After the Rain …


Jeff Roberson / AP

Monday, April 3, 2006, 12:30 pm

Night Owls

For those of you who could not stay up late enough last night, good news, we won (and Jim Thome absolutely crushed a ball).


Amazingly nice weather at game time (despite the threatening forecast) but evidentually the torrential stuff hit.  A couple of fans emailed us this morning angry the game was resumed.  Just to clarify, once a game starts, the decisions to stop, restart or postpone are in the hands of the umpires.  It was clear on the radar that once the storm went through (which was going to take a couple of hours), we could play again.  Dale Scott, the crew chief, made the call to wait out the rain.  You always want to get a game in if you can.  We are sorry for those who went home, but hopefully the pregame ceremony left you with chills.


Those F-18s were as low as I have ever seen.  Your heart skipped a beat.


How cool to see our players watching the big screen videos as they stretched before the game.


A few posters asked about putting that video on this site.  I checked on that last week.  Unfortunately, it is scripted to popular music.  While we own the right to play this music in our ballpark, we do not own internet rights.  So sorry. 


After having his face swell up grotesquely because of an allergic reaction to something he ate, Jose Contreras is doing much better today and was at the ballpark this morning.


Our World Series championship rings were delivered to the ballpark today.  They will be presented to players before the game tomorrow and to employees after the game.  I can’t wait.

The Hall of Fame is bringing in the last 10 World Series rings for display tomorrow morning on all the television morning shows.  We will see how ours looks next to the last decade worth of rings.

Any former player who can make it — Aaron, Duque, Willie, Vizcaino and Timo — is going to attend.  The rest have games.

Special Gift

We did it quietly, but each member of the active World Series roster (and coaches/staff) was presented with a unique, specially designed watch prior to yesterday’s game.  Each guy was called into Ozzie’s office, where Jerry, Kenny and Ozzie presented the gift to him. 

Jerry told me this morning that several of the guys were really touched.

Rain Delay

So what do guys do in the major league clubhouse during a rain delay?  Basically, sit around in their underwear or shorts watching television.

Seems quite a few people, including our manager, are looking forward to the debut of Benchwarmers.


That’s too bad about the videos… are they going to be played before home games the rest of the season? I’ve heard that they were very cool and I’d really like to see them.



Just wanted to express many thanks for the video montages. They were absolutely perfect and brought joy and tears to this Sox fan!

At 7:14 PM CDT last night,the 2005 season was OFFICIALLY put to rest….When Mark Buehrle threw ball one to Grady Sizemore,the Quest to Repeat officially began….When the torrential rains finally hit the South Side and play was called,and the fans waited and waited….and waited some more….and some more….until the Little Deuce,aka ESPN 2 said,”Okay, you can play again”….the season of my problem with the tail wagging the dog resumed….
To those of you who stayed through to the end,congratulations….We’ll send you the cold remedies in the next outgoing mail…

Deanklub,thanks for your kind post….I too think it is possible to have intelligent,well thought out,back and forth dialogue between two opposing beliefs….It’s a **** shame that redsoxbabe,or whatever she calls herself,doesn’t always feel that way….Bute enough about that toxic topic….I sincerly hope for the sake of your team that Sabathia isn’t seriously hurt,because as you know,he is very important to the success of the Tribe….

Now,for those of you who care(both of you)I have been to Niketown today where I got my picture taken with the Holy Grail today,aka the World Champion Trophy….the picture came out alright,and my frame nearly obscures the Niketown logo over my left shoulder….Down with commercialism say I!….

Getting back to “Long Night’s Journey into Day”,aka Opening Night….”Sock-It”Thome certainly knows how to provide the first memorable moment of the ’06 season,doesn’t he? I’ve seen that act before many times,but never was I glad to see it till last night….

It will be great to have the former players back Tuesday to get their reward for the triumph of last October…but after Wednesday will the tumult die down so that we can get to the business of ’06? I certainly hope so….

Good to see from my buddy Dawn again….Hope you and your family enjoy the season….also,thanks to friend Brittany at North Park for her nice thoughts….I really didn’t go away,though,dear….I just dien’t have anything to say….

But that’s over with now…..

