Happy Easter

Sunday, April 16, 2006, 11:45 am

Happy Easter to all.  I hope you enjoy it with your families and a ballgame.

Today’s Lineup

Pods, LF; Iguchi, 2B; Thome, DH; PK, 1B; Dye, RF; AJ, C; Crede, 3B; Mackowiak, CF; Cintron, SS.  Freddy Garcia takes the mound.



Sox fans will remember one year ago today when Mark Buehrle threw a complete-game three-hitter and Paul Konerko slammed two solo home runs in a 2-1 White Sox victory.  The game took 1:39 to play.  Sound familiar?

American League Home Run Leaders since 2005:

Ortiz 51; A. Rodriguez 50; Ramirez 45; Konerko 44; Teixeira 44.

Sunny Forecast

According to ace groundskeeper Roger Bossard, the rain scheduled to pummel Chicago has missed us (although there is a chance around 3 pm for some drops).  This is good news for today’s starter, Freddy Garcia, who is 40-14 in day games since 1999.  Only Pedro Martinez (39-10, .796) has a better winning percentage and only Randy Johnson can match Freddy’s 40 victories.


I attended a very nice wedding last night at which a "gentleman" named John Ward proceeded to raz me about this blog (even though he admitted to never reading it).  So I warned him not to mess with someone who doesn’t just buy ink by the barrels but who can reach around the globe (potentially) with the click of a mouse.

John is a global consultant who also teaches at the university level (or at least that is his story).  If anyone knows John, particularly members of the Custom’s Department, please say hello for me the next time you see him.


Hey, dude. I must have gone to the same wedding. I think that Ward guy is a great sox fan. I hope all the customs agents and immigration officers are sox fans too.

really liked the Easter blog and all the good news for the sox this weekend. I hope the rain either stops fast or rains out the game for another victory. Hope to see you at another wedding. John

Great game, great game. Nothing like a rain delay to separate the die-hards from the casuals. Stuck it out to the end today and probably got myself a case of consolidated viral pneumonia but so it goes. Scotty’s triple to start it off was like a breath of fresh air. Freddy was crusin’ until the fifth where he summarily got lit the $#@! up. It was raining pretty steady by then though. Nothing like being in attendance and wringing out your clothes after a hard-earned victory. Good job, fellas!

The game was exciting. I guess it was a little too easy going into the 4th, but Freddy took care of that by almost throwing the game away by throwing more walks in a row than I’ve seen in over 40 years of baseball at any level. I guess somebody has to be the worst pitcher in baseball on a given day. But we won, and he’ll recover and do great again. And no one can say it was boring.

I heard Buehrle’s tarp sliding rights have been revoked! You’ve got to get them back or else he’ll sign with St. Louis upon free agency!!!!!

Ok, so I’ve gotta say- disappointing to hear Mark’s tarp sliding days are over!! Obviosuly it may not always be the smartest thing for him to do- but it has become one of my favorite rain delay rituals!! haha It’s classic Mark, and it always makes me laugh- we may need to negoitate this one a little bit…a little compromise perhaps!?! haha Oh well, as long as we’re winning- I’m happy.🙂

First off,Scott…thanks very much for mentioning the old man in your remarks….I was surprised and humbled by your kind comments,and vow to keep these posts in the manner you so kindly described…We also can agree to disagree on the situations I described versus what actually happened….I was using my memory bank describe the catch for the second out….I thought is was the way I described it,but,then again,the FOX cameras actually did a poor job of showing just how far down the line Uribe went…And you would think that with 172 cameras and angles from everywhere,they could have clarified it….oh,well….it happened and it was a long time ago,and now we move onward…..
Random thoughts on the only invasion of Blue Jays to the Cell in ’06….First off,Friday night….As I watched the game and saw the collapse,I thought of the old classical love song…Some of you may remember the title….”Full Moon and Empty Arms”….There was a full moon Friday,and,unfortunately,the empty arms belonged to the Sox pitching staff,especially Politte and Cotts,who got lit up like it was batting practice….SMFT(so much for that)…..

