Taking on the Tigers

Monday, April 10, 2006, 9:40 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Cintron, SS.  Garcia starts.

Freddy in Detroit

Freddy Garcia pitched poorly in his first start of the season last Tuesday.  Today, he faces the red-hot Tigers in their 2006 home opener at Comerica Park.

Last season, Garcia went 3-1 against Detroit with a 2.61 ERA (9 ER/31.0 IP).  Lifetime at spacious Comeria Park, Garcia is 4-2 with a 3.20 ERA (20 ER/56.1 IP).  Freddy won his last two starts against the Tigers in 2005, allowing two earned runs in 7.0 IP in both.

Kansas City Struggles

The White Sox lost their last two series against the Royals in Kansas City in 2005 (remember that mid September series?) and now have gone 3-6 in KC since sweeping the Royals at Kauffman Stadium last April.  The Sox were 8-1 against the Royals at U.S. Cellular Field last year and have gone 16-3 at home against KC since the start of 2004.


Remember what happened last time Freddy pitched in Detroit? He pitched well and the White Sox clinched the division. Let’s go get ’em today Freddy!

AMEN..let’s start a winning streak! I know we are a much better team than we’ve shown. GO SOX! -Dawn

Scott..have to go on a mini-rant here. We went to ticketmaster to look at getting a couple of tickets to an upcoming game. When all was said and done, 2 bleacher seats were going to run us $70..plus parking. A definite increase from last year. I realize with them winning the WS last year, things might go up, but this will severely limit the number of games we can attend. Bringing my daughter will make this a $100 day..not including parking, transportation to the game, and any food/souvenirs. I love my Sox, but how often can I afford a $175 trip to the park??? -Dawn

Dawn- A ticket to a pro sporting event is rising everywhere. I have five kids who go with me, and I have to be picky as to the games we attend. There are usually at least 5 kids games a year, on Sundays, where kids 12 and under get in for a $1. We go to these games. This year I got tickets to all the Monday night games, half price. We eat before we get to the park, and buy our souveniers at discount stores. We also will usually park at Halsted or west of there, for free, and get a little exercise. Walking east on 37th street to the back of the park is not a bad walk.
I know I sound very cheap, but at least we get to the games at a reasonable price. I’ve never spent $175 on game day, taking 5 kids with me.

Great win today! Don’t mean to sound alarmist, but Pods’ slump concerns me greatly. Maybe it’s time to bench him, altough we don’t have a suitable replacement who can set the table. Also, good move benching Anderson. I think he looks like a deer in the headlights at the plate and he needs to start living up to the hype.

Nice to see Konerko and Crede smack one. Our competitive pitchers seem to be back on track with each other. Lots of nice things in this game. Tucker I’m with you about the games. We have 3 kids and somtimes they bring friends and we do the same thing, eat in the parking lot, bring snacks with and go on half price nights. Kids enjoy it all the same!

Thoughts on today’s encounter in Motown….First of all, I agree with Ed Farmer when he says that Podsednik is basically going through spring training now,because he never really played all that much in Arizona last month….So those of you like my friend d reifer really shouldn’t be too concerned about his slump to start this new year….Second,I knew I had a loud voice that carried,but I didn’t know that it could carry all the way to Detroit,Michigan….After “Sock-It”Thome’s blast(has he EVER eat a cheap homerun?You know,one of those Wrigley Field basket eaters?), I said out loud,”If anyone else wants to join the homerun club,it’s alright with me…Bango,Crede hits a low level rope,and Paulie hits one out for the insurance….
And more and more members of White Sox Universe are waking up to the realization that 1)this is NOT LAST YEAR….2)The boys are not as bad as they showed in the bad streak and 3)there are still 155 more chapters to write in the story of ’06….patience,dear friends,patience…..the weather is warming up and so are the champs…..

