gameday Audio from and video from our postgame interview room after each home game (think Ozzie live and unedited after every Sox game). Check it out as it only costs $9.95. 

Remember to start your own MLBlog with one of the three different White Sox logos so you can chronicle another big season.


Hi Scott! WSCR keeps playing the last call from the World Series and it’s whipping me into a frenzy. We’re going to be pumped up for Sunday, and I can’t wait to see what the team has in store for us this year. Did you see that Rick Morrissey called for his employer to sell the Cubs? The “Cubune Watch” has a good take on where Morrissey falls short:

I haven’t checked your blog in a while and I’m glad you’re still here. Looking forward to the conversation this year. I hope the old regulars come back. dbrusa, bconrad, pterygoi: are you guys still out there? And I hope manausa has learned not to write in ALL CAPS.

I’m here and more excited than ever about the first pitch being throwin in just over 26 hours! This year promises to be nothing short of amazing, and as well as we stay healthy and play the grinder ball we’re so good at, there’s nothing but good things in store!! Go SOX!

I’m here and EXCITED… Such potential…can’t wait to see it realized!!

The socks are going to win this year for sure i know they will!!

ssss oooooo X X

s o o X X

ssss o o X

S o o X X

SSSS oooooo X X

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