Ahhh tomquaid…good to see you, my friend! Weather stinks, but a Sox win makes every day better. Game was late..reminded me of a certain playoff game late last year🙂 Looking forward to another great year!! -Dawn

Scott- last night was amazing-before, during and after the rain (and during again!) The 200Sox team looks great. Thank you for the indelible memories of 2005 and looking forward to a terrific season. The banners, the music, the flyover, the intro video montages, everything were just wonderful. Well done, White Sox!! Keep up the great work!!

Too bad Comcast SportsNet DROPPED THE BALL on the pregame coverage. I guess it was amature night in the directors chair. Comcast promised coverage of the videos with the banner ceremony. Well, they only showed the ALDS video, everything they just showed the cover banner while you hear the music in the background. Camera work was awful during the opening lineups. And Pat Boyle had to talk over Gene Honda starting the White Sox lineup. I hope the Sox give them ****. They ruined it for those people that couldn’t go to the game. No videos, and they didn’t show the “We Are the champions” video.

Last nights game was AMAZING! The pregame ceremony gave me chills. The rain also gave me chills but waiting it out was definately worth it! The fans that stayed were so into the game. It felt like a World Series game. Every hit, every pitch, and every run scored, the fans were high fiving, hugging, screaming from the top of their lungs. I was right by the Indians dugout and I have to say, the hecklers were pretty great too!

Ozzie sighting…. Sitting at Monday Night Raw at the Allstate when I see a guy wearing the World Series coat. Sure enough following right behind him is his dad, Ozzie Guillen. Near the end of the show, the cameras asked Ozzie to film him real quick and sure enough he stood up and gave a wave. A few cat calls from Northsiders, but an overall nice ovation for him.

I can’t wait for the rings today. I’m also looking forward to seeing Aaron Rowand on the field for the last time… anyone want to take a trip to the North Side with me in August when the Phillies play at Wrigley (yikes! Did I really say Wrigley! Ohno! I said it again)? Seriously, though, a trip up North to show some South Side love is the least we can do for our great former center fielder. I can’t wait to don my White Sox Rowand shirt in the middle of Waveland Avenue this summer.

Looking for the real Benchwarmers….. Check out our White Sox Shrine…in the Bar and dining room.

Huge White Sox Fan


I too was disappointed in Comcast coverage of the opening day ceremnonies. Perhaps they were prohibited from showing it due to the popular music like Scott mentioned above.
I couldn’t get tickets for today but will be there tomorrow to get my replica trophy. I hope that once the trophy is set up in it’s display case at the park, you also display one of the world series rings being given out today.

I agree that comcast did not do a good job with coverage. Scott if its possible to have the ring cermony on here that would be great. I can’t see it because I have classes, and can’t afford to miss them. I really wanted to see Aaron on the field and what the ring looked like. GO SOX!

It’s important for us to come out tonight with purpose. I know it’s still early, but the one thing about last season was our dominance in the first 2 games of a 3 game series. Need to stay focused on taking at least 2 out of 3 from division rivals and the AL Central will take care of itself. Loved what I saw from Brandon and Thorton early Monday morn’. I think Coops is gonna maximize this young man’s talents. Might have to come down with a sudden and mysterious illness around 1:00 today. Gotta see the ring ceremony, I’ve been waiting too long to miss this.


I just wanted to finally say thanks for keeping this blog up and running. I’ve been reading it since you started and really enjoy getting the inside scoop. As a huge Sox fan living in Africa, I don’t get to as many games as I used to when I taught in Illinois, but I do follow everything through the internet!

I was excited when ESPN said they’d show the game here, but then they backed out because of the rain delays and showed GOLF instead. Although that was disappointing, I was happy to get to school Monday morning and still watch the last 3 innings live on the Gameday setting! All while trying to teach. You’ve got to love the time differences. I will continue to root for the Sox and can’t wait to see those banners in person this summer. Go Sox! -Carrie

Thx Tom! Congrats on the game 1 shellacking. I will gladly chalk this one up to a bad game, lengthy rain delay, etc. Your guys creamed our bullpen today, but I think Cabrera just kept digging himself huge holes. I was happy to see us at least tie it against Buerhle before the delay. And hopefully the CC thing isn’t too severe. Missing him the first few weeks isn’t too bad, we have a slew of off days.

And yes this post is after I saw the game 2 results. But I couldn’t get online yesterday or this morning, too much work.

Onto the rubber game ….

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