Friday Notes

Friday, April 7, 2006, 9:45 am

Opening Series

The dust has settled and everyone seemed to survive the Opening series and all the pomp and circumstance.  Now, on to baseball …

Our extra-inning loss on Wednesday was frustrating, but twice PK was at the plate with the potential winning run in scoring position.  I will take our chances with that situation all summer.

Jon Garland pitches tonight in Kansas City against the Royals.  It is the lone night game of this road trip.


Someone asked about our plans with the old pennants that flew above the ballpark.  In the past, we have usually sold these off to benefit Chicago White Sox Charities, generally at our SoxFest garage sale.  I assume the same will happen.  If you remember, once the Fundamentals Deck was built in 2005, we did not have enough flag poles to feature all our pennants.  Now, at least, they all are up on the light towers.

Speed Pitch

Observant fans noticed that the ballpark was missing speed of pitches for the first two games.  The cause?  Several boxes and crates were misplaced in transport from Tucson to Chicago to start the season and our lone radar gun was in one of the containers.  Not sure why we only have one, but now it is up and running.

It’s Got to be a Joke

Moose Skowron was incensed on Opening Day.  It seems Moose received a letter from the Baseball Hall of Fame this offseason that said, roughly, the following:

We read that you have a pacemaker.  We would like to request from you (or a family member) that you donate your pacemaker to the Hall of Fame when you no longer are using it …

The letter came in a HOF envelope but the letterhead appeared to be fake.  We all tried to get Moose to calm down (amid our laughter) and explain to him that this had to be a joke.

Then we decided we should get an old pacemaker from somewhere (not sure when you come up with that) and send it to the HOF with a note from Moose.

He was still angry about it when he left the ballpark on Wednesday. 

Someone has a great sense of humor.

St. Louis

As most of you know, our groundskeeper, Roger Bossard, is acknowledged as being the very best at what he does.  He has installed new fields at basically every new ballpark built recently.  This offseason was no exception as Roger put in a new playing surface in St. Louis.  He zipped down yesterday to check it out.

"The ballpark is gorgeous," he said.  "Ballparks are like new cars.  Each year’s model gets just a little bit nicer.  People are going to love this ballpark."

Ring Tour

I spent part of yesterday with Ed Farmer at Cog Hill and a couple of other south side haunts.

Ed carried his ring around with him, showing it to people who were interested and random Sox fans we encountered at places like Mindy’s in Orland Park.

It was great fun seeing the reaction on the faces of Sox fans.


A few people asked about purchasing ring raffle tickets on-line and why this was limited to Illinois residents.  Obviously, our choice would have been to open it up to everyone (literally around the world), but of course legal concerns limit the on-line element of this to Illinois only.  Your address will be verified on-line by your credit card.


Safe bet that manager Ozzie Guillen is going to be sitting in a movie theatre on Saturday night watching Benchwarmers.  Guillen, who is a huge fan of Napoleon Dynamite, has figurines of the movie’s star in his office.  When you hit the button, the figurines spout lines from the move like, "Gosh." or "Vote for Pedro."


I will try to post today’s lineup at some point this afternoon.


I am starting to fear the Indians. Just saw Blake launch a grand slam vs. the Twins. Mind you, I am rooting for both of those teams to lose this game (even though this isn’t possible, perhaps we can find a way). But, man the Indians look awfully good now. And, we looked and played like soda without the fizz the last 2 games. Paulie–you GOT to get those hits!!!

It’s only the first week fo the season. Can’t we give all the teams about a month or so before anyone gets worried? Go Go White Sox!

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