History Lesson

Friday, April 7, 3:30 pm

Time Well Spent

Prior to tonight’s game, the entire White Sox traveling party visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.  NlbmBob Kendrick, director of marketing for the museum, led the tour with historical perspective provided by the legendary John "Buck" O’Neill.  Ozzie Guillen was presented with the C.I. Taylor Manager of the Year Award, while Ken Williams was honored with the Andrew "Rube" Foster Baseball Executive of the Year Award.

Kenny said during spring training that he wanted all of our players to experience the Museum and they were able to stop by and visit the site today.

Time Poorly Spent

It seems that on the way out of the clubhouse on Wednesday, rookie Boone Logan asked someone what time the plane left on Thursday.  The answer:  "Eight o’clock."

So Boone showed up at Midway airport at 8 a.m. yesterday.  Trouble was, the flight left at night.

Today’s Lineup

Ozuna, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Crede, 3B; Uribe, SS; Widger, C; Mackowiak, RF; Anderson, CF.  Garland takes the mound.


I am starting to fear the Indians. Just saw Blake launch a grand slam vs. the Twins. Mind you, I am rooting for both of those teams to lose this game (even though this isn’t possible, perhaps we can find a way). But, man the Indians look awfully good now. And, we looked and played like soda without the fizz the last 2 games. Paulie–you GOT to get those hits!!!

To those of you out there who wish to echo the sentiments of d reifer,may I say to you all….DON’T !!!
The ’06 season is less than a week old, and already there are members of White Sox Universe who are threatening to jump off the ledge,take cyanide,or,worse yet,think about transferring allegiances to Neverland at Clark and Addison…To those,I say…..WE NEVER WANTED YOUR FRONTRUNNING A**ES IN THE FIRST D**N PLACE! LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE TO WATCH THIS TEAM IN PEACE FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS!

Man, that felt good….

One last shot across the bow to anyone who picked up either the replica ring,or the replica trophy and almost immediately put it up for sale on e-bay….May I say to you….In the famous words of Jason Robards as Al Capone in the movie “The St Valentine’s Day Massacre”: “MAY YOU ROT AND BURN IN H*LL!” You bunch of greedy b*****ds make me sick….I would give anything to have either or both of those items,and treasure them and the accomplishment it celebrates,until the day they bury me ‘neath the cold,cold ground…..

As to the game tonight and the rest of the season…Patience,my dear friends,is a virtue acquired after time….And with 162 regular season games,you need sometimes a h*ll of a lot of patience…..If things aren’t any better by this time NEXT month,THEN you can get p-o’d….but not until then…..

It’s bad enough that John Rooney’s gone, but why in heaven’s name do we have to suffer with the play by play of Chris Singleton? Never mind his stumbling English; his tone resembles that of a confused child on a quiz show!

hey thanks for showing up in KC team.

Hey Tom,

Just wanted to check in with you (and dawn, and Kr-trepac).

Am glad we took 2 of 3 on road with you, but as you stated is way toooo early to read anything into it. I think it helps us more than it hurts you guys. Heck your guys may have been slightly distracted with the 3 events spread over 3 games, but from what I heard from some Tribe players, it was done very classy.

Of course I’m happy you guys lost again today, but it means nothing. KC can’t go 0-76 in the division.

I actually believe the division will come down to any head to head records that are way onesided (like your 14-5 record against us last year) between the Sox, Tribe, Twins, and Tigers combined AND whoever loses the most to the Royals. I bet the team that goes .500 against them loses out on the title.

Can’t wait for the series in May, should be fun …. Good Luck, just not tooo much of it😉

About the only good thing from last night was that catch by Mackowiak. That and Paulie getting his groove back. Listen, it’s too early to start breathing into brown paper bags but it’s never to early to raise a disapproving eyebrow. When a kid brings back a first-quarter report card littered with D’s and other marks of underachievement, you don’t just sit back and wait to see what happens next quarter. You jump on that fire and stomp it out. You right the ship. It’s the same mentality we adopted in September when we stunk it up in KC. Ozzie didn’t sugar-coat his message. He told them and anyone else willing to listen how crappy they were playing and that it wasn’t acceptable. Expect the same if this lackluster effort continues.

I could care less about the win-loss column at this point. It’s the effort and lack of concentration that troubles me out the gate. Deanklub is right about the head to head division clashes. We’ve got four quality teams here and I suspect we’ll even each other out for the most part.