Finally,to my dear friend Dawn and to Dr Tucker at Rush regarding their rants about pricing,overpricing,etc.,all I can say is….Welcome to the 21st Century Economics of not just baseball,but all sports and all ways of life in these United States….The cost of everything is up and it ain’t gonna go down anytime soon….People like us,the people who live,eat,sleep and breathe the Sox are being squeezed out of going to more than one or two games a year by the ridiculous price levels for everything….More and more the game is going to the corporate types,who have the huge disposable incomes,can afford to throw money around as if it were going out of style,and really could give a (hi,Dawn)rat’s rear aperture about what’s going on on the field below as they sit in their supersuite and get s**t-faced on too much food and too much of the sponsor’s product,as well as the harder adult beverages….When is the game going to come back down economically to reach Mr and Mrs Average American?

How about when the Rapture comes…..

Tomquaid..always a distinct pleasure to read your comments =) I couldn’t agree more. I remember the day when the average Joe could take the kids to the ballpark on a regular basis. I know it’s prevalent, but this is America’s pasttime. It’s just sad….Saw an article somewhere that said 20 years ago you could get bleacher seats at Wrigley (not that I, a self respecting Sox fan, WOULD) for $4…now they’re closer to $40!! It’s truly unfortunate that most of baseball (all pro sports, as well) has gotten away from the joy of the game (for many involved) and turned to lining the pockets…. *sigh*

Mr. Quaid, I wasn’t so much as ranting over the prices as stating that it is still affordable if you choose wisely. I have to hand it to the Sox for keeping the “kids days” and half-price Mondays and Tuesdays even after winning it all. The other side of town has no such discounted games at all.
BUT, you’re probably right about the prices coming down after the Rapture. It’s all about supply and demand, and that event will drop the demand, somewhat.

Cubbie fans are on a roll, couldn’t wait to rub our noses in it today. Fools, they don’t remember how long it has been for them since they won it last. Keep chirping, it’s a long season, and you can bet we will remember the ones who had their little fun today.

Dawn, you’re right, it is “lining of the pockets”. It has become big business, and not just a game. Because of the popularity and prestige of attending a major sporting event, demand has shot up, along with the prices. Look at the celebrities and the corporate types, hobknobbing at sporting events, especially playoffs. There’s no way I can touch a ticket to the playoffs, let alone to a championship game.

In the old days, there wasn’t any money in it, so it was just a game. Not so, anymore. That’s just the evolution of it all, I guess, something we either accept and continue to watch, or reject and leave the spectatorship role.

I still love the game, will continue to watch and cheer, and I LOVE MY WHITE SOX!!!!

that comes with the trophy. Anybody remember trying to get a Bulls ticket 10 years ago? It was virtually impossible. Pods looked sharp when I saw him this spring, but he doesnt seem to be up to speed. And all the high fly balls are killing me. Willie Mays Hayes Jr. Ozzie should make him do push ups. Scott Pops-out-nik is not what we need at the top of the order. more on this at http://thecheapseats.mlblogs.com/

First of all,Dr Tucker,Mr Quaid was my father….I go by Tom,TQ,Q or “hey,you”…Secondly,there are alternatives to actually being at the park itself,even at those times when the ball club isn’t being its generous selves(heavy on the sarcasm there,isn’t it?)and allowing the great unwashed toi actually stick more than their nose into the Cell….The alternatives? A couple of little electronic inventions called the radio and the TV….Remember last October? Remember when you couldn’t get within shouting distance of the Cell? Radio and the “idiot box”(named for Jay Mariotti?)were the next best thing to being there,and to this old and broke old f**t,they still are….
As to young Eric,as stated previously,Podesdnik will come out of this,as will the rest of the team….They will not have to rely on “Sock-It”Thome to do the bulk of the offense….

I honestly would say that there is no need to worry about Scotty Pods. He has been a leadoff hitter for quite a few years both in the minors and majors and has had to deal through slumps like these before. I wouldn’t mind seeing him take a few more pitches in his first at bats of the game, but that will come over time and he will be back to his old ways.I’d rather see this slump now than August 15th when we are in the heat of a playoff race. On another note, how about “Clutch” Crede’s glove work these past few days? Quite beautiful if I do say so myself. Another guy off to a solid start is Tadahito. Imagine how many runs would we have had so far is Pods had been on for him? Let’s get back to .500 and make it 3 in a row tomorrow.

