Opening Night


Sunday, April 2, 2006, 2:45 pm

Opening Night

No matter how many you have experienced, there is something special about Opening Day. 

For our players, this will be the first time back in front of our fans since Game 2 of the World Series.  I can’t wait to see the reception, both as players are announced at 6:42 pm and again as guys come to the plate.  Hopefully, there are a few standing ovations.

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; BA, CF … Mark Buehrle pitching.


Our game will be televised nationally on ESPN2 (Jon Miller and Joe Morgan announcing).  I received a sneak preview of their "open" and it looked great.  Make sure you turn over from Comcast’s pregame coverage and catch the open.  Right now, the unveiling is scheduled to take place between 6:55 and 7 pm. It’s also live over the Internet for out-of-market Sox fans on MLB.TV.

FredjenksAtlanta Musings

Not only did our "rookies" have to fly from Tucson to Atlanta dressed as gladiators (Boone Logan), male cheerleaders (Ryan Sweeney … who taped his own wrists to add to the outfit), female cheerleaders (Brian Anderson) and Fred Flintstone (Bobby Jenks), but they had to go out in public.  It seems several members of the team went out Thursday evening in Atlanta. 

"Seeing the (positive) reaction, I think the next time I go out to a bar, I might wear an outfit," said one single member of the travel party.

Yesterday, Anderson traveled home to Chicago dressed entirely like Aaron Rowand, from his red shoes to a Phillies uniform.


Special welcome to Chicago and U.S. Cellular Field’s home clubhouse to Jim Thome, Boone (it’s a long way from Great Falls) Logan, Rob Mackowiak, Matt Thornton, Alex Cintron and Javier Vazquez.

"I’m just walking around getting my bearings," Mackowiak said before the game as he wandered through the length of the clubhouse.


According to Roger Bossard, we will get another wave of storms/rain before the game.  After that, the radar currently is clear, but he is afraid more storms may pop up as they often do in April.  It may be a long, cold, rainy night, but does it ever really rain when you are World Champions?

(I did call my house and tell everyone to dress very warmly.  You should, too).


Hope we get this one in tonight. I can’t wait to see some meaningful baseball.

Love the blog Scott. Killing time during the rain delay I thought I’d write. Is there *any* chance we’ll be able to buy a replica of the trophies they’ll be giving away during the Cleveland homestand? Growing up near Chicago I used to go to Sox games but I live in L.A. now and there’s no possible way I could make it to the Cell for a game. Pretty please??

Just got back from the park- the White Sox staff should be VERY proud of the championship ceremonies- that was the most amazing thing I’ve witnessed as a Sox fan. Hearing “We are the Champions” to the highlight video will go down as one of the proudest moments as a White Sox fan!!

Not if we can only get this game in and won…???? Go Sox!


I know you posted a link to 2005 regular season highlight reel… how about hooking up the out of town fans (most importantly me) with a link to this new video?

I don’t know if the Sox are planning on playing it all season, and I won’t be able to visit my beloved ‘Cell until May or June…. any help?

Hey I love the blog. I actually stayed up and watched the game. Thome 431ft HR was great, Brandon looked steallar as did Matt Thorton. Could you put a link with ESPN’s video before the game and the Queen video?? Thanks


Thanks so much for the blog. As another out-of-town fan, I appreciate the insight into the inner workings of the team, as well as the details I can’t get here in Florida.

Any chance someone took pictures of the rookies all dressed up?

Scott – I was hoping that Comcast would show us fans at home the highlights video that accompanied the unveiling of the banners. If you haven’t heard, they didn’t. In fact their coverage was very poorly done. It seemed as if Comcast’s director had no idea of what the Sox had planned. Is there any chance that the Sox could get Comcast to show the video to the tens of thousands who were at the game in their hearts but weren’t lucky enough to be there? Thanks, and we enjoy your blog.

Well, like everything we did last year, win #1 wasn’t textbook, but wow..did it feel good. So impressed with the team already. I had my doubts about Thome, but as always, trust in Kenny. As long as our new DH stays healthy, we’ll be in good shape. Brian Anderson looks good, too. So excited for the year!! BTW, for the person who was asking, I saw replica WS trophies on sale on ebay…not sure about the quality or anything else, but they looked pretty cool. GO SOX!! -Dawn

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