There’s no such thing as a must win game in April. There are such things as can’t lose games though, and a six-run lead against KC with an 18-win pitcher on the bump falls into the latter category. Let’s get after it today Javier, we’ve been seeing way to much bullpen.

kolsens….you wonder why the radio audience is saddled with Chris Singleton? Let me explain….1)He is a former White Sox player of recent vintage….2)He wouldn’t say “Boo” about his former teammates(aka nno harsh criticism)….3)He is a rookie broadcaster,so mistakes are to be expected,if not partially tolerated….4)And most importantly to the radio station….He’s cheaper in price to pay than a full-time professional broadcaster such as John Rooney was,is and will remain…..

Having said that,to last night’s debacle….If Pablo Ozuna gets off the bench in the next five weeks to play,it will be too soon….His “deer in the headlights”fielding leaves MUCH to be desired….Perhaps that is what cost Garland last night….The winds swirling around Kauffman Stadium lasty night are no excuse,Ozzie….as you well know,it’s just as windy for the Royals as well…..

tom, pale, and crew…

I totally agree with what Tom said. It is the first WEEK (okay maybe week 2 now) but still. People are freaking out. My cubs friends are all thrilled they have a winning record. WOO HOO! (NO I AM NOT A CUBS FAN, that was sarcasm)

The Sox needs to find their groove, the clubhouse isn’t the same as last year, a few new faces, a little adjustment that’s all. Plus many teams realize the Sox are for real this time around. I remember in years past it was always “well they might make the playoffs, but they aren’t going to go far…” It is pretty cool to KNOW the SOX DID go far last year and who knows what they can do this year? 🙂

I totally support people who live and die by every pitch all season long, but boy will it be a loooong season for you! 🙂

The Indians were scary last year AND again this year. Then again the AL is pretty scary in general!


I was very impressed with Javier’s debut. He pitched a great game.

Javy pitched pretty well yesterday. Our starting pitching will prove to be just as good as last year, if not better. That darn Grudzielanek, Sweeney, Sanders, part of KC’s lineup just kills us sometimes. I’m sure Cliff wishes he had that one pitch back, huh? I look for Mark to take control of the game today. The Sox will take the last game of this set.

Back away from the edge people.

Feels good to wipe our feet on the doormat after a long walk in the mud. An entertaining game for a lot of reasons. As far as that Crede catch, it’s like football. He caught it and made a baseball-move to show he had the ball. Joe’s so solid defensively.

Dye makes a huge difference in the lineup and you could see the difference in his absence. He rounds out the edges in the gut of the order.

And I tend to take Buehrle for granted sometimes. He never really seems out of his element, never really looks flustered. He was in command the entire game, good outing. On to Detroit.

I would like to see a match-up between Buehrle and Maddux when the Sox and the “other team in town”(deserved cheap shot to the nation of lemmings who continue to follow the activities at Neverland)get together…the **** thing would be over in an hour and a half….just like the good old days….

My friend in Macomb put it best….back away from the edge of the cliff,folks….It’s a long and bumpy ride till the end of October….Some misguided souls think that all the Sox have to do is plug the machine back in that produced the last 16 games played in ’05….unh-unh,gang…not so simple….the other side has a say in what transpires as well,and they don’t like having to be the “doormat”that palehoses thinks the Royals are going to be,and still might….As to today,the catch by Crede was legit,Froemming’s call wasn’t(but just ask Milt Pappas what he still thinks of Froemming 34 years after Brucie cost Uncle Miltie a perfect game when he pitched for the Cubs…)but all’s well that ends well…Now onto the stadium that hosted the first celebration party last season….hopefully those big bad Bengals will be tired from hitting all those home runs and scoring all those runs in their first five games…..

I told you Buehrle would take control yesterday. Crede is a black hole over there at 3B, AMAZING!!! That was a great game to watch. Jim Thome is a breath of fresh air too. He does strike out a bit too much, but his power and the fact that he walks a lot makes up for that. I’ll be watching today’s first pitch while on my lunch break. Go Go White Sox!

Plenty of time to show the world how talented we are. Last year, it was seeminlgy easy. Perhaps we intend to do it this year in a more struggling fashion. The Central is a much better division than last year. I think the rest of the league will soon realize that. The rivalries will be intesified, and hopefully add some really great games to the schedule.

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