Thursday Pregame

Thursday, April 13, 2006, 10:00 am

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Cintron, SS; Anderson, CF.


How long does Guillen go with Podsednik before he gives the slumping OF a day off? Batting .067 this early in the year screams for a day off.

He has already had a day off.

I think I’m more concerned with Jon Garland, that Scotty P. right now. 2 less than stellar performances from him now. Ozzie pulled Jon before the 6th… very un-Ozzie like. -Dawn

Would YOU pull your starter if was struggling in the 3rd inning and in the process of blowing a 9-1 lead? Even if he had given up thirteen hits and eight runs in 5 innings?


Principle Number One, as I defined it the other day, is more important than possibly losing the game!

Thanks to our hitters, we escaped an unnecessarily close call. And John Garland can feel confident in his first win, never mind that he has an ERA in the mid teens!

Thank you HITTERS! For beating the Tigers….and Ozzie!

And what do you suggest kolsens? Put in McCarthy for longer? That isn’t a good idea. He gave up a few today too. What reliever would you put in there? There isn’t one reliever in our pen that wouldn’t have given up a run. The ball was just getting smacked around all over the place by both teams.

In the course of a 162 game season,most of the games go into the “ordinary”category…Some are like Eva Longoria….a real thing of beauty…Still others are as ugly as a mud fence….
Guess which category today’s encounter goes into,Sox Universe? If you said “The last one,Mr Quaid”(hello,Dr Tucker)….well,you win ten silver dollars and a box of Milky Way candy bars….

The good news….Numbers two through five in today’s batting order went 10 for 20,with 7 runs scored,2HR’s and 9 RBI,and were on base 14 times in 24 total plate appearances….The bad news…

Jon Garland is pitching like he did in ’04,when he went 12 and 11 and threw more like Judy Garland….

Now,to the members of the “bech Pods”club,I hope you read the sidebar stories in both the Trib and the “Some-Times” today…because your manager and your hitting coach told you exactly how far up your (hi,Dawn)rear apertures to put your worries and complaints about the lead off man in the order…He is Ozzie and Walker’s boy,as long as he keeps healthy….He is just pressing right now,according to them….two for thirty-four,two fielding errors,no stolen base attempts after 59 successful last year? I would say so that he’s pressing….

Well,so much for the first visit to the Motown equivalent of Grand Canyon National Park….Everyone enjoy the lovely weather,get out there and welcome the visitors from the Great White North over this weekend….

To my Jewish friends,a joyous Passover….and to my Roman Catholic friends, a “hoppy”Easter….get it,Easter rabbit,”hoppy”….

I guess I’m just too smart for the room…..


What I would suggest is ANY other pitcher to replace a pitcher who’s getting hit as hard as Garland was. To throw up your hands and say, “it’s a day the ball is getting smacked around” and “everyone is going to get hit” is to abdicate your job as manager. Moreover, in giving up two runs in three innings, McCarthy did a helluva better job than Garland did, as did Thorton, who gave up nothing in the ninth.

Garland with a 13.94 ERA and McCarthy with a 2.00 ERA? Yes, that’s what I would have done, shortly into the 3rd inning.

kolsens….your starting pitcher is not going to have his best stuff every time out…but it also is unwise to blow up your bullpen in a slugfest like this mess was today when you have a game again tomorrow night….Sometimes you just have to let the starter get his ears boxed in,as Ozzie did today with Garland,then get him out after he pitches enough innings as the starter to qualify for the win….Then you pray that the roof doesn’t cave in on your relievers,as it didn’t today…..

Did anyone else see Sportcenter’s Top 10 tonight and catch Stuart Scott call Pods “Aaron Rowand?” Just thought that was pretty interesting.

Couldn’t agree with you more TQ. There was no reason to get Garland out of there in a game like that. You got to keep giving him chances too. Maybe if he has 4 or 5 terrible starts in a row, then maybe try something new.

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