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Wednesday, April 12, 2006, 3:42 pm

Hopefully, everyone is feeling a little better now at 4-4

Jim Thome has just been amazing.  He is just crushing balls.  It is early, but in my time here, he ranks right up there with Bo Jackson, Albert Belle and Julio Franco among hitters who just hit the ball really, really hard.  Several of his home runs this season have been lasers.  The cartoon image of a baseball screaming through the air comes to mind as his blasts go way, way out.

With five home runs in the team’s first eight games, Thome has tied Bob Nieman (1955) for the most home runs by a White Sox player in the first eight games of any season.

RV Nominated

Robin Ventura, the last Sox player to win a Gold Glove Award (could that change in 2006?), has been nominated for induction into the College Baseball Hall of Fame in Lubbock, Texas.  Voting is done April 26 with the induction scheduled for July 4.

Think that 58-game hitting streak at Oklahoma State in 1987 will mean anything?  By the way, anyone remember who snapped Robin’s streak at the College World Series that year?


Five-hundred never looked so good!

I loved the description of the scene when Thome hit number four on Monday in Motwon…crowd lets out a gasp upon contact, crowd goes silent upon exit. Sure glad he’s on our team this time around! I also enjoyed the picture of Jim with a big smile, high-fiving Igucchi. Classic. Anybody think he loves this game?

Thome = throw back

Well,this is much more like it….By the way,it wasn’t exactly like El Duque’s act in Boston last October,but in a one run game,I believe,at the time,after the triple,with dangerous batters coming up,the big Cuban horse dispatched the home team post-haste….It also helped that the first batter after the triple violated one of Quaid’s cardinal sins of baseball….When you follow a big play with a swing and an out on the FIRST PITCH…the other team says “Thank you very much”,while your team doesn’t have much to say that can be repeated in mixed company….Four pitches and a foulout later,the Sox were in the dugout ready to bat….
Again I ask of the crowd,does “Sock-It”Thome EVER hit a cheap home run?…I’m going to have to go to the website for the homerun data they keep regarding distance,but every single one of his 5 jacks so far have seemed to be of the majestic variety….

Scott,I have sympathy for you and the traveling party for one reason….You had to spend an off day in Detroit,which is kind of like having to spend an off day in (no offense intended,deanklub)Cleveland….perhaps the only two cities in the American League(third place going to Kansas City)that make Pittsburgh look like Paris….

i believe it was jack mcdowell who ended robin’s streak.

i’m sure robin will make it…he certainly earned it!

eightythreespent bullets….
First of all,your name reminds me of the Cubs offense….you know,eightythreespentbullets,all blanks….

Anyway,you are correct….It was Jack Mc Dowell of Stanford who ended Robin’s streak….

Getting back to “Sock-It”Thome…the ESPN>com website put the total distance of his first four home runs,before today’s game,at a fairly astonishing

1,584 combined feet,with the shortest distance being the one he hit Monday—a paltry

380 feet….he should throw that one back….for not meeting his standards…..

Scott,my friend,if you do read this as you say you do,I have just a bit of a piciunish bone to pick with you….In your hitters notes that you put out in the game notes package,you continue to write that Juan Uribe…”recorded the final two outs of the World Series,including a diving catch into the left field stands for the second out in the ninth inning of Game Four”… Truth be told,Scott,the diving catch was in fould ground beyond third base,and the final putout went to Paul Konerko,who CAUGHT Uribe’s throw at first base….Otherwise,Uribe would have handed Jerry the baseball at the celebration on Las Salle Street….

Minor semantics,I know….but I am a stickler for accuracy in details….. You can commment,if you care to,or just continue doing what you’ve done so far…..You’re the man,I’m not…..

No offense taken tom, since I haven’t lived there since ’78, but I do hear it is much better than when I left😉 We at least have the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame to visit on an off day …

And Thome is a masher, he was my fav Indian while on the team. Was hurt that he left, but so goes the economics of baseball. What I find ironic is that he left for a Philly team in contention, got nowhere, and is now back with the defending WS champs. He’ll get to see firsthand 16 more times of how it could have been if he was still our 1B, because I believe we have just a good a chance at winning it all as you guys repeating (not to mention 3 or 4 other AL squads).

Congrats on getting to .500, hope you guys stay a few back of us, but we’ll see, it is still a long, long season.

I didn’t see any highlights (was at work), but Jenks seemed to struggle a bit in the 9th. Were they good pitches that were hit? Or was he serving up meatballs?

IT was Black Jack McDowell who broke Robin’s streak in college.

now I have a question…

did Robin ever wear #23 with Oklahoma State? I’ve seen photos of him in #21, but I’ve also seen some Ok. State “throwback” jerseys with “Ventura 23” on them…

anybody know?

The real correct answer is Black Jack AND Al Osuna, a reliever. They combined to break Robin’s streak.

Such a great game yesterday. Jose did what he was supposed to do. Thome and Paulie had great games. OH and the poor little Tribeswomen lost yesterday. Their highly questionable bullpen gave the game away for them.

Today I think think the Sox will take care of business again. I hope they teach Verlander what its like to be in the big leagues. SWEEP ‘EM SOX!

I am happy about Sox recent turnaround on the field but I read something yesterday that disturbs me greatly.
I understand that Nancy Faust will no longer be working night games starting this weekend. Was this her choice or the Sox organization’s choice? Is it because Sox management believes that:

– Piped in loud noise appeals to baseball fans more than clever and accomplished organ music?

– Sports Marketing 101 states that any quiet moment at a sporting event must be filled with blaring noise?

– It is better to pay a spinmaster hip hopper whatever rather than one of the best goodwill amabassadors the team has ever had (or can I assume that Nancy’s reduced role will not involve a cut in pay)?

I truly believe that Nancy Faust is a gem and feel she belongs in the baseball organist’s Hall of Fame if not the one in Cooperstown. She has entertained Sox fans in a delightful non ear splitting way with classic and current selections. Since her debut in 1970, she has been a wonderful link to Sox legendary organists like Bob Creed and Shay Torrent. Although I do not care for “Na Na” at opposing pitcher change time (prefering to “let sleeping dogs lie”)I have thouroughly enjoyed Nancy’s inventiveness, style, and smile for many years.

Is Nancy past her prime at not yet 60 years old? Is organ music passe? Even hockey is phasing it out so it must be, eh?

Although I have seen Sox management cutting out much of Nancy’s music in recent years,I am still saddened by this most recent phase out. It looks like the Sox are saying “we don’t want those 55 yr and older folks out here at night anymore.” Well OK. I guess I will take that advice.

Say it aint so, Scott!

It was Nancy’s choice to cut back on her shifts.

She’s got a long commute and wants to spend time with her family, if I remember my facts correctly.

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