In addition,the “other team”in town,you know,the ones who play at Jurasic Park in the area called Neverland….don’t worry about them,folks,they’ll wake up and do what they do best….that is, fold up like a cheap card table…And then the lemmings who continue to follow them will be silenced into their usual state of catatonia…..
Congrats to Freddy G,by the way,for career win #100 this afternoon…..

Hey Dawn, if you want to try to find some cheaper tickets, check out stubhub.com.
I got a pair of tickets for the third game of the season for $38 after all of the fees. They were upper deck seats, but they were front row and had a great view. The $38 doesn’t include parking, but I think you can park at lot G by the stadium for about $18

Thanks, Tomquaid, for your previous explanation of Chris Singleton’s presence. It’s clearly on the mark.

To Matt of New York, who asked Reifert why Boone Logan was used the other day against KC: you were absolutely correct to question the decision, especially given the fact that McCarthy had mowed down the A’s in the 7th inning. And Reifert’s answer–that Ozzie needed to test Logan(in the 8th inning of a one run game!) was ridiculous. We are no longer in spring training.

But what Reifert didn’t tell you is that you directly hit upon the Achilles heal of the White Sox team: namely, Ozzie’s management of pitchers. While last year Ozzie managed to get away with it (although his management still cost us many games, especially in August), Ozzie basically (a) keeps starting pitchers in too long, pimarily because he thinks loyalty to his pitchers means giving them a chance to win, even it means pulling them long after they’re ineffective. (A perfect example: the other night, when he didn’t pull Garland until the game was lost). Look back and you will observe this pattern in MANY games; (b) pulls his relief pitchers too quickly mainly because he subscribes to the absurd notion that lefties should face lefties and righties should face righties, irrespective of how well a pitcher is doing. THIS is the primary reason Ozzie pulled McCarthy and put in Logan the other night, and you know the result.

Like last year, this year’s record will be determined by our starting pitching. When starters can do what Buerhle did the other night–i.e., shut down a team for 7-8 innings–the Ozzie mismanagement factor will be minimized. But if the starters are hit hard and Ozzie has to start making decisions, the Ozzie mismanagement factor will cost us games.

I can NOT say anything negative about Ozzie. To date, he and Kenny have seemed like gods among men in the business, from my view. In Ozzie and Kenny I trust. Ozzie leaving Garland in, is par for the course. He gives his starters EVERY opportunity to WIN the game. Does that occasionally not work..sure.. But in the end, it’s worked fabulously…. -Dawn

What does Ozzie have against Ross Gload? He’s given every backup significant playing time already this year, except the one guy who has performed every limited opportunity Ozzie has given him. If Podsednik continues to underperform even his 2004 self, I’d rather have Gload out there – especially if Pablo Ozuna is the other option.

And if you don’t want to pay $18 bucks for parking, which you shouldn’t, park east of the Dan Ryan. It’s free, and only a short walk to the park.

Or you can park at Cobblestones, and at least get a few drinks out of the price.

Jason, my sentiments exactly on Ross Gload. I’ve felt that he and Joe Borchard haven’t had much of a chance, and then they traded Borchard. For some reason, I just don’t think Ozzie likes him in the field. He prefers to use him at first, so he gets his shot when Konerko needs a rest.

It is way too early in the season for everyone to be jumping on Ozzie for the decisions he has made. Please remember that the Sox are the defending World Series Champions and Ozzie was their manager when they won it all. I don’t think we should be counting on last years success to win games this year, but it’s not like we are questioning **** Jauron or Dave Wannstedt right now – you are questioning Ozzie Guillen..the manager who brought a World Series to the South Side of Chicago!

Go Sox!

I was listening to the Detroit game on the radio and C.Singleton said “Detroit has retired the last 5 Sox players, IN A ROW.” I wonder if he knows the meaning of the word redundant? Boy do I miss John Rooney!

I loved the team of Rooney and Farmer, never heard any better. Don’t know the “behind the scenes” stuff as to why he wasn’t retained, other than some kind of negotiation impass, but I’m with you, I MISS ROONEY! I’m not going to look for everything Chris does wrong, he needs time to learn, but he seems like another D.J. on the radio, no enthusiasm. It’s something that can’t be manufactured, has to be natural, which it definitely was natural for Rooney.

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