Ring Day

Tuesday, April 4, 2006, 10:01 am

Ring Day

Excitement is in the air.  Ring ceremony begins at 12:30 pm.

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Cintron, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Uribe, SS.  Garcia pitching.


Not that he needed anything else to gloat about, but congrats to AJ Pierzynski and "his" Gators on their National Championship victory last night.  AJ took a limo to Indianapolis for the game last night and then came back after the game. 

Limited Tickets

Do remain for tomorrow’s game and Trophy Presentation.


Wow, that ring ceremony was really really cool. I am so happy that outside of Ozzie, Aaron Rowand got the loudest reception from the crowd. We are going to miss him this season. There were lots of #33 jerseys and shirts on today.

Scott, two questions…

1. With the new championship banners up in the park, what happened to the old white and black World Series flags that used to fly?

2. Where did the pitch speed board go? I’ve heard lots of people missing it the past two games. Is it coming back? Did it move & we’re all just missing it?

Here’s to tomorrow and another addition to the W column.

Go Sox!

The pitch speed is still there, it just went away for a while here and there during the game. I was wondering that same thing in about the second inning, then later in the game it came back on. So you just gotta catch it at the right time.

The ring ceremony was very special. I arrived early to get a replica ring, but it doesn’t look like their ring AT ALL. It isn’t even oval. Nice ring but it is not a replica.

I’m not so much concerned about Freddy’s drop in velocity as I am about his tendency to fall behind in the count early. Buehrle was doing the same and that’s just gotta eat Coops up. They’re two highly disciplined pitchers and am sure that was an abberation and not a sign of what’s to come. So Freddy had a bad game…at least Johan did too. Maybe it just wasn’t a good day for Venezuelan pitchers.
And anastasia was right about Rowand. I watched it on TV and you could tell he was getting all misty underneath those shades. He may be in Philly, but his heart’s still in Chicago. A real class act, through and through.

I knew someone would complain about the ring. I thought it was an excellent gift for a wonderful day. What did you want from them, the real diamonds? Be happy with what you received, because half of the crowd couldn’t get a ring.

As for the game, I would have hoped for a different outcome. I saw lots of mistakes and almost a lack of hustle by our guys. We’ll get them this afternoon to take the series.

However, I was glad to see Aaron there with the rest of the guys. He got a louder ovation than anyone, even Ozzie.

The rings were great, I was expecting plastic, but yeah they didn’t look like the real ones at all. But who cares, it says “SOX” and “World Series Champions”, that’s all I need! I really want one of the replica trophies, but I can’t miss another day of work.

Hey Scott,just a comment regarding the managers strategy behind keeping a lifetime career 300 hitter(Ross Gload)who I might add has achieved these numbers, playing infrequently,with the exception of the tail end of the 04 season,on the bench.Once again he is proving himself, currently hitting 323 in a most difficult role.I just do not understand the logic behind behind putting the million dollar babes ,Anderson and now Sweeney in critical roles, while the Sox are in such a struggle to win. I always thought baseball averages accounted for something. Perhaps you give up a bit with Ross in the outfield,but Ithink that is more than offset by his offensive capabilities. Given a chance, on perhaps another team where he could play first base,I would bet he would rank as one of the finest fielding first basemen, hit at least 300 ,with 80-100 R.B.I’s and hit 15-20 home runs.What does a guy have to do before his talent is truly recognized?

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