Saturday….I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again….I LOVE TO WATCH MARK BUEHRLE PITCH!!!…He reminds me so much of the days of Bob Gibson,Jim Kaat,Ferguson Jenkins and others of that ilk….Get the ball, get the sign,throw the ball,etc….works for me every time…..As to the play by Iguchi….If that isn’t the play of the year anywhere on this planet where they play organized baseball,I’d like to see what is….The picture on this site is great,and so is one,I think,in the Tribune yesterday(or was it the Bright One?)that showed a close-up of Gooch looking to first as he threw….absolutely classic….

I will return shortly with my feelings on Easter Sunday’s game,and the Royals coming in…..

Hey Tom, Scott, et al …

I knew you guys would be back over .500, but dang that was quick. I just wish it would have taken a bit longer, but c’est la vie …

The standings do show that this division is gonna be a tight one, at least initially. Pity the first team that hits a 7 game losing streak (better not be us!).

I know some will point out that you guys swept the Tigers while we only split, but to tell you the truth, I am very happy with a split in a four game set. Of course I’d rather take 3 or all 4, but taking a split on the road in your divison is the absolute minimum. Before today’s game we were 6-3 in division. I’ll take that all year long.

And in regards to kr-trepac, yes our bullpen is in slight disarray, but that is ok during the early part of the season. Gotta see who works in what roles best as middle relief is so scattershot from year to year. I just can’t wait til Graves is gone, my guess is early May.

Tom, I will be on vacation until just before May 1, so I won’t be able to follow too closely (at least the blogs anyways). Unfortunately, we only play a 2 game set then. Til then, good luck, just not too much of it😉

Headed to the ballpark for the game tonight..preparing to freeze my buns off!!! But I’ll suffer through for my team. GO SOX!

Dawn…it couldn’t be any worse than what the soggy patrons endured yesterday….That brings me to the last game of the series with Toronto….the pitching was just fine by Garcia until the deluge hit…the first time,it wasn’t so bad….The second time,it WAS….It’s a good thing that no one on either side twisted an ankle trying to run or field in that slop….I knew as soon as I saw the second dounpour that Hirschbeck and his crew was going to say,”Roger,you and your boys put that tarp out again…and keep it out there…we won’t be playing again today”
If the Jays had anything to gripe about,I don’t know what it could be….

deanklub….I do not concern myself with the Tribe all that much before they meet the boys again,but thanx for the good luck wishes….the AL’s favorite punching bags are in town(KC)then the deposed,down and out Twinkies(Minn),then off to the left coast(Sea and Anaheim)…hopefully,the new year will bring the good results that the post season brought as far as performance in the Pacific time zone is concerned…..

Once again,Dawn…don’t worry about your rear aperture freezing….but it’s too bad Buehrle isn’t pitching tonight….You could be home before 10 PM….

By the bye….Kenny Williams has every right to prohibit one of his meal tickets from acting to fool on a wet tarp,as if it were a giant “slip-n-slide”….What if you separate your shoulder on a head-first dive,Mark? How would you feel then?

I just watched Ozzie on PTI; it’s great to see the South Siders get some national exposure. Buehrle is our best and most valuable pitcher, so I have to agree with KW. Mark and the rest of the team should stay off the tarp during a rain delay. MB is entertaining, but we cannot afford to lose him or anyone else because of some fluke injury. With that said, let’s give the Royals a beat down these next three games!!

As it was, 1:45 minutes to get there, and less than 50 home. Back safe and sound by 11 PM, so not bad at all. Great game. I’m freeze all the time anyway, but with the performance of our World Champions tonight, I didn’t feel anything but excellent! Great seats, great game! Here’s to good times..tonight is kinda special… sorry..i got carried away there =) That’s what a game like tonight can do to you.. -Dawn

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