Sox Win


Saturday, April 15, 2006, 3:40 pm

White Sox Win

Classic White Sox victory today … great starting pitching from Mark Buehrle, awesome defense from Joe Crede and Tadahito Iguchi, Bobby Jenks closing and the big bang when we needed it thanks to Paul Konerko.

Iguchi pulled off maybe one of the most amazing defensive plays we’ve seen from a second baseman during the ninth inning. See it again to believe it.

With one on, Bengie Molina topped a ball over the mound.  Iguchi charged in, fielded the ball falling forward and then twisted to get a throw off to first base in time to beat Molina.

"I’ve never seen that play made by a second baseman," said Hawk Harrelson in the clubhouse after the game.

"Coming off the bat, I know it was going to be a tough play," said Iguchi through an interpreter.  "But I knew I still had the time to get him out at first base.  I knew it wasn’t an impossible position to still make a throw.  But I knew if I was going down I might not be coming back up again.  Right now, I feel it in my lower back."

The keeper photo above is from Ron Vesely. You can click on it to see an even larger view.


I’ve never seen a play like that before. Tadahito’s threw that across his body diving downward. Amazing.

Tadahito’s play was nothing short of phenominal- not to mention Buerhle’s pitching or Pauly’s bat! Great win today- classic White Sox baseball.

I’ve been a Sox fan since 1955, and I have never seen as great a defensive play by a second baseman as the one Iguchi made in the ninth inning today. That was utterly amazing! I consider myself lucky to have been at the game to have seen it in person.

A very nice defensive play. The best one this season so far.

The most amazing part of this throw was the way he punched the ground with his glove hand to stabilize himself enough to throw. Absolutely amazing!!

PHENOMENAL!..had that great jumping catch earlier, then this. And that picture just captures exactly how fantastic it was. Between plays like this from Iguchi and what we know Crede can do..I think we have an excellent chance at a long over-due Gold Glove on the South Side. -Dawn

That was as close to a miracle throw as I’ve ever seen. It a magical moment. He is such a solid all-around player that it’s almost to the point that the exceptional is is normal for Iguchi.

Wow, that was something else. I must say that Tadhito is going to go down as one of the second basemen in Sox history.

Play of the year? Nah. It would have been amazing if it was against anyone but Bengie Molina, the slowest man in baseball.

Wow ! That was pretty **** impressive if you ask me. Applying ninjitsu techniques to baseball can come up with some impressive results.


that play was amazing. GO WHITE SOX.

There is nothing so wasteful as doing with great efficiency that which doesn’t have to be done at all. Do you think so?

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